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I leaned back in my big comfortable easy chair, and looked down at the beautiful redhead who knelt between my legs. She gazed lovingly up at me with her big, emerald green eyes as her full ruby red lips encircled my throbbing erection. I sighed deeply as Missy took the entire length of my cock into her talented mouth.

"Oh god baby," I told the pretty eighteen-year-old, "you're a natural born cocksucker. I've known older women who can't suck cock half as well as you."

"Thank you Daddy, you know how much I love sucking your cock,"

I groaned again as Missy slipped the head of my dick back into her hot mouth. She sucked and licked my swollen knob for a moment or two, then her tightly wrapped lips slid slowly down my iron hard shaft until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She repeated this maddeningly wonderful process several times before removing my throbbing erection from her mouth, and licking her way down to my balls. She licked both my sensitive sacs before carefully, gently sucking each cum filled ball into the warm recesses of her mouth.

"Missy baby, I'm getting so close," I moaned.

"I know Daddy. I can feel your cock throbbing and growing in my mouth. Feed me Daddy. Cum in my mouth, you know I love the taste of your hot sweet cream."

Missy resumed her sucking with vigor. In a moment I could feel hot cum boiling up within my balls, shooting up the length of my cock and into the eager, waiting mouth of my beautiful cock-sucking teenage daughter. Shot after shot of hot jizz blasted into Missy's hungry mouth, but the sexy young girl didn't miss a drop. She sucked and swallowed every bit of my hot cum, moaning out her own orgasm as she did.

"Thank you Daddy, that was delicious," Missy cooed, after she finally released my deflated dick. I watched in mild amusement as she slid her panties on, and smoothed out her school uniform skirt.

Except for her panties, Missy had been fully dressed for school (which meant knee length blue plaid skirt, dark blue blazer, plain white blouse, white knee socks, black pumps, and a simple white lace bra) when she dropped to her knees to give me a wonderful morning blow job.

"Tell me Missy," I inquired, "when you suck me off before school, why do you wait until your done to put your panties on?"

"That's easy Daddy," Missy returned with a chuckle, "every time you cum in my mouth I have an orgasm, and I don't want to wear wet panties to school. I've got to run, or I'll be late." She kissed me quickly on the lips and dashed off to catch the bus.

What a good life, I thought to myself, as I recalled how I came to be the father of an eighteen-year-old girl.

Chapter 1

My name is John Goode, and this saga of i****t, and sin starts a little under a year ago. I was walking along a cool, crystal clear stream in a quiet wooded ravine near my mountain cabin when I heard the sound of giggling. There are many noises that you expect to hear in the woods, but giggling is most emphatically not one of them. Since the sound seemed so close, and my curiosity was definitely peaked, I followed the unexpected sound to its source.

Around a bend just a few dozen yards away I found a small camp. It consisted of a tent, a tripod, a couple of camp chairs and a carefully ringed fire. The camp was set up on a flat just a few feet from the gurgling stream. It took another moment to find the source of the giggling. Two young girls emerged from the woods still laughing, and each carrying an armload of firewood.

"Hello ladies," I called cheerfully to them just as they dropped the firewood into a pile near their fire. "Beautiful morning isn't it? I own the cabin just up the hill. If you need anything just let me know."

Two pairs of glaring eyes returned my friendly greeting. "This is public land and we have a right to be here, and we don't want any company," the blonde girl stated coldly. She seemed to me to be about nineteen.

"Yes, go away and leave us alone," the redhead scolded.

Not wanting trouble I simply shrugged and wordlessly strode away. As I walked the couple of hundred yards to my cabin, I wondered about the two girls I had seen. The only road anywhere near their camp was my private drive, since they hadn't used that they must have hiked quite some distance through the woods of the state park to get here. I could see that their camp was clearly set up for just two people. I found the presence of two young girls alone in the deep woods to be very intriguing.

As I walked along, I thought about what a couple of cuties those girls were. The one girl was a blue eyed blond, about five feet two. Her s****r, they look too much alike not to be s****rs, had fiery red hair, a face lightly sprinkled with freckles, and emerald green eyes. Both girls were certainly very pretty, and they were dressed almost identically. Each was bare foot, and wore dark blue shorts. They both had legs and an ass to die for. Each had on a plain white, bare belly tee shirt. It was obvious even at a quick glance that no bra confined the either girl's high, small tits.

When I arrived home, I shook off thoughts of how those beautiful young girls would look naked. How their full red lips might feel wrapped around my hard cock, how tight their pussies must be. I did not have time for this, there was too much work to be done around here. With an effort, I forgot about them for a time, and concentrated on the chores I had set myself for the day.

Except for a quick lunch, and a supper that was nearly as fast, I worked steadily from midmorning until early evening. My list of chores satisfactorily completed, I was sitting on my porch watching storm clouds form over the mountains. I knew from past experience that rain in those high hills could cause the ravine those girls were in to fill with water rather quickly, even when it was not raining here. I briefly considered warning them, but decided that they would never believe me, so I watched the storm continue to build and move closer until it finally broke over the cabin. Wind driven, cold rain at last drove me inside the cabin for the night.

Even though I didn't have an antenna, cable or satellite hookup I did have a TV and VCR. Whenever I came to the cabin, I usually brought along several good fuck flicks, and this trip was no exception. The first one I picked up was one that had just arrived before I came to the cabin. It was a new tape in a series called "Girls Who Lick Cum From Other Girls Cunts," I slid the tape into the VCR, sat down, got comfortable, and hit play. The movie opened with two naked, busty blondes sitting next to each other on a bed.

Almost in unison they said, "We are girls who love to lick cum from other girls cunts." Then they started French kissing. I watch with a quickly growing hard on as the girls took turns eating each other's pussies. After several minutes of the two women tongue fucking each other, a guy came in. The girls moved into position and began to double-team cock suck him.

While the action on the screen was heating up, the storm outside was doing the same. Lightning flashed almost continuously, and the crashing thunder was so loud I almost couldn't hear the hotly fucking trio on the tube.

Several minutes into the movie the guy was fucking one hot bitch doggy style at the same time she was eating out the other girl. Suddenly there was a loud banging on my door. Startled, I stopped the tape, put my dick back into my shorts, and ran to the door.

When I opened the door, I found two very wet, muddy, bedraggled looking young girls shivering with fright and cold.

"Please, can we come in?" the blond girl begged, "our camp flooded and everything floated away."

"Come in please," I said, "follow me." I lead the pair to the bathroom, and found them some towels. "I suggest that you take a warm shower. It will clean you off and warm you up. When you're done washing, wrap yourselves in the extra towels I gave you and I'll find you something to wear." I turned to leave the room. Just as the door was closing, I stopped it, "hand me out your wet things, and I will wash them for you." A moment later, I was given two wet, muddy T-shirts and nothing else. "You should give me everything. It would be best if you didn't wear anything wet."

"We did," it was the blond girl's voice, "that is all that we were wearing."

"Okay. I think you better hurry with your shower," I told them, "sometimes storms like this knock out the power, and no power means no water."

"Okay, we'll hurry," both girls replied. As I headed back into the living room, I heard the sound of giggling. Rather to my surprise, the two young ladies actually were out of the bathroom in a matter of a few minutes. I led the two towel wrapped teens to my bedroom. "There are T-shirts in this drawer," I said pointing at the dresser, and indicating the closet I added, "there are shirts in the closet if you prefer something with buttons."

"Thank you," the redhead smiled at me.

"Yes, thank you," the other added, also beaming, "we will be out in a minute."

As good as their word, both girls were back in the living room in no time. They had both chosen plain white T-shirts that left little to the imagination. The shirts stopped above mid-thigh on both girls showing off their beautiful legs to perfection. Both girl's nipples were clearly visible, and you could see their large, dark aureoles through the thin material.

"My name is Jessica," the blond girl informed me, "but everybody calls me Jessie. Thank you for taking us in. I don't know what we would have done without your help. I want to apologize for our behavior this morning. We were very rude, and you were just being friendly."

"That's all right Jessie," I replied warmly, "I'm glad that I was able to help. If this had happened yesterday I would not have been here to help. Anyway, I'm sure you must have been very surprised to see me since you were out in the middle of nowhere. I know you were looking for privacy, so I'm sure my unexpected appearance was an unpleasant surprise."

"You are right on both counts, thank you for being so understanding. Isn't this your home?" Jessie said as she sat down on my right.

"Maybe someday," I replied, "but for now it's my home away from home. I actually live in Patterson."

Taking a seat to my left, the redhead said, "Really, we live in Patterson too. Hi, I'm Missy, I'm eighteen years old, and I think you're awfully cute."

Extending my hand, I took Missy's dainty hand in mine. "Thank you Missy, my name is John, and I think you and Jessie are two of the prettiest girls I've ever seen."

Missy blushed at my compliment. Her pretty face a deep crimson, she muttered a shy "Thank you."

"John," Jessie began, "where do you want us to sl**p. It's late and Missy looks so tired. We can bunk here on the floor, of maybe the couch."

I glanced at the eighteen-year-old beside me, and thought that she looked more excited than tired; but not wanting to argue the point I replied, "I'll take the sofa, and you two can take my room if you think you can share a bed."

Missy stifled a giggle as her s****r said, "Thank you so much, but we don't want to put you out. We can sl**p out here."

"Not a chance Jessie," I returned sternly, "you girls take the bed, I will be just fine here."

"Okay John," Jessie replied. "Missy, it's time for you to go to bed."

"But I'm not tired," Missy whined, "I don't want to go to bed. Stop acting like my mother"

Jessie smiled at her s****r and gently told her, "It's late. Please go to bed." Sighing deeply, Missy stood up, "All right, if I have to."

Jessie and I chuckled quietly as Missy padded off to bed. I turned to her and said, "So, Missy told me that she is eighteen. How old are you Jessie?"

Jessie had a sly smile playing across her face as she answered me. "I'm nineteen, almost twenty, but I've been legally an adult since I was s*******n. Shortly after our parents died, I applied for and was granted emancipation. I could do anything any other adult can do. For instance, would have perfectly legal for me to watch the movie you have in the VCR."

I had forgotten all about that film since the girls arrived. "I guess you're right, but I'm not sure you would like that particular film. In fact, you would probably think it's gross."

"I didn't see the title. What's it called?"

Deciding there was no way around this I answered honestly, "It's called "Girls Who Lick Cum From Other Girls Cunts."

Her eyes were shining and she was almost bouncing on the sofa as she said, "Sounds cool, let's watch it."

"You mean," I inquired, "that you wouldn't mind seeing a girl lick cum off another girl's pussy?"

Again that sly smile, "Why should I mind? I like eating cum, and I like eating pussy. So watching someone do both sound exciting to me."

Returning Jesse's smile, I powered up both the TV and VCR and hit play. As the movie started, Jessie moved over so that she was sitting right next to me.

"You eat cum?" I inquired in surprise; "you're only nineteen. You haven't been doing it for very long, have you?"

"I only lost my virginity a month ago to a college guy," Jessie told me seriously, "but I have been sucking cock and eating cum since I was eighteen. I'm a natural born cocksucker," she added proudly, "and I love the taste, feel and smell of fresh hot cum."

Just as the movie started, the girls switched positions. The one being eaten laid flat on her back, and the guy started fucking her. The one who had been fucking straddled her face. "MMM, that looks like fun," Jessie commented excitedly. I slid my arm around her shoulder, and she snuggled even closer. "I'd love to be the girl on her back," she went on, "fucking and eating pussy at the same time looks so cool." I turned slightly toward her. One hand dropped down to caress her small tit, while my other stroked her bare thigh. Jessie made no move to disturb or dislodge either hand. In fact, as the hand on her leg move farther up, she spread her legs to give me easy access. In a matter of seconds, my searching fingers found her already wet pussy.

Jesse's eyes were glued to the action on the screen as the man pulled his huge throbbing cock out of his lover's soaked snatch, and shot his immense load of sticky white jizz all over her clit and cunt lips. The other woman moved quickly between her partner's legs. You could clearly see her scoop up his thick cum with her tongue and take it in her eager mouth.

Jessie turned to me and said, "I've never done that before, but I would love to eat cum off a pussy."

"I'd love to see you do it," I returned.

Chapter 2

All the while that Jessie had been talking, I had continued to slowly finger her sopping wet gash. "That's some story," I commented. Then I pulled my finger out of her hot hole just long enough to lift her T-shirt over her head. "My cock is rock hard from hearing your story."

"So I see," she grinned, "all that talk of cocksucking has made me so very horny. Let's get your shorts off so I can suck you dick."

We both tugged at my shorts and in an instant they were on the floor. Almost as soon as my shorts cleared my cock, Jessie had it in her hot mouth. "Fuck baby," I moaned, "your mouth feels great." She smiled up at me, her eyes shining as she deep throated me. "Jessie you're amazing. Let's sixty-nine, I want to taste your sweet cunt."

Pulling my dick from her mouth she replied, "Not yet John, I need this first." I grabbed her head and kissed her passionately before she resumed her talented cock worship. She had only just begun to suck again when a small sound broke through our passion.

"Jessie," the small voice of eighteen-year-old Missy interrupted, "are you sucking cock?"

"Yes honey, I am," she replied, and went back to sucking.

"Do you like it? Does it taste good? Is it fun?" Missy's words came out so fast and excitedly that they almost ran together. This time Jessie did not stop sucking to reply, she just muttered her, yes, with her mouth filled with my cock.

"Can I watch," the young girl continued, "Jessie, you've told me all about sucking dick, but I never got to see it before."

Jesse glanced up at me, her eyes asking for my approval, her mouth never leaving my cock. I looked at the pretty eighteen-year-old and thinking about Jesse's story said, "Missy, Jessie and I are both naked. If you want to watch you have to be naked too."

Without the slightest hesitation, Missy pulled the T-shirt over her head and tossed it aside. Missy tits small, but she had beautifully puffy aureoles and long erect nipples. Her pussy, which glistened with moister, was pink and had incredibly fine red hair. Hesitating only a second, she stepped closer, knelt down between my legs and got so close to the action that I could feel her hot breath on my balls.

"Jessie," Missy breathed, " it so cool watching you suck John's dick. Can I try please? I want to see if I'm a cocksucker just like you and Mom."

Jessie slid my cock out of her mouth, pointed it right at her s****r's slightly parted lips and replied, "Okay baby doll, let's see what you can do."

Missy must have remembered what she saw, and what Jessie had told her. First she took my rock hard cock into her dainty little hand and licked all around the bl**d swollen cock-head. Then she slipped the knob into her tiny hot mouth. I gasped with pleasure, partly from the heat of her wonderful mouth, but also from the idea that such a pretty teen girl was eagerly sucking me off. Not only was she giving me great head, but she clearly was enjoying herself.

Jessie and I watched in fascination as the beautiful teen excitedly gave her first blowjob.

"Damn honey," I groaned, "if you keep that up I will cum soon."

"You mean," Missy inquired as she momentarily released my cock, "that you're going to shoot your cum?"

"That's right baby," I panted, "and I'm going to cum very soon."

"Jessie says that she loves it when a man cums in her mouth," the eager eighteen-year-old gushed, "will you cum in my mouth so I can see if I like it too."

"Suck my cock Missy," I ordered. Missy obeyed immediately. "I'm gonna fill you virgin mouth with my hot jizz and make you a cum slut just like your big s****r."

"Yes John," interjected Jessie, "make her a cum slut just like me. Damn John look at my little s****r suck. Jesus, she must really want your cum. Fill her slutty little mouth with you cock cream."

Between Missy's ardent sucking and Jesse's dirty talk, it wasn't long before I was shooting a huge load right between the young girl's frantically sucking lips. I shot, she sucked and swallowed. We repeated this heavenly process several times before I stopped cumming.

"That was great Missy," I panted, "did you like sucking my cock and eating my cum."

Nodding her head, and smiling shyly, Missy replied, "Yes, I loved the way your cock felt in my mouth, and Jessie was right cum tastes good."

"I knew it. She's a natural," her s****r said.

"Does that mean that I'm a natural born cocksucker like you?" Missy asked hopefully.

"You bet is does Sweetheart," was Jesse's warm reply.

Chapter 3

"You know Missy," I began, "your poor s****r has been horny for some time now without any release. Since she let you have the cum she wanted, I think that the least you can do for her is to eat her sweet snatch." Turning towards Jessie I added, "and I'll bet Jessie won't mind if I watch."

Jesse's eyes were bright with lust and excitement as she spread her legs. "Come here darling," she invited her s****r, "show John how well I taught you to eat my pussy."

Smiling at me, Missy moved between Jesse's widely spread beautiful thighs. "Do you like eating her cunt, Missy?" I asked lustfully.

"I love the flavor of her pussy," she informed me, "I thought her pussy was the best tasting thing in the world, until you came in my mouth. Now I like cum best. Jessie," Missy added with a concerned frown, "does that make you mad."

"No silly," Jessie returned gently, "as much as I love the taste of your sweet virgin cunt, I love cum better too. Now get you talented tongue busy and eat my pussy before I go mad with lust."

I watched as Missy lowered her head between her s****r's thighs. Her tiny pink tongue flicked out and swirled around Jesse's lust swollen love button. Jessie leaned back and moaned in pleasure as her s****r sucked her clit into her hot mouth. A moment later the horny teen released her older sibling's clit, and like a kitten with a bowl of cream, began lapping the moister seeping from Jesse's snatch.

"Missy honey, that feels so good, eat me baby, fuck me with your wonderful tongue."

I watched as Missy ate her s****r's cunt or a minute or two, and then I leaned over and kissed Jessie. Just as our tongues met, my hand found her soft firm tits. All the while we were kissing. Jessie was moaning into my mouth. After a bit I broke the kiss and looked down to see that Missy had lifted her s****r's butt off the couch and was tonguing her asshole. I took one of her small tits almost completely in my mouth. Sucking and licking my way around her beautiful aureoles. Jesse's breath was getting ragged, and her hips were bucking. It was obvious that she was very close.

"Oh God, I'm cumming," Jessie screamed, "Missy, make me cum. Fuck, I'm cumming, John kiss me please."

I place my mouth over hers just as her orgasm erupted. We held our kiss as she rode out her orgasmic high.

When Jessie quieted I said, "Let's go into the bedroom and get more comfortable." Both girls readily assented. As soon as we got there I added, "Missy, you lay down in the middle of the bed. Jessie, now I want to watch you eat Missy's virgin cunt."

Missy lay down as I bid, and Jessie smiled at me and said, "Just watch this John, this will put some starch back in your dick." She crawled between her s****r's legs and literally covered Missy's pussy and clit with her mouth.

Missy let out a loud gasp of pleasure at her s****r's ministrations, "Jessie, make me feel good. Eat me darling, make me cum too."

I moved to the head of the bed, and kissed the pretty eighteen-year-old. At my first touch, her mouth opened to accept my tongue. This girl had Frenched before, I thought. My hand soon found her hard nipple. Little Missy was moaning into my mouth from her big s****r's tonguing. I kissed my way down the young girl's chest until I found her little titties.

"John," Missy moaned, "suck my tiny titties please, Jessie says that will make them grow. Oh God Jessie, make me cum. I'm so close. I need to cum so bad."

"Eat her pussy Jessie," I commanded, "make you baby s****r cum."

The horny nineteen-year-old needed no encouragement. It was clear that she love the taste of Missy's virgin pussy. Jessie continued to lick and suck her s****r's clit and cunt, and I kissed my way farther down Missy's passion filled body to join her.

"Share her pussy with me," I suggested. Jessie looked up and smiled at me. I kissed her girl-cream-coated lips, getting my first taste of the delicious teen. Jessie lifted her s****r's butt, and licked Missy's puckered pink asshole. Meanwhile, I found the swollen little button that was Missy's clit. Between Jesse's tongue fucking her asshole, and me sucking on her clit, Missy was screaming in pleasure, and bucking like a bronco.

Almost as soon as I dipped my tongue into her drenched honey pot, Missy called out, "I'm cumming, my God I'm cumming so hard."

I continued to tongue fuck her flowing pussy, savoring the flavor of her virgin snatch, until her orgasm abated.

"Jessie, keep eating her pussy," I ordered, as I quickly moved into position behind Jessie. She was on her knees; her perfect heart shaped ass in the air.

When my tongue found her sphincter, she gasped with pleasure, "Yes baby, yes. Tongue fuck my ass." I lick her tight asshole for a moment or two before sliding my tongue down to her gushing gash. Sexually experienced Jessie tasted different then virginal Missy. Not better or worse, just different. I licked and sucked her ass, clit and pussy until she hollered out in orgasm.

Jessie groaned in disappointment as I stopped sucking her pussy, but her groans were soon replaced by cries of joy as I rammed my iron hard cock into her soaking wet cunt.

"Fuck," I hollered as my cock slammed home, "I've been wanting to fuck you like this all day."

Jessie looked up from between her s****r's legs, "Your cock feel so good inside me. Fuck me John, fuck me good and hard." Jessie went back to eating Missy's pussy, as I drove my pulsating love muscle to the hilt into the waiting cavern of desire that was Jesse's cunt. My f***eful thrusts were met by equally powerful jabs, as Jessie slammed her beautiful ass back to meet me. We fucked like demented demons, until Jessie reared back and screamed out in a wordless, mindless, body shattering orgasm.

"On your back Jessie," I commanded, "I want to see your beautiful face while I fuck you."

Jessie threw herself on her back, opened her legs to me and ordered, "Fuck me John, fuck me until I cum like that again."

In as instant, my throbbing erection was back inside Jesse's tight, wet, fiery hot pussy

"Missy, sit on your s****r's face." Missy quickly obeyed. As soon as she straddled her s****r's face, Jesse's tongue disappeared into Missy's hairless soaking wet snatch. Beneath me Jessie bucked up to meet my thrust and at the same time pushed her long tongue into Missy's cunt. I watched in awe for a moment, then pulled Missy to me. I had to taste those beautiful, full red lips again. Once again, as soon as our lips met, Missy opened her mouth to my probing tongue. When our lips finally parted Missy stared between her s****r's legs at the junction of our lovemaking.

"Oh God John, it's so hot watching you fuck my s****r," Missy panted, her voice hoarse with pleasure, "will you fuck me please? Will you take my cherry? Jessie, can he fuck me? Please, please, let him fuck me."

Muffled by a mouthful of pussy you could just hear Jesse's reply, "Yes baby, he can fuck you as soon as I cum again. That won't be long. I'm almost there now." Jesse's voice rose to a scream as yet another intense orgasm slammed her pleasure racked body. "I'm cumming, goddamn, I'm cumming so fucking hard. Kiss me Missy, tongue fuck my mouth while John fucks my cunt."

Missy did as she was bidden. She leapt off her s****r, and they locked their lips together. I slammed my cock all the way into her as her orgasm caused Jesse's body to spasm and shake.

Even before Jessie calmed down, Missy had thrown herself down on the bed next to her, spread her pretty legs wide and began to beg; "Fuck me now, John; I'm ready to lose my cherry. Fuck me; make me a slut just like Jessie. I love Jessie, and want to be just like her."

Pulling my cunt-cream coated cock from Jesse's cum soaked cunt, I moved between Missy's spread thighs. I place the swollen knob of my massive manhood at the entrance of Missy's virgin vagina. "This will hurt a little darling," I informed the pretty teen as I slowly pushed the head of my prick between her lust swollen pussy lips.

As my cock slid past her outer lips, and the head entered her pussy, Missy gasped; but it was a gasp of pleasure not pain. I eased forward just a little bit wanting to let her get used to the ramrod that had entered her love chamber. My cockhead and an inch more were in Missy's mostly virgin hole when I slowly drew back. Setting up a rhythm, I slid my cock gently forward until I met resistance, then drew back until I was almost out. Missy, her eyes tightly close, began to moan softly and move in unison to my actions.

After a moment or two, Missy opened her eyes and smiled lovingly at me, "John, it feels so good having you inside of me."

"Are you ready baby," I asked tenderly.

"Yes John, I'm ready. Fuck me all the way. I want it now."

With one quick, hard thrust, I slammed my rigid rod all the way in. Missy cried out in paid. I held still, my cock buried to the hilt in Missy's no longer virgin honey hole. Missy's tightly closed eyes teared, but after a few second she opened them, smiled at me, and began to slowly move her hips.

In no time at all, we had picked up the pace, and were fucking like mad dogs in heat. "Goddamn baby," I panted, "your pussy is so tight that I can hardly stand it. I love how your hot cunt sucks on my cock."

Missy wrapped her legs around my ass, and begged, "Fuck me darling, fuck me hard, fuck me until your big hard cock makes me cum."

Time stood still as I fucked this beautiful eighteen-year-old. Finally, I heard her cry out, "Oh God, I'm cumming. Oh John, you're making me cum so hard. Harder than I've ever cum before."

Missy shuddered and shook, as her lovely little body was racked by a powerful orgasm. She was still writhing in pleasure when my own pent-up passions over took me. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum too."

"Don't cum in her," Jessie interrupted, "she's not protected. Besides, you promised me a mouthful of your tasty cum."

Not wanting to disappoint a lady, I pulled my throbbing cock out of Missy's still pulsating pussy. No sooner had my cock head cleared Missy's cunt, than Jessie grabbed my cock and shoved it in her hungry mouth.

With a loud groan, I came. I fired a half a dozen volleys of sticky white cock cream into Jesse's sucking mouth. The expert cocksucker did not miss a drop. When she finally did release my drained dick it was completely deflated.

"Missy was safe," I informed Jessie, "I can't have c***dren."

"I just wanted to be sure.," Jessie returned, "besides, I really did want to eat your cum."

I nodded my head in understanding, and then Jessie continued, "How did you know that Missy would eat my pussy?"

I glance at Missy before I replied. The poor little thing was sound asl**p. "That's easy," I replied, "you told me earlier that you liked eating pussy, and Missy said that you told here all about sucking cock; so it seemed reasonable that her pussy was one you had eaten, and if you ate hers, she most likely ate yours."

"You're right John," Jessie said, "I told Missy all about my first experiences. She wanted to know what it felt like getting your pussy licked, so I showed her. She liked it so much that she licked mine. We have been eating each other's pussy almost every night since."

During our conversation I had shifted a sl**ping Missy so that I could lay down too, and Jessie had cuddled up next to me. In a short time all of us were fast asl**p.

Chapter 4

I awoke the next morning to fine my two beautiful young quests working happily together to give me an exquisite double blowjob. Jessie had the shaft of my already rock hard shaft deeply in her hot mouth. At the same time, Missy was busily moving between licking my cum filled balls, and tonguing as much of my exposed cock-shaft as she could reach.

"Good morning ladies," I said with a smile, "I see you two really know how to start the day."

Jesse's eyes, bright with happiness and lust, seemed to smile at me for a moment, then turned her attention back to sucking my ramrod like cock. Missy wordlessly moved up the bed to kiss me with her full red lips. As soon as our lips met Missy's tongue slipped into my mouth, and our tongues did a sensual dance of welcome.

Unconsciously, my hand found Missy's tiny tits. My gentle touch caused Missy to moan into my mouth. My hand swiftly trailed down her lithe frame, across her flat belly, between her lovely legs to find her already dripping honey pot.

As my finger slid inside of her, Missy removed her mouth from mine and in a voice that was between a sigh and a whine said, "John, Jessie won't let me suck your dick."

Still fingering her tight wet cunt I replied, "Don't worry baby, there is plenty of cock to go around. However, while your s****r is sucking my cock, why don't you sit on my face so I can eat your tasty little pussy."

Missy smiled at me, kissed me quickly, and moved into position over my head. As soon as she was within reach, I stabbed my tongue as deeply as I could into her beautiful, pink-lipped, eighteen-year-old pussy. She cried out in delight as I pushed my tongue between Missy's drenched pussy lips. Once again I was amazed at just how wonderful this pretty little teen's cunt tasted. I shifted position slightly so that I could reach her pink puckered asshole. Once again Missy squealed with pleasure.

"Lick me John," Missy begged, "eat my pussy and make me cum."

Meanwhile, Jessie had been steadily, expertly sucking my lust-swollen member. From deep within my balls, I could feel my cum start to boil up. It would not be long before I sent a creamy reward to Jesse's waiting mouth.

Sensing my impending orgasm, Jessie called to me, "I can feel that you're getting close, John. Cum in my mouth, feed me your delicious cock cream."

Just as Jessie stopped talking and resumed sucking, little Missy piped up, "Yes John, cum in the sluts mouth. Fill her nineteen-year-old mouth with your love juice. Make the cum-loving little whore swallow your whole fucking load. Oh, John," Missy suddenly screamed out, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Cum in her mouth while I cum in yours."

Between Jesse's expert cocksucking, and Missy's dirty talk, I could not hold out any longer. With a grunt muffled by a mouthful of teen pussy, I shot a huge load of cum into Jesse's willing mouth. The sexy teen sucked up every drop of my jizz as it shot into her mouth. My orgasm seemed to last and last, while above me, Missy writhed and twisted in an orgasm of her own.

Missy flopped down on the bed next to me, licked the girl cum off my face and asked, "will you fuck me when your cock get hard again?"

Jessie, who had just released my softened dick from her mouth, interrupted, "Of course he will fuck you, silly girl, but not until after he has fucked me. After all, you've already had one good cum this morning. I have not. Come on, let's go fix John some breakfast." Then turning to me she added, "John, why don't you take a shower, while we start breakfast."

"Sounds good to me," I said, smiling at the teen.

In a trice, both girl's had tossed on their shirts, and dashed off towards the kitchen.

Following close on the heals of the two girl's I headed for the bathroom. After a quick shower and shave, I tossed on a robe and headed for the kitchen.

Jessie was setting the table, and Missy was turning bacon in the frying pan. When Jessie saw me, she pulled out a chair and said, "Please sit down sir. Breakfast is almost ready."

As soon as I sat down, Jessie straddled my lap. In a flash, she pulled her shirt over her head, and tossed it to the floor. Then she kissed me passionately. Her hand reached under her bottom and grasped my swiftly hardening cock. Almost before I had time to realize what was happening, Jessie had my now hard member into her soaking wet cunt.

"Oh God," Jessie moaned, "I need to be fucked so bad. Your cock feels so good inside of me." Jessie rode my cock like a bronco rider gone mad. Bouncing up and down at a feverish pace, moaning and screaming in pleasure, it didn't take long for the horny teen to reach the point of no return. "I'm cumming," she screamed, "oh fuck I'm cumming John."

Missy had continued to cook the bacon while her s****r and I fucked, but as Jesse's orgasm subsided Missy turned to her s****r and bitched, "You've had cock in both your mouth and pussy this morning and I haven't had either. How about you getting out of the way and letting me have some of John's wonderful cock and you finish making the food."

"You're right Missy," I interjected softly. Then changing my tone to one of command I turned back to Jessie, who was still sitting on my hard shaft, "you finish making the breakfast, and let your s****r sit on my cock."

In a huff, Jessie pulled up and off of my cock, and in a voice dripping with sarcasm said, "Yes Daddy."

Missy had crawled onto my lap, and was just placing the bulbous head of my erection between the swollen lips of her cunt when she heard Jessie say, "Yes Daddy." She stopped for a moment, and gave her s****r the strangest look. Then turning back to me, she began to slowly impale herself on my pulsating pecker. As she did so the pretty teen breathed, "I think I'd like to call you Daddy. Would you mind if I call you Daddy?" she added as she slid her tight pussy up and down on my pulsating pecker.

"Do you want to fuck your Daddy Missy?" I queried hotly.

"Yes Daddy yes, I want your hard cock to fill my cunt. Daddy, suck my tities while I fuck your hard dick into my tight pussy."

I did as the little slut bid. I took her pebble hard nipple into my mouth, and then licked around the small swelling of her puffy aureoles. Having paid oral homage to one little tittie, I switched to the other.

Jessie had stopped working on breakfast when she heard Missy's new sex talk. She walked over to us and asked, "You wanted to fuck Daddy didn't you Missy?"

For an instant it seem that Missy was so engrossed in her passion that she did not hear her s****r, but she finally looked at her and replied, "Yes, I saw Daddy fucking Mommy out by the pool, and from that day on I wanted Daddy to fuck me."

"Ride my cock baby," I interjected, "ride Daddy's cock and show him you're his slut."

"Goddamn," Jessie rejoined, "that is so fucking hot. I always wanted to fuck Daddy too. Fuck her Daddy. Fuck her hard. Make the little slut cum as hard as you made me cum."

"Daddy I'm cumming," Missy cried. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately as a powerful orgasm racked her little body.

As she quieted, I broke our kiss and shouted, "I'm ready to cum too baby."

Missy leapt off my cock in a flash. Quick as thought, Missy had engulfed my throbbing erection with her hot mouth.

"Look Daddy," Jessie cried excitedly, "Missy wants to eat her Daddy's sweet cum again."

"Yes baby," I hollered, "that's it, suck your Daddy's cock. Daddy is going to cum in your sexy mouth. Swallow Daddy's seed Missy, and show me how much you love me." I came with a grunt, shot after shot of hot cum blasted into the horny teen's willing mouth. More confident than the first time, Missy held my cock in her mouth until it was soft. She had not swallowed any of my cum. When she finally release my deflated dick, she tilted her head back, and opened her mouth to reveal my creamy load. She closed her mouth, smiled up at me, and swallowed my love lotion.

"Jesus Christ Missy," Jessie ejaculated, "I've never shown a man his cum before I swallow it." "Daddy," she said, turning toward me, "would you like me to show you your cum before I swallow next time."

"You bet I would," I told the sexy teen, "I'd love to see how my cum looks in your mouth before you swallow. Now we had better eat this food before it all gets cold. Chapter 5

A little while later, after we had eaten and cleaned up the breakfast dishes, I suggested that we take a walk down stream and see if we could find any of their gear. An hour and a half of mostly fruitless searching netted us a total of one of Missy's shirts, and pair of shorts for each girl.

"Now that you two have something to wear that won't get me arrested," I told my sexy young guests, "we had better go into town and get you a more complete wardrobe." In just a few minutes we were on our way into town.

"I don't see why we need to bother with getting new clothes," Jessie chuckled as we drove along, "I don't plan on wearing much while we are here."

"Me either," Missy laughed, and then she added, "I know you like looking at Jesse's naked tits and pussy. She's so beautiful, but do you like seeing me naked too? I don't have as much tit and my red pussy hair is hard to see."

"You're right sweetheart," I told the teen, "Jessie is very beautiful. I love seeing her naked body. Honey, are only slightly smaller, and I find you to be beautiful, sexy and alluring."

No trip to town had ever gone so fast before. I bought them sandals at the first place we came to. After that, they did the shopping. They got enough stuff so that I could take them anywhere we wished to go.

We had lunch in town, and in the middle afternoon headed home. "Daddy," Jessie grinned, "did you see that Missy and I aren't wearing shorts now. Both of us are wearing short skirts instead."

I glanced across the cab of the truck. Sure enough, both girls had removed their mid-thigh length shorts, and replaced them with skirts that, when sitting, barely covered their crotches.

"Missy and I really prefer wearing skirts," Jessie continued, "do you know why?"

"No, why?"

"Because it's easier to play with each other's pussies." Even as she spoke, Jessie put her hand on her s****r's thigh. At her first touch, Missy spread her legs to give Jessie access to her cunt. "Little Missy is already wet Daddy. She wants my finger in her cunt. Don't you sweetheart?"

"Yes Jessie," Missy breathed, "yes, finger my little pussy. I love it when you make me cum."

More then half watching the erotic scene next to me, I was hard pressed to pay enough attention to the road to keep us from being killed. By now Jessie was using two fingers to furiously fuck her little s****r's sopping snatch. Missy was moaning, twisting, and bucking against Jesse's diddling digits.

Jessie fingered her s****r until she came three times. Then she withdrew her fingers from Missy's cum drenched cunt and ordered, "Missy, lick my fingers clean. I want Daddy to see how much you like the taste of your own cunt."

Delighted, I watched the young teen lick her own cunt cream from her s****r's fingers. "All right Jessie," I commanded, "put your fingers back in her pussy." She did as I directed. "Now you show me how much you like the taste of her cunt." Without hesitation the horny nineteen-year-old put her pussy juice soaked fingers into her mouth and licked them clean.

Did you liked that Daddy?" Jessie asked, "would you like us to put on a girlie show for you when we get back?"

"That was great, girls," I enthused, "Missy, do you really want to put on a sex show for me?" "Oh yes Daddy," Missy gushed, "I loved it when you watched me eat Jesse's pussy. It makes me feel so dirty, and so hot. I can cum just from the way you look at me."

A short time later, when we turned into the long drive that led to my cabin, Jessie began to unbutton her blouse. "Wait Jessie," I admonished, "I'd love to see you and Missy dancing for me, and slowly stripping each other."

I got a stereo response of, "Cool." Even before the truck had come to a complete halt both girls had jumped out, grabbed packages from the back and headed into the cabin. They literally ran to the door, open it, and disappeared within. The girls had no trouble getting in because I rarely bothered to lock it when I was living here; it was too far from anything to need to.

Chapter 6

When I entered the cabin the girls were no where to be seen, but I heard giggling coming from the bedroom. As soon as my hand touched the doorknob I heard, "Don't come in, we will be out in a minute." I did as I was asked, and had a seat on the couch.

A couple of minutes latter my two princesses emerged from the bedroom. They had put on some more clothes. Each girl had added shoes, nylon stockings, and a bra. Jessie, standing proud and erect, smiled at me and announced, "Since you want to see us strip, I thought we should be wearing enough to make it more interesting." With that she went to the stereo, picked out a CD, put it in, hit play and returned to her s****r's side. "Ready to dance and be real sexy for Daddy, Missy?"

The music was soft and slow. Jessie took her younger s****r into her arms and the pair started to dance. As I watched the horny young girls rubbing their bodies together my cock rose in my shorts. Leaning forward, Jessie placed her mouth over Missy's. She backed off just enough so that I could see their tongues sparing and intertwining. Then Jessie twirled the eighteen-year-old half way around so that Missy's back was to her, and both girls were facing me.

Swaying softly to the music, the nineteen-year-old moved Missy's hair aside and began kissing and nuzzling her neck. Her hands moved down Missy's arms, and back up again, finally moving them around front. Jesse's hands traveled across Missy's tits. Then she began to slowly unbutton Missy's blouse. When she had removed Missy's shirt, Jessie rubbed Missy's bra-covered chest. "Don't you just love Missy's bra Daddy? Look Daddy, you can see her nipples through her new bra. Doesn't she look pretty?"

"Missy looks beautiful in her pretty pink bra," I informed the horny teen. I could also see that Missy was breathing heavily, and was obviously very turned on. Missy liked the idea of Jessie stripping her in front of me.

"Would you like to see more, Daddy?" the nineteen-year-old asked.

"Yes baby, show me more."

Jessie quickly removed Missy's skirt. Revealing that Missy was wearing pink panties that matched her bra, sexy thigh high stockings completed her attire. The teen ran her hands across her younger s****r's ass, then move them around front to caress Missy's dampening crotch.

"See Daddy," Jessie squealed, "Missy's panties are getting wet. She's such a slut."

"I am a slut," Missy replied, "but I'm only a slut for my Daddy and my horny, slutty older s****r." With that she turned in Jesse's arms, kissed her s****r full on the mouth, and moved into position behind the older girl. "Jesse's turn Daddy," she giggled.

Missy's hands found, and fondled the older teen's proud jutting tits. As Jessie felt Missy's touch, she leaned back against the younger girl, sighing and moaning in pleasure. Missy felt up her s****r for a moment causing Jesse's nipples to show through her blouse and bra. Working quickly, Missy unbuttoned and removed Jesse's blouse and skirt.

Stripped of her outer garments, Jessie was wearing a matching pale blue bra and panties. She also had on thigh high stockings. "Look at Jessie Daddy," the eighteen-year-old giggled, "her nipples are sticking out of her bra just like mine, and her panties are wet too. She's as big a slut as me."

Before Jessie had time to reply, Missy had remove her s****r's bra and was lovingly feeling up the older girl. "She's right Daddy," Jessie sighed, "I am a slut too." Missy turned her s****r so that their sides faced me. Then she bent slightly and sucked on Jesse's tits, and at the same time pulled Jesse's panties off.

While Missy continued to suck on her tit, Jessie unhooked Missy's bra and slipped it off her shoulder. Then she straightened the younger girl, kissed her full on the mouth, and trailed her kisses down Missy's chest to the little puffy aureoles and erect nipples that capped her s****r's tits. She licked and sucked each tiny tit in turn, and at the same time removed Missy's very damp panties.

During the time it took for my two lovelies strip each other, I had removed my own clothes. Missy was the first to notice. "Look Jessie," she intoned, "Daddy is naked too. See how big and hard his cock is? Come on, let's suck him off together."

Missy got there first. She engulfed almost the entire length of my lust-swollen member into her hot mouth. Jessie was right behind her, "Hey you little slut," Jessie complained jokingly, "you're supposed to share."

Moving aside, Missy allowed Jessie to suck my cock deeply into her mouth. I no time at all my pretty young sluts had set up a rhythm to their shared sucking. Whenever their lovely cocksucking lips would meet at the top of my dick, the horny pair would French kiss so that I could see their tongues. I enjoy their expert ministrations for several minutes then suggested, "Let's head for the bedroom where we can be more comfortable."

Chapter 7

My two beauties were on their feet and heading for the bedroom in an instant.

"Do either of you know what a daisy chain is?" I asked.

"No Daddy," Jessie replied, looking puzzled. Missy, looking equally unsure, simply shook her head.

"I think you will like it," I said as I lay on the bed. "Missy, you come here where I can eat you sweet pussy. Jessie, you down there so you can suck my dick, but move your ass so Missy can eat your pussy. That way we can eat as suck each other at the same time."

Missy got into position. As soon as she did my tongue dipped into her gushing gash, and I marveled again at just how sweet her eighteen-year-old cunt tasted. Meanwhile, Jessie also got situated. Her pussy was at Missy's head, legs spread wide to let Missy eat her dripping wet cunt. Her mouth quickly engulfed my rock hard erection.

Their hot strip show and subsequent team cocksucking had made both girls extremely hot. After just a couple of minutes of my tonguing her tasty twat Missy was shuddering and moaning into her s****r's pussy as she came. Jessie followed almost immediately.

As soon as both girls quieted I ordered, "Time to switch, Missy I want your hot mouth on my dick, and Jessie, I want to eat your beautiful cunt."

Seconds later we had switched positions. Missy was now sliding her talented mouth up and down my throbbing shaft, and I was dipping my tongue as deeply as I could into Jesse's girl-cum soaked cunt.

If there is a heaven, I thought to myself, this must be it. Two beautiful horny, young girls, ready to fuck, and suck, and eat each other's pussies at the slightest suggestion.

This time Jessie came first. Missy followed right behind.

"Jessie sit at the head of the bed," I commanded, "Missy, I want you between her legs doggy style. I'm going to fuck you while you suck your s****r's cunt. Don't pout Jessie," I added, seeing the slight frown on Jesse's face, "I promise that you will get all of the dick you want before we're through."

"You know Jessie," Missy said with a smile as she got between the older teens lovely legs, "I kind of like it when Daddy tells us what to do. Obeying his sex commands makes me real hot." When she finished speaking, Missy lowered her head and sucked the nineteen-year-old's swollen clit into her eager mouth. At the same time, she raised her pretty little ass and spread her lithe legs to give me easy access to her tight little cunt.

As I slipped my dick into Missy's incredibly tight twat, I could see Jessie smiling at her s****r, "Eat me baby girl," Jessie sighed, then she looked up at me and added, "you're right sweetheart, I like it when Daddy orders us to do things too." My iron hard ramrod of a cock was pistoning in and out of Missy's hot, wet cunt as fast as I could drive it. Missy was moaning into Jesse's cunt as she rapidly slammed her pretty little ass back to meet my hard thrusts.

"Fuck baby," I called, "you have the tightest pussy. Fucking you is the greatest. Especially when you're eating your s****r's pussy"

Lifting her head from her s****r's cunt Missy replied, "Oh yes Daddy, fuck me hard. I just love the way your huge cock fills my little cunt." "Shut up and suck my pussy wench," Jessie interjected with a smile, "I'm close, and I want to cum in your mouth."

"Do it baby," I ordered, "cum in the little sluts mouth. Make her eat all of your cunt cream."

"I'm doing it Daddy," Jessie screamed, "the little slut's making me cum again. Oh fuck, I'm cumming so fucking hard. Make Missy cum Daddy. Please fuck my baby s****r until she cums. Then you can fuck me too. I need you big hard cock in my tight cunt. Fuck her Daddy, fuck her good."

At that moment Missy erupted in a powerful body wrenching orgasm. The pretty petite teen slammed her tight twat back against my deeply drilling dick, and yelled out in pleasure, "Fuck me Daddy, I'm cumming, you're making your little girl cum so hard. Oh Daddy, you've made me such a slut. I love it when you fuck me. I love being your slut"

Even before Missy's orgasms ended, Jessie had gotten into position on her hands and knees next to me. "Fuck me now," she pleaded, "please fuck me now. I need your beautiful cock in me fucking me as hard as you can."

As soon as Missy quieted, I slipped my slimy dick out of her snatch, moved behind Jessie, and without preamble, rammed my cock all the way to the base in her hot wet honey hole.

Jessie let out a shriek of pleasure as my dick slammed home. "Fuck me hard Daddy," Jessie begged, "fuck me hard. I need your cock so bad. I love the way your big cock fills my little cunt. Make me your slut too. I want to be your slut just like my baby s****r."

"Fuck baby, you are my slut," I called out, "you're both my sluts. Jessie you have a tight hot cunt. I'm going to fuck you until you scream. Missy, get under your s****r in a sixty-nine. I want her to eat your cunt, while you lick both of us where we fuck."

In a trice, the eighteen-year-old had done as I ordered. Jessie buried her head between her younger sibling's thighs again, and Missy was alternating between licking Jesse's clit, licking my exposed shaft, and sucking on my balls.

After several minutes of heavenly three-way fucking both girls were cumming again. My own orgasm was right behind them. "I'm cumming babies," I yelled, "I'm cumming too."

"Cum in my mouth Daddy," Missy begged, "I want to eat your cum again."

"Not this time sweetheart," I replied, "I'm going to fill Jesse's cunt with my cream."

"Oh yes Daddy," Jessie moaned, "fill me with your jizz. Come in my pussy Daddy. I want to feel your hot cock cream fill my cunt."

Just as I rammed my cock to the hilt in Jesse's spasming cunt, I started to shoot. Blast after blast of white-hot semen jetted into her pulsating pussy.

I finally stopped cumming. As I slowly withdrew my withering dick from Jesse's snatch, I called to Missy who was still below me; "I have a special treat for you baby. I want to watch you suck my cum from you s****r's cunt."

"Daddy," Missy replied in mock horror, "only a dirty little slut would do something that filthy." After a heartbeats pause she continued, "but since I'm a dirty little slut, and cum and pussy are my two favorite flavors, I think it's a great idea. Squeeze Daddy's cum into my mouth please Jessie."

Even as Jessie was forcing my cum from her pussy, she was complaining, "Not fair Daddy. I want to eat your cum from her pussy too."

"Next time sweetheart," I consoled, "I promise to cum in Missy's pussy so you can eat her clean." All the while I was watching as Jessie pushed out a very large glob of mixed cock and cunt cream. Missy immediately lapped up the slimy mixture. Then glued her mouth to the older girl's snatch, licking and sucking until she was clean.

Finally, all three of us collapsed in a heap on the bed. For a long time we continued gently stroking each other as we bathed in the afterglow of unbelievably intense sex.

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