Navy Bride (M+/F, wife, s****r-turns-slut, inc, nc?)
by William Will Willie Bill (


Bill and I were married the day before he went into the
Navy, then 13 months later Bill shipped out...the Navy
shipped him to a never-never place in the far Pacific.
It was to be the last time I would see him for three

That's when I went back to live with my parents.
After Bill had been gone a month or more, I began to
long for that wonderful sexual release I'd become so
used too, and tried to remember exactly how many times
we had slept together. Seven times before he went to
boot camp, three times when he was going from boot camp
to gunnery school, and twice just before he shipped

We had been married for more than a year and I had only
slept (had sex with) my husband a grand total of ten
times! I had never had sex with anybody else before
Bill unless you include those c***dish encounters with
my girlfriend, Beth.


When I was a girl of twelve, Beth used to spend the
night with me during the summer. We'd make our bed on
the ground out in the back yard and have a ball. Silly
laughing and joking as young girls will do, pillow
fights, stripping naked and each daring the other to
run around the house nude after midnight, we did it

One warm July night we had both raced madly around the
house naked, even out to the deserted street, and then
back to our pallet, hugging each other and collapsing
on the ground, me on top of Beth. Almost at once we
could feel each other down there. My clit against her
clit, an accident to be sure, but what a marvelous
accident! Neither of us said a word, but Beth moved a
little, then I moved. We rotated our hips, grinding
pelvis to pelvis until our breathing became ragged and
we could feel each other's contractions. I rolled off
and lay on my back next to her, breathing hard, but
still and silent, as was she.

After about five minutes I felt Beth take my hand, the
one nearest to her, and place it squarely on her pussy.
Then, leaving my hand on her now aroused, moist, hot
cunt, she put her hand on my pussy and did to me what
she obviously wanted me to do to her. We got each other
off several times that night. For whatever reason, we
never did it together again, and we never acknowledged
in words that it had ever happened, but I (and probably
Beth, too) began to masturbate quite often. It was a
part of becoming a woman I suppose.


After Bill left, two years of unfulfilled sexual desire
dragged by. If ever a wife needed a good screwing it
was me. But alas, it wasn't to be. I dreamed of a
handsome prince who would come and fill my great need.
Mack, my b*****r, had been f******n when Bill went to
sea, now he was sixteen and drinking, wrecking the
f****y car now and then, and generally making a real
mess of his life. I couldn't understand it. He was a
good-looking young man, popular, and more than one girl
had a crush on him. Still, he ran with a wild bunch of
boys who more often than not caused trouble for our Dad
and Mom.

One evening in early autumn, after the leaves were in
full color, the folks went to the theater and I was
home alone. Suddenly, Mack came staggering through the
front door, d***k as usual. I was in the living room
just tidying up before going to bed, and I had nothing
on but a flimsy gown. "Well, well, what have we here,"
Mack roared d***kenly, "A lovely damsel waiting for
little ole' me!"

Before I could move or react at all he grabbed me and
began hugging and kissing me, feeling me up and
massaging my buttocks. I struggled, but his hands were
all over my body. One hand was in my crotch, the other
tore off my gown.

"Mack," I screamed, "I'm you're s****r!" It did no
good. He was so fast that I never knew what hit me, I
was on my back and his cock was pumping into me.

As I said before, my need was great. I remember hating
myself for reacting so, but after only a moment or so
of struggling I gave in and clamped my legs around his
heaving butt and lifted my haunches up to meet his wild
thrusts. I found out some time later that his
masturbatory dream girl had always been me! He had been
fantasizing fucking me for years! Now, it was actually

I had heard that some men attain great staying power
when d***k, for some reason it's hard for them to come.
Such was the case with Mack that night. He fucked me
longer than I had ever thought possible, and my need
culminated in orgasm after shattering orgasm.

Obviously, the answer to my great need was living right
here in the same house with me. An illicit answer, to
be sure.

Having fucked me once, d***k or not, Mack left me with
no defense, not that I wanted one if the truth be
known. I had become desperate, and once the deed had
been done, I rationalized that no more harm could come
whether it happened once or thousands of times.

Mack, for his part, fantasized that I wanted him as
often as possible. He was probably right. For the next
year my b*****r became my lover, a very good lover, a
dreamed of live in lover. My parents never caught on.

The nearest they came was one day when mom said to me,
"Mack looks at you like he could eat you, don't you
think you ought to be more careful how you dress when
he's around?" My face went fiery red, and I mumbled in

My parents and s****r took a weekend trip out to the
surrounding country sit in search of antiques at old
farms and the like. This left Mack and me alone in the
house. Taking advantage of their absence, Mack went out
with his buddies to do some drinking. I was worried
about him, fearful he'd get into a serious accident or
something, so I waited up for him to come home.

I guess I fell asl**p on the couch in the living room.
I was roused by the front door bursting open. My eyes
flew open to see Mack weaving like a sunflower in a
spring wind, and his buddy, Jim, leering at my lightly
clad body. "Hey, honey," Mack slurred, I told ole' Jim
here I'd share your gorgeous body with him. You know, I
was broke and he bought drinks all night...least I
could do, huh?"

I was dumbfounded. Jumping to my feet, I raced for the
bedroom, but Mack and Jim followed me in. The ironic
thing about this was that in the early evening after
Mack had gone out, I had started to remember some of
the things about sex I had enjoyed with both Bill and

I remember thinking I wish it were possible to have
them both at once. I loved to feel their pubic hair and
slide my hand around until I touched their cockhead,
and loved feeling their cock grow, and the feeling of
penis skin sliding as I grasped their growing prick and
slid my hand up and down until they were wild to get
into me.

Now, Mack and Jim were in my bedroom, all three of us
naked, me begging them to leave and Mack pinning my
shoulders to the bed while Jim's tongue was lapping at
my now heated cunt. His warm, moist mouth clamped on my
clit was driving me crazy with desire for sex. God, I
knew it was wrong, wrong, but my motor was running now,
it was happening just as my b*****r had known it would.
Grinning, he said, "See what I mean, Jim? All ya gotta
do is touch the button and she becomes the hottest fuck
in town."

I was mortally embarrassed, but Mack was right, my
motor was running and I didn't care what either of them
did or said so long as they both fucked me. Fucked me
long and hard! I was a little worried, because Jim had
the reputation of being very rough.

They soon had me across the bed with Jim kneeling
between my legs licking and kissing my cunt while
b*****r Mack, on the other side of the bed was
astraddle my head, thrusting his cock into my mouth.
Ooooh! What feelings rippled through me!

Jim couldn't stand it anymore, and got up on the bed
and slid his cock into my very slick vagina, and I was
in heaven with one man fucking my mouth and the other
my pussy. I could feel Mack coming and almost as soon
as he did, he flopped over on the bed and passed out.

Jim got off of me, for some reason acting very angry,
and taking my hand, led me into the dining room next to
the table, then went into the kitchen, first roughly
telling me not to move.

I was shocked speechless when he returned with a
butcher knife in his hand, I thought he was going to
kill me, but then said, "I'm not perverted, and I won't
hurt you if you do what I say. But damn it, you do what
I say." He then told me to keep my feet on the floor
and lie back on the table and spread my legs, and
waving the knife in front of my face, he shouted,
"Spread them wider!" As I did he stepped between them
and knelt and went down on me, all the while letting
the knife touch my inner legs.

I tried to think how much I hated him for doing this,
but I felt myself becoming more and more excited. I
closed my eyes and twisted from side to side, as if
trying to get away from his tongue, though I really
wanted his tongue to touch all parts of the inside of
my vagina. I was getting so excited, somehow the threat
of the knife was exciting more, and I couldn't help
grabbing his head and pulling it into me, pulling his
tongue in as much as possible. And then I came, over
and over again.

He got on top of me then and said in a rough voice,
"Put it in." I was eager to do anything he said. With
one hand I held my pussy lips open, with the other I
guided his throbbing cock right into my gaping cunt.
His cock wasn't any bigger around than average, but was
long and slim.

I wanted very badly to feel it all the way up inside of
me. In just a few thrusts I felt him coming, and I came
again, too. I felt the cold steel of the knife against
one of my legs, but I knew he wouldn't hurt me, and all
I could think about was his long prick, long and slim,
all the way up inside me, and I came and came again.
Then he left.

I was so turned on then that I couldn't stop. I got a
glass of cold water and went in and poured it on Mack's
face, instantly bringing him alive again. I placed his
hand on my now seething pussy and was gratified to see
his cock also coming alive. It grew and grew until it
stood like a mighty oak. With a sigh, I straddled him
and sank down over his hard shaft, kissing him, feeling
his tongue darting into my mouth, I came almost at

I know it must sound crazy, but I wanted more and more,
so was delighted when right then Jim returned with
Billy and Gordon, both a year younger than Mack.


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