Collision in the Corridor
by Johndough (address withheld)


At the start of a school day a female student rounds a
corner and bumps into her principal who has just arrived
with coffee for his colleagues. This bump spills the
coffee all over them so the principal takes her down to
the locker area to wash and dry their clothes. The
principal is also the girl's uncle and a little more
goes on than laundry. (M/f, ped, reluc, inc, 1st, preg)


Principal John Wilson was running a little late this
morning and was slightly distracted because of it. The
40 year old bachelor was extremely fit with close
cropped brown hair that didn't have any hint of grey. He
was the object of many wet dreams of his 6th, 7th and
8th grade female students after their sex ed classes. He
was aware of his effect on these 11 to 14 year olds but
had a strict hands off policy. There was plenty of legal
stuff with the same fantasies at the various clubs
around town.

One of the most off limits was Kristie Wilson, his
younger b*****r's 13 year old daughter. With her blue
eyes and long blond hair and blossoming body with its
tennis ball sized breasts she was the masturbatory
fantasy of as many of the male staff and students as he
was among the females.

On this particular morning she was running down the hall
looking through her notebook for her homework for her
first period class. She rounded a corner without looking
up at the same time her Uncle was about to round it as
well. It was a terrific collision in the almost empty
hall. Her books and papers flew everywhere and the
Principal's briefcase went spinning into the far wall.

But that wasn't the worst of it. The reason John Wilson
was late was he had stopped to pick up four hot
chocolates for his office staff and he was carrying them
in a fiberboard tray. When they ran into one another the
tray was just above Kristie's shoulder. Reflexively, she
jerked upright when they collided and the tray and cups
went flying straight up.

In slow motion, uncle and niece watched the lids go
flying off the cups as the tray turned over and four
not-so-hot chocolates came down on them like a warm
sticky shower. The bell rang signaling the start of the
first class.

"I'm sorry, Uncle John," Kristie said blushing.

"You really need to plan better, Kristie. You should be
in class."

"I know I brought my homework assignment to school today
but I can't find it anywhere."

"Well, let's go tell the office we are both going to be
off the grid for a couple of hours while we get cleaned

They went into the office and Principal Wilson told his
secretary that his niece would miss her first two
periods and he would be out of touch for two hours as
well. They were going down to the locker rooms to use
the laundry to wash their clothes. He left his briefcase
in his office but told Kristie to bring her books and
they would do their best to clean them up while they
waited for their clothes to wash and dry.

There would be no activity in the boys' locker room
until 4th period and, since that was where the washer
and drier were so that was where he took his niece.

He handed her two towels and told her to take off her
soaking clothes then go in and use the shower. He sat
down and faced away from her.

Kristie was nervous about getting naked in the boys'
locker room but this was her uncle who had babysat her
off and on since she was born. He had cleaned her bottom
as a baby, given her baths until she was 8 years old and
had been a safe harbor last year when she went to her
first party and fallen prey to alcohol and she had
turned up on his doorstep too frightened to go home to
her parents.

She had puked all over herself and Uncle John had
stripped her clothes off and his own and gotten in the
shower and cleaned her up. She had felt his erection but
he had done nothing to act on his biological urge.
Instead, he had dried her off and put her to bed in his
guest room and told her parents where she was. With all
this history, her nervousness passed quickly and she
left her clothes in a pile next to him and went off to
the showers.

When he heard the water come on, John took his own
clothes off and, after emptying the pockets on top of
the dryer, put everything in the washer and started it.

"Let me know when you are done so I can shower," he

"Just a little longer," Kristie replied.

It took her about 5 minutes to rinse out the shampoo and
get all the soap residue off as well. Then she dried her
hair with one towel and wrapped it around her hair in a
makeshift turban. She dried the rest of her with the
second towel and then wrapped it lengthwise around her
torso. She found it a little embarrassing because when
she just barely covered her nipples her crotch was even
with the bottom of the towel. If she sat down her golden
pubic bush and the slit within it would be exposed to
her uncle's view.

"Your turn," she said coming out of the shower area.

Her uncle walked past holding the folded towels over his
privates. As he did, Kristie turned her head and admired
his firm male buttocks and realized she was looking at
her first fully nude adult male back ever, She only had
blurry memories of the shower when she was d***k and he
had been behind her nearly the whole time so she never
really counted it in terms of advancing her knowledge or
experience of sex. This time she was perfectly sober and
his ass was perfectly enticing.

8 minutes later he walked out of the shower with a towel
around his waist and one over his shoulders. Kristie was
disappointed that his towel resembled a makeshift kilt
instead of the ultra-miniskirt her towel was proving to

John sat down next to her.

"Well, the washer should be done in about 10 minutes and
it will take about an hour to dry so we may as well make
the best of it. You said you were looking for your
homework assignment?"

"Yes. I had it when I left the house this morning."

"Maybe I can help. What class was it?"

He saw blush and look toward the floor.

"Sex ed."

"Oh...what was the homework?"

"The girls have been keeping track of their cycles so we
can learn when we are at out most fertile and when we
can have sex without risking pregnancy. We were supposed
to turn in our charts indicating where we are in our
cycle today and I can't find my chart."

"And where are you?"

"If I was doing everything right then I am at the safest
point in my cycle."

"And what are you supposed to do with this information?"

"It's supposed to allow girls to take charge of their
sexuality and know when they can "sow their wild oats"
just like boys without fear of pregnancy or need for a

"And have you been?"

"Have I been what?"

"Sowing your wild oats?"

Kristie blushed deeper than ever.

"Uncle John, I'm a virgin! I haven't even seen a boy
naked or had one touch my tits."

"You are a beautiful young woman, Kristie, why haven't

"I'm only 13! Besides, you're supposed to wait until you
get married to have sex."

"Who told you that?"


"Everybody? Your sex-ed teacher, too?"

John smiled at the thought that Miss Alicia Jones would
counsel any girl they should wait until marriage for
sex. He had sampled the lovely red head's treasures
several times in the three years she had been on the
faculty and knew that she was very open about her
attitudes toward sex, even with her students.

"Well... no."

"What does she say?"

"She says sex is the most important part of our lives
after eating and sl**ping and it is important to find
out what you like and know whether the person you marry
will be able to fulfill your needs BEFORE you commit to
them for a lifetime."

"So none of the boys in your class have tried to get
into your pants, Kristie?"

"Well, a couple have tried to feel me up and I have let
a couple kiss me like an adult, with their tongues and
all, but I have managed to get away before anything went
any further...What are you doing, Uncle John?"

John was leaning into her and had his arm around her
back and on the shoulder opposite him. He was bending
over her and used his free hand to tilt her chin up
toward him.

"Like this?"

And with that he gave Kristie her first French kiss with
an adult. She felt sparks shooting through her body.
This was SO naughty! Not only was this a man but he was
her father's b*****r, her uncle. But the feelings she
was having were very un-niece-like. She turned to him
and wrapped her arms around him to signal that he was
doing something she liked.

She broke the kiss for a moment and sad, "Exactly, like

"And they have tried to feel your breasts?" he asked as
the hand at her chin moved down to where the towel was
joined between her throbbing tits and gently pulled it
open. Then he took her breast and cupped it in his hand
and felt her sweet pink nipple harden in the middle of
his palm. "Like this?"

"Like that only through my clothes. This is much

"How about this?"

He leaned over and suckled her ear lobe while gently
blowing out his nose into her ear. He was rewarded by
her groan of passion as she seemed to go limp in his
arms. Then he kissed her neck and moved down to replace
his hand with his mouth over her nipple. He was
delighted to find his niece supported those wonderfully
reactive nipples known as puffies. After a moment he
moved over to the other nipple and found it waiting for
his attention.

As his mouth ministered to her breasts, the hand that
had so recently squeezed them took her hand and guided
it to his crotch where she found that his towel had come
loose as well. He placed her hand on his now hard cock
and wrapped her fingers around it and then guided her
hand up and down the shaft showing her how to jack off a

Then he took his hand away and she continued as he had
shown her while his hand slithered through her new
growth of blond hair on her lovely pussy mound. She
gasped as his middle finger slid along her pussy lips
with a little added pressure over her clit. He kept
moving slowly and deliberately while she u*********sly
sped up her stroking hoping to inspire her uncle to
match her speed with what he was doing to her pussy.

Uncle John appeared not to notice the change but what he
was doing did change even if the speed didn't. When he
felt how wet she was he slid his long middle finger deep
into her clasping cunt. He was sure Miss Jones had
talked about a girl's g-spot but was equally certain
that none of the girls in the class had dared to explore
themselves for it.

He was definitely sure about Kristie as he left her
breast and sat up to watch her face as she was being
finger-fucked for the first time. He stroked his finger
across her g-spot and a look of very pleasant shock came
over face as she discovered an intense wave of pleasure
she hadn't known she was capable of.

She forgot about stroking her uncle as she succumbed to
her first non self-induced orgasm.

John didn't mind. He used his free hand to spread their
towels on the floor and gently laid her on them. Then he
went back to finger fucking her until he had three
fingers inside of her and she had had another three of
four orgasms unleashing a flood of her lubricating

Kristie knew somewhere in the back of her mind that this
was moving way too fast and was way too wrong but it
felt way too good to stop. Even when she felt her uncle
pull his fingers from her pussy and move between her
thighs she did nothing but spread her legs wider and
wait for what was about to happen. She didn't have to
wait long.

John Wilson did not care that this gorgeous adolescent
so eagerly spreading her legs to allow his cock access
to her pussy was his niece. He was male and she was
female and coupling for the future was the order of the

Despite his three fingered warm up she was still tight.
John got his cockhead up against her pussy opening and
gently pushed until the head popped in. Once it did he
held still for a moment to allow her to get used to the
feeling of being stretched. Then he began to push
forward slowly until all 9 inches were clasped in the
velvet moistness of her cunt and their pubic hair meshed
together as he ground her clit between their pubic

Kristie couldn't believe what she was feeling. She felt
full but still empty and had no idea what it meant. Then
Uncle John started to pull out and she threw her arms
around him in protest. When he was almost out he thrust
back in a little faster than before. And then he did it
again and again and Kristie realized she was actually
doing "It"! She was having sex! She was being fucked!
And she never wanted it to end.

Neither did John but he knew it would. However, he could
make it last for a long time and that is what he did. He
carried his niece through orgasm after orgasm until he
sensed she was tiring and then he allowed himself to let
loose three months worth of pent up sperm, showering her
cervix with liquid heat and unleashing a huge orgasm in
Kristie who only dully remembered that this was the part
of the act that was meant to produce babies. Thank god
it was her safe time!

John remained over her with his weight on his forearms
as he slowly deflated within her. She was tight enough
he would probably have been held inside her if he didn't
pull himself out and stand up. Kristie lay there with
her eyes clothes still riding the crest of her first
fuck as John transferred the laundry from the washer to
the drier.

He sat down on the bench and smiled at his niece. He was
glad he had restrained himself after her party
experience because having her sober and willing was
always better than dealing with a female who was d***k
and out of it.

"So can I help you out with anything else for sex ed?"

"I was just thinking about Mr. Ward..."

"Mr. Ward? The choir director?"


"Why would you be thinking about him?"

"Well, not him exactly but what he always says..."

"And what does he say?"

"Practice, practice, PRACTICE!"

She held her arms up to him to ask him back. Jack smiled
and laid out some more towels and then lay down beside

This time he lay on his back and let her take control.
Kristie had heard about blow jobs and thought that
sucking a boy's cock was the grossest thing she ever
heard of. But now she understood girls who said they
were hungry for cock. She bent down and took him in her
mouth, pleasantly amazed that she found she liked the
taste although how much was her and how much was him she
didn't know.

"Wait," her uncle commanded, "straddle my face and then
keep on doing what you are doing."

She got up over him and even before she bent back down
for his cock she felt his tongue stroking her slit and
teasing her clit. For five minutes they continued their
69 until John felt he was going to shoot off in her

"I'm going to cum!" he said.

"Good! I want to taste you!"

She put him back in her mouth and sucked his tip all the
way to the entrance to her throat. It only took a moment
and her mouth was awash in sperm. She swallowed and
barely managed to keep up with spurt after spurt as her
uncle's cock seemed bent upon drowning her. When the
spurting stopped and she came herself from the
ministrations of her uncle's cock, she rolled off of him
more sated than she had ever felt in her life.

"Wow, I never imagined sex was this fantastic!"

"I am glad I was able to make you happy."

"You know, Uncle John, I think I have an awful lot of
wild oats to sow. Will you help me?"


There was still a half an hour left on the drier and
with five minutes left to go John baptized Kristie's
hungry pussy with another dose of sperm.

They went and showered again. This time together,
washing each other off and then drying each other as
well. They got dressed and then John went to hand
Kristie her stack of books when they slipped and fell to
the floor. A folded sheet of paper slipped out of her
math book and John picked it up.

"Well, what do you know—the missing homework."

He studied his niece's chart and realized she had made a

"All this charting is great but there is a simpler way
of doing this. When did your last period end?"

"Two weeks ago."

"And you thought this was the safe time of your cycle?"

"Yeah, it is when I feel horniest and my next period is
still two weeks away."

"Kristie, you don't get pregnant during your period.
Your period is your body flushing out an egg that has
not been fertilized and the tissue on the walls of your
uterus that your body had prepared to accept a
fertilized egg. The egg is released by your ovaries
about midway between your periods and your body makes
you horny to try to get the egg fertilized."

"You mean..."

"Yes, this is the most fertile time of the month for

Kristie decided she would never take the morning after
pill but she would let herself be made love to by one of
her amorous classmates so if she was pregnant no one
would suspect her uncle.

As soon as she decided on her course of action she told
her uncle who thought it was a good idea. The put the
towels in the towel hamper and headed back to the office
in their newly cleaned clothes.

At the office door they parted ways and Principal Wilson
told student Kristie Wilson he was sorry she had missed
her first two periods.

As it turned out she missed 9 periods...


95% (11/1)
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