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One day during Spring Break, while 18 year old Hillary and 19 year old Tiffany Duncan were sitting around in the apartment they shared with their mother, they had been talking about their own sex lives and that of Mom. They were both aware she sometimes had overnight visitors, and they were sometimes women, and the girls wondered what happened during those visits. A search of her dresser drawers produced a strapon dildo, and they put the toy to use on each other. The fabulous orgasms they both reached, two apiece, were the best either of them ever had, and they have been doing the same thing with each other every time they feel the need since then.

Early one Monday morning, shortly after Hillary’s graduation from high school, she and her s****r were griping about the problems they were having with the men in their lives. Neither had been sexually satisfied that weekend, so they decided to put the strapon to use after their mother left for work. Neither is a lesbian, and they would have preferred more satisfying sex with the men in their lives but, when that fails to happen, they usually turn to each other and their mother’s toy.

The two s****rs waited for two hours after their mother left, getting hornier by the minute, until they decided she was not going to cut short her day at work and return to the apartment. Once they were quite certain it would be safe, they hurried into her bedroom, dug the strapon out of the drawer where she keeps it and almost ran into Hillary’s bedroom with it. They alternate being on top, and it was her turn to get the dildo in her pussy first, which meant they would use her bed for their frolicking.

Having learned being completely naked is best, they both divested themselves of all their clothing, and Hillary lay on her back, a pillow under her head, and looked forward to another great orgasm brought about by their mother’s plastic cock. She was so eager and horny, her pussy was already lubricating. Tiffany carefully buckled the toy around her waist, making certain the tickling fingers on the inside were pressed against her clit. She was just as eager as her s****r was; her pussy was also wet, and she expected to cum once from that part on the front of the toy massaging her, and again from the cock plunging in and out of her pussy while her s****r was wielding the strapon.

With both girls in readiness, Hillary spread her legs as wide as she could, because she had learned that was how to ensure the greatest penetration, and Tiffany approached on her knees. She leaned forward, wondering if she would have to rub the end of the dildo against her s****r’s clit or some other sensitive place, and was happily surprised when she saw how wet the waiting pussy was already.

“Geeze, Hill, you’re dripping. You must be really hot to trot.”

“Shut up and fuck me. I’ll bet you’re just as horny and wet as I am.”

That was so true Tiffany didn’t say anything else, but she did have to rub the end of the toy against Hillary’s pussy. There was no shortage of juices for lubrication, and she wanted to coat the end of the dildo with some of them to make for an easier penetration and smoother stroking. When the dildo was ready, she slowly and firmly thrust forward until Tiffany felt the end wedge into her s****r’s dripping pussy.

“Oooooo,” Hillary murmured as she felt the thick plastic toy burrow into her. “Oh, god, that feels so good. Really give it to me, Tiff.”

The Duncan s****rs weren’t the only members of the f****y thinking about what the strapon could do for themselves and a partner. Valerie Duncan, their mother, was at work alright, but she wasn’t getting much done there. Things were slow at the office and, while she was at her coffee break with Jill Price, the two women were griping about the poor quality of their respective sex lives. This was a common topic of their conversations with each other and, from time to time, they got together to improve that quality. Like her daughters, Valerie was not actually a lesbian, nor was Jill, but neither of them saw anything wrong with a little woman on woman action, sometimes even including oral and always involving Valerie’s toy.

“I went out with this jackass on Friday, and he got too d***k to even get it up,” Jill informed her friend. “Even when I gave him head, it didn’t get hard, and he didn’t even have enough class to go down on me.”

“I had just as bad a weekend, maybe even worse. The bastard stood me up.”

An outside observer would have a hard time figuring out why some guy would stand up Valerie. She is a very attractive forty year old shorter version of her daughters, with all three women having long, black hair, fair complexions and fine features. The teenagers have also inherited their brown eyes and large breasts from their mother, as well as her strong sex drive. All three women are aware of the sexual needs of each other, so neither the daughters nor Mom are prone to interfere with the love lives of the other generation.

Jill Price looks nothing like Valerie, but she is a hotty in her own way. If her date that weekend refused to eat her pussy, he had to have been some kind of sexual deviate, because her lush curves, fetchingly splashed with freckles, are what most men love to caress with their tongues and lips. Her face is pretty too, with a creamy, freckled complexion, light red hair and green eyes. At 38 years old, she is at the peak of her sexual urges, and is unhappy when she is unable to satisfy them.

“You know, The Old Hen is going to be out sick all day,” Jill commented. This was a reference to Henrietta Wicks, the office manager and general pain in the ass to those who work for her.

“I know. I’ll bet we could get away with going to my apartment for a couple of hours and getting it on with my strapon.”

“We could get back in plenty of time to take care of anything that comes in, and never be missed.”

At that time, the two horny coworkers decided that would be their best course of action. Jill is divorced, and her mother shares her apartment, so going there would not be feasible, but neither expected Valerie’s daughters to be a problem. Each of the women had brought her purse to the small coffee shop, so they picked them up, left money on the table and walked out the door, headed for the rapid transit station. Thirty minutes later, they were walking the three blocks to the building where Valerie shares an apartment with her two young daughters and her strapon dildo.

Inside the apartment, those daughters were having a great time sharing that toy with each other. Tiffany had fucked Hillary with it first, bringing her s****r to a tremendous orgasm, and giving herself a lesser one from the spur raking across her clit. After that, they had changed places, and Hillary was steadily driving the toy in and out of Tiffany, who was sobbing and whimpering in bliss, while her body thrashed around on the bed. The wearer of the strapon was also having a fabulous time, and was ready to cum again herself. Both teenagers were concentrating so much on their fun and that of each other and making so much racket with their expressions of lustful joy they failed to hear the key being turned in the lock.

When their mother entered, with Jill behind her, she couldn’t fail to hear all the noises emanating from Hillary’s bedroom. She assumed her daughter was entertaining her boyfriend, as she knew happened sometimes, and had no wish to interrupt them. However, for Valerie to take Jill to her bedroom, she had to walk past her daughter’s door, which was open, to get there, and didn’t have enough will power to refrain from taking a quick look inside. She did an abrupt double take when she saw her two daughters bouncing around on the bed together and realized they had to be using a toy similar to the plastic cock she intended to use with her friend from work.

While Jill stood looking at the erotic scene involving the very attractive young women, Valerie hurried to her bedroom to see if her suspicions were correct. They were. The drawer where she always keeps her strapon was open, and some of her panties had been removed and placed on top of the dresser. Her strapon was missing, and it was obvious her daughters had taken it and were using it on each other. She hurried from her bedroom to the place where it was being used, her mind in turmoil, wondering what to say about it and how much hell she should raise. The girls weren’t doing anything she didn’t do sometimes and was expecting to do that day, but they were s****rs, for Pete’s sake.

Jill was no longer looking at the girls cavorting on the bed, and had stepped away from the doorway. She was wondering, among other things, whether or not she and her friend were going to go through with their plan. The big, horny redhead realized the girls must be Valerie’s daughters, and her friend would almost have to admonish them, but just how and for exactly what, she didn’t know. What they were doing was no different from what their mother and she were going to do, except that Valerie was not her s****r.

She had other thoughts too. Although she was primarily straight, she had much stronger lesbian tendencies than her friend, and her earlier expectations, combined with the sight of the two young hotsies had brought them out quite strongly. What she would have preferred would have been having another dildo and joining Valerie’s daughters and eating their pussies and having them take turns fucking her, maybe both at the same time.

Their mother was more concerned with what to do about her daughters than with what Jill was thinking. Before storming Hillary’s bedroom, Valerie paused and decided to delay her entrance until one or both of the girls climaxed. She was still undecided what she would say or do, but thought it best to wait until they had earned in full whatever scolding or punishment they would be getting. She felt guilty about watching her daughters fucking on the bed as they shared her toy, but was too fascinated by the sight to be able to simply walk away. When she saw her friend was doing nothing but watching, Jill also stood in the doorway, but she felt no guilt about watching and listening to the way those sexy and attractive teenagers were disporting themselves.

“Yes! Yes! They heard Tiffany cry out joyously as her wild movements on the bed became even wilder and more erratic.

Hillary’s shapely, naked ass began rising and falling faster as she increased the speed of her thrusts into her s****r. Jill couldn’t help wishing she was the one lying on her back with the young brunette fucking her, and Valerie couldn’t help having similar thoughts, although she tried to push them out of her mind. Even as they watched and listened, the coworkers heard another, more ecstatic shout from Tiffany, echoed seconds later by her s****r. Obviously, both young women had climaxed, and their mother started forward, although she didn’t know whether to bawl them out or join the fun. The horny redhead, who knew for certain what she would have preferred to do, followed. Jill was so turned on by the erotic scene, her pussy was already starting to lubricate.

“Alright, you two! What the hell is going on here?” It was a dumb question, with an obvious answer, but Valerie had to start somewhere.

“Mom!” her daughters shrieked simultaneously.

Hillary yanked the toy from her s****r’s pussy, rolled over on her back and tried to conceal the strapon from her mother’s stern gaze. That was impossible to do, because the plastic cock was more than seven inches long, and there were no coverings on the bed except two pillows, and they were under the other s****r’s head and ass. Tiffany’s bliss from her great orgasm hadn’t worn off yet, and she made no effort to conceal herself at first, until she finally turned her body part of the way over to hide her dripping crotch from her mother’s wrathful gaze and covered her breasts with an arm.

To Jill, who had gotten a good look at the teenager’s delectable pussy, covered with juices which made it smell even better than it looked, the sight of Tiffany’s shapely thigh and ass was almost as enticing. She hoped their mother would decide to turn the chance encounter into a foursome, but didn’t quite know how to make such a daring proposal. Valerie would have been almost outraged if her friend had made such a suggestion, but the thought had occurred to her, and she could see some real positives in it.

“We’re just having some fun, Mom,” Hillary answered their mother’s question. “We weren’t hurting anybody.”

“Yeah, Mom,” Tiffany added. “You know, the f****y that plays together stays together.”

Jill giggled at that quip, and Valerie smiled. The wisecrack relieved the little bit of tension that hadn’t already evaporated from the strangeness of the situation. The girls still didn’t know what to expect, but they decided to push it.

“Want to join us?” Hillary asked.

That suggestion from the older daughter earned another stern look from her mother and a smile and a nod of the head from Mom’s red-haired companion. The girls saw the latter response, although their mother didn’t, and Hillary decided to press the question.

“Well, do you? It’s fun, and nobody‘ll get hurt. Besides, isn’t that what you came home for?”

“Well, do you?” Jill asked. She had been horny when entering the apartment, and the sight and sound of the two girls fucking and the sight of the big dildo and the aroma of fresh, young pussy juices was increasing her condition.

Their mother briefly became more formal. “Girls, this is Jill Price. Jill, the girl with the cock is my daughter, Hillary, and the other girl is my other daughter, Tiffany.”

“Hi, girls. Glad to meet you,” Jill responded, feeling a little strange about the circumstances of the introduction, but hoping the encounter would continue in the direction it seemed to be going.

Hillary hoped it would too. After she and her s****r welcomed the voluptuous newcomer, she continued. “Want to join us, Jill?” she asked.

“I think that’s up to your mother.”

It was obvious to both teenagers that Jill did want to join in the fun, and they wanted her to climb onto the bed and do with them whatever she would have been doing with their mother. To help her make up her mind, Tiffany rolled over to be flat on her back with her legs spread and Hillary let go of the dildo and let it stand invitingly straight up from her crotch. The display of their sexy young bodies had the desired effect, not only on Jill but on their mother too.

“Take off that strapon and give it here,” she ordered her younger daughter. “Jill and I will show you how it’s done.”

Valerie began stripping off her clothing and her companion, hardly able to believe her good luck, emulated her. They were quickly just as naked as the two younger women, and Jill lay on her back while Valerie fitted the toy onto herself and strapped it around her waist. The younger Duncan women moved aside, and their mother knelt on the bed between her partner’s legs.

“Why don’t you play with her boobies,” she suggested. “Jill especially likes to have her nipples licked.”

This would be a new experience for Hillary and Tiffany, although they both have their breasts licked and fondled regularly by their boyfriends, and had a good idea what would be best for another woman. They both felt daring and decided to go all out with their mother and her friend. The two s****rs knelt on either side of Jill; each of them held one of her luscious breasts, and bent down to start licking the pretty pink nubbin. Their mother had been right about the big redhead’s nipples. She loves to have them caressed by a soft, wet tongue and, less than a minute after they started, her body was squirming on the bed and she was sighing happily over what was being done to her. Her juices were starting to flow more heavily from her pussy, which was what Valerie had been waiting for.

With her right hand guiding the plastic cock that protruded from her crotch, she leaned forward, placed her left hand on the bed next to Jill to support her weight, and pressed the head of the toy against the wetness. The horny and wet woman started to reach down to spread her lips and the two girls, seeing they were in the way, moved aside to give her room and so they could watch better. Jill’s hands completed their errand, and she held her pink hole open while Valerie finished spreading her natural lubrication on the dildo. With everything in readiness, the woman wielding the toy thrust forward and the tip wedged its way into the wet pink hole that was waiting so patiently for it.

Jill moaned in delight at getting the kind of action she had been deprived of that weekend and continued holding her pussy lips apart. Valerie gave another firm thrust and two inches of the toy slid into its goal. A few seconds later, she stroked forward again, and about half the dildo was buried inside the place where her coworker and sex partner was avidly welcoming it by squirming on the bed and cooing in bliss. Enough of the plastic cock had been imbedded that she no longer had to guide it, and she leaned forward, placed her hands on either side of her bosomy coworker and smiled down on the woman she was about to fuck. Before starting, she raised her face to make sure her daughters were taking notice, since their mouths had already done their work on Jill’s sensitive nipples.

“Do you see how I’m doing this?” Valerie queried the two younger women. “I’m taking it easy and only putting only a little of my cock into Jill at a time. That way, you know for sure nobody will get hurt, and it’s more fun for her.”

Both young women peered closely at the thick toy, which was halfway inside the thing of beauty that was Jill’s pussy. Hillary had a question, so she pointed to the clit spur. “How about this spur thing? Shouldn’t it be on top of the dildo so it’ll rub against her clit?”

“It will be later. When she’s ready to cum, I’ll reach down and turn it so it rubs against Jill’s clit. But it’s more fun for her and for me if her climax builds up gradually, until she’s at the peak of arousal and then I start working over that sweet little hot spot.”

That made sense to both girls, and they continued to watch while their mother thrust forward three more times, with the last one burying the toy all the way inside the bottom woman. With full penetration made, she slipped her arms under Jill’s shoulders, and the redhead wrapped her legs around her partner’s hips and put her arms around her neck. They lay in that position for a minute or so, until Valerie started moving back, slowly pulling the dildo from the place where it had been so welcome.

She stopped with just the head still inside, paused a few seconds and drove the toy forward again. Jill felt the plastic cock surging into her pussy and used her legs to pull herself forward so the bodies of the two women came together with a satisfying wet sound and a duet of pleasurable sighs. Once again, Valerie remained in that position for a few seconds, before drawing back for another stroke.

The two older women continued like that, moving in unison, with the dildo plunging all the way into Jill’s pussy with every stroke. Pulling with her legs and gripping Valerie’s upper arms, the voluptuous bottom woman moved back and forth under her partner and met every stroke which added to the pleasure of both. The girls noted this, and the way their mother’s forearms and knees were supporting her weight, which was why the other woman was able to easily move under her and receive maximum enjoyment from the dildo driving in and out of her pussy. Too often, their, oafish boyfriends sprawled on top of them, almost squashing their bodies and not allowing them to have any freedom of movement. They silently vowed to no longer lie still for such thoughtlessness in the future.

As the woman on woman fucking continued, Jill’s movements started becoming erratic, and everybody could see she was building up to a climax. Especially Valerie knew it, and she paused between strokes with no more than the head of the dildo inside her partner’s pussy. She looked up at her daughters to give them more description of what she was doing.

“Jill is almost ready to cum, so I’m going to put the clit spur to work.”

Having said that, Valerie reached between her body and that of her writhing partner. Wanting to know exactly what was involved, her daughters leaned in closer to the action. They saw how she moved the attachment so it was aimed at the clit of Jill, with its tiny fingers ready to team up with the long, thick shaft and give a lady the orgasm she craved. Until their mother told them and demonstrated for them, they hadn’t been aware the spur was adjustable, so they had just gained more useful knowledge.

With everything set, their mother drove the dildo deeply into the woman below her, who fucked back to meet her. Both teenagers knew very well what the spur could do for a woman, especially when her clit was as swollen as they believed Jill’s must be.

The sexy redhead knew it better than anybody. “Yes! Oh, god,” she cried out joyfully as the spur massaged the sweetest of her sweet spots. “Yes! Yes! Fuck my clit!”

That was exactly what Valerie wanted to do, and she moved her hands so she could hold Jill’s soft, freckled shoulders and pull back on them as she started to drive the toy in and out harder and faster. She also moved up slightly, so the dildo was plunging into her partner, and the whole upper side was massaging the base of her clit, besides what the spur was doing for the engorged morsel. The plastic fingers on Valerie’s side of the strapon were stimulating her sweet spot every time she moved, and her arousal was also growing, but she had nothing long and thick driving in and out of her wet pink channel, and had a long way to go before she would start cumming.

Jill did not have a long way to go. After less than two minutes of the clit spur doing its work and the dildo cramming her pussy harder and faster, her climax began. She howled blissfully, and her legs clamped onto the hips of the woman above her, while her arms clutched Valerie’s body and hugged her tightly. The dildo was already deeply inside her pussy, and her partner couldn’t move it in and out, but every movement raked her clit with the fingers of the spur, and the long, thick cock moved inside her, and that would be enough to bring her to a strong orgasm.

Less than two minutes after Jill started cumming, that’s what it did. She sang out in ecstasy; every muscle in her body clenched while her back arched, plunging the toy into her pussy to its maximum. After her orgasm, which she had needed badly, her body completely relaxed onto Hillary’s bed, resembling a creamy pink puddle. Valerie halted her part of the fucking and drew the dildo carefully from her friend’s dripping pussy.

From watching the erotic coupling, the girls had become highly aroused. “Do me now!” Tiffany blurted out to her mother.

Mom looked at her daughter, smiling, and believing she needed the dildo in her pussy far more than the teenager did. “No, but you can do me,” she replied.

Tiffany knew the spur on the inside of the strapon would be enough to get her off anyhow. “Okay. Take that thing off and lie down and let me put it on.”

After her great orgasm, Jill would have preferred to wait a while longer and fully catch her breath, but she moved over so her friend could replace her in the center of the bed. Before reclining, Valerie watched her daughter buckle the strapon in place and turn the outer clit spur to the side until later.

“If you pull the strap tighter, you’ll get the spur even more strongly against your clit.”

After taking the suggestion, Tiffany was glad she did. She was already swollen there, and the tiny fingers started doing their assigned task immediately. Every time she moved, ripples of pleasure shot through her body from her engorged clit. Mom was lying on her back, thighs spread and ready, and her daughter knelt between the outspread legs and leaned forward, prepared to plunge the big toy into her mother’s pussy and bring them both to momentous orgasms.

As she had watched being done, she eased the toy into the waiting pussy, while her mother writhed on the bed, highly aroused and urgently in need of a good fuck. By the time the two women were in position, with their bodies pressed together and Mom’s arms hugging her daughter and her legs wrapped around Tiffany’s hips, they were more than ready to build to mutual climaxes.

“That’s good, Dear,” she whispered into the ear above her lips. “Now, really give it to me, the way I showed you.”

Being a good girl, Tiffany did what her mother said, and really gave it to her, drawing back, pausing, and remembering to leave enough room between their two bodies for Mom to move around under her. After raising her body slightly so her weight was being supported by her knees and forearms, she drove the dildo slowly into the dripping pussy under her. Her mother pulled with her legs and slid her body across the bed to meet Tiffany’s, and fresh juices spattered from both women and landed on both their bodies. They sighed in unison, and the teenager drew back for another thrust forward.

The apartment is a fairly small and inexpensive one and, to save space, the teenagers’ bedrooms were furnished with single beds. That was alright for sl**ping or for one couple enjoying themselves sexually, but there wasn’t room for anyone else to fuck or do much of anything else except watch. Hillary had become just as excited as her s****r from watching their mother and Jill as they frolicked on her bed, but there was only one strapon and no room for her or Jill to do anything anyhow.

The sexy redhead knew what to do about that. “You know, Hillary, I really liked it when you licked and sucked my boobies, and I’d like to do the same thing for you, if you think you’d like it.”

“Well, yeah, I would, but there’s no room to lie down here.”

“What about one of the other bedrooms? What about your mother’s bed?”

Hillary had never even thought about using her mother’s bed for sex with a boyfriend or her s****r. There had never been any reason to do that, because her own room was always available. She thought about it for a few seconds, and realized her bed was being used by her mother and s****r to fuck on, so there would be nothing wrong with using one of the others in the apartment.

“Okay. Let’s use Mom’s bed.” Immediately after her response, she decided to ask for permission. “That is, if it’s okay with you if me and Jill use your bed, Mom.”

“It’s Jill and I and yes, you may. For today, at least, she’s almost like f****y and, as someone said, ‘The f****y that plays together stays together.”

The two eager women hurried into the largest of the three bedrooms in the apartment, and the only one with a full size bed. Hillary quickly pulled the covers down to the foot so only the bottom sheet remained and lay on her back, a pillow under her head and her legs spread. Jill was right behind, hardly able to believe how good her luck was that day in getting a great fuck from Valerie and a chance to eat the pussy of one of her friend’s beautiful daughters.

She leaned forward and placed her hands on the outsides of the thighs of the horny teenager. Hillary responded by raising her legs and Jill ducked under them so they rested on her shoulders, and she wrapped her arms around the thighs that framed her head until her hands met on the Mount of Venus of her coworker’s daughter. As she usually likes to do, before doing anything else, she gazed on the pussy that was inches from her face.

The pink and white confection was worth looking at, because it is truly a thing of beauty. The young woman’s skin is creamy and lacking in blemishes, and her pubic hair is soft and sparse and did nothing to conceal the swollen dark pink inner lips that were starting to blossom through her dripping slit. Jill also breathed deeply of the aroma of the juices trickling out of that slit and leaned forward to sluice them up with her tongue. They were delicious as she had been sure they would be.

Wanting to get every drop that had trickled out, she began with the shiny spots on the insides of Hillary’s thighs, reveling in the flavor and the satin-smooth texture of the teenager’s skin. From there, her tongue went to the crotch, and Jill licked up the nectar as it dribbled out of the beautiful pink hole that was its source. From what had been done to her already, the young woman’s body was squirming in joy, and she was cooing happily. Jill smiled at the responses and started licking one of the young woman’s outer pussy lips.

Although Hillary’s pussy was beautiful to look at and delectable to smell and taste and the young woman’s sounds of joy were music to Jill’s ears, the sense being the most pleased was that of touch. The 18 year old skin felt perfect to her tongue, soft and smooth and covered with fluffy hair to provide maximum pleasure to the woman starting to eat her out. As her mouth slowly meandered up to Hillary’s Mount of Venus, the brunette’s writhing made it better. When she reached her goal and kissed the soft, round mons, Jill looked over the body spread out for her and smiled at the involuntary movements.

Hillary smiled back. “My god, that feels fabulous. You’re going to make me cum like crazy.”

Her pussy had been eaten before, by most of her boyfriends, but none of them had ever given her as great a time as the redhead was starting to do. Mostly, the boys had wanted to get it done so they could fuck. As Hillary watched, Jill’s face disappeared below her mons and, seconds later, she felt her fresh juices being licked from where they had flowed, followed by the wet giver of pleasure starting up her other outer lip. Waves of pleasure swept over her body, and her pussy started fucking up into the face under the red hair.

Jill was having a great time too, maybe even better than Hillary. There were few sexual activities she loved more than eating the pussy of a sexy young woman as she was doing that day, especially one so responsive. Her tongue cruised its way up the outer lip, while she reveled in the erotic movements of the young brunette until she kissed her mons again. When she raised her face to observe the most recent reactions, she was elated at the way the young woman’s head tossed from side to side on the pillow and how her body was writhing in bliss. Jill lowered her mouth to the place she had started, devoured the fresh nectar and started licking between an inner and outer lip.

She started with the tiny, ultra-smooth spot between the origins of the two lips. That is a very sensitive place for her and other women of her experience, and it proved to be the same for Hillary. The young brunette responded by kicking her legs into the air and whimpering at the extreme pleasure, and those actions became even stronger as Jill licked slowly upward between the labia, with her tongue caressing both lips at the same time. When she reached the end of the inner one, where it merges with its opposite number, she raised her head to see what effect her ministrations were having.

The effect was extreme. Besides Hillary’s pussy fucking up into her face, which was a delight too, her body was thrashing about on the bed. The teenager’s head was rolling from side to side and her eyes were closed in bliss, while her lips were parted in a grimace of pure bliss. Her clit was so swollen with lust, it had pushed its way completely free of its protective hood and reminded Jill of a lovely pearl. It was obvious the young woman was close to cumming.

She certainly thought so. “Make me cum,” she begged. “I need to cum!”

Jill believed Hillary was not quite at her apex of arousal, which would be the point at which they would both get the greatest pleasure from her orgasm, so she lowered her face again, devoured all the fresh nectar and started to lick between the other pair of inner and outer lips. She treated this pair the same as she had the others and, when she reached Hillary’s clit again, she saw the young woman was as ready to cum as she would ever be.

Her thigh muscles had turned slightly out, presenting her pussy more fully to the mouth of the woman who had brought her to that point, and her ass was bouncing up and down on the bed. Her hips were swiveling, thrusting her legs back and forth over Jill’s shoulders, like a set of pistons, and she was sobbing and whimpering of her need for an orgasm. The moment had arrived, so Jill pressed her face in more closely, engulfed the lovely, naked pearl in her mouth and started to suck.

With her lips forming a seal at the base of Hillary’s clit and her tongue gently caressing the sides and top of the swollen morsel, Jill’s mouth sucked in the same tempo as the pussy ramming into her face. After less than a minute, with Hillary’s movements growing wilder, the teenager sang out joyfully.

“Oh, god! Oh, god! Keep sucking! I’m cumming!”

Hillary’s strong, young thighs clamped onto the temples of the woman who had brought about that delightful condition, and her hands buried themselves in the tousled red hair. Her pussy and Jill’s face were pressed together, and the younger woman’s hips continued their swiveling while her legs started swinging wildly from side to side. The woman who was being held a willing prisoner was yanked all over the bed, and hung on to enjoy the wild ride.

With a loud and incoherent cry of utter ecstasy, Hillary climaxed, her muscles clenching and her pussy jamming itself against Jill’s face for a final time. After her tremendous orgasm, she collapsed onto the bed and relaxed totally, like a creamy white puddle. Her legs remained d****d over Jill’s shoulders, and the redhead backed far enough away to let them drop to the mattress and leaned back in to feast on all the fresh nectar she had earned. She licked the juices from the young woman’s thighs, crotch and all over her pussy, even sucking everything out of the pink hole that had produced it. Jill knew Hillary might want to fuck some more, and her juices would have been needed to perform their natural function of lubrication, but they were so delicious she greedily devoured everything, and lay beside Hillary to wait for the younger woman to catch her breath.

In the other room, the women were drawing closer to their orgasms too. Tiffany had followed her mother’s directions and earlier example and moved higher on the body under her so the cock she was wielding would fully massage the other woman where it was needed. When the time arrived, she would adjust the spur so her mother would get the full benefit of the thick dildo plunging in and out of her pussy while the myriad of plastic fingers raked across her clit.

“Yes, Dear, like that,” the older woman continued to instruct her daughter even while her orgasm was imminent. “But take it slow and let our orgasms build up. They’re better that way, and neither of us is in a hurry.”

They fucked like that, slowly and accompanying themselves with murmurs of joy, for almost ten minutes. Their bodies thrashed together on the bed, both of their climaxes mounting, until Valerie whispered to her daughter “I’m ready to cum now. Move the spur so it starts hitting my clit. And give it to me faster.”

With just the head of the dildo inside her mother’s love hole, Tiffany paused and adjusted the spur as she had seen done earlier. With the next thrust, the difference was apparent, because the woman on the bottom started to react even stronger to her clit being massaged while her pussy was being crammed full. Her whole body bounced up and down and back and forth, while her head tossed from side to side on the pillow and her legs started thrusting out past her daughter’s hips.

Tiffany was almost ready to cum, so her movements were erratic too, and she swayed from side to side, but she drove the dildo unerringly in and out of her mother’s pussy. She fucked faster, and the short plastic fingers on the inside of the strapon raked her clit every time she moved. Mom started whimpering from the sheer bliss and her older daughter echoed her sounds of joy.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” The happy sounds of the two women formed a duet of delight. Abruptly, Valerie cried out that she was cumming.

“Me too!” her daughter responded.

For the next two minutes, the bed was a scene of frenzied activity, as the two excited women pitched and tossed and crooned of their ecstasy until, virtually in unison, they climaxed. After their orgasms, they both relaxed, collapsing on the bed together, with Tiffany remembering to lie with her weight on her knees and elbows instead of sprawling on top of her mother.

They lay in a happy pile until Jill and Hillary joined them. All four of the naked women sat around, embarrassed slightly by what they had just done, but not ashamed of having done it. Jill made a suggestion she hoped would result in a lot of future fun for all of them.

“I had a fantastic time today, and I know all of you did too. It was sure worth sneaking out of work for. But, you know, we can get together other times, when nobody has to play hooky. Anytime you guys are horny or feeling like you’re not appreciated by your men, give me a call, and we can do more of the same.”

Her idea was greeted with enthusiasm, even by Valerie. They all still preferred men, but they also knew, even better than they had before, if a man couldn’t or wouldn’t take care of their needs, the other women could and would.

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