Beth's f****y Thanksgiving
by TJ3131 (


Wanda and I pulled into the secluded acreage in the
middle of nowhere Illinois. The farm house and out
buildings were well hidden behind well-placed timber.
It was just as Beth had described it, though. So we
knew we were in the right place. I couldn't believe the
transformation in Wanda. In the previous six months my
sweet mother-in-law had gone from prudish, conservative
grandmother to completely depraved fuck whore. (MFmf,
ped, f****y, inc orgy)


Wanda and I pulled into the secluded acreage in the
middle of nowhere Illinois. The farm house and out
buildings were well hidden behind well-placed timber.
It was just as Beth had described it, though. So we
knew we were in the right place. I looked over at Wanda
who had a girlish grin on her face. Her nipples were
tweaking through the sheer fabric of the loose
camisoles she always wore underneath her blouse. I
smiled at her and she gave me a wink.

"Are you ready for this?" I asked.

"Ohhhhh yes!" she said with excitement. "I can't wait."

I couldn't believe the transformation in Wanda. In the
previous six months my sweet mother-in-law had gone
from prudish, conservative grandmother to completely
depraved fuck whore. How the transformation took place
is a long story. In short, my wife died and threw both
Wanda and I into depression.

Drowning our sorrows in a bottle of Gin one night we
ended up comforting each other in other ways. I don't
think Wanda, who had been divorced for years, had
experienced sex for decades. I guess the alcohol that
night loosened her up and we ended up pleasuring each
other in every way. After that, we just kept on
rolling. Wanda couldn't get enough. It was like someone
threw a switch and she needed to make up for lost time.
She became addicted to sex. She was willing to try
everything. Porn, sex toys, you name it - she wanted to
experience it all.

A few weeks later Wanda was at work and met the new
college intern, Beth. Wanda is the quintessential
mothering type. She mothers everybody. She took Beth
under her wing and soon the two of them were as thick
as thieves. Beth quickly picked up on what was going on
between Wanda and me. She let Wanda know that she found
the whole thing extremely hot and hinted that she would
like to join us. In short order, Wanda arranged for a
threesome and had her first lesbian experience.

Beth became a regular visitor to our house and a
regular participant in our sex play.

Beth began to talk about us meeting her f****y. She
confessed to us that she was raised in an i****tuous
f****y. She spoke of growing up on the farm and how her
f****y had no taboos on sex. As she told us stories of
the whole extended f****y getting together for huge
orgies, Wanda and I got turned on. Beth even talked
about the c***dren of the f****y being fully involved
in the sexual activities. I have always been turned on
by the thought of sex with k**s, but I wondered if even
this was too much for Wanda's new found sexuality. I
was surprised to find out that she really got off on
the idea. Beth made a few calls and we were soon
invited to Beth's f****y get together over Thanksgiving

We pulled through the timber and could see that the
driveway and yard were packed with pick-up trucks, SUVs
and Minivans. It was a brisk fall day. Beth had been
waiting for us and opened the door. She was wearing a
bra and crotchless panties. That was it. Wanda and I
were both greeted with long, passionate kisses.

Wanda's hand slid down across Beth's ass and around to
cup her shaved slit.

"Ohhhh dear," Wanda said, "I've missed this." She slid
her finger up between the folds of Beth's pussy and was
rewarded with another passionate French kiss.

Just then a woman came up from behind Beth. She was
completely naked.

"Hi!" she beamed, "I'm Beth's mom, Carolyn. We're so
glad you could make it! Beth hasn't stopped talking
about either of you! Come in! Come in! Take your
clothes off and stay a while!"

Carolyn ushered us through the entry way. To the right
was the main living room. It was then that the full
extent of what were going to experience hit me. There
were people everywhere. Men, Women, teenagers, boys,
girls, toddlers, babies - all shapes and sizes. Almost
all of them were naked, except for the occasional piece
of sexy lingerie. A few people were sitting and
talking, but most everyone was engaged in some sort of
sexual activity.

What immediately caught my eye was a young girl who
couldn't have been more than six or seven years old who
was bouncing up and down on a grown man's cock. She had
a big smile on her face as she eagerly fucked the rigid
tool. There was also a woman getting gang banged. A man
was lying down with his cock up her ass. A young boy
about twelve was fucking his little prick in her cunt
as two teenagers were standing there with her saliva
dripping from their cocks as they alternately received
her oral attention.

"Oh my!" Wanda groaned as she took in the sight.

Carolyn just laughed. "Quite a sight, isn't it?"

"It's wonderful!" Wanda said as she put one arm around
me and gave me a hug.

"Come on!" Beth said and ushered us down the hallway to
the kitchen. There was another group of people in the
kitchen. A woman breast-fed her baby as a youngster
licked her dripping wet snatch. There were several
people standing in the kitchen just talking. To the
left of the kitchen was a f****y room with a big screen

The TV was playing home-made porn movies. I wasn't sure
if it was their f****y, but the movie on the screen
showed a young mother eagerly cheering her little girl
on as she fucked her daddy. Beth was just laughing at
Wanda and me. Our mouths must have been on the ground.
My cock was harder than it had ever been.

"Come on!" Beth laughed. She introduced us to several
naked people who were as friendly as could be. My mind
was spinning and I didn't remember a single name. "I
need to take you up to Grandpa and Grandma. It's a
f****y tradition that you always visit the f****y
elders when you arrive. I'll take you up."

We headed back down the hallway to the stairs and
headed up. A couple of naked girls about five years old
ran past us chased by a couple of boys the same age
with little boners sticking out. Wanda just giggled
with delight as they ran past. We passed several open
doorways as we headed down the second floor hallway. In
each room there were people having sex. One room seemed
to have several teen-agers who all smiled at us as we
walked by. Beth stopped long enough to point out one of
the young men to Wanda. The k**, who was about sixteen
had an absolutely huge cock.

"That's Brandon," Beth whispered to Wanda. "Wait until
you get THAT up your cunt!"

Wanda's eyes grew big as she looked at the teen's cock.
His cock had to be a foot long and about two inches in
diameter. Two teen-age girls were stretching their
mouths to give it a spirited blow job.

"Come on!" Beth urged us. We followed her thonged ass
as she walked down the hallway. Another open door
revealed the upstairs bathroom where a young girl lay
in the tub getting pissed on by a couple of older men.
Her mouth was open and the men's piss was flowing out
of her mouth on to her flat little chest. She spread
her little legs and frigged her small, bare cunt as she
received her golden shower.

Beth led us into the last door. On a king-sized bed lay
an older couple. They must have been seventy. The man
had an ample hard-on. It must have been about nine-
inches. There were two girls about eight years old who
were on their knees sucking on the throbbing cock. Next
to the old man was an equally old woman. Her legs were
spread and a young boy was fucking his little cock into
her cunt. Both of them smiled at us as we entered the

Beth introduced us to Grandpa Stan and Grandma Viv. The
two old folks welcomed us and asked us to make
ourselves comfortable. We sat on the bed.

"We're so glad to have you folks!" Stan said. "We don't
usually welcome outsiders to our f****y gatherings. But
Beth told us that you'd fit right in!"

Wanda was staring at the young boy's cock as it
pummeled Grandma Viv's cunt. Grandma saw how Wanda
stared at the little pecker thrusting in the old
woman's cunt.

"Have you ever had boy-cock, Wanda?" Grandma Viv asked.

"No!" Wanda said with an excited smile.

"Well, you better have some, then. There's nothing
sweeter then a little boy's cock throbbing inside you!"
the old woman said with a wink. Zac?" she said to the
boy. "Go on over and let Wanda suck your cock!"

The boy pulled his little three inch cock from the old
woman's cunt and walked over on the bed to Wanda.

"Hi sweetie!" Wanda said with a big grin.

"Hi!" the boy grinned. His little two-inch cock jutted
out before him, dripping with Vivian's cunt juice.
Wanda smiled and eagerly slurped the boy-cock into her

"Mmmmmmmm," she moaned as she licked greedily at the
little cock.

"Wonderful, isn't it?" Vivian asked with a smile.

"Mm-Hm!" Wanda cooed as she licked the elderly woman's
cunt juice off the little cock.

I watched with fascination. Here was the conservative
mother-in-law I always knew sucking on a little boys
cock and relishing every moment. It was so incredibly
hot. Beth just smiled and leaned over to share the
small cock with Wanda. "I told you you'd love it!" Beth
said lustfully as Wanda relinquished the little dick
and Beth immediately goggle it up, letting her tongue
swirl around it. The boy stood there with a big smile
on his face as he watched.

"It's so good!" Wanda said. She then looked up at the
boy. "You are so sexy, Zac. I just love your cock!"

"Thanks!" he giggled.

Beth and Wanda now alternated giving Zac a blow job as
well as giving each other passionate kisses.

Everyone in the room was quietly watching the show that
Wanda and Beth were putting on. I couldn't help but
play with the bulge in my jeans.

"What about you, TJ? Have you ever fucked a young one?"
Grandpa Stan asked, breaking my focus on Wanda's first
p**o experience.

I turned to him. Both little girls were now sitting on
either side of their great-grandfather, watching what
was happening. They each playfully stroked his cock.

"No," I said, looking lustfully at the naked little

"Girls, get over there and help TJ out of his clothes,"
he said to the girls. "You both need a good fucking and
it looks like he's got just the cock for it!"

The girls scrambled over and giggled as they helped me
out my clothes. As they did this I watched as Beth slid
around behind little Zac, spread his ass cheeks and
began to tongue his asshole. "Oh fuck, Wanda! Wait 'til
you get a taste of his little ass!" she said. Wanda
just moaned, continuing to suck greedily on the boy's

Grandpa Stan now came over and began to undress Wanda
as she continued her blow job.

I was naked now and standing by the side of the bed.
The two little girls leaned down and began to suck on
my cock. Words can't describe the feeling of those
soft, tight, warm little mouths as they enveloped my
cock. I reached down and ran my hands across their
bare, flat little chests - feeling their erect little
nipples. Both girls looked up at me and giggled again
as they sucked on my cock.

"Don't be shy, TJ" Grandma Viv said. "Fuck their little
mouths good. They're used to it!"

I began to thrust my hips forward into the little
blonde's mouth with more vigor.

"Go on, boy!" Grandpa Stan said. "Give it to her
harder! Brittney likes it that way. Grab her and feed
her the whole thing!"

At this point I was crazy with lust and reached down to
grab Brittney's head. I pulled her face towards me as I
thrust my cock forward. I felt my cock hit the back of
her throat and slip down. This girl was incredible. Her
throat relaxed and I could hear her breathe through her
nose like an expert porn star.

"That's it, TJ!" Grandma Viv said. I glanced over and
saw that she had one hand in her cunt and the other one
in Beth's ass. "Now do the same with Chloe!"

I pulled my cock out of Brittney's mouth and Chloe
immediately moved over in front of my cock with her
mouth open. Grabbing two fists full of her brunette
locks, I thrust my cock f***efully into her mouth. My
cock slid down her throat with the same ease and I
began fucking her face. Brittney knelt by with a big
smile on her face, waiting for her turn. I didn't
disappoint. I quickly pulled out of Chloe's mouth and
pounded my cock into the blonde's eager face.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I heard Wanda groan. I looked over
and saw that Wanda's clothes were now completely off.
Stan had just impaled her cunt doggie style.

"As patriarch of the f****y, I usually get to be the
first in the f****y to fuck anyone I choose!" he said
to me with a wink and a smile.

"That's it, Stan! Fuck her good!" his wife urged. She
had now leaned over and was giving Beth a rim-job as
Beth continued to do the same for little Zac. "You too,
TJ!" she added. "You need your first k**die fuck. Sink
your cock into those little cunts!"

Chloe quickly lay back and spread her legs. I pulled my
cock from Brittney's throat. It was all sloppy with the
girl's saliva, so it was good and lubed up. Not that it
needed it. As Chloe spread her little legs I could tell
that she was sopping wet with lust. I leaned down and
slide the underside of my cock shaft up and down
Chloe's slit, letting it slide across her little clit
between the bare folds of her little girl cunt.

"Oh my!" Wanda moaned. She was watching me lustfully as
her hand continued to stroke Zac's tiny prick. "That's
so beautiful."

I looked over at her as I continued to slide my prick
across the little slit. "You like that?" I asked Wanda.

"Oh yes!" She said with a big lusty grin. "I love it. I
want to see you stick your cock in that little pussy!"

I pulled my cock back and positioned the head at the
tiny opening of the girl's vagina. My bulbous head
looked so huge next to her little dark hole.

"Stick it in me, TJ!" Chloe begged. "Fuck me!"

I pressed the head of my cock at the tiny opening and
watched as it stretched to take my manhood. I have
never felt anything so tight and wet. I pressed harder
and my cock descended into the depths of her little
womb. I groaned with lust as I felt my cock enveloped
by that little cunt. The girl breathed hard and heavy,
grunting as my cock split her open.

"Oh yeah!" Wanda groaned as she watched. "Ohhhh my!"
she said as Grandpa Stan continued to fuck her from

Chloe pulled me towards her, wanting to feel me
completely filling her womb.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she whimpered as I thrust my stiff
cock deeper into her tight cunt.

"Here you go, sweetie!" I groaned as I thrust my cock
to the hilt inside that little cunt.

Chloe screamed with a mixture of pain and pleasure as I
pulled back and rammed my cock deep inside her once

"That's it, TJ. Give it to her good!" Grandma Viv urged
as I began to fuck little Chloe with increasing speed.
I had one hand on each of her small hips, pulling her
small framed towards me with each thrust.

"Ohhhh," Wanda moaned as she watched me fuck the little
girl, her own cunt getting pummeled by Grandpa Stan.

Wanda went back to working lustfully on Zac's prick as
I pounded Chloe's cunt harder and faster. I could feel
the cum building.

"I'm cumming!" little Zac suddenly announced as he
eagerly fucked Wanda's face. He quickly reached out and
pulled her head tight against his little body as his
eyes shut and his body convulsed.

"Unggghhh!" Chloe grunted. "ME TO!"

Her little pussy clamped down even tighter on my prick,
if that was possible. I felt her little body shake in
my hands as I thrust my cock deep into her womb.

"Fuck her TJ!" Beth cried. "Cum in her little cunt!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Grandpa Stan groaned as his cock
erupted deep in Wanda's cunt, sending Wanda into an
orgasm of her own.

That was too much. Everyone was groaning and crying out
in climax and it sent me over the edge. Chloe's pussy
milked my own cock and I exploded. My cum erupted
inside her. It was so strange. Her cunt was so small
and tight that the cum had no where to go and seeped
out around my cock, giving me this sensation of liquid
warmth. I thrust again and again, emptying my balls
into the little girl's pussy.

When it was finally done, everyone in the room seemed
to be in a sweaty, panting, exhausted silence. Beth
broke it when she said, "Chloe, why don't you move over
and let Wanda lick the cum from your cunt!"

The girl pulled away from me and quickly move over in
front of Wanda. Little Zac moved out of the way as
Chloe lay back and spread her legs. Her little slit was
red and gaping from my cock as my milky white cum
dripped from the little hole. Wanda quickly dove her
face into Chloe's little snatch. Her tongue lapped up
my cum greedily as it emanated from her tender slit. As
that happened, Grandpa Stan pulled his aged prick from
Wanda's cunt and beckoned for Brittney to come over.
The young girl knelt down and dove her cute little face
into Wanda's sloppy cunt, drinking her Great-
grandfather's cum as it flowed out of her swollen lips
and down her thick thighs.

Stan, meanwhile, walked over the side of the bed and
presented his dripping cock to Zac. To my amazement,
the boy leaned over and began to clean the thick pole
off with his mouth.

I stood there, my cock still throbbing and dripping
with my cum and Chloe's pussy juices as I watched Wanda
suck my cum from Chloe's snatch. Brittney greedily ate
Wanda's cunt from behind. I looked over to the bed
where Beth and Grandma Viv sat. Beth winked at me and
beckoned to me with her finger. I walked over to their
side of the bed. Beth and her grandmother then began to
clean my cock off with their mouths as I watched Zac to
the same to his grandfather.

Wanda brought Chloe to another orgasm with her tongue.
I could tell that Wanda was having the time of her life
with her tongue buried in one little girl's cunt and
feeling another little girl now licking her asshole
from behind.

In no time the cum was all swallowed up and our bodies
licked clean.

Beth looked at me and Wanda and beamed with pride. "So,
what do you think?"

Wanda just laughed, at a loss for what to say. "Oh my,"
she finally got out.

"This is amazing!" I said, shaking my head.

"I knew you two would love it," Beth said. "There's
nothing like a little girl cunt or little boy cock."

Just then, Chloe looked at Brittney and Zac. "Come on
you guys, let's go get in the hot tub!" The k**s
quickly said good-bye with kisses for their
grandparents and scampered off in search of other
sexual adventures.

"Well, you two have fun this weekend!" Grandma Viv said
with a wink. "The only rule is that anyone has the
right and freedom to say they don't want to do
something, but you'll find that no one ever does."

"Yep," Grandpa Stan added, "No matter what you're into,
you'll find someone here that will accommodate you.
Isn't that right mom?"

Grandma Viv nodded. "That's right. Now you folks run
along. I'm sure Beth has plenty in store for you."

We took our leave and Beth led us back down stairs.

"You guys, that was so hot watching you!" Beth said. "I
wanted to join in, but I it was just too hot to watch.
I am SO fucking horny right now!"

"Well, let's do something about that!" Wanda said.

"Oh we will!" Beth responded. "Come on!"

We wound our way through the kitchen, stopping to meet
several more f****y members who eyed us up and down.
People all over were having sex. There was a girl about
eleven or twelve who was being held up by two middle
aged women while another adult male fucked her standing
up. They were all laughing an enjoying themselves. The
man's strokes were moving hard and fast and the women
were encouraging him to cum. It didn't take him long
before he gave a massive thrust and erupted deep in the
girl's cunt.

The women holding up the girl laughed and yelled to one
of the other women in the kitchen who opened the oven
door and pulled out the turkey, lifting the lid. The
women holding the girl quickly lifted her off of the
man's cock and held her over the turkey. A copious
amount of cum dripped out of the bare slit and fell on
the turkey as the woman who opened the oven door rubbed
the cum over the turkey with a basting brush. Wanda and
I must have looked dumbstruck as we watched.

Beth laughed. "That's the cum turkey," she said. "We
have so many people here that we usually cook two or
three turkeys. It's bee a long f****y tradition to
baste at least one of them in cum.

"Oh my!" Wanda exclaimed.

"It's really good!" Beth said, "You'll have to try it!"

Beth finally got us into the living room. There was a
home movie playing on the big screen that showed
several of the men in the f****y gang banging a girl
who looked like she was about fifteen while the women
of the f****y urged the men on. It was extremely hot,
except for the fact that there seemed to be about
twenty to thirty people from ages four to fifty who
were having sex right there in the flesh. Beth led us
to a couch where an older gentleman sat. A young girl
about four was giving him a spirited blow job.

"Hi Daddy!" Beth said.

"Hey babe!" the man replied.

"I want you to meet my friends Wanda and TJ."

We introduced ourselves as the young girl continued her
assault on the man's cock.

"Hi Wanda. Hi TJ. I'm Bob. Welcome. Beth's told us all
about you. This is my niece Kayla. She's showing me how
she's learned to give a blow job."

We said hello to both.

"I was hoping that I could let Wanda and TJ watch me
fuck my own father," Beth said.

"Sure!" her father said. "Good job, Kayla. You got my
cock nice and wet for Beth to fuck me! You're a good
little cocksucker."

Kayla beamed with pride as she moved away from the
couch. Wanda quickly sat down and patted her lap. "Come
here, sweetie. Do you want to sit on my lap and watch
Beth fuck her daddy with me?"

Kayla quickly climbed up on Wanda's lap and Wanda
pulled the little one close to her, wrapping her arms
around the naked girl. "Did you like sucking your
uncle's cock?"

"Uh-huh! I got some pre-cum. You wanna taste" the girl

Wanda nodded with a smile and leaned over. The young
girl kissed Wanda with her tongue. It was such a dirty
little scene watching my elderly mother-in-law French
kissing a four-year-old, swapping some pre-cum between
them. Wanda's hands were sliding across Kayla's bare
chest, her fingers running lightly over the girl's
little nipples. Her other hand wandered down between
the girl's legs. Kayla instinctively spread her legs,
giving Wanda access to her puffy, bare little slit.
Kayla broke the kiss and looked up at Wanda.

"What's your name?" she asked in that sweet voice.

"You can call me Grandma Wanda," my mother-in-law


"You're sweet!"

"Come on, sweetheart!" Beth's dad said as Beth lowered
her backside down on her father's cock. "I've missed
you being away at college!"

"I've missed your cock, daddy!" Beth said. Her cunt
enveloped the man's prick as we watched. It was so hot
watching Beth get so excited about fucking her own dad.
She just glared at me lustfully. "Mmmmmmm. I'm fucking
my own father!" she said.

My cock leapt to life as I watched.

"That's it, baby! Fuck me good!" her father said,
feeling her cunt sliding up and down on his erect cock.

"That's soooooo sexy!" Wanda said, shaking her head.

"Isn't it?" a strange voice said. It was Beth's mom,
Carolyn. She came over to watch and sat down on the arm
of the chair next to me.

"Hi Mom!" Beth said.

"Making up for lost time?" she asked her daughter.

"Mmmm-hm. I can't get enough of Daddy's cock!"

Carolyn smiled proudly. "We all love sex," she told
Wanda and me, "but Beth has always been the nympho of
the f****y. She was the one who got in trouble in first
grade because she offered to suck her teacher's cock."
Carolyn laughed at the memory.

"But his cock was all hard in his pants!" Beth said
playfully as she rode her father's prick. "He was
staring at my panties and got all hard. I just had to
help him out!"

Wanda laughed. "Did she get in trouble?"

"Not much. Bob's f****y pretty much settled this whole
area and still controls most of the land. Bob pulled
some strings and got the charges dropped for lack of

"Yeah! All I had to do was blow the district attorney
and the judge!" Beth said with a smile. "OH FUCK,
Daddy! That's good! FUCK ME!"

"She's always been a good fuck!" Bob said, thrusting
his cock up into Beth's cunt with increasing vigor.

I looked over and watched Wanda's finger playing with
Kayla's little hole as she talked and watched.

Beth's mom continued to give us more of Beth's
background. "That wasn't the only spot we had to get
Beth out of. When she twelve her best friend's b*****r
was the captain of the high school football team. Beth
promised him that if they won the conference
championship she would blow the whole team. She wasn't
content with that, however. They gangbanged her, too."

"Were you all right?" Wanda asked concerned.

"Of course! She loved it! She was covered in cum when
the coach walked in unexpectedly. He thought they were
r****g her and called the police."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Beth's Uncle Fred is the local Police Chief. In fact,
he's here somewhere. He assured the coach that it was
just k**s being k**s. Beth told him that if he'd be
quiet about it, he could have her for an evening."

"He had a small dick," Beth said. "But he came a lot!
That was good!"

Beth and her father continued to fuck in a fast, steady
rhythm as Wanda fondled little Kayla. Kayla had her
legs spread on Wanda's naked lap. Wanda's finger was
sliding up and down between the little one's naked cunt

"So when did Beth start having sex?" Wanda asked,
genuinely curious.

Carolyn laughed. "As soon as she came home from the
hospital. When I breastfed her I would slip my fingers
down and play with her cute little slit. She loved it.

Sometimes Bob would fuck me while I breast fed her.
When he came he would pull out of me and then replace
my nipple with the head of his cock. Beth was a
natural, she gobbled up every drop."

"Oh my god," Bob groaned as he thrust his cock up into
his daughter's cunt, "her little mouth would clamp on
to my cockhead like a vice!"

Beth just smiled as she rode her father's cock hard.

"As soon as she was old enough to talk," Carolyn
continued, "She was begging for sex. He was fucking her
by the time she was four. He could only get the head of
his cock in, but Beth was always begging for it!"

"I still am!" Beth groaned. "Come on, daddy! FUCK

Wanda looked down at Kayla. "Is that the way you are,
sweetie? Do you beg your daddy to stick his cock in
your little pussy?"

Kayla smiled and nodded. "Mommy calls me daddy's little
cum queen!" she said proudly.

"I bet you are!" Wanda said, pressing the tip of her
finger into Kayla's cunt. I could see that her finger
was coated in the girl's pussy juice. Little Kayla was
as horny as the rest of us.

My cock was hard now and I was playing with it,
stroking it slowly.

"Can I help you with that?" Carolyn asked, eyeing my
stiff member.

"Be my guest!" I said.

Beth's mother knelt between my legs and took my cock
into her mouth. She looked up at me with lust as she
worked my cock with her mouth. She was a sexy old lady.

"That's it, Mom! Suck TJ's cock!"

"Mmmmmmm," Carolyn moaned, "Now I see why you keep
talking about it!"

"FUCK! FUCK!" Beth screamed as her orgasm began. "FUCK

Bob slammed his cock hard into his daughter's cunt and
began to groan. Beth's cunt was convulsing and milking
his cock.


"HERE YOU GO!" Bob groaned. "TAKE IT! TAKE MY CUM!"

Bob's body froze and then began to shake as his cock
erupted deep in his own daughter's womb.

"MOM! YOU WANT IT?" Beth asked. "You want to suck
daddy's cum from your daughter's cunt?"

Carolyn left my cock to lie back on the floor. I got up
and moved over to Wanda and Kayla.

"Spread her legs for me!" I said.

"Oh, okay!" Wanda said with a smile. She pulled Kayla's
little legs wide giving me complete access to that
little slit. I place the underside of my cockshaft
against her crack and began to slide back and forth.
Between Carolyn's saliva and Kayla's cunt juice, my
cock slid easily across her little clit.

"Mmmmm. Look at that. That's so beautiful," Wanda said
as she watched. "Do you like that?"

Kayla nodded and moaned with pleasure. "I like getting
fucked!" she said, thrusting her hips upward against my

I looked over to watch as Beth pulled herself off her
father's cock and moved over to straddle her mother's
face. She lowered her cunt just inches from Carolyn's
open mouth and parted her cunt lips. A huge dump of cum
fell from her pussy into Carolyn's mouth. Carolyn
swallowed greedily and then pulled Beth's pussy down to
her mouth and began to lick the sloppy cunt out.

We all watched this, then Wanda looked back to watch my
cock sliding between Kayla's little pussy lips.

"Stick it in her!" Wanda suddenly said hoarsely. I knew
she was completely lost in lust. "Fuck her little

I placed the head of my cock at the small entrance to
Kayla's cunt. Wanda pulled her little legs wide and I
pressed. Kayla breathed deeply as my cock head slipped
into the tight little hole.

"OHHHHHH FUCK!" I groaned.

Wanda gasped with lust as she watched just the top of
my cock filling that little hole. She then looked down
at Kayla. "Do you like that? Do you like having that
big cock fucking you?" she asked.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Kayla cried as I fucked the head of my
cock in and out of her tight little cunt. Wanda's
fingers were rubbing Kayla's little clit as I fucked
her, much to Kayla's pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned.

"You like that?" Wanda asked.

"OH YES!" Kayla cried.

"Are you going to cum? Are you going to cum and make TJ
shoot his cum in your pussy?" Wanda moaned as my
fucking took on a fevered pace.

"AAAAAAAHHH!!" Kayla groaned as her cunt thrust against
my cock. "I'M CUMMING!" I could feel that tight little
hole clench down on my cock head.

"FUCK HER TJ!" Bob cried.

"Give her your cum!" Beth added as she continued to
grind her pussy against her mother's active tongue.

"OH FUCK!" I cried again as my cock began to throb.

"Fuck him, Kayla!" Wanda cheered. "Make him fill your
pussy with cum and I'll lick it out!"

That was all I could take. My cock throbbed and I
thrust it a bit deeper in the little cunt. My cum
filled Kayla's little womb and began to seep out around
my cock shaft. Wave after wave of orgasmic bliss
coursed through my body as I continued to dump cum into
that tight hole.

When I was finally done, I pulled my cock out and
thrust my cock at Beth, who continued to ride her
mother's face. My cock was still hard and after only
getting about an inch of it in Kayla's cunt, I wanted
to feel it completely enveloped in something wet and
warm. I grabbed the back of Beth's head and thrust my
cock deep into her throat. Beth was an avid and expert
deep throat aficionado and she easily let my cock slide
down her throat, accepting that last few bursts of cum
my cock had left.

Wanda quickly placed Kayla down on the floor and dove
between the little girl's legs. All I could hear was
Wanda's moaning and slurping as her tongue snaked it's
way into that little slit and licked out all my cum. As
Beth continued to suck the cum off my cock, I reached
over and dipped my fingers into Wanda's wet cunt.

"She's wetter than I've ever seen her!" I said. "She
needs to be fucked!"

Wanda only moaned as she continued to feast on Kayla's
pussy. Bob had been watching us as his own cock had
begun to deflate, but it was still semi-hard and
covered in the residue of his i****tuous fuck with
Beth. He moved over to the floor and let Kayla suck the
sex goop off as she came once again from Wanda's cunt

Beth let go of my cock long enough to yell at a teen-
aged cousin across the room. His name was Brett and he
sported a more than ample erection. He readily agreed
to a fuck and positioned himself doggie-style behind
Wanda. He immediately began to fuck her fast and hard
as Wanda licked and suckled Kayla's snatch. Wanda was a
dam ready to burst and she immediately launched into a
massive orgasm.

"FUCK!" Brett moaned. "She's fuckin' HOT!" he said as
his cock pummeled Wanda's cunt. Wanda screamed into
Kayla's cunt as her body convulsed, her tits flopping
away. Brett spared no mercy once she began to climax.
He grabbed her hips and fucked her for all she was
worth. Wanda seemed to be climaxing in waves as both
she and little Kayla screamed in orgasm.

"Suck me! Eat me! Lick my cunt!" was all that Kayla
moaned over and over. Her little hands were wrapped
around Wanda's head, pulling her face tighter against
the cum filled pussy.

"OH SHIT!" Brett moaned. I don't think he'd fucked
Wanda for more than a couple of minutes when he began
to cum.

"COME ON HER ASS!" Beth ordered, now that my cock was
almost completely limp and well-cleaned from her deep-
throat cock cleaning.

The young teen pulled his cock from Wanda's cunt and
began to beat his meat. The head of his cock was placed
right at Wanda's back door. His cock erupted and spurt
after spurt of milky white cum coated Wanda's asshole
and ass crack. Beth immediately began to lick up the
offering, letting her tongue play at the entrance to
Wanda's bunghole.

Brett, having spent his load, placed his cock back in
Wanda's ass and continued to fuck her as Beth lapped up
his cum and gave her an awesome rim job. Brett would
occasionally pull out and let Beth deep throat him for
a moment or two before thrusting his cock back in
Wanda's cunt.

Wanda had finished licking Kayla to another orgasm and
moved herself upward. Kayla had done a nice job
cleaning up Bob's prick and he had sat back on the
couch to watch the final moments of this sexual scene.

"Do you want a taste of yours and TJ's cum?" she asked
playfully. Kayla nodded with an excited smile and Wanda
kissed the youngster full on the mouth, letting her
tongue probe past those tender little lips. The two of
them continued to kiss passionately as Beth cleaned up
Wanda's ass. Brett pulled out for the final time,
letting Beth suckle his deflating cock once more. He
wished everyone well and headed up stairs.

A moment later everyone was sitting there grinning from
ear to ear, well satisfied for the moment. Kayla got up
and gave everyone a warm hug before she, too, scampered

Just then a bell rang.

Beth looked at us and gave us a wink. "Time for
Thanksgiving dinner. Now THIS is something you'll never
forget! Come on!"

Wanda and I looked at each other. I gave Wanda a kiss,
letting my tongue savor the taste of the various sexual
juices Wanda had been enjoying. She just smiled like a
k** in a candy store. I figured, at her age, she'd have
been worn out by now. I think she had more energy than
I did at that point.

"Let's go eat!" she said and pulled me up to follow

My mother-in-law, Wanda, and I became lovers shortly
after my wife's death. We found comfort in drinking and
fucking with each other. Wanda was divorced and had
always been very prudish while my wife was alive. My
wife, while she was alive, shared with me that she
suspected her mother had some sexual experience as a
little girl that she didn't know what to do with. She
must have repressed her sexuality for many, many years.
As soon as we began having sex, it was like a dam

The woman was an insatiable fuck-slut. We fucked like
horny teenagers. About the same time Wanda met Beth, a
sexy freshman as the college where she worked. Beth
quickly picked up on Wanda's exploding sexuality and
quickly initiated my mother-in-law in the joys of girl-
on-girl sex. We were soon having regular threesomes,
and Beth let on that she developed her open sexuality
from her own f****y. This intrigued both Wanda and me.

I thought Wanda would find it gross, but she seemed to
get turned on by the idea of f****y having sex with
each other. When Beth invited Wanda and me to her
f****y's Thanksgiving gathering, we jumped at the
chance, though we weren't sure what we were getting
ourselves into.

The weekend proved to open our horizons to all sorts of
new and depraved sexual cravings. Our first morning was
our initiation into the f****y, which I wrote about in
the first chapter of this story. Wanda and I fucked
younger members of Beth's clan as she urged us on and
had sex with her own parents. But, that was just the

Part 2

As you might imagine from the way our weekend with
Beth's f****y began, Thanksgiving dinner was quite
unique. Naked, covered in sweat and expended from our
living room orgy, we made our way to the kitchen. It
was laid out with a huge buffet line. We were famished
and filled our plates full of the Thanksgiving
offering. I noticed that Wanda took two big slices of
the turkey which had been basted with cum from the
i****tuous orgy. Beth and her mother, Carolyn, led us
down stairs. We hadn't been to the lower level of the
house. Most of the basement was laid out as one big
room in which rows of tables had been set out for the
f****y to dine.

We found an empty spot at a table and began to eat. It
was so strange to be in a room full of people who were
mostly naked or in stages of undress. Even during
Thanksgiving dinner there were people around the large
basement dining room having sex. I noticed one elderly
woman with her legs spread as a young boy of about
twelve fucked his cock into her cunt. At another table
there was middle-aged woman sitting on the table as
another middle-aged woman feasted on her cunt and ass.

The lunch was really good. These farm women knew how to
make a meal. The "cum turkey" was especially succulent
and it turned me on to think that it was the sex juices
of countless members of Beth's f****y who had given it
it's salty moisture. We enjoyed more conversation with
Beth and Carolyn as we ate. Wanda seemed especially
interested in the f****y story.

"It started back with four families who all came from
Europe to settle this area," Carolyn explained. "They
were seeking the freedom of America. But unlike many
who were seeking religious freedom or economic
prosperity, these families were seeking freedom and
solitude to pursue their i****tuous traditions. We
don't know where it started, but we know that the four
families were entrenched in i****t before they
immigrated and the freedom to continue and expand their
lifestyle led them to America."

"So, how many descendants still... you know..." Wanda

"Well, you can see that there are plenty who still
follow the f****y tradition!" Carolyn grinned. Carolyn
looked to her right where a woman was getting double
penetrated by an elderly gentleman and a young boy.
"That's Crystal with her father's cock in her ass and
her son's cock in her cunt."

We all watched as Crystal came in a screaming orgasm.

On the table next to them was a girl in her mid-teens
with a gorgeous, tight body and little teen tits. An
older couple had coated the girl's tits with mashed
potatos. Just as we looked, the woman then poured gravy
from a gravy boat over her tater covered tits as
everyone around laughed and encouraged them. The couple
then began to feast on the girl's tits as she moaned in
delight. I'd never seen anything like this and my cock,
which I thought was going to be spent for a good long
time sprang to life.

A boy about the girl's age got up on the table next to
her. A middle-aged woman grabbed a handful of cranberry
sauce and coated the boy's cock with it, then urged the
girl to suck the boy's cock. Watching this food orgy
had me really turned on. I'd never considered food sex
before. Wanda's hand had been rubbing my thigh and she
suddenly grabbed my throbbing cock. She looked at me
and gave me a wicked grin.

"Ohhhhhhhh, does that turn you on?" she giggled as I
nodded and smiled. "Me too!" she admitted. Wanda was a
bbw, who worked around food and loved food, which gave
her her matronly, sexy figure.

We kept our eyes on the wet and messy orgy as Carolyn
continued her story about the f****y background.

"While the four families didn't find the total freedom
they sought, and were eventually f***ed to keep their
i****tuous tradition private," Carolyn said, "The
tradition continues in this area especially. There are
probably a hundred or more people at our gathering this
weekend. Everyone except the two of you can trace their
lineage back to one or more of the four families. I
know of at least two other f****y gatherings as big as
ours within ten miles of here. There are probably
twenty or more smaller f****y orgies within a hundred
mile radius. i****t and sexual freedom are rampant in
about a six county area in these parts. It all goes
back to the four families."

"Wow!" Wanda giggled, her hand squeezing my cock. Beth
was on the other side of Wanda.

"What do you think, Wanda?" Beth asked. "Have you
enjoyed yourself so far?"

"Ohhhhhh yes!" Wanda groaned, accepting a lusty kiss
from Beth.

"You certainly looked like you were enjoying little
Kayla's cunt," Carolyn said with a wicked grin.

Wanda blushed remembering her tongue snaking up that
bare little slit. She actually blushed as Beth fondled
her tits.

"You should have seen the way Wanda attacked little
Zac's cock this morning" Beth laughed. "Her first taste
of boy cock. You loved it, didn't you?" she asked

"Mmmmmm, I did. I can't wait for more!" Wanda groaned,
giving Beth another wet kiss as she squeezed my cock
once more beneath the table.

Beth finally broke the kiss and turned to her mother.
"I'm telling you, mom. TJ and Wanda are part of the
f****y now!" Beth leaned over and suckled Wanda's tit
in her mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yes!" Wanda groaned at the stimulation.

"You've had boy cock and little girl cunt," Carolyn
said with a grin as she scooped a mouth full of gravy
covered turkey into her mouth. "You fucked with grandpa
and grandma. And, you've had your first taste of the
cum turkey. You certainly are part of the f****y now!"

Beth let Wanda's tit fall from her mouth. "Now, if we
could just get Wanda to give up her ass cherry!"

Wanda blushed again and laughed as Carolyn gasped.
"You've never been ass fucked, Wanda?"

This turned me on. I'd always wanted to fuck Wanda's
tight hole, but it was the one thing she'd refused to
do. She let Beth and me lick her ass on occasion when
she was really turned on and when we let our fingers
play at her back door she'd cum like crazy. She
wouldn't do it all the time, however, and she never let
me fuck her ass.

Wanda shook her head at Carolyn, her face still red and

"Oh, my dear woman," Carolyn said. "You've never had an
intense orgasm until you've had a good cum from getting
ass fucked!"

"I don't know," Wanda shook her head. "Beth's told me
the same thing, but I just...I don't know."

"Oh my dear," Carolyn protested from across the table,
"We're going to take care of this right here and now.
You can't be a full, honorary member of this f****y
unless you are willing to be a good ass whore!"

Beth had made it clear that the f****y rules were that
no one was f***ed to do anything they didn't want to
do. The f****y was respectful of that. If Wanda had
protested, I'm sure Carolyn would have backed down.
But, to our great delight, Wanda didn't back down.

Carolyn looked around the room and called out. "Tia!
Over here!" A total cutie of about seven years old
began running over. "Your first lesson is to give ass
pleasure. As you realize how much pleasure you can
give, you'll begin to realize how pleasurable it is to

Tia was now standing next to Carolyn. Carolyn helped
the youngster onto the table and then turned her
around, lifting her legs high and exposing the girl's
bare slit and little puckered ass to Wanda. She reached
down with a finger and slid it down through the girl's
labia and across her ass hole.

"Look at that sweet little cunt and ass," Carolyn said
to Wanda. "Here's your dessert. Lick it!"

"Hold it!" Beth suddenly cried. She had seen the way
Wanda and me had been turned on by the food orgy at the
other table. She picked up a piece of chocolate pie and
smashed it against Tia's cunt. Carolyn then spread the
graham cracker and chocolate cream goo around Tia's
cunt and ass. "Now it's dessert!" Beth giggled. "Go for
it, Wanda!"

Wanda leaned over and began licking the girl's cunt.
Tia groaned and giggled and squirmed her ass to the
oral stimulation Wanda's tongue was giving her. Carolyn
reached around and spread Tia's ass cheeks.

"Lick her ass, Wanda! Stick your tongue in her little

I watched as Wanda's tongue slide down to that
puckered, chocolate covered hole, tasting the sweet
chocolate cream filling that coated Tia's backside.

"That's it," Carolyn urged, "Stick your tongue in the
sweet little ass hole. Tia loves it. She's a little ass
slut, aren't you, Tia?"

"Yeah!" the girl moaned as she watched and felt Wanda's
tongue press at her little bung-hole. "I'm my daddy's
little ass whore! Lick it!"

"Tell Wanda what your daddy does with you!" Beth
demanded of Tia as she watched and played with Wanda's
hanging tits.

Wanda looked up at the girl as her tongue continued to
flick at the pucked little hole.

"My daddy sticks his cock up my ass 'til I cum. Then he
lets me suck it off," the girl said. "I love having my
daddy's cock in my ass!"

Wanda only moaned as her tongue probed at Tia's back
side. My cock was rock hard as I stood by and watched
this lewd scene. Carolyn continued to hold Tia's legs
back so that he little asshole was fully exposed to
Wanda, but she now leaned over so she could get her
face right up next to Wanda's. First, she let her
tongue lick at Tia's clit, eating up some of the
chocolate pie.

"Can't you imagine her daddy's big cock reaming her
little ass? Then letting her suck her own ass juices of
his hard, throbbing shaft? Do you want to tell me that
you're afraid of a cock up your big fat ass when little
Tia here can take her papa's thick cock up her little
shitter?" Carolyn then gave Beth a quick look. Beth
smiled and motioned for me to join her behind Wanda.

As Wanda feasted on Tia's little brown hole, Beth
spread Wanda's ass cheeks to reveal her own puckered
back door. Beth reached down and licked generously at
Wanda's ass, then turned and kissed me, shoving her
tongue deep in my mouth. I could taste Wanda's ass on
her tongue. This enflamed both of us. I broke off the
kiss and bent over. As Beth spread Wanda's ass cheeks I
spit on the tight hole then began licking her ass hold

Wanda rewarded me with a sexy wiggle of her ass and I
could feel her sphincter tighten as the tip of my
tongue pressed inward. With my hand I reached up to
play with Wanda's pussy and clit, which was absolutely
dripping with her excitement.

I began to see what Carolyn in her years of sexual
experience was doing. By having Wanda anally pleasure
Tia, and having Beth and I doing the same thing for
Wanda, it allowed Wanda the opportunity to vicariously
experience the same pleasure she was giving Tia. How
could she refuse to accept anal pleasure from us if she
was doing the same thing to a little girl at the same
time? And, it's hard to complain if the little girl
you're feasting on is loving it and begging for more!

We continued to lick ass for some time before Carolyn
upped the ante.

"Go ahead, Wanda. See how well she takes it up the ass.
Finger fuck the little slut." Carolyn then looked at
Tia. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Tell Wanda!"

"Yeah! I love getting finger fucked in the ass! Finger
fuck me!!" the little pixie urged.

Wanda, who had Tia's ass cheeks spread with her hands
while her tongue licked and probed at the girl's
asshole now let one finger press at the hole.

"Spit on it!" Carolyn demanded.

Wanda looked at her. My prudish, proper, older mother-
in-law had likely never spit in her life. She stared up
at Carolyn.

"Spit on it! Get it nice and wet!" She demanded once

Wanda let a huge mouthful of spit drip slowly from her
mouth onto Tia's rectum.

"Thaaaaaaaaaaaaat's it," Carolyn said, letting her
finger slip down between Tia's cunt cheeks. The tip of
her finger dipped just into the puckered hole. "Nice
and slippery! Come on now, Wanda! Slip your finger in

Wanda's finger slipped just inside the tight ring of
Tia's little sphincter.

"Ohhhhhh yeah!" Tia groaned with pleasure.

"Do you like that?" Wanda asked with a wicked grin. She
was beginning to get into this.

"Yes! I love it up my ass!" Tia squealed.

"You'll feel it clamp against your finger," Carolyn
educated Wanda. "Just leave it there and let Tia relax.
Why do you think men love ass fucking? Can you imagine
the feeling of having your cock squeezed like a vice by
a little shitter like that!?"

With that Wanda pressed her finger deeper into Tia's

Beth and I had been taking turns giving Wanda a rim job
while finger fucking her. With that I spread Wanda's
ass cheeks and Beth spit on Wanda's already soaked
hole. She then slipped the tip of her finger into
Wanda's ass. Wanda squealed, but didn't object.

"That's it!" Carolyn said. "Feel Beth's finger in your
ass. Now you know why Tia loves it so much!"

Beth looked up at me and gave me a wicked grin. I
kissed her deeply and our tongues shared the taste of
my mother-in-law's ass.

"Deeper! Shove it in my ass!" Tia screamed with lust.
Wanda began to thrust her finger deeper in that tight
back door. Beth did the same to Wanda.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," Wanda moaned.

"GOOD!" Carolyn squealed with delight, kissing Wanda
full on the mouth.

In no time, Wanda was getting her ass finger fucked
just as she was doing it to little Tia. I watched with
lust as I pumped my rigid cock.

"Good ass sluts know how to enjoy the fruits of their
labor," Carolyn whispered to Wanda. "Let Tia taste your

Wanda slipped her finger out of Tia's ass and reached
up to Tia's open mouth. The girl eagerly suckled
Wanda's ass spunked finger into her mouth and sucked

"See how much she loves it!?" Carolyn observed, giving
her daughter a wink. Beth immediately slipped her
finger from Wanda's ass. With her free hand she grabbed
a wad of Wanda's hair and pulled her head back. Wanda
dutifully opened her mouth and Beth shoved her finger,
coated in Wanda's ass splooge into her mouth. This was
so deliciously nasty. My mother-in-law now sucked her
own ass juices off Beth's finger.

I moved behind Wanda as I watched and decided it was
time to go for broke.

"Now you get the real thing!" I grunted as I placed the
head of my cock at Wanda's slippery butthole. "Take my
cock up your ass!"

"Take her ass cherry!" Carolyn grunted in response.

"Yeah, TJ! Shove it up her ass!"

Wanda never stopped sucking on Beth's finger. I pressed
the head of my cock into Wanda's well-lubricated
asshole and felt her sphincter ring clamp down around

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!" Wanda moaned as she sucked Beth's

"That's it Wanda! Take it up the ass!" Beth cried.

"Relax! Focus on relaxing your muscles! Accept that
cock into your ass! The sooner you learn to accept the
cock, the better ass whore you'll be!" Carolyn educated
Wanda. "And you want to be a good ass whore don't you,
Wanda?" She added. "You want to be a good ass whore for
your f****y! Now, TAKE IT!"

I had been pressing slowly forward with short stroked
and could literally feel Wanda relax her bowels as my
cock slipped further and further into her back side. It
felt so tight, and warm, and silky smooth. I was in

"Good ass whores get all sorts of nasty, hot rewards!"
Carolyn continued to encourage her student. "Wait 'til
you learn how much blissfully dirty things you get to
experience when you become a total fucking ass slut!"

Wanda had now let Beth's finger from her mouth and
Carolyn took the opportunity to grab Wanda by the back
of the head and shove her face back into Tia's ass.
Carolyn had moved into a 69 position where she could
grind her cunt on the little girl's face while she
dictated the action at the girls ass. Wanda now feasted
on Tia's ass.

"Oooohh! MMMMMMMMMMM!" Wanda squealed each time I
pressed my cock deeper up her hitter. She was letting
out a constant stream of groans and moans.

"Ohhhhh yeah!" I grunted as I thrust deeper and deeper.
"OH FUCK! Take it up your ass!"

"Tell her what a good whore she is, TJ!" Carolyn

"You're a good whore! Now you're a good ass whore!" I
groaned. "Fuck my cock! FUCK IT WITH YOUR ASS!"

"He's balls deep!" Beth screamed with glee as I finally
had my cock buried in Wanda's rectum. It felt so
amazingly good to have my pubes pressed against that
soft, fat ass.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!" Wanda finally screamed. "FUCK!"

Beth and Carolyn both laughed with delight to watch
their pupil pass the test.

Wanda now rammed her finger deep in Tia's little ass.
"If I'm going to get fucked in the ass, you may as
well, too!" Tia only moaned with pleasure as Wanda
began to thrust her finger deep and hard up that small
backside. At the same time, I began to thrust with
quick, shallow strokes and slowly incresased them.

"OH YEAH! OHHHHHHH FUCK!" Wanda moaned.

"See what I mean, dear?" Carolyn laughed. "It's fucking
incredible, isn't it?"

Wanda continued to feverishly finger fuck Tia's ass.
She then pulled her finger out and sucked the girl's
ass spunk from her fingers.

"YES! YES! Suck it! That's a good ass whore!" Carolyn
cheered as she ground her face into Tia's cunt. The
little girl was desperately licking Carolyn's dripping

"If she like's Tia's ass, she'll like her own!" Beth
whispered to me, and I immediately understood what she

I reluctantly pulled my cock from Wanda's ass. I heard
her sigh and moan as I slipped out. I walked around her
left side as Beth stood on the right. Beth grabbed
Wanda's head from behind and spun her face around.
Wanda immediately slipped her finger back in Tia's ass.
My cock was red-hot and dripping with Wanda's nasty ass
splooge. Beth leaned down and put her face next to

"You've had your Thanksgiving dinner, now it's time for
dessert! Feast on this, slut!"

At first, I couldn't tell if Wanda was totally into
this, reluctantly going along, or just lost in lust.
She seemed in a zone. Yet, she dutifully opened her
mouth and I rammed my cock into it. She sucked
greedily. Whatever she was thinking or feeling, she was
eagerly accepting the experience. I reached up and
grabbed both sides of her head and thrust my cock deep.

"Fuck her face!" Carolyn urged as she neared a cum from

Wanda had become a good at deep throat and I f***ed my
cock down her throat until I felt her gagging on it. I
pulled out and she gasped. A huge string of her saliva
hung between her mouth and my cock as she caught her
breath. I looked back at Beth who, after I started face
fucking Wanda, had slipped back to lick and finger
Wanda's ass.

"Oh, that's soooooo fucking HOT!" Carolyn groaned as I
thrust my cock once more in Wanda's mouth. "That's it!
Suck your own ass off TJ's cock!"

She suddenly looked at me. "I have an idea! Pull out!"

I pulled my cock from Wanda's mouth as Beth picked up a
gravy boat off the Thanksgiving table. I laughed as she
poured gravy over my cock. It dripped off the shaft and
onto Tia's belly. Wanda laughed too,

"A little gravy on top?" she moaned as she opened her
mouth and I rammed my cock back down her throat. She
sucked eagerly at it as Beth moved back to Wanda's ass.

"An ass needs 'stuffing' she laughed, spreading a
handful of the gooey, bread mixture up and down Wanda's
ass crack before pouring gravy down it. This was so
fucking hot. I never thought I'd be turned on by a food
orgy, but I was.

I pulled my cock from Wanda's mouth and and went back
to where Beth was licking stuffing and gravy off off of
Wanda's asshole. She moved out of the way and I smeared
my cock in the gooey mess, before sliding my cock back
up Wanda's ass. She squealed as I did so and I could
feel her ass ring clamp down around my cock. She was
learning, though, her ass quickly gave way to my
thrusting cock and I was quickly buried to the hilt
once more. The stuffing and gravy added this wierd
texture to my ass fucking, but it felt so hot. I looked
up and watched Wanda begin feasting on the gravy that
had spilled over Tia's belly.

Carolyn, lifted Tia's legs once more, still grinding
her cunt into the little girl's face. Carolyn grabbed
more food from the feast and rubbed it in the girl's
ass crack so that Wanda could feast.

Beth was now kneeling beside me and I could tell what
she wanted. I pulled my sloppy cock from Wanda's
asshole. It was coated with food and ass spunk, and
Beth greedily gobbled it down. I grabbed her by the
back of the head and rammed my cock down her throat.
She's such a whore. She gagged and spit on my cock
before I shoved it back into Wanda's asshole.

"Shove that gunge in Wanda's ASS!" she cried.

This was so fucking hot. I knew I needed to cum
quickly. I rammed my cock into Wanda's ass and was
rewarded with a scream of delight. I began pummeling
her ass as I grabbed her fat hips and pulled her hard
against me. It was heaven. I could feel Wanda's climax
building as well.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!" she squealed into Tia's ass.

"Tell him! Tell him to FUCK YOU!" Carolyn urged Wanda.

Wanda's goopy face appeared from Tia's ass crack. "FUCK

"TELL HIM YOU'RE AN ASS WHORE!" Beth demanded as she
stood and walked over, grabbing Wanda's face and
grinding it into her cunt.

"I'M AN ASS WHORE!" Wanda screamed as her face was
coated with Beth's cunt juice.

"CUM for him, Wanda! Cum on his COCK!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK! OHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!" Wanda screamed.

I felt her bowels convulse against my cock. Her ass
clamped down like a vice as she orgasmed.

"OHHHH YES! OHHHHH FUCK!" Wanda screamed as the orgasm
ripped through her body.

I kept thrusting violently. Beth looked over at me.
"Fill her ass with CUM! Give it to her! LET THE ASS

That's was it. I plunged my cock hard and as deep as I
could go, pulling Wanda's ass tight against my pubes.
My cock exploded in her ass. Wave after throbbing wave
of orgasm sent my hot cum shooting into my mother-in-
law's shitter.

We were literally dripping with sweat from the hot
fuck. We gasped to catch our collective breath, but
Carolyn wasn't finished.

"We're not done! The ass whore initiation isn't
complete!" Carolyn quickly explained. "TJ, pull out!"

I pulled my still throbbing cock from Wanda's ass.
Beth, knowing what was coming, had lay down on the
floor next to the table. Carolyn told Wanda to squat
and straddle Beth's face, which she did.

Wanda's face was flush from her orgasm. Sweat covered
her face and glistened off her huge, floppy tits.

"Shit TJ's cum into Beth's mouth!" Carolyn instructed
Wanda before looking at me. "TJ, feed her the last
drops from your cock.

My cock was still coated with a slimy ooze of cum, ass
juice and food. Wanda didn't care, she took it into her
mouth and suckled my cock. She eagerly licked all the
grunge off of it.

I then surprised her by pulling my cock from her mouth
and bending over to kiss her. This delighted Carolyn to
no end.

"YESSS!" she gasped as she frigged her clit to orgasm,
Tia's tongue still buried up her cunt. "That's so HOT!"

Wanda and I kissed deeply. I tasted the heady mixture
of cum, ass and food off of her tongue. We were both
lost in lust. My mother-in-law truly had reached a
whole new level of depravity and she was loving every

I finally pulled back and we watched was a huge stream
of cum and ass mixture dripped from Wanda's gaping ass
into Beth's mouth. After being sure that she'd got it
all. Beth got up on her knees. She was still holding
the nasty mixture in her mouth. She kissed Wanda full
on the mouth and the shitty cum seeped out of both
sides of their mouths and down their chins. They took
turns snowballing the cum between them and licking it
off each other's faces.

"You've got to swallow!" Carolyn finally urged.

Wanda swallowed, and smacked her lips with

"Hoooray!" we all erupted. We hugged and kissed Wanda
in congratulations for completing her ass whore
initiation with flying colors.

"Well, what do you think of anal sex now?" Carolyn
asked Wanda.

Wanda looked at me and gave me a wicked grin. "Oh my.
If you promise to make me cum like that every time, you
can fuck my ass any time you want!"

Everyone cheered and, suddenly, it was like we
corporately realized we were covered in food, sweat,
and cum.

"Beth, honey," Carolyn said to her daughter, "I think
it's time we show Wanda and TJ to the showers!"


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1 month ago
this is by far the BEST and horniest story I have read on here. everything that happened in it was so hot and made me wish I was there enjoying it all, hope there is more to cum.
4 months ago
Please keep writing stories like this. It's one of the best I've read by the way the sex goes on and on covering about each topic I could think of. Thank you for sharing this with us.
1 year ago
My frigging head is spinning so bad that my fingers are all over as I type. The action is totally non-stop with every deviant sex act imaginable, conceivable and possible. Nothing is left undone!! No one left entact or untouched, every penetration possible! Amazing!
2 years ago
2 years ago
holy hell ya got hot storie there love it :D