by Anonymous (address withheld)


A young girl seduces her dad, and gets more than she
bargained for, mom finds out and joins in. (MMM/f-teen
F/f-teen, inc, reluc, blkmail, prost, anal)


Author Note: Before you draw any conclusions, this is a
story is about a 13 year old girl and i****t.


It all started when Amanda had biology lessons at
school, the teacher told the class about the male penis
penetrating the female vagina, but only after the male
had been stimulated and the penis becoming stiff and
erect, this got Amanda thinking, how do you go about
stimulating the penis.

Amanda was young in her early teens and had no
knowledge of sex, she wanted to know more, she had
rubbed her pussy a little and it always felt good, she
wondered what sort of feelings she would have if she
had a penis in her, the more she thought about it, the
more she became aroused and made her pussy tingle.

Amanda remembered seeing Colin Meers, a boy from her
own year at school, while he was changing into his PE
shorts, and had seen his penis, it was only about an
inch and a half long and was hanging down, not as long
or wider than her little finger, she wasn't impressed,
it certainly didn't turn her on. Amanda had never seen
her dad's penis, but when he had worn shorts, she had
noticed the outline of it and it was big, it must have
been at least 5 inches long and 2 inches across, when
she thought about her dad's dick, it always made her
pussy wet.

Amanda had started her periods about a year ago, they
were painful and very irregular, mom had taken her to
see the doctor and he had put her on what mom called a
regulating pill, since then, Amanda could talk to her
mom about female things, so when she got home from
school she found mom in the kitchen preparing for the
evening meal.

'Mom?' Amanda pleaded.

'Yes dear, what's up,' mom said.

'At school today, we had biology and the teacher was
talking about the male penis and the female vagina'
Amanda continued ' she spoke about before the penis can
enter the vagina, it has to be stimulated to make it
stiff and erect, and I wanted to know how to stimulate

'My goodness,' mom replied. 'You certainly ask awkward
questions, but I will try to answer, first of all, the
male mainly uses sight and touch, if he sees what he
thinks is sexy, like a female wearing lacy underwear,
silky stockings, high heeled shoes a glimpse of her
titties, usually turns them on, also, they like to run
their hands over the female body, around the waist,
over the bottom and legs, feel the titties and kissing,
especially using the tongues, which is called French
kissing, that gets them going, but don't you go trying
it, you are far too young, just keep the boys at arms
length and don't let them touch you, until you are old

'Don't worry mom, I wouldn't let any of those silly
spotty boys anywhere near me,' Amanda replied. She then
went up to her room and thought about what mom had
said. 'I wouldn't think of boys touching me, because I
rather fancy my dad and that lovely bulge in his
shorts,' she mused. 'I wonder how it would look if he
was stimulated and how hard it got, I will try to
stimulate him somehow,' she lay back on her bed and
thought of dad's dick, hard and erect and entering her
vagina, her pussy was tingling and she was getting her
panties wet.

She heard her dad's car draw up in the driveway, mom
and dad were going out this evening for a few hours, to
dad's office for a presentation, his firm of lawyers
had just completed a very difficult drawn out battle
between two very large companies, with a resounding
success for her dad's firm. Her dad John owned the firm
with his b*****r Jack, both equal partners, and they
were giving all their employees and wives/husbands to
present bonuses at a cocktail party.

'Amanda, dinners ready,' mom called.

'Coming mom,' she replied, and dashed downstairs, into
the dining room, ran up to her dad and give him a
lingering kiss on his cheek, she stepped back and gazed
into his eyes and in a sultry voice said, 'Hi dad.'

'Hi angel' he said and patted her on her bottom. Amanda
immediately thought about what mom said about men
liking to touch the girls bottoms to turn them on, 'I
wonder if he had got an erection then' she thought.

After dinner Amanda offered to clear the table and load
the dishwasher while mom and dad got ready for their
evening. When mom came downstairs in her cocktail
dress, she looked beautiful, Amanda noticed she was
wearing stockings and wondered whether she had lacy
panties on as well.

After mom and dad had left, Amanda thought she would
have a look in moms underwear drawer to see whether she
had any silky lingerie, Amanda crept into her parents
room and started checking out the drawers on her moms
side of the bed, after a few minutes she found a rubber
dildo, shaped like a mans penis, it was about six
inches long and one and three quarters across, 'wow'
she thought, 'this must be the same size of dad's dick'
she took it into her own bedroom, removed her sticky
panties, lay back on her bed, and started rubbing the
hard rubber dick up and down her pussy.

She started getting very wet and tingly, she tried to
get the end of it in her little pussy and thinking
about it being dad's dick, but it seemed too big to go
in her, so she put one knee on the bed and stood on one
foot on the floor, placed the rubber cock upright under
her pussy and gently lowered herself on to it, the
bulbous head started to enter her, her poor pussy was
stretched and hurt, she was determined to get a little
more in her.

After all, it was her daddy substitute, the head of the
substitute dick popped inside her and Amanda shocked at
the sudden intrusion, lost her footing on the floor,
slid right down onto the hard dick until her pussy
rested on the bed, Amanda screamed with pain, she had
the full six inches completely inside her.

She was shaking with the sudden thrust into her now no
longer virgin pussy. She collapsed onto the bed with
the dick fully inside her, unable to move, Amanda lay
on her back with just the end of the dick at the
entrance of her poor ravaged pussy, whimpering and
shaking with agony, gradually after some time, the pain
started to ease, she could feel the large intruder deep
inside her, she put her hand down and touched the very
end of the dick just inside her pussy, she started to
panic, 'what if I can't get it out' she thought.

She slid very gently off the bed and started to waddle
like a duck to the bathroom, each slight movement
started to give her funny sensations inside, and by the
time she reached the bathroom door her body was feeling
very peculiar, then it hit her, she fell to her knees,
her body went into convulsions, then the most wonderful
feeling came over her, she screeched as her body went
into spasm. Amanda had just had her first orgasm, it
was an awesome feeling.

She reached for the hand basin and pulled herself
upright, all the time every movement of her body was
reminding her of the rubber dick still lodged inside
her body. She put her hand down between her legs and
felt the end of the dick just inside her pussy lips,
opening herself slightly with her fingers, she was able
to grip the end of the dick with her index finger and
thumb, very slowly pulling the dick out, it felt wet
and sticky, when she looked at her hand it was covered
in bl**d, using the flannel she washed the dick and the
inside of her legs as she was removing it, when it was
half way out, Amanda started to feel an emptiness
inside, so she eased it back in two inches and started
pushing it in and out, gradually speeding up.

Although her pussy was sore, it didn't take long before
she started feeling good again, she began fucking
herself with the dick and thinking of her dad's dick
sliding in and out, this brought her to another mind
blowing orgasm. Amanda was now feeling very weak, and
knew she had to remove the dick, so reluctantly,
gradually slid the dick out of her ravaged pussy, and
cleaned herself up. Wiping the rubber dick with the
flannel, Amanda kissed it and returned it to her
mothers draw, thinking to herself 'I will be back for
you again and again daddy dick.'

After a quick shower, Amanda crawled into bed, feeling
sore and very tired; she dropped off to sl**p with a
smile on her face.

Chapter 2

Over the next few weeks, Amanda took every opportunity
when mom and dad were out, to get the rubber daddy dick
and fuck herself silly with it, her little pussy could
now accommodate it easily, she had lost count how many
times she had cum, she loved it in her. Amanda had
often sat on her dad's lap throughout her life, but now
she was aware of his dick she moved about on his lap
trying to feel it under her.

One Sunday afternoon, daddy had his shorts on and was
watching TV from the sofa in the lounge, mom was down
the garden pottering around, Amanda saw her dad and she
went over to him and sat on his lap, she was wearing a
mini skirt so when she sat down, the only clothing
between her dad's dick and her pussy was his shorts and
her thin panties, she put her arms around his neck and
gazed into his eyes and started to wriggle her bottom

Before too long she could feel his dick hardening under
her, daddy was looking uncomfortable and tried to move,
but Amanda quickly flipped a leg over and sat astride
him, facing her dad and gazed into his eyes, she moved
back and forward riding him like a horse, his dick was
now fully erect, little beads of sweat broke out on his
forehead. 'For gods sake Amanda, get off me,' daddy
said hoarsely, but Amanda leaned forward and kissed him
on his lips, she put her tongue against his lips and
pushed it into his mouth, daddy gasped, he slowly
opened his lips and let their tongues meet, in no time
they were French-kissing, all the time Amanda was
riding her pussy over his dick.

Daddy put his arms around her and started to run his
hands up and down her back, he grasped her bottom and
was helping her back and forward, simulating having
sex, Amanda had her arms around her dad's neck and was
holding his head tight against her lips. This went on
for some minutes, no words were spoken when their lips
parted, they were both out of breath gasping for air,
Amanda's pussy was wet and was soaking her dad's
shorts, she badly wanted his dick inside her. Dad had a
raging hard on, he had just virtually fucked his own
daughter, he knew now that he had to have her and that
she wanted it just as much.

'John,' Amanda's mom Jenny called from the back door.
'Can you give me a hand out here please?'

'Yes dear, just a mo...' he said shakily, Amanda
quickly jumped off her dad's lap, clasped his hard dick
through his shorts and said 'did I do this to you
daddy?' and went upstairs grinning, John looked down at
the wetness on his shorts, walked into the kitchen
grabbed a glass of water and poured some down onto his
shorts, he went into the garden and said, 'Damn, I
spilled my drink dear,' luckily his hard on went down
with the cold water he splashed on.

Amanda lay on her bed thinking about the size of her
dad's dick, it felt much larger than the rubber dick
she was used to, 'I want that in me' she thought, as
she fingered herself to an orgasm, 'If mom were not
here, I think dad and me would be fucking right now.'
She had to come up with a plan as she now wanted her
dad more than ever, she knew that she had given her dad
an erection, which meant that he wanted sex with her,
if only she could get him to go out with her, just by
themselves, 'That's it,' she thought, 'ask him for a


Next day after breakfast, mom went upstairs as usual to
put her make up on and get ready for work, dad was
reading the morning paper, 'this is it' Amanda thought,
'Dad?' she pleaded out loud.

'Yes sweetie?' he replied.

'Would you take me out on a date?' she asked. 'You know
as a real girlfriend, mom doesn't like me seeing boys,
it would only be you and me, I have never been on a
date before'

'I would love to sweetie. I am very flattered that you
asked me.'

'That's really cool dad, I am glad it's you that's
going to be my first date,' she said.

'But,' dad said. 'You must keep it to yourself and not
tell mom, we can't let her know that I have a very
pretty girlfriend, it will have to be next Friday as
mom works late, I will pick you up after school, maybe
we can go to the movies.'

Mom came down ready for work, dad went out to the car,
all three piled in, dad dropped Amanda off at school,
then he dropped Jen off at her work and he carried on
to his office.

After school, Amanda went to the mall and was very
nervous as she went into Victoria Secret 'mom would
kill me if she knew I was in here' she thought. Amanda
purchased a pair of lacy panties and matching bra, a
pretty pink mini dress, a pair of white hold up
stockings with little pink rosettes at the top, and a
pair of three inch high heel sandals, after paying for
her purchases from her saved up pocket money, she
caught a bus home, she rushed upstairs to hide them
before mom came home, looked at the clock and sadly
reflected she wouldn't have time for the rubber daddy
dick this evening, she had got used to fucking herself
each day with it after school before mom arrived home.

Chapter 3

At last, Friday arrived, Amanda was having trouble
concentrating on her lessons and couldn't wait until
the bell rang, at last, 'ding ding' it went, Amanda
gathered her books and rushed out to meet her dad, he
was there waiting for her, as she got in the car, her
dad said 'hi girlfriend' she leaned over and kissed him
on the cheek and whispered 'hi boyfriend' and giggled.
Dad took her home, and she rushed upstairs to get
ready. After a quick shower, she put on her new clothes
and stockings, a little make up, then nervously made
her way downstairs to meet her date, Amanda felt shy
standing in front of her dad, hoping he liked what he
saw, she needn't have worried, by the lustful look in
his eyes, she knew she had got it right.

'Wow! Amanda you look stunning and really sexy in that
dress, I'm glad your mom is not around to see it.'

'I'm glad you like it dad, I wanted to look extra
special for you on our first date, and you would find
me attractive and want me,' she said.

'I do want you sweetie, very much, I am glad you are
going to be my girlfriend, I can't wait to put my arms
around you and hold you close, it's something I have
wanted to do for sometime' he replied.

Amanda started to make her way to the door and turned
to see her dad's lustful look in his eyes and the bulge
in his pants, she knew he wanted to have sex with her,
she wanted it too, ever so much, she was getting very
turned on by the way he was mentally undressing her 'I
love it when he looks at me like that' she thought.

They got in the car and set off for the movie theatre,
'Dad?' Amanda asked. 'I want you to treat me as a grown
up girlfriend today, you know, like the way you touch
me and the way you kiss me, I want to remember today

'Don't worry darling,' her father said. 'I'll try to
make it special for you and give you some lovely
memories, but you must tell me if I am going too far
and you want me to stop, after all, it is your date.'

'Dad,' she pleaded. 'I am yours; you can do anything
you want with me.'

'Anything?' he queried. 'Wow, that sounds great, but I
think we ought to take it easy at first and see how
things develop, one step at a time, we can take it from
there, who knows?'

'Please dad, don't go too slow, I know what I want,'
she answered. She could feel dad's hand on her thigh,
she put her hand on his and was edging it higher
towards her panties, he didn't resist.

They parked the car and went into the theatre, after
paying for their tickets, Amanda grabbed her dad's hand
and led him to the darkened back row. As soon as they
sat down, Amanda put her hands around dad's head and
drew his lips to hers, they started French kissing, she
put one hand down and felt his dick was already hard,
she ran her fingers up and down his trouser covered
dick, stroking it. Dad had one arm around her back and
ran his fingers down and lifted her dress eased it into
her panties.

Amanda lifted herself so her dad could put his hand
under her, as she sat back she could feel his finger
stroking the outside of her pussy lips. A couple of
girls a few seats away were watching the kissing and
intimate touching, and were jealous of the young girl
with the handsome man groping each other, 'This is
better than the movie, its more like a porn film,' one
whispered to the other, who replied, 'It's not fair, he
is going to fuck her senseless later, it should be me
having his dick.'

'Let's get out of here dad,' Amanda said, although they
had only been in the theatre for a quarter of the film,
neither of them had watched any of it, as they entered
the foyer Amanda turned to her father and said, 'Dad?,
as it's my special day, can we go somewhere, just you
and me, mom don't have to know, you did say you wanted
me, well, I want you too, very much.'

Dad kissed his finger and placed it on her lips as a
kiss, but Amanda opened her warm wet mouth and sucked
on it, as an unspoken promise of where the afternoon
was leading to. John looked down and thought, 'Wow, my
cute sexy daughter is offering herself to me, I know
that I shouldn't, but I have wanted to fuck her perfect
little body for some time, I will have to find an out
of town motel where nobody knows us, I feel so horny, I
can't wait.'

He found a local phone book with a motel 5 miles out of
town, and booked a room. As they left the theatre and
got to the car park, dad couldn't hold back anymore,
even though he was nervous he knew he had to feel her
lips against his and held her close, their kiss became
passionate, their bodies wanted to unite, they both
wanted sex.

'Sweetie,' he whispered. 'I want to spend the night
with you alone, just you and me, and make love.'

Amanda whispered back, 'I'd like that dad, very much.'


They drove to the motel and as he went to pay, he
explained that they were on a long journey and needed a
rest before continuing. Amanda grabbed her dad's hand
and started pulling him towards the room, john thought
'my god she is so sexy,' the two receptionists thought
they were acting more like a couple instead of dad and

Once they entered the room, Amanda started undressing,
dad looked at her and could not believe how sexy she
looked in her lingerie, he stripped in record time and
put his arms around her tiny waist from behind, she put
her arms behind her to pull him closer and gazed up
longingly into his lustful eyes. Amanda turned to face
him, they were both scared to push their relationship
to the next level, but as soon as their lips met, all
their inhibitions blew away and they existed just for
each other, she could feel his hard dick pressing
against her, she just wanted inside her.

Amanda put her arms around her daddy's neck as he
picked her up in his strong arms and carried her to the
large double bed, she felt nervous, her heart beat like
a drum as she realized what she and her daddy was about
to do. Amanda knew that she and her dad had long ago
crossed the line for a father-daughter relationship but
it wasn't until she reached out and grasped her dad's
dick, that it sunk into her that she was going to have
real grown up sex with her own dad.

His dick was much larger than the rubber one she had
been using, 'It's so big daddy,' she said as she
stroked it. 'I want to get it all inside me, I want
real sex like you have with mom,' they lay back on the
bed and were kissing, 'John, thought ' I must be in
heaven, I am laying here with my beautiful daughter,
naked, and about to make love to her.'

'Please dad,' she whimpered, 'make love to me now, I
want you inside me so badly'

'I will have to be careful I won't hurt you,' he

'Don't worry, I have been thinking of you and borrowed
moms vibrator, I can get it all inside me now, I was
getting myself ready for you.'

'Preparing yourself for me? How lovely, I want to make
today very special for you darling' he cooed 'let's
make love now.'

Daddy gently rolled Amanda on her back, she opened her
legs wide, ready to accept him in her.

'I really want to do this with you, sweetie,' he
sighed, as he eased himself between her legs.

'I know dad, I want it too, so very much.'

Very gently daddy pressed his dick at her hairless
pussy entrance, and felt the head pop into her, she
gasped at the feel of his large dick slowly entering
her, he couldn't believe, he was doing the unthinkable,
he was finally fucking his little daughter.

'God, you are tight sweetie, are you sure you are ok?'

'Dad, I'm ok, it feels so good to have you inside me.'

Amanda put her hands on her dad's back and was pulling
him deeper inside, she wanted to get him all inside
her, she gasped as he pushed deeper, he was amazed that
he was nearly all the way in her. Amanda raised her
head and looked between her legs as her dad in slow and
rhythmic movements started making real love to her.

When he finally pushed himself all the way inside her,
the full seven and a half inches of his dick, he
stopped there for a while, savouring the tightness and
the feel of her lovely pussy gripping him, she begged
her dad not to stop, she had never felt this good in
her entire life, and although her dad's dick had
stretched her and it hurt, her feeling of love and lust
for her dad was far more powerful, she wanted this more
than anything in the world.

'Oh yes daddy yes, that feels so good, ohhh don't stop
ooh yes, please don't stop!'

Daddy started fucking his little girl, sliding gently
in and out of her delicious young body, he gazed at her
beautiful face, her mouth slightly open, her eyes
looking at him intently, gradually her face changed to
a look of urgency. He could feel his balls tightening,

'Oohhhh, soon sweetie, uhhhh god, you, you're so tight,
oh baby, I love you, I'm gonna, ohhh yeah cum!'

'Yea-h, I love you too!' she gasped, as she felt
herself on the edge of her first real orgasm with a
real dick inside her, she was in heaven, her body
moving in rhythm with her dad's, being fucked like a
grown up woman.

Dad never had time to finish his thought as he started
to erupt inside his little girl, his legs trembled and
his arms almost gave way as he emptied load after load
inside her, it was the most amazing feeling of his life
as his daughters little body underneath him, her hips
gyrating, her body thrusting up at him trying to drain
every last drop from his pulsing dick.

Amanda was amazed how her body reacted when her dad
started to cum in her, she wasn't in control, her body
had taken over and was humping back at her dad, trying
to drain every drop from his pulsing dick, she was
cumming so hard, her body was twitching and shaking,
she could see stars, she let out a loud squeal and she
nearly passed out with the intensity of her orgasm.

They lay still for a while, not saying anything, dad's
dick still inside his little girl, Amanda could feel
her dad's dick wasn't so hard, but felt wonderful
resting in her body. Finally they came down from the
high and felt a little more of reality, they lay with
their legs entwined holding each other and engaged in a
long tongue fighting kiss.

John thought about what they had just done, 'That,' he
thought, 'was the best fuck I have ever had in my life,
so tight and yet took all of my dick inside her, and
she loved it. Oh, oh, I have started to get horny

'Daddy,' Amanda cooed, 'that was fantastic, the
wonderful feeling of you inside me, making love to me.
I couldn't stop cumming, I want to do it again, I can
feel you do too.'

'You really mean that sweetie?' he asked.

'Dad, that was the best feeling I have ever had in my
life, you can have me any time you want... I am yours

John lay on his back with his stiff dick poking in the
air, and motioned Amanda to lower herself onto it,
Amanda started to get astride her dad, when her mobile
phone rang, she quickly jumped off dad and retrieved
her phone from her purse, she knelt back on the bed and
answered her phone, 'Oh hi mom,' she said, mom wanted
to know why they were late from the movies, 'Err, dad's
giving me some training as a special treat, he's taken
me, err, bowling.' Her mom said that they should have
let her know. 'Y-yes, I know, sorry, but I really am
having a great time here, I've already had my first

Daddy whispered, 'You can sit on this while you talk to
mom, tell her we have to finish before we come home.'

Amanda carried on the phone 'yes mom, I was just going
for my second strike when you rang, it's my turn on
top, oh dad's waiting, I will have to go, he says that
he hopes we won't be too late, but we have to finish
our game. Bye mom'

'Phew, that was quick thinking sweetie, good girl,' he

Amanda once again knelt astride her dad, and started to
lower herself onto his stiff dick, she knew she could
take it all inside her now, she loved the fullness of
her very own dad's dick sliding in and out of her love

'Gently sweetie, it's only your second time,' he

'It's ok dad,' as she let her body sink down on him 'it
feels wonderful, she was riding him as if she was on a
horse, 'Oooh, I'm going to cum again daddy.'

Daddy could feel her body quivering and convulse as she
was cumming, he was thrusting up in her as she reached
her orgasm, she let out another loud squeal. Dad could
feel her pussy tighten, almost clamping his dick as she
cum, then gradually relax, so they could carry on

'Oooh dad, I love sliding up and down on your big dick'
she gasped. I want you to cum in me when I have you all
inside me, on my down stroke.'

But her dad wasn't ready yet, he carried on bouncing
his sexy little girl, up and down for, what seemed like
hours, the feel of her tight pussy, the sight of her
slim tender young body, the sound of slurping noises,
as his dick slid in and out of her, gradually brought
him closer to pumping another load of sperm in her.

'Aahhh!' dad groaned. 'You better slide down now baby,
I am, ugh, starting ugh, to, ugh. Cum, ugh now!'

Amanda felt her dad's dick swell and shoot his hot cum
inside her, which sent her over the edge again, as she
once again lost control of her body, and was jamming
herself hard down on his dick, quivering and shaking,
she let out a long squeal of sheer ecstasy, she was
cumming so hard, her breath was in small gasps, and
totally lost control of her body as her dad's dick once
again filled her young womb with his love juice. She
thought she would never, ever, forget her first date.
They lay in each others arms relaxed and held each
other close.

Amanda, eyes half closed, lay comfortably cuddling her
dad's naked body, dreamily thinking of the wonderful
feelings her dad's dick had given her, she was so
pleased she was able to take it fully into her, it did
hurt a lot at first, but she had been so determined to
satisfy her dad as a real woman, she had shut her mind
off to the pain, her body had gradually accepted the
large intruder then it became sheer heaven having it
all being rammed in her, Amanda had accomplished her
aim, to seduce and have her daddy fuck her.

She was still feeling sore inside, but being fully
satisfied, she ignored the pain and was comfortable
laying here in his strong arms.

John, now feeling totally relaxed, holding his naked
little daughter close, listening to her regular gentle
breathing, started to think over the last few hours.
When Amanda had come downstairs, after getting ready
for our date, she looked so sexy in her mini dress,
stockings and high heeled shoes, he had been amazed at
the change from a young schoolgirl to a strikingly sexy
young lady, the way she walked and the way she looked
at him was pure sexuality.

He had recently started to notice his young daughter
was growing into an attractive young lady, she always
liked sitting on his lap, often squirming about, which
usually made him feel uncomfortable, but last Sunday
when she was on his lap, his dick had responded, and
Amanda had sat astride him, he wanted her to get off
his lap before he got too aroused and ruin a
dad/daughter relationship.

Amanda made it quite clear she was sexually aroused,
when she kissed him and started using her tongue and
holding his head so as not to escape, riding back and
forward on his now very hard dick, he just could not
resist holding her bottom and simulating the sexual
act, nothing was said between them, but they both knew
this was only the start, he realised he was going to
fuck his own daughter, he never dreamed this would
become a reality in less than a week.

'It's getting late sweetie, we will have to go home,'
dad said reluctantly.

Dad climbed off the bed and got some Kleenex tissues
and started wiping the cum which was running down his
little girls legs, her pussy was sopping wet. Dad
couldn't believe he had actually fucked his own
daughter, he felt guilty, she was cute, sure, but after
all she was only a young teenager, a schoolgirl, she
had made it quite plain that she wanted sex with him,
he should have had more restraint, but, he succumbed to
her wishes, nevertheless, it was the best fuck he ever
had, and had no doubt they would make love again and

'My god!' he thought. 'I have just dumped loads of cum
in her fertile little body!' He had just realised that
he hadn't thought about the consequences of possibly
impregnating her. 'I have taken no precautions, I
wanted her so badly, it hadn't crossed my mind, my dick
did the thinking for me.'

'Daddy?' Amanda piped up 'can't we stay here all night,
I... I loved it dad, and maybe we could do it again'

'Sweetie, I'm sorry, we can't, we should be getting
home, I'm sure mom's already wondering why we are so
late, I would love to do it again, you were terrific,
the best sex I have ever had, but we must get going,'
her dad replied.

They got themselves dressed, dad pulled Amanda to him
and they kissed, took one sad look back at their first
love nest, and made their way out to the car. Once they
were on their way, Amanda turned to her new lover and
said, 'Dad, I have had such a fantastic time on our
first date. Please can we do it again?'

Dad put his hand on her knee and said, 'I would love to
darling, you have been the best date I have ever had in
my life and I never even dreamed we would make love

Amanda purred, 'I loved having your dick deep inside

Dad replied, 'I loved putting it in your lovely body, I
would like to make this a regular date every Friday, if
that is ok with you.'

'Yes please dad,' she eagerly replied.

When Amanda and her dad finally got home, mom was still
up and waiting for them, she was angry that they had
stayed out so late, and they were a mess, dishevelled
and sweaty. Amanda felt guilty, she couldn't look at
her mom, after all, she had just seduced her husband
into fucking her.

Dad spoke up, 'Sorry we are so late Jen, we were
enjoying ourselves so much and lost track of time.'

Jen answered, 'So you should be sorry, look at the
time, it's nearly twelve and you both look a right

'Yeah, I tripped over in the car park, it's been a long
day, I feel shattered,' dad yawned.

'That's your problem,' mom retorted. 'Don't even think
you are laying in tomorrow, there are lots of jobs need
doing.' She turned to her little girl, 'Amanda, you
have a shower now then off to bed, you can get up early
and help me.'

'Yes mom... but I did have a great time, and we had to
finish our game, especially as I won.'

For the next week, everything was normal at home,
except now at every opportunity when mom wasn't around,
dad and Amanda stole the odd kiss and groped each
others body, yearning for their next coupling.

Chapter 4

The next Friday at breakfast, dad picked Amanda up in
his arms, he had one hand on her back the other hand
under her mini skirt on her pantied bottom, he made
sure Jen was sitting behind him. He looked Amanda in
her eyes and said cheerfully 'good morning sweetie,
today's our big day'

Amanda held dad's head between her hands and asked 'are
you going to pick me after school dad?'

Mom piped up, 'John, for christs sake, not this Friday

Mom always worked late on a Friday, not getting home
until 9pm, and hated walking in to an empty house, with
her daughter and husband out enjoying themselves, she
was a bit peeved.

Dad still holding his little girl said, 'What kind of
gentleman would I be, if I didn't pick up my date?'

'Oohh... dad, you're the best in the whole world.'

'For you, my little angel, I would do anything' he

'You're so sweet dad,' Amanda said giving her dad a
kiss on the forehead.

Friday at school dragged so slowly for Amanda, she just
kept thinking of her date with dad, and getting fucked
by his beautiful big cock, her pussy got very wet just
thinking of what they will be doing later. At last the
bell rang, she quickly gathered her books and rushed
out of school, and there he was, waiting for her.
Amanda climbed in the car, leaned over and kissed her
dad full on the lips, 'Hi darling daddy.' she
whispered. 'I hope you have something big to treat me
to later.'

Daddy looked at his pretty little girl and with a smile
said ' it's really big, and it's all yours later, let's
not hang around chatting, I have booked another motel,
and made sure it has a big soft king size bed for us to
play on' with a grin he drove off to get home and
change, ready for another good fucking session with his

'I was dying for school to end today, so we could have
sex like last Friday, it seems ages since we did it,'
said Amanda.

Dad replied, 'Me too sweetie, I still can't believe how
lucky I am to have you to make love to, I was a bit
worried that you might not want to do it again with

'Dad' Amanda said in a soft voice 'I am in love with
you and I want you all the time really badly'

'I am in love with you too Amanda, it's like I am in
heaven when we make love, I do wish we could do it at
home, and more often,' her dad said.

'I am so glad you enjoy making love to me daddy,'
Amanda sighed.

The car pulled up in the drive, Amanda dashed indoors
and up to her room, she had hidden her sexy clothes
ready for this afternoon and quickly showered, taking
extra care around her pussy, 'that is special for
daddy' she thought, a touch of make up, checked her
hair and ran back downstairs in record time.

Daddy usually finished work on Friday lunchtime and had
been home and got ready for his lovely date, before
picking her up from school, he was in the hall by the
door waiting, when his sexy little girl rushed

'Let's go,' he said huskily.

They drove to the motel, last week Amanda was not sure
whether her dad would actually fuck her, but now could
not stop thinking ' it was only a week ago when I had
my first fuck' this week she was on her way to another
sex session which she knew for certain, she was in for
a good long fuck with her dad, she was so excited, her
pussy was wet knowing his lovely dick would be pounding
it soon, they reached the motel, dad checked in.

'Would you like something to eat first sweetie' dad

'No dad, we... like, go to the room right away' Amanda
replied impatiently.

'Hmmm,' thought the receptionist. 'She seems keen...
lucky girl,' then said out loud, 'Have a nice evening

Dad thought, 'God, I can't believe we are going to do
it again.'

Amanda silently mused, 'Eating now? Dad is so cute, I
know what I want... and it certainly isn't food.'

As soon as Amanda and her dad entered the
started undressing her, he whispered in her ear, 'I
love you darling.' Amanda had goosebumps as she
remembered their lovemaking last week, the feeling of
her dad's dick sliding in and out of her body, while
she was cumming time after time.

As soon as they were naked, daddy laid his little girl
on the bed, Amanda opened her legs wide as daddy rubbed
his large swollen dick up and down her little slit,
preparing to enter her. With his pre-cum and her
wetness, he easily popped the head of his dick into her
tight pussy.

'Oohh... sweetie, you feel great... so tight... so
warm... I will try to be gentle with you,' dad

Amanda felt the large bulbous head of her dad's dick
inside her pussy walls,

'Oohh dad,' she sighed. 'It feels so good in me, don't
be gentle... just push it all in me, I need it badly.'

Dad eased into her waiting pussy, deeper and deeper,
with little in and out movements, as he fully
penetrated her, Amanda gave a squeak and started to
cum, her little body shuddered, her eyes rolled back,
her pelvis was thrusting, she finally gave a long sigh,
gazed lovingly at her dad and said, 'Wow dad, that was
amazing, I needed that badly.'

Dad had been having trouble trying not to come while
Amanda was having her first orgasm of the evening, he
could feel her pussy gripping and pulsing on his dick
and trying to milk it, he just managed to hold off, now
Amanda's pussy was a little more relaxed, he could
carry on fucking her. He looked down on her sweet face,
she had a half smile, he could see she was enjoying the
sensation of his dick sliding in and out, her body was
keeping time with his thrusts, they were fucking in
perfect unison.

Gradually he could see her smile change to a look of
urgency, and he could feel their fucking becoming
harder and faster, they gazed into each others eyes,
then it happened, they both started cumming, dad was
grunting and groaning, Amanda was squealing, Amanda's
pussy tightened, her body movement became erratic, dad
was pumping load after load into his little girl,
Amanda could feel daddy's cum deep inside her as she
gradually came down from her high, they lay there
exhausted, breathing heavily, and holding each other

Daddy started stroking Amanda's back, running his hand
along her spine from the nape of her neck to the crack
of her bottom she was enjoying the sensation and
remembered what her mom had said about the male being
stimulated by feeling the waist and bottom of a female,
it seems she liked it as well, the feeling was turning
her on as well, she put her hand down to daddy's dick
and started stroking it, after only a minute she felt
his dick slowly hardening.

Daddy lifted one of her legs and stroked her pussy, now
she was really getting turned on, she slid down to
dad's dick and kissed the end of it, she tried to get
it in her mouth, but only was able to get the head of
it in, her lips were stretched around the knob, she ran
her tongue around it, she thought 'now I have had it in
both ends,' daddy was fully hard now.

Amanda pushed him onto his back, she got up and sat
astride him and lowered herself down until he was fully
inside, she lifted and lowered herself and watched her
dad's face smiling back at her, she felt like a grown
up woman making love to her man. After a while, daddy
eased her over onto her back and was fucking her in
long steady strokes.

Amanda started to cum again, she screwed up her face as
it hit her, and once again her body shook while her
pelvis thrust up to meet daddy's steady rhythm she
squeaked as she cum, daddy kept up the regular pace,
which gave Amanda three or four more orgasms it seemed
like she was having one long one, it felt like they
were fucking for hours.

Amanda raised her legs to her dad's waist, lifted her
bottom off the mattress, put her hands behind his legs
and gripped her daddy's bottom, trying to get every
last bit of his dick as deep as she could, daddy looked
down at her and was also trying to get deeper inside
her, the feeling of his daughters legs around his waist
and her hands on his bottom pulling him tight inside
her was almost overwhelming and he knew he wouldn't
last much longer. He was going to cum in her again,
this time surely must be directly into her womb.

'Oh god baby!' he gasped. 'I think I'm going... to
cum... I should pull... oh god!'

'NO DAD!' she cried. 'Don't pull out... oh please...

He felt her pussy spasm, her body shaking, the
inevitable squeal as she started cumming again, he shot
his seed into her, load after load, his head was
spinning, he nearly fell onto her, his arms which had
been supporting him gave way as he rolled to one side.
Amanda put her arms around her dad's neck and kissed
him deeply, she whispered, 'Dad that was amazing, it
seems to get better each time we make love.'

'It's because our bodies are getting used to each other
darling,' he replied.

They lay there in each others arms, kissing and
fondling each other, daddy was tweaking her little
nipples, Amanda hadn't grown tits yet, just small
mounds but her nipples were sensitive and was giving
her a tingling feeling, she in turn was caressing her
dad's dick and ball sac. Very slowly, they both started
getting aroused again, daddy laid Amanda on her back,
she opened her legs for him, he then knelt between them
and pushed his dick fully into her, her pussy could now
accept him easily, they began fucking gently with no
urgency, two bodies working completely together and
enjoying perfect sex.

They were fucking for a long time, Amanda had two or
three small orgasms with the usual squeak each time she
cum, daddy carried on pumping away at her little body,
watching the happy smile on her face, they were both
very much in love with each other. The pace gradually
quickened, they were heading toward another shattering
climax, daddy started ramming fiercely into her tender

Amanda wrapped her legs around daddy's bottom helping
him to stay deep in her, she dug her nails into his
back in fierce passion, they were now thrashing their
bodies together in utter ecstasy. They both were
cumming together, Amanda with her squeals and daddy
with his groans, as he emptied another load of sperm
deep into her.

Daddy noticed how his daughter had different sounds
when she had a climax, a series of squeaks was for a
good cum and a long squeal for an earth shattering one.

'God, look at the time,' he muttered. 'Mom'll be very
angry again when we get home.' They then proceeded to
get their clothes on, Amanda kept having to wipe her
now tender pussy, the mixture of cum was trickling down
her legs, 'I will have to pad my panties with Kleenex'
she remarked. After making their way into the bathroom
they started to try to tidy themselves up, they looked
at each other and grinned knowingly.

Once in the car and underway toward home, Amanda turned
to her dad and piped up, 'Thanks for a wonderful time
dad, I am so happy we are lovers, I will never want
anyone else, I am yours totally.'

Dad put his hand on her knee, give it a little squeeze
and replied, 'I have had a really great time too
sweetie, I love being with you, and making love with
you is the best thing that's ever happened to me, but
as for not wanting anyone else, I do hope that you will
meet some nice man in the future and settle down,
meanwhile, hopefully for some time, it will be just you
and me, but we are going to have to get you on the pill
or I will have to use condoms, the last thing I want,
is not to get you pregnant, not only is our lovemaking
i*****l, getting you pregnant is dangerous.'

'But...' Amanda started.

'Shush now, we are home,' dad interjected.

'What time do you call this?!' mom started as they
walked in the door. 'It's gone half past ten, you two
wander in like two ragamuffins, well, I am fed up
coming home to an empty house, in future, I want you
here when I arrive home.'

Amanda and her dad looked at each other sheepishly,
surely we can't miss our Friday's together they both

When next Friday arrived, dad produced a box of
condoms, Amanda looked dismayed and retorted, 'I don't
like the thought of using those.'

'The only alternative is to get you to a doctor so he
can prescribe the birth pill,' dad replied.

'Mom took me to a doctor some months ago,' Amanda
replied. 'He gave me a prescription for a regulatory
pill, because my periods were not regular.'

'Show me,' dad said hopefully.

Amanda went to her dressing table and produced a pack
of pills, dad took a careful look at them and gave a
deep cackle, 'These are birth pills,' he said beaming a
big smile. 'I have been so worried in case I knocked
you up, but every time you came near me I forgot about
the consequences and just wanted to make love to you, I
am so relieved' with that he gave her a big kiss and
said 'let's go and fuck.'

Chapter 5

For the next few weeks on their Friday sessions, Amanda
and her dad fucked themselves silly in a few short
hours and made it back home by half past eight to greet
mom on her arrival. This seemed to satisfy mom, but
Amanda and her dad still wanted the extra couple of
hours to satisfy their sexual needs.

So the next day on Saturday, Amanda found lots of jobs
to do with her mom, changing the beds, extra washing
that Amanda and her dad said they wanted, climbing and
dusting curtain rails, which had mom up and down steps
to reach, then some weeding in the garden, about six pm
mom said she had enough and claimed she was worn out,
they had their evening meal, dad opened a bottle of
wine and secretly made sure moms glass was kept topped

About ten pm mom said she was going to bed as she was
worn out, Amanda kissed her mom and said she would have
a shower and turn in as well, dad said he wouldn't be
long before he came up too.

Amanda had her shower, put on some frilly underwear a
little scent, then lay on her bed, she was nervous, and
hoping that mommy was in a deep sl**p and daddy would
be able to come to her. After around ten minutes,
Amanda heard her bedroom door open quietly, she slid
off the bed as daddy came in, he was naked and was
sporting a huge hard on, he clasped her to him and they
had a deep kiss, he whispered, 'Mom's asl**p, do you
want to do it darling.'

'You don't have to ask dad, you know I am here for you
anytime,' she whispered back. She wrapped her fingers
round her dad's erection and said quietly, 'Will you
take off my panties and undress me, so I can keep hold
of your dick... it feels so good.'

He gently removed her flimsy underwear, he lifted her
onto the bed, he whispered, 'We'll have to try to be
very quiet. I would hate to think what would happen if
mom caught us at it. But I just can't resist you
darling... I want to make love to you all the time.'

Amanda replied in a hushed voice, 'Me too dad, I can't
get enough of you.'

With that, he knelt on the bed, lifted his little girl
up in front of him and slowly lowered her down onto his
dick, she had her arms around his neck, her legs round
his waist, dad held her bottom in his hands and started
raising and lowering her on his hard member, she cum
almost immediately, with an almost inaudible squeak.

'Ooohh sweetie, this can't be wrong, our bodies fit
together perfectly,' he cooed in her ear. 'And the
wonderful feeling of being inside of you again,' all
the while thrusting up into her lithe young body.

'Dad,' she whispered back. 'I have never been so happy
since we have been making love... you feel great inside

They were both enjoying a long gentle fuck, the only
sounds they were making was the heavy breathing and the
slurping sound of dad's dick sliding in and out of
Amanda's tight pussy.

'Amanda darling' dad breathed in her ear 'I am...
ugh... starting... ugh... to... ugh... cum'

'Cum daddy, oh me too daddy, me too, I'm cumming,
please stay right up in me... ooohhh... <squeal> I'm
cumming too! Ooohh, don't stop!'

'JOHN! Get in here NOW!' mom screamed from the open
door, which dad had forgotten to shut.

'Oh shit! Mom's caught us... we are in big trouble
now,' exclaimed dad. He lowered Amanda onto the bed and
padded into their bedroom, thinking, 'this is the end
of everything.'

'What the hell do you think you are doing? I've just
caught you fucking our daughter!' mom shouted, she was

'I-I'm so sorry dear,' John said quietly. 'Amanda was
ready to become sexually active, and I was worried who
she may have picked to start with.'

'B-but,' she replied in a still angry voice. 'You know
it's wrong to fuck your own little girl. How did it
start? Is it because I haven't wanted sex lately?'

Jenny had been off sex for nearly 9 months now, and it
was inevitable that John was going to get sex
somewhere, he did have a high sex drive, she was
relieved it was not with a hooker, but... with their
own daughter... that took some thinking about. Jenny
still loved John, she did not want a divorce or make
any hasty decision, but she was jealous.

'I suppose,' she said. 'You two have been shagging on
your Friday nights out... but where have you been
going? And how long have you been doing this?'

John replied, 'It's been quite a few weeks now, around
two months I suppose. We always find an out of town
motel where no one knows us.'

Jenny carried on in a tight voice, 'From what I heard
just now, she certainly enjoys sex with you, but,
aren't you too big for her to acommidate? Surely you
can't get that big thing of yours all the way in her...
and another thing, you'll have to stop using a motel,
they're far too expensive, we can't afford that.'

John was confused now, what was his wife saying? He
lamely went on to explain that Amanda had been using
her mother's vibrator to prepare herself - to ready
herself - for him.'

'Ah, that explains a lot,' Jenny mused. 'With her
schoolwork and specs of bl**d I found on my vibrator a
couple of months ago.' Jenny had noticed traces of
bl**d on her vibrator and it kept moving position in
her drawer, three or four months ago, and she noticed
it hadn't moved over the last two months, although it
was large, it was not as big as John's dick.

'W-what's this about Amanda's schoolwork?' John

'Amanda's schoolteacher had contacted me a couple of
days ago, and said she was amazed at Amanda's progress
in the last month or so, she asked if anything had
happened to give her this sudden boost,' Jenny replied.

'Do you think that's my fault, the sex, I mean?' John

'It certainly looks like it,' Jenny said. 'I've also
noticed she seems much happier lately... always smiling
and bouncing around. It is lovely to see her that way
for a change.'

'Well,' John said. 'At least something good has come
out of it... even if I have done something terribly

Jenny was not so angry, now she had spoken to her
husband... she knew it was so wrong for their daughter
to be having sex with her father... but Amanda seems so
happy lately and her grades at school had improved
greatly... Jenny needed to think very deeply about the
families future. She told John that he had to sl**p in
the guest bedroom tonight, as she needed time to get
over the shock and to think about what is to happen

Jenny spent hours pacing back and forward in her
bedroom, worrying about how to cope with this new
situation, she had to accept the fact that Amanda and
her dad had been fucking regularly, to put a stop to it
would affect Amanda's great progress at school and also
her sparkly little self at home, Jen knew she was
partly to blame by not wanting sex for a long time.

The last time John had fucked her was over six months
ago, he kept badgering her for it, so she had given in,
and although John was a great lover, she wasn't in the
mood, so she had just lay there and let him use her,
she remembered he kept going for ages, he always had
great stamina and a high sex drive.

If she agreed to let Amanda and her dad have sex at
home, there would have to be rules. Jenny didn't want
them to sl**p together overnight, it must not affect
Amanda's schoolwork, so they can only do it at
weekends, and that her daughter was fresh each day for
school, most definitely must never tell anyone.

Chapter 6

Sunday morning arrived, Jenny called Amanda and John
together, she could see fear in their faces of what she
may say, Amanda was clutching her dad's hand tightly,
waiting for the worst her mom had decided to do.

'Right then,' Jenny started. 'I have spent half the
night coming to a decision of what is best for Amanda
and our f****y.'

'Here it comes!' thought John, still clutching his
daughter's hand. 'My world is about to come crashing

'I have decided,' continued Jenny, 'to let you two
carry on having sex.'

John's jaw dropped in amazement! He was expecting a
messy divorce, possible criminal charges, at the least,
being banned from his home, but this? He was over the
moon, he rushed over to his wife to kiss and cuddle her
as thanks.

'BUT!' Jenny said loudly, holding up her hand to stop
him. 'There are rules you have to obey.' She carried
on, 'You must only do it in this house. You must never
breathe a word to anyone. You can only do it from
Friday after school to Sunday midday and not after
eleven pm Friday and Saturday nights. You do not sl**p
together, and I will revue this situation in one month,
is that understood?'

'WOW! that's great Jen. I am so pleased we are not
breaking up and Amanda and I can still enjoy each
other. I promise to stick by the rules... I won't let
you down, I am so relieved!' John beamed

He rushed forward and held his wife tight and kissed
her. Amanda clutched her moms spare hand and said
'thank you so much mom, I love you' then turning to her
dad, grabbing his hand and pulling him toward the
stairs, 'C'mon dad... mom says it's ok for us to have
sex and we only have three hours left before twelve...
hurry I want to do it now!'

Jenny called from the kitchen, 'Use the guest bedroom,
I have to change the sheets anyway.'

As they rushed up to the bedroom they were stripping
their clothes off, John nearly fell trying to remove
his trousers while hurrying and nearly tripped over
Amanda's panties in the upstairs hall, by the time they
reached the bed, they were both naked. John fell flat
on his back on the bed, his, by now, raging hard dick
sticking up, which Amanda immediately leaped astride,
and sat herself right down onto it. Both Amanda and her
dad could not believe that mom had let them carry on
fucking... and at home too.

Amanda was thrusting herself up and down hard and fast
on her dad's dick like she was possessed, she was in a
very high state of arousal because she knew her mom
could hear them. Between the bed creaking, dad giving
the odd groan and Amanda squeaking every time she cum,
they were making quite a racket, Amanda was loving it,

'Wow,' her dad said breathlessly. 'Amanda darling, you
are really going for it today... slow down a bit or you
will wear us both out.'

'I can't help it dad, it's so exciting, mom being
downstairs and knowing we are up here fucking, I am so
happy she is letting us do it at home.'

They carried on fucking, with only short breaks for a
kiss and cuddle to get their breath back, trying
different positions, daddy had always had a high sex
drive, which his wife Jen couldn't handle, but now he
has met his match with his little girl, Amanda could
keep pace with him. Daddy loved her slim body, her
tight hairless pussy, her pretty face which she screwed
up when she let out her squeaks and squeals when she
was cumming, he couldn't get enough of her.

They just started reaching another crescendo, both
cumming together, Amanda was squealing, daddy was
groaning loudly, the bed was creaking, when they heard
mom shout up, 'Come on you two, it's nearly twelve...
you know the rules.'

Daddy was breathless, shooting his sperm deep into his
little girl.

Amanda answered her mom, 'I'm aahh... aahh...
cumming... <squeal> oohh... mommy, be right there!'


A few minutes later they both came down from the
bedroom, where they had their first fuck with mommy's
permission, Amanda had got dressed and sat on the
worktop, daddy only had his trousers on.

Mommy spoke up and said, 'From what I have just heard,
you two really enjoyed a good fuck upstairs.'

'It was really great Jen... thanks ever so much for
letting us carry on with our sex sessions, I promise we
won't do it again until next Friday after school.'

Amanda, who was still basking in the afterglow of being
well fucked by her dad, looked at him standing bare-
chested, 'Oooo, I wouldn't mind dad fucking me again
right now.' She knew mom had heard them and thought,
'This is so cool, I can't wait till next Friday. But
poor dad looked shattered and needed a rest.'

Chapter 7

For the next three weeks, every Friday, daddy picked up
Amanda from school, took her home, she showered ready
for a good sex session with her dad, they fucked until
eight thirty, then got themselves presentable for mom
when she came home from work, and greeted her with
affectionate kisses and cuddles, they always made a
light meal for all three of them so they could sit
together as a f****y. Mom loved this, this is how a
f****y should be.

Each Saturday and Sunday mornings, they all had
breakfast together, then daddy and Amanda would go up
to Amanda's room and fuck until nearly lunchtime, then
when they come down, helped mom do all the jobs that
were needed doing. On Saturday evenings they sat and
watched TV as a f****y then eight pm dad and Amanda
went up and fucked until eleven pm.

Sunday afternoons, daddy would sit on the sofa in the
lounge start reading the paper, and fall asl**p,
usually through exhaustion. Mommy did notice that on a
Sunday afternoon, Amanda had dark rings under her eyes,
'too much shagging' mommy thought, still after an early
night into bed, Monday morning Amanda looked good as

After the month was up, Jenny took stock of the
situation, Amanda's schoolwork had improved even more,
the teacher had contacted Jenny and said she wished she
could know the secret of Amanda's continued improvement
so she could get all the other pupils to do the same,
Jenny secretly chuckled at this remark 'If only she
knew!' she thought, Amanda was still bubbly and happy
all the time.

John was cheerful, gave her plenty of affectionate
kisses and cuddles, and he didn't harass her for sex
anymore, all the outstanding jobs had been cleared up,
Jen was happy that her f****y was more close than it
had ever been. All in all everything was running

Sunday afternoon, Jenny found Amanda in the
conservatory, dressed in her mini dress, stockings and
high heeled sandals, she looked such a sexy young lady
and more mature for her young years, she was glowing
with happiness.

'Hi Amanda,' her mom said cheerfully. 'The month is now
up, since I agreed for you and your dad to fuck at
home... your school says you are doing exceptionally
well, and you are a very happy girl at home, I like the
way our f****y has united, everything is running
smoothly... so... I will let you two carry on fucking
at weekends.'

'Wow' Amanda said grinning 'that's really cool mom,
thanks ever so much, you have made me so happy.'

'But...' mom came back. 'Don't forget your dad is still
my husband and I love him, it is great to see him
happy, even though it means letting him carry on
shagging you.'

'I love it mom, and dad loves it too,' Amanda said.

'I know, he tells me he has never been so happy and how
much he loves fucking you,' her mom explained. 'I,
however, am amazed you can take all of his dick inside
you. I found it hurt me and I was usually sore
afterwards. 'Well,' she carried on, 'at least this way
he all get what we want and remain a happy f****y.'

Amanda said softly 'his dick was a bit big and hurt the
first time we did it, but I wanted to get it all in me,
so I could be like a grown woman and satisfy him, but
now it fits in easily, and I love it all inside me.'

Jenny said, 'I am so glad that you are keeping dad
satisfied. I could never keep up with his sexual
demands. He has been so much happier since he has been
fucking you. I don't see why you have to just use the
bedroom now, you can do it wherever you want in the

Amanda got excited by that, 'You mean we can do it
anywhere even in the lounge or kitchen?'

'Yes,' her mom replied. 'As long as you are discrete
and not where anyone can see you, but don't worry about
me. I may even like to watch you sometimes...'

'I would like you to watch us. That's really cool mom,'
Amanda said enthusiastically.

'Well, you never know,' mom said. 'I might start
feeling horny again, so I could have him from Monday to
Thursday and you can have him on the weekends. But
after hearing you two this morning, it may take him a
couple of days to get it up again,' she smiled at her

'It was fantastic mom, we just kept fucking and
fucking,' Amanda said dreamily.

'I know,' her mother said, 'That's why he is resting
now... you wore him out. So as long as you keep taking
the pill, you can have him again next Friday after


They all carried on with the new found f****y
togetherness, Jenny got regular affectionate attention
from John and their young daughter Amanda. Dad and
Amanda carried on with their routine of fucking at
weekends. Occasionally mom would catch a glimpse of
them while they were fucking in the lounge or kitchen.
But one Saturday morning, Amanda and her dad were just
starting to warm up for another session, mom was
curious and wanted to watch, so she asked the two
lovebirds if it was ok for her to be there and see the
whole fuck session, they both agreed, mom sat in an
armchair, made herself comfortable, so that she had a
good view of the proceedings.

Dad and Amanda started by holding each other close and
having a passionate kiss, while gradually removing each
other clothes. Dad started kissing Amanda's body all
over and then picked her up and lay her on the large
sofa, he opened her legs and was licking and sucking
her little pussy, this got Amanda gasping and breathing
heavily until she gave out a loud squeak as she cum,
dad stood up and offered her his dick, which Amanda
grasped with both hands and proceeded to suck in the
head of her dad's dick, mom could see the little girl's
mouth stretched around this large member and was only
able to get about three inches in, after a short while,
dad removed his cock with a wet popping sound.

Amanda opened her legs wide, dad kneeled between them,
he rubbed his large member up and down the little girls
slit, making Amanda lift her hips toward the teasing
rod, trying to get it in her. Dad finally pushed the
bulbous end into his daughters waiting hole, stretching
the lips wide making Amanda groan with joy, he
proceeded to fuck gently, all the time inserting his
dick deeper into his little girl, finally he was all
inside her, mom couldn't believe that great dick of her
husband was totally inside that little body. Mom
watched Amanda hump back as if to get more, then they
started fucking.

The beautiful sight of those two bodies uniting and
moving in rhythm, fucking in harmony had mom on the
edge of her seat. Mom had never seen anything so
perfect and natural, Amanda let out the odd squeak,
when she was cumming, her little body jerking through
the orgasm, dad however carried on pounding the
welcoming pussy beneath him.

Amanda with glazed eyes, looked over to her mom and in
short gasps said 'thank you mom, I do love you ever so
much.' Mom stood up, walked over to the two lovers and
kissed her daughter on the lips, Amanda put one hand
behind her mom's head and inserted her tongue into her
moms mouth, mom was so surprised she responded
automatically, the two started deep French kissing.

Her dad was still keeping the regular thrusting in his
daughter, he saw the passionate embrace his two female
lovers were in, Amanda squealed inside moms mouth as
she went into an earth shattering climax, her body went
into convulsions, this brought dad off, and pumped his
seed into the girls body. Mom and Amanda broke their
i****tuous kiss, they looked at each other with glazed
eyes, all three were out of breath, their chests
heaving for air.

'My god!' mom said in a very husky voice. 'I have just
experienced my own daughters tremendous orgasm, I
cannot describe how wonderful it was to see her
writhing in extacy like that,' she continued 'you two
have something really special between you.' Jenny had
also had a mild orgasm and would want to kiss her
little girl again some time while the little one went
through her climax, it was so erotic.

'It's dad's dick between us,' Amanda jokingly replied.
All three burst out laughing, mom went back to the
armchair, still shaking from her daughters amazing

The two lovers were in each others arms, stroking and
kissing, after a few minutes dad lifted his daughter
and slid under her, Amanda held his again stiff dick
upright and lowered herself down until her pussy lips
were resting on her dad's body, mom still found it hard
to believe her little girl could accommodate that large
organ completely inside her, but she could see the girl
loved it.

Dad and daughter started fucking again, the two lovers
fully joined and their bodies working together like a
well oiled machine. This carried on for some
considerable time, with occasional squeaks and shakes
from Amanda, gradually their pace increased, then came
the inevitable squeal, the uncontrolled convulsing and
shaking of the little girl, while her daddy grunted and
groaned as he once again shot his load into his

Mom watched them from the armchair, and was convinced
she had made the right decision letting them carry on
with their i****tuous relationship. Mom could see they
were perfect partners for their sexual needs, and
strangely enough she felt she was a part of it, it was,
after all, the answer to keep the f****y together. Mom
was pleased she was no longer harassed by her husband
for sex, and she was sure he still loved her, and it
seemed so natural seeing the way her husband and
daughter were enjoying each other.

Dad and Amanda carried on with their regular couplings,
sometimes mom stripped off and lay beside them while
dad and daughter were shagging, she also experienced
the wonderful deep kissing with Amanda whilst she went
through her massive climaxes. One day when she was with
the two lovers on the bed, her husband brought his
loving wife's lips to his and gave her a tongue
battling kiss.

Amanda started sucking her mom's nipples, this felt so
erotic to mom, dad started grunting in his wife's mouth
as he was cumming in her daughter, Amanda was squealing
on her tit while still sucking it, it felt to mom she
was a part of the huge climax her husband and daughter
were having.

Amanda and her dad had christened every room in the
house, even the bathroom, Amanda had even fucked her
dad when he sat on he closed toilet seat, she had been
fucked over and in the bath, even over the hand basin,
the kitchen bar stools, the breakfast bar, nothing was
sacred, they had tried it everywhere.

Chapter 8

One Friday, Amanda was on school holiday, she decided
to visit her dad at his office, so she put on a neat
suit with all her lacy underwear hidden underneath, she
had a garter belt and stockings on for this special
occasion. She would get a lift back home when he
finished work at lunchtime. The office closed down
every Friday afternoon.

'Dad?' Amanda asked 'would you like to have me for
lunch today?' she said with an impish grin, Dad was
finishing off some paperwork,

'I would love to darling,' he said, gazing at his very
sophisticated looking young daughter, the office was
gradually emptying of the other employees.

'Just complete this, then I am all yours,' he grinned.

Amanda wandered around exploring the office, no one was
around now, she peered in one or two doors finding a
broom cupboard and a small canteen area, the third one
she came to had a large copying machine in one corner,
she entered the room and strolled over to the machine,
which was still switched on.

'Amanda?' dad called. 'Where are you?'

'In the copying room,' his daughter replied.

John appeared in the doorway, the room was dimly lit
with the lamp of the copier, he could see his
attractive girl standing by the machine.

'You are so beautiful,' he said striding up to her and
pulling her to him for a deep passionate kiss.

'Will you make love to me here dad?' she said patting
the copier.

'I would make love to you anywhere, even the moon if I
could get there,' her father replied, dropping his
trousers and underpants to the floor,

Amanda took off her skirt and panties, revealing her
lacy underwear and silky nylon stockings, dad lifted
her forward onto the machine, with her bottom in the
air, he felt her pussy, she was already wet with
anticipation, he held her under her hips, legs spread
either side of his, he entered her, sliding fully into
her waiting love tunnel.

'Coo dad, that feels so good,' Amanda breathed, 'please
fuck me hard and fast,' she squeaked as her first
climax hit her.

Daddy pounded her pussy making the machine rock wildly,
humping away at her willing body, he could feel his
balls tighten ready to spray his load into her waiting
womb. Amanda let out a loud squeal as they both started
cumming at the same time, dad was emptying his
throbbing dick in her, when....

'Well, well! What have we here?' a voice said loudly
through the open door, they both were startled looked
over to see Jack, dad's b*****r standing just inside
the door holding his camera phone toward them.

'Got a few nice pictures of you two, I want both of you
in my office now,' Jack said sternly.

'Shit!' John exclaimed. 'This can be big trouble for
us' He helped his shaking girl down off the machine.
They both pulled on their s**ttered clothes. They then
proceeded to dad's b*****r's office. The door was open,
'Come in, come in and close the door,' said Jack's
voice impatiently. 'I think we have a problem,' he
continued, 'something like i****t, u******e carnal
knowledge and maybe a few other lesser charges, most
definitely a high court criminal hearing, a prison
sentence without a doubt.'

Amanda sat quietly on a chair sobbing, her face pale.

John turned to his b*****r and spluttered, 'Y-you
wouldn't dare stitch me up surely... me? Your own

'Wouldn't I?' Jack threatened. 'If I don't I'd be an
accessory to c***d m*****ation. I could be disbarred
and locked up within twenty four hours. Not to mention
what would happen to you and your reputation, it would
be in shreds, and your life in ruins, you will lose

'B-but why are you doing this to me?' John pleaded. 'D-
do you hate me this much?'

'No, of course I don't hate you b*****r. I hate what
you've got and what I haven't. Like you getting Jenny
for your wife. I'd had fallen in love with her before
you even met her, we had spent months together, I
always thought we were a happy couple, until you came
along and stole her from me. Jenny dropped me like a
hot brick when she met you, it wasn't fair, in no time
you had got married, then had your cute little baby
girl, who has now grown into a beautiful young lady,
with whom, I have just caught you fucking silly, it is
just not fair dear b*****r.'

Jack and John had studied law together at a famous
university, they were both finishing their exams for a
master's degree to become barristers, Jack was working
in town for a lawyers firm, John worked in a local
solicitors company. John remembered back to the time he
met jenny, he had gone to visit his b*****r to swap
information on their pending exams, he arrived at his
b*****rs apartment and was greeted at the door by this
very attractive brunette, dressed in a flimsy
nightgown, John noticed she had on a baby doll nightie
underneath, after the introductions Jenny as she was
called, explained that Jack was away for two days on a
serious case in a midlands crown court.

John found that Jenny had met his b*****r on a seminar
six months before and moved in with him within days, he
also found out she was on her finals to become a
solicitor. John and Jenny sat down in the lounge and
with a couple of cups of coffee, chatted for two or
three hours, they got on well together and found they
both had a lot in common.

Finally, John explained he was going to go, and picked
up the used cups and took them to the kitchen, Jenny
followed him, John put the cups by the sink and as he
turned around found Jenny very close, she leaned
forward, and said, 'How about a kiss goodbye, after
all, we may become very close relatives soon.' She put
her arms around his neck and drew her open lips to his.
Fireworks went off, as their mouths met, she pushed her
body tight to his, in very short time, he had a raging
hard on, she took a step back and gazed into his eyes,
he felt her hand grasp his stiff member through his

'My god!' she had said throatily. 'I need some of that
badly,' she grabbed him by the hand and led him to his
b*****r's bedroom' she slipped off the flimsy nightgown
and stood before him in her silky baby doll nightie.

'I can't do this to Jack,' John uttered. 'I can't take
my b*****rs possessions.'

'I am not his possession, we live together purely for
economic and convenience... and,' she continued, 'he
hasn't serviced my needs for nearly two weeks, so...
for gods sake get that weapon of yours out and let's
get to know each other.'

John did not need further encouragement, he stripped
naked, lifted Jenny onto the bed, then proceeded to
fuck her intensely for the next two hours, she had
squeaked and squealed through many orgasms.

Jenny lay back exhausted with a Mona Lisa type smile on
her face, 'That was incredible!' she uttered. 'I hope
you haven't any girlfriend in the background, I want
you John, for myself.'

John leaned toward her and gave her lips a soft kiss,
'I would like that,' he said huskily.

One week later, Jenny had moved in with John, who in
turn fucked her at every opportunity, it wasn't long
before Jenny became pregnant, they had a small wedding,
eight months later Amanda their baby girl arrived.

Jack had never forgiven John, he had met and married a
lady solicitor which lasted ten years, before his
divorce from his wife, she soon met a young stud from
the local gym. For the last few years Jack had lived
alone, his divorce was a messy and costly affair. It
had all left him very bitter.

John and Jack, both qualified barristers, had set up
their law firm ten years previously, they were both
married at that time and often got together with their
wives and employees for a cocktail evening. Although
everything seemed normal, John had often noticed Jack
eyeing up his wife Jenny.

John knew Jack could ruin him, Jack could finish up
with everything while he would be in prison for quite a
few years.

'W-what do you want from me you bastard,' John seethed.

'Nothing from you dear b*****r,' Jack said
sarcastically. 'I want Amanda.'

Amanda looked up sharply with fear in her tearful eyes.
John's jaw dropped, 'No way!' shouted John. 'Over my
dead body!'

'You may as well be dead if you go to prison,' Jack
retorted. 'But listen to my proposition first. I can
easily get you charged and put in prison - or - I have
Amanda for one hour a week for my pleasure, say from
six pm to seven pm on a Friday evening, upstairs in the
guest bedroom, you can sit in the lounge while Amanda
and I go at it for exactly one hour only without any
interruption, or I could proceed with getting you
charged. The hour I have chosen is it gives Amanda time
to get home from school, get showered and ready for me,
you will bring her to the apartment and have her naked
on the large bed in number one bedroom at precisely six
pm, you will close the bedroom door, I will arrive and
enter the bedroom.

'I want her to let me have my way with her without any
resistance, you will sit in the lounge until seven pm
when I will leave, it gives you time to get her home
and presentable and composed for Jenny when she gets
home from work. I promise she will not be hurt in any
way. At no time must you enter the bedroom or call out
while I am in there with her.'

Amanda was sobbing quietly, tears streaming down her
face, she realised she had caused this by enticing her
dad to fuck her in the office copying room, she had
thought the whole office was empty. Her uncle jack was
blonde haired and looked rather handsome, but she
always thought he was not a nice person, she shuddered
at the thought of him even touching her, let alone him
fucking her, she was very afraid.

John sat there with tears in his eyes, wringing his
hands, he could see no way out of this situation, he
certainly did not want his b*****r fucking his little

'I will do it dad,' Amanda said in a whisper looking up
to her dad 'I got us into this mess, and it's the only
way out for us.'

'Good girl,' Jack spoke up. 'I will have my first hour
with you as soon as you are in the bedroom today, in
future we will stick to the times I have set out.'

John looked around in desperation and noticed Jack's
camera phone on his desk, John leaped forward and
grabbed the phone, he clutched it tightly with a look
of great relief.

'Maybe this is now just conjecture,' John said with a
wry smile.

'You can have it John, I have removed the memory card
and it is locked in my personal safe,' Jack said

John's shoulders slumped, he was defeated, he turned to
his daughter, held her tightly, looked down to her tear
stained face and sadly kissed her on her forehead.

'Let's get it over with dad,' Amanda said, clutching
her father's hand she led him toward the lift.

Once they arrived in the apartment, Amanda turned to
her dad and said, 'Stay here dad, I don't want you to

Amanda walked into the number one bedroom and closed
the door, as she made her way to the on suite bathroom,
she looked at the large double bed with dismay. She
stripped off, had a shower, made her way back to the
bedroom and lay naked on the bed, she was dreading what
was to come.

Dad, sitting on the sofa in the lounge, jumped, when
the door opened and his b*****r strode in as he walked
to the number one bedroom door, he turned to dad and
said sternly 'no interruptions, don't forget.' Opened
the door and walked in shutting it behind him. Dad sat
there wringing his hands, helpless to stop his little
girl being virtually ****d.

A few minutes went by, Amanda was shivering with fear,
when the door opened and in came her uncle Jack
sporting a wide cheesy grin, shutting the door and
locking it behind him, he went to the curtained window,
reached up then turned.

'Well, well... look what I have to play with?' he
gloated as he stripped off his clothes, nearly falling
over getting his legs out of his trousers, Amanda tried
to look away, but she was curious how large his dick
was, she was relieved to see it was much smaller than
her dad's, he climbed on the bed and kneeled with his
dick inches from her face, 'Suck it!' he commanded.

Amanda used her finger and thumb, lifted it, opened her
mouth, and easily getting her lips over the head,
started sucking, uncle put his hand behind her head and
pushed his dick in almost to her throat nearly making
her gag, he started fucking her mouth with short
strokes watching her pretty face as he fucked in and

After only a few minutes he withdrew his now hard dick,
much to Amanda's relief, he lowered his face down to
her pussy and exclaimed he was going to taste her
nectar. Amanda felt his hot breath on her little pussy,
she felt him use his fingers to open her, which made
her jump and stiffen her legs, his tongue licked inside
her opening, down and up to her clitoris, this made her
gasp, he carried on licking her and putting his tongue
into her, she started to feel warm, and was gradually
feeling a little horny.

He did not let up, with the licking, Amanda was getting
very worked up and reluctantly her hips started to hump
his face, until finally she squeaked as she cum. Her
uncle said how nice her nectar tasted, Amanda thought
that half of what he was slurping on was her dad's cum,
and smiled inwardly.

Uncle climbed up her body until his face was just above
hers, he put his stiff member at the entrance to her
pussy and said, 'You hold it and put it in you, as I
don't want it classed as ****.' Amanda used her right
hand and grasped his dick, and with a whimper she
pushed his dick into her, he then proceeded to fuck
her, 'it is so much smaller than daddies,' she thought
as he pumped into her little body.

It seemed like ages, as he carried on fucking her, she
hated it in her, but her body started to take over as
it thrust back at him, she looked at his face through
half closed eyes, thinking, 'This isn't as bad as I
thought it might be, he is quite handsome really.' She
could see the small beads of sweat forming on his
forehead, the look of concentration on his face, the
feel of his dick sliding in and out of her.

Gradually she became very aroused and fucked back at
him, shagging each other frantically, his dick started
to swell and then erupted a huge load of sperm into
her, she felt his hot liquid pumping inside and she
squealed as her body convulsed in orgasm. It had been a
good fuck, she would secretly look forward to next
week, she felt quite content knowing she could satisfy
two fully grown men with her little body.

Daddy heard the squeak earlier and hoped it was all
over, now he heard her squeal knowing his little girl
had been well and truly fucked by his hated b*****r, he
was beside himself with grief, she was no longer his,
his little sweetie, she had given herself to another,
tears formed in his eyes as he realised this would
recur week after week. He was surprised to find he was
sporting a huge hard on, hearing his own daughter being
fucked by someone else, it had turned him on.

Amanda hated herself for losing control and cumming
hard on this strange dick now shriveling inside her,
she did think that it wasn't as bad as she expected, in
fact, she secretly enjoyed it.

Uncle withdrew his soft cock from Amanda's now well
oiled pussy, and stroked her body gently all over from
her neck to her pussy mound, this made Amanda relax,
she glanced over to the bedside clock and was amazed
only twenty minutes had passed, the stroking continued.
Uncle put his face near hers and whispered, 'Thanks
little niece, I enjoyed that very much, I hope you
don't hate me for putting you through this, I would
never hurt you. I will never tell about anything that
goes on in this room.'

He then put his lips on hers and kissed her, she
responded by opening her mouth and letting his tongue
inside, she put her arms around his neck, they kissed
gently not passionately, but as two intimate people

'Uncle?' she said softly, 'please promise me you will
never send my dad to prison if I let you have me each

'I promise,' he breathed back.

'And you must not show any sign of affection to me
outside of this room,' she continued softly.

'I promise little one,' he said quietly.

'And never tell or tease daddy about us,' she pleaded

'I promise that too,' he uttered. With that, Amanda
pulled his face once again to hers and kissed him
deeply. Jack then knew that his niece had enjoyed being
fucked by him, he just wish he had more stamina and
could fuck her again, but all his life he was only able
to get a hard on once a week, usually only lasting ten
to fifteen minutes, that was the reason his wife had
left him, she had wanted sex nearly every day.

He remembered going home one day and found his wife
splayed out on their bed, a large pool of what looked
like cum between her legs soaking into the sheet, her
pussy was red raw and gaping open, a look of sheer
exhaustion on her face, her eyes sunken with dark bags
under them. He had blown his top, he had ranted and
raved at her, she just lay there and taunted him, by
telling him she had just had her first gang bang, she
said she had just satisfied four well hung studs each
one had shagged her many times as they had taken turns
with her.

Jack had threatened her with a well publicised divorce,
she came back saying she would loudly make it well
known he could only get it up once a week and he had a
small dick. He knew he would be a laughing stock and
could lose a lot of credulity as a lawyer. It became a
standard divorce over incompatibility and it cost him
very dearly on the settlement.

Daddy was still on the couch, getting increasingly
worried as he hadn't heard anything for nearly forty
minutes, 'What is happening in there' he thought
frantically, as the hour was up.

Just then the door opened, out came his b*****r who
pointed to the room with his thumb, and said, 'I have
had my hour, she is all yours now, until next Friday'

John leaped to his feet, as he ran toward the room he
looked at his b*****r as he was departing and said in a
threatening voice, 'If you have harmed her...'

As John entered the bedroom, he could see his naked
daughter laying on her side, he picked her up and held
her tight to him in a protective embrace, he kissed her
gently on her forehead, he noticed a small tear in each
of her eyes and asked,

'Are you ok sweetie?' she nodded and sniffed.

'Daddy please will you make love to me? I want to be
yours again.'

'Are you sure you want this?' he queried. He was still
hard from hearing her cumming on another mans cock.

She nodded, put her arms around his neck and kissed him
passionately. Daddy lay her back on the bed, she opened
her legs, he could see cum running out her pussy, he
disrobed and lowered himself and slipped his hard dick
easily into her well lubricated love tunnel, as he
reached the full extent of his seven and a half inch
dick, Amanda cooed, 'Wow dad, you are so much bigger
than uncle Jack.'

They then proceeded to fuck, it took a while before
Amanda squeaked, they carried on fucking as if nothing
had ever happened. Eventually they both began reaching
the height of passion, dad pounding her with abandon
thinking of another mans sperm in her.

Amanda's body began taking over and frantically pushing
back. 'Squeal,' Amanda's body once again was shaking
and shuddering as she felt her dad fill her again with
another load from his balls. As they lay in each others
arms, Amanda looked at her dad lovingly and whispered,
'I am yours again dad!'

After Amanda staggered to the on suite bathroom she
noticed large gobs of cum running down her leg, she
showered and dressed, she carefully walked back feeling
very weak, her legs felt wobbly, realising she had just
been fucked by two grown men.

'Let's get out of here and go home,' her father said,
as he took her arm and gently led her away.

Once in the car, her dad asked her, 'Was it really
horrible for you sweetie?'

'Please let's not talk about it dad,' she pleaded.

When they arrived home, John turned to Amanda kissed
her softly and asked, 'We just have time, would you
like to go upstairs and make love again darling.'

'Not now dad, I need to rest awhile,' she replied, then
very slowly climbed the stairs.

'This is the first time she has not wanted to make
love,' he thought, 'I am not going to like Fridays in

Mom came home, dad had prepared a small meal for them
all, he went into the hall and called loudly, 'Amanda?
Moms home, dinner on the table.'

'Be right down dad,' she called back.

Mom and dad were sitting at the dining table when
Amanda walked in with a weak smile, she kissed her mom
on the cheek, she looked worn out and had dark rings
under her eyes.

'You look awful,' mom remarked. 'You and your dad are
going to have to ease off shagging so much.'

Amanda and dad looked guiltily at each other, bowed
their heads and ate their meal. Amanda finished eating
and declared she was going to bed, went to her mom and
dad and kissed them both good night.

After Amanda had left, mom turned to dad and said, 'You
will have to take it easy with her, you are a fully
grown man, and she is only young, I don't like to see
her so shattered.'

Chapter 9

Saturday morning, Amanda bounced into the dining room,
mom and dad were eating breakfast, Amanda looked well,
her eyes were sparkling, she appeared happy and back to
her cheeky self. Amanda was famished, she ate a hearty
breakfast, after a cup of tea, she looked over at her
dad and asked, 'Fancy coming upstairs for a while dad?
I could do with a good fuck,' it was now accepted that
the word 'fuck' was no longer a bad word in this

Dad looked up at his daughter with a gleam in his eyes,
'Yes darling, I would love to,' he grinned.

Mom smiled, 'My little girl is still just as randy,'
she thought. 'They must have really shagged themselves
silly yesterday, of course, Amanda was on a school
holiday, they must have been fucking the whole day,
although John didn't look as worse for wear as Amanda
did, he is a real stud.' She was relieved it wasn't her
on the receiving end of his large dick, and very glad
her daughter could handle his great sex drive.

Once upstairs, Amanda had stripped off and lay back
with her legs wide, dad was gazing lovingly at his
girl, after some passionate kissing, dad slurped on her
titty buds, this made Amanda start tingling, dad
lowered his mouth to her pussy and proceeded to lick
and suck her. She loved the feeling of her dad making
love to her pussy with his mouth.

She was laying back, her knees bent, her legs wide with
her dad's head in between, It took some while before
she felt the oncoming climax gradually rising, then
came the inevitable squeak as her body shook, dad
carried on ministering her quim making sure she was
ready. Dad climbed up her and inserted his bl**d
engorged cock into her, easing it in until it was fully
home. They started fucking with a slow rhythm, both
enjoying the feel of each other.

Mom smiled as she had heard the squeak from her
daughter, now the regular creak-creak of the bed, two
more squeaks about fifteen minutes apart, then movement
on the bed, 'They must be changing position,' thought

Daddy had been shagging his girl in the missionary
position, he withdrew his dick from her and turned her
over onto all fours, he then entered her tight love
tunnel from behind.

Clasping her hips he rammed his stiff member in and
out, 'Oh... oh... oh... ohh,' Amanda grunted each time
her dad's dick went into her. She pushed back in time
with dad, loving the feel of him being deep inside her.
Her dad was pounding away, watching the wide hips
narrowing down to her small waist, seeing her little
bottom rosebud going back and forward, both in perfect
timing, he was in heaven fucking this perfect little

The pace got faster and harder, they started to cum at
the same time, 'squeal' went Amanda as she cum hard on
her dad's dick feeling the hot jizz being pumped into
her. Amanda collapsed onto the bed, dad was still half
inside her on her back, resting on his elbows either
side of her, both were gasping for air.

'Daddy?' Amanda queried after her breathing slowed,
'Would you try putting your dick in my bottom, I want
to see what it feels like.'

'That would be very painful for you sweetie, I don't
want to hurt you,' he replied.

'Can we just try?' she asked.

Daddy removed his dick from her, got up and went into
his bedroom, he came padding back with a plastic bottle
of baby oil.

'It will take a while to prepare you, but you must stop
me if it hurts too much baby,' he murmured. 'Kneel on
your hands and knees darling.'

Amanda knelt with her bottom in the air. Daddy poured
some oil onto her bottom then very gently eased a
finger into her anus, Amanda squirmed, feeling the
intrusion. Daddy could feel her little sphincter
gradually loosening, more oil then another finger.
Amanda was laying forward head on her arms feeling her
bottom being invaded by dad's fingers, trying to relax
as she felt a third finger pushing into her, it hurt a
bit, but not too much.

Daddy had now got three fingers in her as far as they
would go, making in and out movements, her sphincter
was now loose, it had been nearly half an hour since he
started, he thought, she is now as ready as she could
be for the real thing. He held the oil bottle to her
now open hole, squeezed the bottle and squirted the oil
inside her until it started to run out. Dad had got a
real hard dick thinking of shagging his girls backside,
he held his stiff member to her open bottom and eased
the head of his cock into her, her bum gripped the head
and he could hardly move, it was so tight. Amanda
gasped as she felt her dad enter her, 'Put a bit more
in dad,' she said breathlessly.

Dad very, very slowly eased into her extremely tight
silky tunnel, after around fifteen minutes he had half
his dick in her.

'Are you ok sweetie?' her dad asked.

'It hurts a bit, sort of a burning feeling, but I don't
want you to stop,' she said in short gasps.

Dad started short in and out movements gradually
getting deeper into her. After a further ten minutes he
was completely inside, still making short movements he
started fucking her bottom, soon, Amanda moved back and
forward accepting his dick, the movement became longer.
Dad was now fucking her ass like he would her pussy,
Amanda moving in time with her dad, she felt very full
the pain had gone, and was now enjoying her first ass
fuck. The bed was creaking again as they fucked.

Mom, who had not heard anything for a long time, smiled
when she heard the bed moving again, 'I wonder what the
long break was for,' she thought.

Dad was surprised how long he had lasted with his dick
gripped so tightly in this delicious backside, he felt
his balls tightening, he sped up his onslaught to the
cute bottom of his daughter, his cock swelled and
spewed the contents of his balls deep in his girls
bowels, she let out an almighty squeal, the longest and
loudest yet.

Amanda had been feeling a long, slow climax building
up, different to being fucked in her pussy, it built to
a crescendo, when she felt her dad blast his hot sperm
deep in her, her orgasm exploded like a bomb going off.
They fell sideways onto the mattress, dad still in her,
spooned together, both gasping unable to speak. After
lying together for some time, she could feel dad's dick
gradually sliding out of her, leaving a trail of cum
running down one cheek of her bottom.

'Dad,' she breathed. 'That was amazing, I didn't know
you could make me cum that way.'

'Nor did I sweetie, how do you feel, are you sore?'

'A little, I am not sure whether I can walk properly
though,' she said with a smile.

After a kissing and cuddling session, dad got dressed
and went downstairs.

'Lunchtime was nearly an hour ago,' Jenny reflected.
'Did you enjoy yourselves?'

'Yes very much, she is wonderful, we have one horny
little daughter there,' John said wearily.

Amanda entered the dining room walking carefully with
her legs slightly apart, very slowly sitting down on a
chair, wincing as her sore bottom touched down.

'You look as if you have just ridden a horse,' Jenny

'No, just dad,' Amanda said grinning. 'Mind you, I
think he is built like one,' she giggled.

They all burst out laughing.

Dad and Amanda had their usual Saturday evening fuck
session, ending with Amanda's usual squeal. Mom and dad
turned in for bed.

'John?' Jenny whispered to her husband, 'Can I join you
two tomorrow.'

'Of course you can darling,' John replied. 'Anytime you

Chapter 11

Sunday morning after the happy f****y had their
breakfast, they all trooped up to the guest bedroom and
got undressed. Dad held mom in a close embrace and
kissed her deeply, his hard dick on moms tummy, mom
looked down at it and said, 'You better stick that big
thing in our daughter,' she smiled.

Amanda lie back on the bed, legs apart ready, mom
asked, 'Can I start the proceedings today?'

Her mom got down between Amanda's legs and started
licking and kissing her little daughter's pussy. 'Oh
mom,' Amanda purred. 'That feels so nice.' Her mom
carried on, enjoying her girl's juices, until 'squeak'
as Amanda reached her climax.

'All yours now, daddy,' Jenny offered.

John got between his girls legs and pushed his hard
dick in deep, he had got really turned on watching his
wife give their daughter oral sex, he proceeded to
fuck, when Amanda piped up, 'Mom? Can I do it to you?'
she asked.

Jenny kneeled astride the girls head and lowered
herself to her daughter's lips. Amanda began sucking
and licking her own moms pussy, while dad continued
fucking her. Mom felt herself losing control, she was
grinding her pussy on her girls sucking mouth, 'squeal'
mom shrieked loudly as she cum. Amanda was close behind
and 'squeak' as she cum too, as mom showered her face
with her cum.

Jenny fell over to one side shaking and quivering, it
was a very long time since she had a good climax, her
daughters mouth had driven her over the edge big time.
Mom leaned over to Amanda, locked lips and kissed with
their tongues, they could taste their own juices on the
lips of the other.

'Thank you darling,' her mom whispered to Amanda. 'I
really needed that.'

'I enjoyed it too mom,' she answered, licking her lips.

Meanwhile, dad was still shagging away at his little
girl, he hadn't heard his wife cum for years and then
he realised they both made the same sound when they
cum, his little girl looked up with her face showing

'Daddy,' she pleaded, 'I am going to cum.' With that
she let out a loud long squeal, as she was cumming,
with her little pussy clenching daddies dick their
bodies moving together, dad pumped another load of love
juice deep in her.

Mom was watching them as they jerked and shuddered
through their climatic moment, 'they do look so good
together' she thought, and saw the love they shared as
they held each other and kissed. 'Aahh well,' Jenny
sighed, 'you two, it's time to part, now 12:30.'

'Do we get overtime mom?' Amanda giggled.

They all laughed together, got dressed and made their
way downstairs.

Amanda was back at school, and when Friday arrived she
felt very nervous, knowing what was in store for her.
The bell rang, she walked out and found dad waiting, he
had a frown on his face, 'hello sweetie' he said giving
her a kiss, 'hi dad' she said kissing him back.

'Are you ok for this?' he asked.

'Yes dad, I think I can handle it.'

Just small talk on the way home, Amanda showered and
changed, went down to where daddy was waiting and took
his hand and led the way to his car.

They arrived at the office at five thirty, by the time
they got to the apartment it was five forty, dad
clasped his little girl to him, 'I really hate this,'
he said sadly.

Amanda kissed her dad and opened the bedroom door,
quickly looked back at her sad dad and closed it behind
her. She undressed glanced at the bedside clock, and
stood at the end of the bed waiting.

Uncle jack arrived entering the bedroom exactly at six
pm, he locked the door, went to the curtain, looked
round, beaming a big smile and looking Amanda up and
down and said softly, 'How is my favourite toy today.'

Amanda walked up to him, stood on tip toe put her hands
either side of his face and brought his lips down to
her open mouth and deeply kissed him. She helped him
undress, and led him to the bed, she climbed onto the
bed and lay back, legs apart ready,

'Hi uncle Jack, do you want to play with your toy now,'
she said quietly.

'How about same as last week?' he asked. 'You suck, I
suck, we fuck,' Amanda nodded smiling. She grasped his
five inch dick as he knelt by her head, kissed it along
the shaft opened her mouth and sucked it in, uncle
placed his hands behind her head and gently fucked her
face. Amanda tried to open her throat to get it in
further, she gagged a little as it reached her throat,
then suddenly her nose hit his stomach, she had managed
to get all in, uncle withdrew his dick and said 'you
are amazing, but I wouldn't last very long and I want
save it for your lovely pussy.

He slid down her bed between his nieces thighs and
sucked and licked her sweet pussy. Five minutes later
'squeak' as Amanda cum rubbing her pussy up and down
her uncle's face. Uncle clambered up until his hard
cock was at Amanda's pussy entrance. Uncle said, 'Do
you want to put in or shall I?'

Amanda put her hand down and put uncle's dick into her,
uncle then began fucking her.

'It feels nice,' Amanda whispered, as she lifted her
hips and thrust back at him. It was her first fuck of
the week, all the tension needed release, she soon cum
again 'squeak,' uncle was having trouble trying not to
cum too soon, as he pounded away in his lovely willing
niece. After just a few minutes he could not hold on
any longer and began pumping his load into Amanda, who
in turn felt the large load of sticky fluid entering
her which sent her into a shuddering climax, 'squeal'
she cum hard.

Uncle always produced a lot of sperm, 'It must build up
in him for his once a week fuck,' she thought.

Uncle Jack eased his withering dick out of his niece,
and stroked her smooth young body, he really enjoyed
the feeling of her flawless skin, 'I have just fucked
this sweet young thing,' he thought. 'I wish I could
get hard again for another go at her,' but he knew he
was only capable of one short fuck each week.

'John has always been able to fuck for hours, and he
was more well endowed than me,' he thought jealously,
he turned to Amanda who had a sweet dreamy look on her
face, he put his lips to hers, she opened her mouth and
let his tongue inside. They kissed for a long time,
Amanda had started to get aroused again, but as Jack
looked at the clock he realised his time was nearly up.

Jack slid off the bed, began dressing, Amanda saw he
was leaving, stood up, walked over to him and gave him
a farewell open mouthed kiss, 'Until next week uncle,'
she whispered in his ear, then quickly jumped on the
bed and lay back as he went to the curtain then left
the room.

John had once again heard the squeak and the squeal
while his b*****r was fucking his little girl, he was
almost at bursting point with jealousy, he hated his
b*****r even touching her let alone having sex with
her. He had another raging hard on.

The bedroom door opened exactly on seven, Jack emerged,
said to John, 'Don't worry dear b*****r, she is still
in one piece,' as he left the apartment.

John dashed into the bedroom to see his daughter head
to one side with the tip of her index finger in her
mouth, she looked up sharply, and with a loving look
spreading over her face, she held her arms open to him,
said in a husky voice 'make me yours again daddy.' John
quickly disrobed, climbed between his daughter's legs
and pushed his dick into his girl's tight sloshy hole.

'Oooohhh daddy, I need you so much,' Amanda cooed.

They fucked for nearly an hour, Amanda had one squeak
and two squeals, she had cum gently soon after her
daddy had entered her, then twice very hard while her
dad was fucking her, she had been thinking of her
satisfying two men again. Her dad had emptied himself
twice inside her, the same time as her squeals, she
always made him cum when she shook and shuddered and
clamped on his dick during her massive orgasms.

John glanced at the clock, leaped out of bed, 'quick
sweetie, we have to leave now.' They both frantically
put their clothes on, dashed out to the car and drove
toward home, dad stopped at a fish and chip shop got
three meals and tore off home. On arrival they went in
the dining room, lay out three plates and cutlery, just
in time as mom came home.

Mom walked in and gave a kiss to each of them, stood
back looking at Amanda who stood with her legs slightly
a part and said, 'You my dear daughter, look a mess,
and ought to clean yourself up after a good fuck.'

Amanda looked down and was embarrassed to see cum
running down both the inside of her legs into her
frilly socks.

'And John,' Jenny carried on. 'You seem to have saved
quite a lot for your daughter this week.'

John blushed as they sat down for their meal. Amanda
got some paper kitchen towel and was wiping her legs,
as she sat down.

After washing up when they had eaten, they settled down
in front of the TV, dad turned to Amanda, 'Fancy
popping upstairs for a while sweetie?' he asked.

'Ok dad,' she replied with not a lot of conviction.

As they reached the door, mom said, 'I don't believe
you two, you're always shagging.'

Once in the bedroom and undressed, Amanda said to her
dad, 'Don't fuck me too hard tonight daddy, I am a bit
tender down there, unless you want my bottom instead.'

'Which ever way you wish darling,' dad replied.

Amanda climbed on the bed onto all fours with her cute
little butt in the air, 'Use this tonight dad,' she

John grabbed the baby oil and proceeded to open up his
girl, when her ass was ready, dad entered her tight
silky tunnel, gradually fucking deeper, once, as Amanda
started to rock back at him, dad fucked her little
backside with vigour, after some time Amanda let out a
squeal, dad felt her bottom tighten and try to draw him
in, he pulsed another load into her body. Amanda was
exhausted, she showered and curled up in bed feeling a
bit sore.

Saturday morning after breakfast, Amanda and dad had a
good fuck in the kitchen and another session in the
lounge on the settee. Then pottered about helping mom
and doing odd jobs. In the evening after watching the
TV for a while, Amanda and her dad had their usual shag

Chapter 12

Sunday morning, mom joined in the sex games and orally
brought her daughter to a climax then Amanda, while dad
was fucking her, slurped on mom's pussy, bringing her
to her second squealing orgasm she had for a year.

The Friday routine with Amanda and her uncle, then dad
having sloppy seconds, went on for a further few weeks.

Then one Monday morning at the office, John was
concentrating on a case that was coming up, Jack put
his head around the door.

'John? please can we talk,' Jack asked.

'If we have to,' John said with a offhand air, and
pointed to a seat opposite his desk, 'What is it

'It's to do with Macromax,' Jack said

John sat bolt upright in his chair, Macromax was an
enormous company, they had defended them a few times in
court and won each case, and Macromax had paid
handsomely, both Jack and John knew that company could
bring their firm great wealth.

'What is it? Tell me... tell me' John said excitedly,
instantly forgetting his animosity to his b*****r.

'Well,' Jack carried on, 'Greg Wilson has been in touch
with me.'

Greg Wilson was the chairman of Macromax, he was in his
early forties, slight greying at the temples, quite
good looking, a very forthright manner but, known to
get his own way.

'Yes?' John queried urgently.

'He would like our firm to represent them as their
lawyers,' Jack continued. 'With a quarter of a million
as a retainer fee, with our normal charges for the
work, with a five year contract.'

'That, could be worth a couple of a million a year or
even more,' gasped John, 'that could put us amongst
some of the top lawyer firms in the country.'

'There is a catch though,' Jack said solemnly.

'What is that?' John asked worriedly.

Jack hesitated, looked down at the floor and muttered,
'He wants a young girl to fuck, before I wine and dine
him and sign the papers.'

'What?!' John exploded. 'You haven't offered Amanda
have you?'

'No, of course not, I wouldn't do that to her,' Jack
replied. 'No one, other than us know about that... but
we have to find a young girl by Friday when I meet

'We'll just have to work fast to find someone else,'
John said thoughtfully. 'We have to phone around all
the massage parlours and check out all the call girl

'I will try as well, make an offer of one thousand
pounds if you find one,' Jack said.


For the next three days, the two b*****rs scoured the
adverts, made innumerable phone calls, visited many
massage parlours, toured the sleazy end of town, the
youngest they found was a s*******n year old, but she
was a right slag, probably had STD as well. Thursday
morning arrived, the two b*****rs were at their wits
end, they wanted this contract badly, and needed to
keep Greg Wilson happy. As soon as the office opened,
Jack and John met in John's office to discuss their

'I don't suppose you and Amanda would consider it,'
Jack pleaded, 'I would be present all the time, to make
sure no harm come to her, and she would wear a ski mask
to keep her identity secret, it would only be for one
hour and a half, the first half hour I would calm and
prepare her, Greg would only have one hour in there,
you would have to stay in number two bedroom so he does
not see you, you will have to park in the underground
car park so your car cannot be recognised, it will be a
one off, just once that's all, I will also give you the
camera memory card, so I will not have the Friday
arrangement, and we could up the anti to two thousand,
but only if she is willing of course.'

John did not like this one bit, in fact he was totally
against it, it was like selling his daughter as a
prostitute, but on the other hand, the contract would
make the two b*****rs rich, as they both were paid a
percentage of the firm's profits.

'What if we gave her one percent each year each from
our company profits, as long as we have the contract,'
Jack added. 'It could make her a rich young lady.'

'I will speak to her tonight, I hate the idea, and I am
not promising anything,' John said quietly.

Late when Amanda left school, she was surprised to see
her dad waiting for her, both her parents didn't
usually get home until six during the week.

'Hi dad,' she quipped cheerfully. 'Are we having an
extra love session?' as she kissed him.

'No sweetie...' he said driving off. 'I want a chat
with you...'

'If it is about uncle Jack, don't worry, I can handle
it now, as long as you make me yours afterwards,' she

'Wait until we get home,' he said seriously, they drove
home in silence.

Amanda worried what it could be about, thinking it may
be daddy and uncle jack had had a fight, or worse, the
law firm might be in trouble.

Once home, daddy led her into the study and shut the
door, 'This is serious,' thought Amanda.

'Do not say anything until I have finished. first of
all Amanda, I want you to know I love you more than
anything and I am very much against what I am going to
say to you,' her dad said with a serious look on his
face, he carried on and told her everything, watching
her face change to horror then tears started to flow,
dad felt awful.

'Don't say anything now, just think about it,' her dad
said quietly, holding her hands in his. 'Talk to me
before you go to bed, and do not feel obligated in any

Amanda kissed her worried dad, opened the door and went
up to her room.

Amanda sat on her bed, going over and over what her dad
had said, she certainly did not want a stranger fucking
her. She thought about the last few Fridays with her
uncle, how she had grown quite fond of him now. 'Just
one hour... could I go through with it? It would make
dad and uncle Jack very happy... two thousand pounds...
I am going to sell my body, I don't want to do it...
but...' she was crying now, she didn't know what to do.
She was in love with her dad and didn't want to let him

'Amanda... dinner,' her mom called .

Amanda wiped her tears away, and made her way down to
the dining room, as she walked in, mom took one look at
her, put an arm around her shoulder, gave her a kiss on
the cheek and asked, 'What is the matter little one?'

'Nothing much mom, I had an argument at school and I
was feeling a bit upset,' Amanda explained.

'Who with? what about?' Her mom queried.

'Err... with some of my friends, about when I said how
good one of the teachers were, and they said I was a
crawler and started taunting me, I was a bit upset
about it.'

Dad was squirming in his seat, he knew why his little
girl was upset, he felt so guilty... he resolved to
tell Amanda at bedtime that it was all off, he could
not sit by and see her in this dilemma.

When they had all sat down in front of the TV, dad
secretly watched Amanda, seeing her wringing her hands
and not really watching what was on.

At Amanda's bedtime at ten, she got up and kissed her
mom goodnight, she walked over to dad to kiss him, and
whispered in his ear, 'I'll do it dad, just this once.'

'But...' her dad nearly said, and looked at her
questionably. Amanda just nodded and gave a weak smile.
After a few minutes, John turned to Jenny, 'I have just
thought of something, I need to phone Jack for a
minute, be right back dear.'

'Ok,' Jenny said while intently watching the news.

John went into the study, 'Jack?' john said quietly on
the phone.

'Yes John, what's up?' he asked.

'Amanda says she will go through with it,' John said
with a lump in his throat. 'But just this once though.'

'Thanks John, I am genuinely sorry Amanda and you have
to go through this' Jack said apologetically, 'We'll
speak tomorrow, oh bye the way, you won't have time to
go home after picking Amanda up from school, you'll
have to take her straight to the apartment. If she
needs a change of clothes, she'll need to bring them
with her, she can shower there, bye.' They both hung

Jenny went to bed around 11 pm, John followed ten
minutes later, crept into Amanda's room, she was still
awake, 'Are you ok darling?' John asked quietly with

'Yes dad, I am worried about it, that's all. But as
long as you make me yours afterwards, I'll be ok,' she

Both John and Amanda did not have much sl**p that

Chapter 13

Friday, John went to his office to check his answer
phone, he had to make a couple of important calls, he
rang his secretary and ordered a coffee as his mouth
was dry, he was making his first call, when his
secretary walked in with his much needed coffee, he
nodded thanks to her as she left, he then went on to
his second call, supping at his drink, it took a bit
longer than expected, when he finished the call, he
quickly went to his b*****rs office, knocked lightly
and went in.

Jack was on the phone, 'Yes Greg, fine Greg, as long as
it is all ok with you, ok fine, see you at the
apartment at six sharp, cheers Greg... bye,' and hung

'Well dear b*****r, it looks like we are in business,
he has accepted all the terms and conditions, he wasn't
to keen with me being there, but as long as I didn't
interrupt and sat away from the bed, he accepted it.'

'I still don't like it, not with my little daughter,'
John said sadly.

Jack got up and put his arm around John's shoulder,
'Don't worry Bruv, I am sure it will turn out ok.'

John left work as usual at lunchtime, went home,
showered, shaved and put on some casual clothes, he
went in Amanda's room and picked out a dress panties
and ankle socks also a pair of trainers and put them in
a bag, he noticed he was shaking and had a tear in his
eyes, 'My poor little girl,' he thought. 'I swear she
will never go through this again.'

He drove to the school, Amanda was waiting as he
arrived, he saw the troubled look on her face as she
got in the car.

'How do you feel darling?' dad asked 'you can still
back out you know,' he kissed her gently.

'I'm ok dad, just a bit worried and tense, I won't back
out, I just want it over with,' she answered.

Dad drove to the office and parked in the underground
car park, it was eerie with no other cars there. They
climbed the stairs to the ground floor, got in the lift
to the apartment level, neither of them had spoken,
both deep in their own thoughts. Once inside the
apartment, Amanda turned to her dad, gave him a long
hard kiss.

'I'll see you at seven dad, I need to be alone until
uncle Jack arrives,' she said huskily.

John sat on the sofa, put his head in his hands,
running over and over what was going to happen to his
little girl.

At five twenty, Jack arrived, 'Hi John, I want you to
go in bedroom two, I will lock the door just in case
Greg gets curious, please do not make a sound, don't
worry about Amanda, I will be there the whole time and
make sure she comes to no harm,' Jack said putting his
arm around John's shoulders for assurance, led him in
bedroom two and locked the door.

Amanda lying on the bed on her side naked with her legs
drawn up, heard the door open, she looked over to see
her uncle Jack walk in bedroom one. He placed a small
jar on the bedside table and reached up to the curtain.

'Hi little one, are you ok'? he asked with concern.

'I'm ok uncle, just very worried,' Amanda replied.

'I have come early to comfort you and make sure you
want to carry on with this,' uncle explained.

'I won't back out now,' Amanda said.

'This is the last Friday you will have to come to this
apartment,' her uncle carried on, 'I am giving the
memory card to your dad, so we will not have any more
sex sessions.'

'I'll miss it in a way,' Amanda said. 'Can we do it
just one more time, right now? It would take some
tension out of me,' Amanda said.

'I'd love to,' uncle Jack said eagerly, then quickly
dropped his trousers, pants etc, clambered on the bed,
held Amanda close and they kissed. Jack moved down her
body put his head between her legs, licked and sucked
her until she squeaked into a lovely orgasm, he raised
himself ready to put his small dick in her.

Amanda whispered, 'Let me put it in,' she grasped his
dick and pushed it into her. Uncle frantically fucked
Amanda to her shuddering squealing climax, uncle left
copious amounts of cum running out of her.

Uncle grabbed his clothes, went in the bathroom,
cleaned himself up and dressed, walking back in the
bedroom smiled at Amanda, she spoke softly, 'Thanks
uncle, I feel a lot calmer now.'

Jack replied, 'It's me that should thank you, but now
I'm afraid you have to wear this to keep your identity
secret from your next visitor.' With that he placed the
full ski mask on her head, arranging it so only her
eyes and the end of her nose were showing.

Two minutes later at precisely six pm, the door opens,
a man walks in turns and shut and locks the door, he
looks round at Jack and asks in a deep voice 'good
afternoon Jack, good afternoon miss' he indicates to
Amanda, 'Is this my young lady for the next hour? And
have you prepared her?'

Amanda could see he was a bit older than her dad, he
had slight greying hair on his temples, 'Quite nice
looking,' she thought, 'maybe it won't be so bad after
all, but I still don't want him fucking me,' her
tension returned.

'Yes Greg, she is ready, as long as you don't hurt
her,' Jack replied.

Greg spoke to Amanda as he started undressing 'My name
is Greg, I'll call you miss, I think you have a
beautiful young body, I am looking forward to having
it, don't be afraid I will treat you nicely.'

As Greg lowered his underpants, Amanda gasped when she
saw the size of his dick sticking out, it was much
larger than her dad's, it was longer and thicker, must
be nine inches or more, she did not think it would fit
into her, she was very frightened it might split her
open. It was twice the size of her uncles.

'Jack?' Greg asked. 'I hope this isn't cum between her

Jack indicated the jar of skin cream on the bedside

'Oh fine, good thinking, that's ok then,' Greg said, as
he kneeled between Amanda's legs.

'Well miss, you and I are about to get acquainted.'

With that he rubbed the large swollen head up and down
Amanda's sopping pussy, Greg pushed against it hard
until 'plop' his knob entered behind her pussy lips.
Amanda let out a loud 'shriek' it felt like he had
split her open and it hurt like hell, she was clenching
the sheets with white knuckles.

'I will try to be gentle little missy, it will get
easier as your body adjusts,' Greg said soothingly.

He kept to his word, he put it in very slowly, easing
into her tiny tunnel a little at a time. He started to
move in and out gradually entering further. Amanda was
shaking like a leaf, gasping at each movement, it was
stretching her ever so much. Greg started fucking her
slowly, still only three quarters in her. Amanda
started to cum but as the walls of her pussy tried to
grip the monster she shrieked in pain as she cum. Her
body relaxed ever so slightly, although she was still
shaking with pain.

Greg kept up his relentless fucking, trying to push a
little more into this sweet small body, he could feel
her very tight love tunnel gradually accepting his
cock, he felt he was getting close to unloading his
first batch of sperm, his pace started to quicken, to
his surprise little miss began humping back at him,
thrusting until his cock went fully inside her, she
gave a long shriek as he pumped a copious amount of
love juice into her.

Amanda had lost control of her body, as she felt his
monstrous cock swell, her body took over and fucked
back at him forcing his dick further inside, then she
cum hard as he cum in her, she could feel his balls
hitting her bottom. 'My god, it's all in me now,' she
thought with fear, the cum was swishing around deep
inside her.

Greg did not soften, he was still as hard, as young
miss's hips had risen and as she bucked to meet his
thrusts she had taken all of his dick, right up to the
hilt. 'What a fantastic fuck,' he thought, 'so tight
she almost stopped the bl**d flowing in my dick,' he
carried on fucking her, now using the whole length of

Amanda felt totally helpless being impaled by this
massive weapon, Greg had cum in her but didn't even
slow down, she could feel she wasn't in quite so much
pain now, her body was now able to accept the full
length, but she was not enjoying the sheer size of it,
and it still hurt.

Greg continued pistoning the delectable miss, he could
tell she had loosened up, he saw her stiffen and
tremble as she cum again with a loud squeak, and he had
felt her pussy tighten and loosen.

Amanda tried to think of her coming school exams, to
take her mind away from this onslaught of her body so
that she didn't cum again, but she could feel the dick
inside her sliding in and out with a long steady
rhythm, eventually it started to swell again, once
again her body began thrusting back to Greg's
relentless fucking, she gave another long shriek as she
cum hard shuddering and shaking as he quickened his
pace and pumped yet another large load into her.

She could see stars, she was sweating, her breath was
ragged, and still he didn't slow down, he was still
fucking her deeply, she could feel and hear the slushy
squishy sound from inside her stomach, his dick was so
big it sealed her pussy so it could not escape, 'god,
not more' she thought as he carried on, pulling out
until the head was just inside then fully back again so
their pelvic bones bumped together.

Greg normally only cum twice before having to rest for
a while and get back hard again, but little miss was so
tight and such a good fuck especially now she was
fucking back at him, his dick had stayed hard.

Jack, sitting in the corner had been watching little
Amanda get fucked by that massive cock, seeing it get
deeper in her, how she was now accepting it all and
fucking back, hearing her shrieks and squeals as she
went through the many orgasms. He was going to stop
Greg when he first saw the size of his dick, he thought
it was too big for a small girl to take, but now he
could see she wasn't in so much distress now. He looked
at the clock, only fifteen minutes to go, Greg is going
to fuck Amanda for the full hour, he was amazed at
Greg's stamina.

John had heard the whole episode, he wasn't sure
whether his daughter had shrieked or squeaked it was so
loud and had been so many times, she must be being
fucked senseless. He hated hearing her being fucked by
someone else, he was infinitely jealous that another
person could enjoy her body, his dick was as hard as a
rock his balls ached for release, listening to his
little girl being shagged. He had to trust his b*****r
to make sure his daughter was ok.

Greg was now tiring, although he was still pistoning
her at a furious pace at miss's now looser love box, he
looked at her small delicate body, he felt her small
arms around him holding him tight, her legs wrapped
around his backside drawing him into her, her little
body now thrusting back at him, his cock was swelling
he pummelled it deep into her frail body as he began to
cum he heard her give a long loud shriek.

Amanda had her hands on Greg's back and digging her
nails in drawing bl**d, she had locked her legs behind
him she felt his monster dick swell and began cumming
so deep mixing with the huge amount already in her, her
tummy was swollen from the amount of cum that couldn't
escape and that large dick inside there, she heard a
long loud shriek from her lips as she had an enormous
orgasm, and then passed out.

John heard the latest shriek from his daughter he
desperately wanted to go to her, 'Any minute now,' he

Greg slowly withdrew his now softening dick from the
little flower he had called miss, cum started pouring
out of her red swollen pussy, she was still and
breathing heavily, he got dressed slowly, he felt very
weak and unsteady, he staggered to the door and went
out, 'that girl was probably the best fuck I have ever
had' he thought as he went unsteadily out to the lift.

Jack reached up the curtain, left the room and unlocked
bedroom two, John was waiting and rushed to the other
bedroom, to find his daughter on her back, legs splayed
apart and an enormous amount of cum still running out
of her widely stretched red raw cunt, it was too big
now to be called a pussy, 'God,' he thought, 'Greg must
have a baseball bat in his trousers.'

Jack called from the front door of the apartment, 'See
you Monday John,' and left.

John carefully removed the ski mask from his little
girls head and was aghast, her face was ashen, her eyes
were sunken with dark bags under them, her eyes opened
wearily, 'Hello dad,' she croaked. 'P-please make me
yours,' she said in a small voice.

'Are you sure?' John asked as he stroked her head.

'Yes it is very important to me,' she whispered
hoarsely. 'You'll have to use my bottom because I am so
sore, but I want you to cum in my pussy.'

John was still sporting a huge hard on, lifted the weak
girl and turned her over, he reached over and opened
the jar of cream, put a large amount on her rear
opening and worked it inside her, gradually easing in
his fingers until three were moving easily in her, he
covered his dick making sure it was slippery then he
pushed his dick into her, slowly getting it in deeper.

He began fucking her tight little ass, it didn't take
long before he knew he wouldn't last much longer, he
already had a painfully hard cock and his balls ached
from what he had heard the last one and a half hours,
he pulled out his dick turned Amanda over and slipped
easily into her overstretched cunt, she gave a high
pitched gasp as he entered her, he was astounded, he
hardly touched the sides she was so loose and it was
slopping about in the tremendous amount of cum inside
her, he soon added another load in her.

'Let's get you cleaned up and go home sweetie,' her dad
said caringly.

Amanda lowered her legs to the floor, tried to stand
but fell back on the bed, she was too weak to stand up.

Dad picked up his daughter in his arms and carried her
to the bathroom, he sat her on the toilet lid and
proceeded to wash her, being very gentle with her raw
pussy. Once cleaned up he dressed her, gathered all
their belongings and carried her down to the car, soon
as she was strapped in he drove home. He carried her up
to her room undressed her and put her to bed, she was
asl**p as he lay her down, he noticed cum was still
seeping from her raw pussy, he placed a towel under her
kissed her lightly on the forehead then tucked her in.
'never ever again' he muttered.

Mom came home at nine pm, 'Where's Amanda?' she asked
as she sat down to a couple of sandwiches John had

'sl**ping like a baby,' John replied. 'We had a good
long fuck when we got in, and this time I wore her out
for a change, she hasn't been in bed very long.'

'You don't look like you have been shagging much,' mom

'I got a stiffy that just would not go down,' he


Saturday morning, Jen and John were having breakfast,
when Amanda shuffled in still looking pale and puffy
eyed, kissed her mom and dad and very carefully sat
down. She started eating, she was so hungry, she ate a
really hearty breakfast.

'My word, you must have been starving,' mom observed.

'I was mom, I missed dinner last night,' Amanda

'That's your own fault, you two should slow down on
your fuck sessions,' her mom answered. 'You are at it
like rabbits.'

'Yeah ok, but I do love it mom,' Amanda said wistfully.

'Dad?' Amanda asked. 'Can we go upstairs and have a
slow one like mom suggested,' Amanda said with a smile.

'Love to sweetie,' her dad replied.

'Well, while you two are bonking your brains out, I
will pop to the supermarket and get a bit of shopping,'
Jenny said.

Amanda was still walking very carefully, dad noticed
she climbed the stairs with her legs apart.

'Are you sure you want to make love darling' dad said
with a concerned look.

'No dad, I am still very sore, I just want to talk for
while' Amanda said as she looked lovingly into her
dad's eyes 'Daddy? Please never ask me to do anything
like that again.'

'I won't darling,' her dad said holding her hands in
his. 'I swear to you from my heart, I could hear you in
the next bedroom, I knew you didn't like what was
happening, he must have an enormous dick and hurt you a
lot, to leave you in such a state, I felt terrible, I
could only rely on your uncle Jack to keep you safe.'

'I felt so dirty, as if I was selling my body, to have
a stranger fuck me, there was no love, just sex, I was
being used just to satisfy him. When he took his
trousers off and I saw his enormous cock sticking out,
I got very frightened it might kill me,' Amanda said
quietly. 'Although Greg tried to be gentle, he didn't
shove it straight in me, but as soon as he started to
push the head in, it really hurt, it felt like he was
splitting me open.

'He started fucking me slowly, putting a little more in
bit by bit. I know I cum a few times, I didn't want to,
it even hurt when I cum. When he finally got it all in,
he started fucking me hard, the pain went off a little
and I kept cumming lots of times, I tried thinking of
school and things, but this huge thing was inside me,
hurting me, fucking me hard. I feel so sorry dad, I
really do, because I began fucking him back, I just
couldn't help it, I hated it, but my body wanted it.'

Amanda was crying softly as she finished with tears
running down her face.

Dad put his arms around her and pulled her close to
him, to try and comfort her. 'There there sweetie, I
promise you will never have to go through anything like
that again, I am surprised though, if his dick was that
big, why your body fucked back at him to get more, and
why did you let uncle Jack fuck you first?'

Amanda answered, 'Uncle Jack told me that we were not
going to do it anymore but he had to prepare me for
Greg by getting me lubricated and feeling sexy, I
suppose I felt sorry for him, I was getting used to him
fucking me each week, he was always gentle with me, he
hasn't got a very big dick, it had always left me
wanting more, so I asked him to suck me and fuck me, he
cums ever so much and in only about ten minutes. I
thought it would leave me very wet and feeling I wanted
to be fucked. So when Greg arrived I was all ready
until I saw his monster cock, but when he was fucking
me, I couldn't help it, I just started fucking him

John was getting hard, thinking about what he had heard
yesterday and now Amanda describing how she got fucked.
'Do you like being fucked by other men?' her dad asked.

'No dad, definitely not, I hate it,' Amanda retorted

'Do you love Uncle Jack?' dad queried.

'No dad. I like him. He is a nice person but I don't
want him fucking me... Dad... I am in love with you. I
only want you to make love to me,' Amanda said cuddling
dad close. 'You are my perfect lover.'

With that their lips met, they both parted their lips
and kissed passionately. Amanda was getting aroused and
wanted her dad in her, even though she was still tender
down there.

'Dad,' she whispered, 'will you make love to me now?'

'You had three grown men fuck you yesterday, are you
sure you are ready?' dad breathed in her ear.

'Yes, I want you inside me, but you will have to be
gentle, I am still very tender.' She murmured.

They both undressed then lay down on the bed, dad
kissed her neck and ears gradually going down her body,
he noticed her titties were getting a little larger, he
arrived at her still tender looking puffy pussy lips
now no longer gaping open, he started kissing and
lapping her pussy, Amanda gasped with the touch of his
tongue on her still sore spot.

The tingling started as Amanda gently began pushing her
vagina into dad's face. Dad started sucking and putting
his tongue inside, 'squeal' as her hips began bucking
through her climax. Dad raised himself up and gently
inserted his very hard dick into her not very tight

'Ouch!' she said loudly screwing up her eyes. 'Slowly
dad, please go slowly.'

Dad eased gently into her until he was fully inside,
'She is still a bit loose,' he thought, and began
fucking her with long slow movements. Some time passed
by before Amanda's hips began thrusting back. Dad
quickened his pace until he was fucking her hard and

Chapter 14

When Mom arrived home after shopping, she could hear
the bed creaking upstairs, smiled to herself, 'They've
been at it since I left for the supermarket over two
hours ago, I am amazed at their stamina.'

A very loud squeal echoed around the house, as the two
lovers exploded into a shattering orgasm.

They both eventually entered the kitchen where mom was
preparing a light lunch, she looked around to see John
with a satisfied smile and Amanda although she looked
happy but still had puffy eyes and she was walking with
her legs apart.

'You look like you have ridden a horse for a week,' Her
mom observed to Amanda.

'It feels like it too mom,' she replied with grin.

Jenny looked at John, 'Your dick is too large for our
little girl, you shouldn't stick it all the way in her,
I always found it used to hurt me.'

Amanda piped up, 'No, it's a lovely size mom, I love it
when dad is all inside me, I just feel a bit tender

Jenny turned to John and said, 'I have noticed that for
the last few weeks on a Friday when I get home Amanda
has been looking worn out and you don't even look
tired, last week she had a lot of cum running down her
legs, last night she crashed out, this morning she
could hardly walk and had very puffy eyes, what has
been happening lately?'

Amanda went crimson.

John replied, 'Oh nothing darling, maybe it is because
Amanda and me have not had sex for nearly a week, and
we make up for it on Fridays.'

'Somehow I don't believe you,' Jenny replied, turning
to Amanda she said 'And what made you blush so much
young lady?'

Amanda looked down, 'Oh nothing mom, honest.'

'Hmmppff!' puffed Jenny feeling something was wrong.

Saturday then carried on normally, house tidied and
vacuumed, a bit of weeding in the garden. In the
evening, as normal, they all watched TV for a while,
Amanda and her dad went upstairs, mom heard a squeak
and squeal, the bed creaking 'a bit slower tonight' she
thought. John came down a little earlier and had a
cuddle on the sofa with Jenny, they then turned in.

Sunday morning after breakfast, all three gathered in
the bedroom and stripped off, mom lay on her back and
motioned Amanda to kneel astride her face, then licked
and sucked at Amanda's pussy, dad knelt on the floor
opened moms legs to her surprise and uttered a 'Mmmff!'
into Amanda's pussy, as dad started licking and
slurping mom.

Mom came first, letting out a muffled squeal into
Amanda which made her cum on her mom's mouth with a
loud squeak.

Dad swapped places with mom and lay back and lowered
Amanda down onto his stiff dick watching her pretty
face concentrate as she raised and lowered herself, mom
leaned forward and started open mouth kissing with her
young daughter, dad caught one of mom's legs and eased
it over his head so he could lick and suck mom again.
The two girls were locked in a long passionate kiss,
they all cum at the same time.

Amongst muffled squeals and groans bucking wildly,
Jenny raised herself from John's mouth, who then was
gasping, Amanda lifted herself from dad's dick which
plopped wetly on his stomach. They all had a shower
together saying what a great session they had, and got

John entered his office Monday morning and no sooner
sat down when Jack entered beaming a big smile. 'Here
John, as I promised,' and handed the camera phone
memory card over. 'She is one hundred percent yours
now, oh, and by the way' he smirked, 'We got the
contract.' John jumped up ran round to his b*****r,
they grabbed each other in a tight hug slapping each
other on the back.

Jack stood back, 'I am so sorry what I have put you and
Amanda through.'

'You have put us through the wringer, first the
blackmail, then what poor Amanda has been through,'
John replied.

'The blackmail was because you have everything I want,
Jenny, lovely Amanda, a close f****y, when I caught you
and Amanda shagging in the copying room I thought I
could share a part of what you have, I felt so guilty
at first but then I began to look forward to the Friday
tryst with your girl, she didn't object, I think she
may have even enjoyed it too. But with Greg,' Jack
carried on. 'You know we tried to find someone and
became desperate, that decision was made by you and
your daughter.'

'You saw Greg was hung like horse, why did you let him
fuck her? She is only small,' John pleaded.

Jack replied, 'I could see it hurt her when he put his
dick in her, but he was being very gentle and going in
very slowly, she also had a few orgasms then she
started fucking back at him before he was fully in her,
she drew herself onto the rest of his cock then fucked
back with a vengeance. As a precaution in case anything
went wrong, I had put a miniature spy camera on the
curtain rail and recorded everything on this SD card, I
haven't watched it, and I promise I have not copied
it.' He gave John the card. 'And this one,' Jack
continued handing over a second card. 'Is all the
previous Fridays with Amanda and myself.'

'John,' Jack implored. 'I wish we could put all that
behind us, not even mention it, I would like us to be
friends from now on and work together, especially now
we have this new contract.'

'I would like that too, it may take a little while to
get over the recent events, but...' John held out his
hand, the two b*****rs shook hands and smiled.

'Just a last thing I need to ask,' John said. 'Did Greg
mention the fuck when he signed the contract?'

'He couldn't stop talking about it during the meal, he
reckoned it was the best he ever had, he just wished he
could have seen her face while he shagged her. I told
him we recruited her from her single mother the other
side of London, who owed us from a defence case we won
for her, and gave her one thousand and wiped her slate
clean,' Jack explained.

'That's good thinking Jack, I really hope that's the
last we hear of it,' John said relieved.

The two b*****rs shook hands again and went back to
their work.


Later that day, Jack popped into John's office with a
folder, "Here you are John, Amanda's new bank account
with two thousand five hundred in it, cheque book and
debit card."

'That's great Jack, but where did the extra five
hundred come from?' John asked.

'Let's just say that is conscience money from me,' Jack

John arrived home, gave Jenny and Amanda a hug and a
kiss, and explained he was going in his study and give
him a call when dinner was ready. He quickly switched
on the PC and booted up, he pulled from his inside
pocket the camera card and SD cards, he placed the
first SD card in the PC card reader. He started to
watch the video.

He was surprised of the clarity of the recording, he
saw Jack walking away to the bed and heard him say he
was there to comfort her and ask if she wanted to carry
on and Amanda's reply that she wouldn't back out, he
heard Amanda ask Jack if they could do it, then watched
his b*****r orally stimulate her through a climax, how
he placed his dick at her entrance, 'it is a lot
smaller than mine' he noticed, then how she put his
b*****rs dick inside herself, then fucking and the way
she fucked back to their cum as she squealed.

John was sitting at his desk, sporting a hard on, he
was disgusted watching his b*****r fuck his daughter
also the way she seemed to enjoy it. He watched as the
bedroom door opened and Greg Wilson from Macromax
enter, and when Greg dropped his trousers the sheer
size of his dick as it flicked out. John paused the
video, zoomed in, he could not believe anyone had a
dick that size.

'Oh my god!' John said out loud. 'It's bl**dy huge...
my poor little girl'

He pressed play and saw Greg, without any
preliminaries, inserted the bulbous head of his dick
into his hooded daughter, he heard her scream and grip
the sheets tightly in her fists. John had thought that
scream was a very loud squeal when he had heard it
through the bedroom wall.

The video carried on, Greg's monster cock was gradually
disappearing into Amanda as he was fucking her, heard
the many shrieks and screams, how she had bucked and
thrust back forcing the last two or three inches of it
into herself. John watched aghast as his little girl
was impaled on the massive dick, the sight of her
swollen tummy full of cum and cock.

'Dad?' said Amanda as she peered round the study door.

John hit the stop button, but not before Amanda caught
a glimpse of the picture on the PC monitor. She saw a
hooded girl under an adult man, she knew it was her
when Greg fucked her.

'Dinner is ready,' she continued in a shaky voice.

'be right there angel' dad said guiltily, he quickly
removed the SD card from the PC slot and put the two
cards in his personal safe then locked it. 'Did she see
anything?' he thought. He went in the dining room where
Amanda and her mom were starting their meal, Amanda
shot him a worried glance. They ate with a smattering
of small talk.

The rest of the week went as normal.

Friday John got home as usual at lunchtime, quickly
showered and dressed ready to pick Amanda up from
school at four, he had two hours. John could not resist
another peak at the video, he opened his safe, booted
up the PC, put the SD card in, and watched and heard
the whole episode through, he saw that enormous dick
gradually disappearing into her body, he watched his
daughter being fucked and her fucking back until Jack
walked up to the curtain. John's dick was rock solid as
he put the card back in the safe.

'Hi dad,' Amanda said as she jumped into the car from

'Hi sweetie,' her dad answered. They both kissed.

'Do you still love me dad?' she enquired.

'Of course I do, more than anything,' he said softly.

'Well then, take me home and prove it then,' she said
with a giggle.

Chapter 15

John reclined back on the bed naked while Amanda
showered, as she entered the room John couldn't help
noticing her breasts were filling out, her waist was
smaller showing her hips which now swayed provocatively
as she walked.

Amanda joined her dad on the bed, they were kissing
passionately for a while then dad began kissing her
ears, slowly down her neck to her budding breasts
licking the now pert nipples down giving her navel some
attention, as he was nearing her mound she opened her
legs wide to accept his tongue. Dad licked and slurped
noisily in her waiting pussy, working his girl into a
quivering squeal as she cum in his mouth. He mounted
her, entering into her now tight again little pussy.

'Daddy?' she gasped as dad thrust in and out, 'Am I
back to normal down there?'

'Yes sweetie, you are as good as new, back to being my
little girl again,' her dad said breathing heavily.

After two squeals and two squeaks, a couple of grunts
and groans, the two lovers got dressed and began
preparing a spaghetti bolognaise. While they were
cooking, Amanda turned to her dad and asked, 'Uncle
Jack took a video of that night with Greg, didn't he?'

Dad nodded, 'Yes darling, but he gave it to me and
there are no copies of it.'

'I want you to get rid of it daddy. I hated that
evening. I will never agree to anything like it again,
I only ever want you making love to me,' Amanda said
with a tear in her eyes.

John put his arms around his daughter, holding her
close to him, kissed her forehead, and said looking in
her pleading eyes, 'It is locked in my safe, nobody can
touch it, but I have to keep it for three months in
case there are any repercussions.' He did not tell her
of the second card.

'Ok dad I understand, but please don't look at it, I am
so ashamed.'


Mom came home just as the meal was ready, she gave them
both a quick kiss and hug, sat down and enquired, 'How
are my two lovebirds this evening? I must say Amanda
you look positively glowing tonight, much better than
the last few Fridays.'

Amanda looked down sheepishly blushing.

Saturday morning after breakfast, dad and Amanda went
upstairs for their usual session, mom started vacuuming
and dusting, when she came to clean the study she found
what could only be a camera card on the floor.

She heard a squeal from Amanda and the bed upstairs
creaking, smiling to herself hearing the two lovers,
she thought she better check the memory card out in
case it may be important. Jenny found her mobile phone,
removed her own card and slipped in the one from the
floor. She checked out the address book and looked
surprised when...

John mobile.

Jenny mobile.

John- Jenny home, and lots of names she didn't know,
she then checked the photo section and found one showed
her husband and daughter fucking on what looked like an
industrial copier, she changed over to video and
watched them in motion, then heard the voice of her
b*****r-in-law say, 'Well, well what have we here, I
want you two in my office now.'

Jenny was furious, she had laid rules down that they
only fucked at home, now not only did they fuck
somewhere else but also got caught. She ran to the
bottom of the stairs and shouted, 'YOU TWO PACK IT IN

Dad and Amanda stood frozen, they could tell by her
voice that she was angry. Dad withdrew his still hard
dick from his little girl with a wet sucking sound.
They both quickly dressed and ran downstairs.

Mom was waiting in the lounge holding her mobile phone.

'Explain this,' she said sharply and proceeded to show
the photo and video to the sheepish pair.

'Are you two totally stupid, you do realise that this
can put you in prison John. And you Amanda! Would be
taken into care!' her mom said waving her phone, 'I
want the whole story of what happened after you went in
Jack's office... everything, because I am going
straight round to Jack to hear what he has to say.'

John head bowed, not looking at his wife, said, 'Jack
blackmailed us, he threatened to get me put behind

'Oh did he?' mom spat out. 'What did he blackmail you
for... money? Your half of the shares? What?'

Amanda piped up, 'It was me mom,' going beetroot red.

'What about you? Her mom said still very angry her
hands on her hips leaning forward to her daughter.

'He wanted to fuck me,' Amanda said very quietly with
her head down.

'AND DID HE?!' mom shouted.

'Yes dear,' John answered his wife.

'WHAT? When did this happen?'

'For the last few Fridays,' John replied.

No wonder she looked shattered every week,' Jenny said

'It's all over now,' John said with relief. 'He gave me
the memory card you found, I did mean to destroy it.'

'I am going over to have it out with that asshole,'
Jenny said vehemently. She put her jacket on and
slammed the front door as she left.

Amanda looked at her dad and said, 'I don't feel like
it right now dad, I am a bit upset.'

'Nor me sweetie,' her dad replied. 'Let's just watch TV
until lunch.'

Chapter 16

Jenny at Jack's front door was pressing the bell push
and banging on it repeatedly, Jack opened the door,
jenny pushed by him into his hall, 'YOU BASTARD!' she
yelled. 'You have got some explaining to do!'

She grabbed his arm and pulled him into the lounge.
Jenny was seething, 'You blackmailed my husband to fuck
my daughter, you nasty horrible git, I feel like
fucking killing you, you piece of shit!'

Jack spoke softly, 'Please let me explain Jen.'

Then told her how he had always loved her, how he felt
when John took her away from him, how he envied the
close happy f****y they had, how Amanda looked so much
like a very young version of her, how pretty and
innocent, how he saw his b*****r fucking her at the
office and saw the opportunity to take something back
from John. Jack carried on about the messy expensive
divorce he went through, how his wife had threatened
him over his lack of sex drive, tears started rolling
down his cheeks, he had nothing.

Jenny put her arms around him, she began feeling sorry
for him. The conversation went on and on, Jenny had
tears in her eyes, they held each other tight.

A few hours had passed, Jenny kissed Jack on the
forehead, Jack kissed her on the lips and whispered, 'I
still love you Jen...'

Jenny stood up, she put her arms out to him, he rose
up, she put her lips to his and opened her mouth to let
his tongue in, they kissed passionately, Jenny held his
hand and led him upstairs to his bedroom. Jenny slipped
out of her dress, removed her panties, and undid the
belt of Jack's trousers and let them fall to the floor.

'Take me Jack, have the real me, let me be your lover,'
Jenny purred. 'You'll never need to touch my daughter

Jack took off his shirt and socks, now totally naked he
undid Jenny's bra, he eased her down onto the bed, then
began kissing every inch of her, her neck, shoulders,
up and down each arm, he reached her still pert 'c' cup
breasts and spent a lot of time suckling and nibbling
the pencil eraser sized nipples, down further to her
navel using his tongue to lick into it's depths then
around her lower abdomen down again each leg in turn,
kissing and licking in between each toe and the soles
of her feet, he rolled her over onto her front then
proceeded to start at her neck, shoulders, each arm
then her back, the globes of her beautiful pear shaped
bottom got love bites on each cheek.

Jenny was in heaven having her body worshipped in this
way, she was fully aroused and was going to need
release soon.

Jack finished his ministrations by traversing each leg
finishing again on the soles of her feet, he rolled her
onto her back again, opened her willing legs, started
kissing and licking her shaved pussy, 'She always liked
her pussy shaved,' he remembered.

Jenny was now going wild, she grabbed Jack's blonde
hair and was pulling his face into her writhing snatch,
'Oh my god!' she cried, then gave a long loud squeal as
she cum in his face, her body spasming with after

Jack carried on paying her now soaking pussy more
attention until he could feel her arousal again, he
climbed up her body and with his dick ready to
penetrate her, he whispered 'Put it in.'

Jenny used her right hand, grasped his cock and slid it
into her. She felt his dick going in deeper and deeper,
she hadn't had a cock for so long it felt huge, she was
so aroused she started to cum, as he reached his full
five inches in her, her hips were raising off the bed
meeting his thrusting meat, he then fucked her hard for
another ten minutes, finally pumping his large load
inside, as he started to cum, Jenny lost control and
fucked back at him, ending in a long squeak.

Jack's face still had her cum on it, Jenny put her
hands behind his neck, drew his mouth to hers and they
kissed, both savouring her left over juices smothering
their faces.

Amanda and her dad spent the afternoon doing odd jobs
around the house, they stopped occasionally for a hug
and a kiss, they spoke about mom being a long time at
Jack's, dad shared his worries how mom had left ready
to kill, they both hoped she was ok. They prepared a
meal for three, finally sitting down late at eight
thirty, it was well after dark. At eight forty five
they heard the front door open, mom came into the
dining room looking dishevelled and a stupid smile on
her face.

'For gods sake, where have you been?' John asked. 'And
look at the state of you.'

'After a good fuck, you ought to clean yourself up,'
Amanda said laughing and pointing to her mother's legs.

Cum was running down the inside of moms legs into her
shoes, mom grabbed some kitchen paper and while mopping
up the cum, said, 'I guess you know what I have been up
to then,' she said guiltily.

'I thought you were going to kill him, not fuck him,'
dad said with a smirk.

Mom sat down while eating told them how the rest of the
morning and the afternoon had gone, and how she
finished up getting fucked, 'I am sorry John, but I
loved every minute of it, it has been so long since I
have enjoyed a good fuck without the pain and feeling
sore after, he was so gentle with me.'

'bl**dy nice isn't it? We were having such a good time
upstairs when you stopped us, then we were worried sick
how you were, all the time you were fucking your brains
out with the enemy,' John finished with a broad grin.

'John?' Jenny looked at him pleadingly, 'Is it ok if I
see him next Saturday... pretty please?'

John rose from his seat, walked round to mom, bent and
put his arms around her, kissed her on her cum crusted
lips, leaned back still holding her shoulders he looked
directly in her eyes and said lovingly, 'Of course you
can darling, you have let Amanda and me have happiness,
so why shouldn't you have some of your own.'

'Oh thank you John,' Jenny said softly, and they kissed

'By the way,' John said. 'There are rules.'

The two girls looked at him surprised, 'You only do it
in his house, you must be discrete and do not let
anyone see you. And you come home like you did tonight
without cleaning yourself up.' He was smiling at mom,
'Well-fucked and in a mess. You look so cute and
happy.' John bent to kiss her again.

Amanda piped up, 'When you two lovebirds are finished,
is there any chance I can borrow dad upstairs, I am
feeling rather horny and want to look messy like mom.'

They all laughed, Amanda took dad's hand leading him to
go upstairs as they ascended the stairs dad watched her
little girls hips sway from side to side and thought
hornily, 'I am going to give her a good fucking in a

And so he did, by the sounds emitted from the bedroom.


99% (72/1)
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11 months ago
fantastic story many thanks for sharing.x
1 year ago
Read number two for me! This story is both sweet and sour to me. It is a very tender story of a father (John) and his daughter (Amanda) so much in love both would walk over melting glass, walk on red hot nails on their hands and spend the night in a barrel of rattlesnakes, to prove their love for each other! Amanda, in reality, would be one of the bravest kids alive; she has proven herself true and honorable to, and very much in love far beyond a parent and child love for her father in this fictional story.

The suspense in this story keeps the reader's sphincter flexing continuously open and close, open and close; lots of twists and turns. One cannot help but love the kid--lady--as she were one's own child. Jenny (John's wife, Amanda's mother) should move to live with Jack (her brother-in-law, John's brother) permanently and allow John and his daughter to live as "husbnd and wife". Amanda will be old enough in a couple years for her and her father (John) to become parents of their own children. It would be ideal and idyllic future for John and Amanda, and Jenny would be just as happy with Jack. The scene would be a welcome and fitting addition to this beautiful and gigantic story!
1 year ago
very good stories
2 years ago
Director Alfred Hitchcock would be totally envious of the suspense this story presented to, I'm sure, an emensely engrossed reading audience such as myself!! The suspense is so very mystifying and awesome. I was enthralled throughout, stimulated so erotically that my hardon had a hardon that drained by scrotum!!

If ever a story demanded an additional, or two, Parts/Chapters, 'AMANDA' CERTAINLY DOES!!! Jack (the brother) and sister-in-law Jenny (Amanda's Mother and John's wife) move to his house and become full-time lovers and have a couple children. John and Amanda (Dad and Daughter) carry on their incestually fueled "husband and wife" life-time committed love affair, without any more dilemmas, and have several children! Amanda loves her father so and has dedicated her life, her body, spirit and mind to him so deeply and in total (and him only) that this is the only way for their love and life to continue.
2 years ago
Definitely the best erotic story on this site. Shame the author wants to be anonymous, I'd like to congratulate them for such a cock hard story.
2 years ago
one of the best so far
2 years ago
very very hot!! i came so many times to this story
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Excellent story, it certainly got me hot and horny.
2 years ago
Well worth the reading
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Wow!!!!!!!!!! Fucking hot and we written...........
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Awesome story .
2 years ago
2 years ago
A long story but was indescribably hot!! Super excellant!!
2 years ago
....and they rode off into the sunset !Well written ! Could almost see the characters as they had their enjoys!
2 years ago
Great story
2 years ago
Really good story but could have been broken down in to 3 or 4 parts.
2 years ago
very long but very hot