Auntie Hayley reaches into her bag of tricks!

The summer and thus Auntie Hayley's trip was drawing to a close much to my dismay. She was using me daily as a fuck bag doing unspeakable things to me and technically she could have got into a lot of trouble if I had not enjoyed it so much!

My day always started down the hay shed where she would give a quick hand job to start my day well! She always let me finger her sopping wet cunt as she tugged on my member! Hayley would help me get off at various times during the day if needed and there was always a night cap before bed. I had a feeling of sexual invincibility that I had never felt. I just wanted her more everyday.

I had started as a deviate hell bent on getting off but I think that I was developing a crush on Auntie Hayley, it was concerning but I was going to make the most of it! Tonight my Auntie promised me a great send off!

Auntie Hayley loaded me into the car and drove me downtown. "Here we are, she said as we parked. "What's going on Hayley" I said. "I'm going to give you a night you will remember me by" she said. With that she lead me into the seedy hotel room! Lying on the bed was a beautiful woman wearing nothing but a bow tie! Welcome, she said sexily, I'm Irene, you must be Jackson" "Yes i am" I said confidently.

Auntie Hayley bend over and kissed Irene passionately on the lips. "How have you been baby?" she said, " Thanks for coming, I missed you"

Hayley proceeded to unbutton my pants and stroke my cock that was already standing to attention. " Come over here Irene" she said "come over here and give this boy what he never had before" Irene then came over and put her warm hands all over my body as she kissed my neck. She then produced some handcuffs and cuffed my hand to the arm of the chair. "gotchya" she said!

I was now helpless and at their mercy!

Cuffed to the chair, I had the pleasure to watch Irene completely dominate Auntie Hayley. She was munching on Hayley's completely bald pussy while she served herself with a dildo she brought along for the show! Next they turned their attention to me. Hayley straddled my face as she loved to do while Irene lowered herself onto my stiff rod while fondling Auntie Haley's rather large breasts! It was an incredible entanglement of bodies!

Auntie Hayley then swapped positions with Irene but instead of taking me in her bald snatch she slipped my hard erection right up her waiting ass! "Agrh" she exclaimed as I plundered her date. "See Jackson, this is what I was talking about" Hayley said. " Watch your cock go in and out you deviate"
I would never forget the site of my cock dissapearing into her ass and her quivering legs thrusting up and down as I fucked her. Irene was enjoying it also now lying on the bed facing us while she played with herself!

"Now I am gonna finish you off you little fucker, said Irene. "Ever heard of a snow job"? Irene then want to the fridge and got out some ice, put it in her mouth and proceeded to give me a very fast blow job! The mixture of her warm mouth full of ice sucking my hard hot cock was too much! Her head was bobbing up and down at breakneck speed and as the ice rattles inside her mouth I was out of control.

"Im gonna come" I exclaimed. In the same motion Irene stuck my cock right down her throat as I came and came, the Ice and my hot sperm formed a kind of milkshake in Irene"s mouth. She looked up and spat out the contents of her mouth all over my chest. "Filthy fucker" she said. By this time Auntie Hayley was frigging herself on the end of the bed at all the action that had taken place in front of her.

Irene went over to Hayley and they embraced.

"What shall we do with him" Irene exclaimed. "Nothing" said my Auntie Hayley. "We have all night, just leave him there for a while!"

I was helpless and cuffed to the chair with a mixture of sperm and ice dribbled all over my body!

"Told you, "never forget me" said my Auntie Hayley "never forget me"

Whatever might happen to me tonight was in the hands of two beautiful women!
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9 months ago
sounds like fun
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amazing, keep em coming
4 years ago
more of what happens in the hotel room