Mom & Dad throw a party - I get sex!

This would end up being the most sexualy active time of my life. My Auntie Hayley and s****r Lilly were double teaming me both separately and together on regular occasions teaching me how to handle their bodies. I became quite the master swordsman and grew in confidence, I was a 15 year old sexual dynamo ready to tackle anything!

My Dad was the president of the local charity club and held regular parties to entertain the new members and generally network and schmooze. These events really bored me and s*s, nonetheless we grinned and bared it as the supportive son and daughter! The night started with the guests arriving and the introductions to all the older guests. It was the older set around 45 to 55, lots of sequence and boofy hair if you know what I mean!

Some of the guests had c***dren and we hung round together chatting about stuff and general flirting. One of them Amanda, was very cute. One of those cute little fatties with big tits, just up my alley! We got away from the party and down the side of the house where we started fondling each other. It was very different from my s****r and I had to go slow. It was dark but I still managed to stick a hand up her skirt and expertly find her little mound through her panties. Amanda started moaning with delight as I found her little love button and gave it a tickle! I was stroking her pussy now and grabbing those heavy titties with my other hand!

Suddenly coming round the corner was a lady calling "Amanda, Amanda" It was her Mom! Boy I was screwed! We quickly straightened ourselves out like nothing was happening. "What's happening here"? exclaimed her Mom. 'Mom, we were just talking about music and stuff" Amanda said still adjusting her clothes.

"Amamda, just get out of here NOW" she said sternly. We both went to leave when Amanda's Mom looked at me and said "You stay put Mr"

I was really screwed now I thought. She looked at me like I had robbed a bank.

"What's your name?" She asked. "Jackson" I yelped. "Well Jackson, I know what you were doing, do you think I'm stupid?" "I was young once too"
She came closer.and placed her hand on my jeans right over my cock and started rubbing it. "Does that thing work"? she said. My boyhood grew as she whispered. "Want to see what a woman has got?" "I've got more experience, let me blow your top!"

At this stage I was so aroused, I had just felt this woman's daughters kitty and now the Mom was ready to give me some more! My heart was beating out of my chest as she pushed me roughly against the brick wall.

"What have we got here?" she said as she unzipped my fly and grabbed my swollen python. "Not bad for a k**" With that she got down on her knees and stroked my cock into her mouth and started sucking. She bobbed up and down slowly at first groaning as she took me in and down her throat. It was an incredible feat, she just inhaled my cock like a seasoned professional!

As she gulped on my cock I just hung on for dear life and enjoyed the ride! "Beautiful cock, beautiful cock she whispered. Then suddenly she stopped.
"Keep going" I blurted out, very surprised that she had stopped. With that she unbuttoned her blouse and unleashed the biggest pair of tits I had EVER seen!

"Meet the girls" she whispered, "they love cock too!" She then proceeded to put my dick between her beautiful mounds and rub my cock with them!

"What do you think of that boy" she whispered. I didn't answer. Again I just held on, threw my head back and enjoyed the ride! My cock was heaving in and out of her cleavage and Amanda's Mom was saying things like "Am I better than her" and "she's only a girl, I am a woman". I was out of control and as I took my final strokes I looked down at this woman and she was smiling! "C'mon boy give me what you got, I want it now C'mon!

I shot all over her huge heaving tits like a porn star and she milked every last drop like some 40 something slut! She quickly buttoned up her blouse, straightening her undies and bra that I had just creamed.

"My name is Elise if you wanted to know"

"Oh", I said. "Pleased to meet you"

"Don't go near Amanda ok" She's trouble! With that she went back to the party

"She's trouble"? I shouted, standing there with my cock still proudly hanging out!

I straightened up and got back to the party also.....

I would never forget Amanda's Mom!
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9 months ago
Great fun.
2 years ago
The image of Elise parading around the party, with a big load of cum oozing around her tits inside her bra, emanating smells of cum, with probably lots of men staring down her blouse and cleavage, must turn her on something terribly good. It certainly turns me on thinking it might be my woman doing the "nasty" deed!!
4 years ago
do you have more stories of the sister & aunt, or parties
4 years ago
nice easy read and it flowed together well.
4 years ago
nice aesy read and it flowed together well.
4 years ago
4 years ago
You, sir, are the cunning linguist ;) and Jackson's a lucky fucker. Do NOT stop writing and posting