Auntie Hayley the Nympho cums to stay

Well, when it rains, it pours as they say! No sooner as I had nailed my s****rs sweet body, it had seemed my sexual prowess (or lack thereof) was on show for all to see! I refer to my Mom's crazy s****r Hayley. She was a few years younger than mom and was certainly the talk of the f****y with her free spirited antics!

Auntie Hayley came to stay during summer break, a time that encompassed Christmas and New year so there was a lot of celebrating and drinking. As a minor I just partook in the celebrating. As it turned out, Auntie Hayley did enough drinking for the two of us! Yes, she was a free spirit often breaking into anecdotes about everything but mostly about men and sex. As a teenage boy it only made me hot for her.

Hayley was pretty cute a bit on the bigger side but nonetheless very desirable. I got the feeling that she liked me so I decided to find out how much. I pushed all the right buttons one night while she was babysitting me! I explained to her that I had never had a girlfriend and encouraged her for some tips on the fairer sex. It was a great lesson and I learned everything from courtship to kissing. It made me very close to her. I also went to bed with a raging boner!

The next day it was hot and we were down at the hay shed. There were a few errands to run so Hayley came with just chatting and laughing. As I bent over she immediately grabbed my ass and said "gotya". I jumped in surprise. "don't be a silly billy" she exclaimed "I was only joking"

"Just as well", I said and continued on. I climbed to the hay loft with Auntie Hayley in tow

"What if I were serious Jackson" she said as she came closer, "what would you do"? Hayley then proceeded to put her hand down my pants and stroke my cock. It was an expert touch, one that I had not experienced from Lilly. "Feel good"? she whispered, "I bet you can't say no to your Auntie Hayley can you"? With that she got on her knees and started nibbling at my cock through my shorts. "What would you do"? she continued saying as she pulled the shorts down, "what would you do"?

My entire cock was in her mouth now, in and out, in and out, it was unbelievable at the skill she possessed.

"So you are a little horny fucker aren't you?" Hayley then bent over and hitched up her long summer dress, "fuck me" she demanded. I obliged with all the talent that only a 15 year old could possess, I was a bit awkward but very satisfying! "Yes that's right, pound me, fuck me"! she exclaimed as I quickly came all over her ass, dress and hair. We both collapsed to the hay on the floor and lay there for ages just cuddling.

"So, you are a little fucker", Auntie Hayley said, "Lilly told me everything".

I was dumbfounded, my s****r Lilly was more fucked up than I thought.

"Don't worry, your secrets safe with me and this WONT happen again. "I just like to check things out for myself" she said.

Considering what had just happened, I thought there would be another chance!

I just had been used and fucked by my very own Auntie and now I knew what made her tick it wasn't going to be my last.......
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auntie is a naughty girl