s****r Lilly and my sexual slumber escapade #4

I had pretty much blown not only my load over my s****r Lilly's legs but also blew any chance of ever getting what I wanted from her which was regular sexual activity.

Things were tense in the house ever since 'that' night. We would seldom speak to each other and if we did it was just small talk, not the kind of chats you have with a big s****r. Luckily things were not as bad as I thought as I soon was to discover!

Like all 17 year olds, Lilly loved to party, she never really had a regular boyfriend and this I knew was quite a frustration to her. It was hard to believe since she was quite beautiful as I have previously mentioned. It was a dull Saturday night for me and after takeaway and a somewhat dreary movie I decided to turn in for the night after a customary grip of my gear stick!

I heard the door slam at around 2am and some female noises which confirmed to me that Lilly had arrived home. They were pretty rowdy so I put my head between the pillows and shut it out. I don't know what time it was when I was disturbed by someone entering my room and sitting at the side of my bed.

My bed is hard against a wall in my room and I sl**p facing the wall with my ass pointing out. I suddenly feel a warm hand on my ass, I knew from the perfume it was Lilly.

"Hey pervert" she whispered, "Let me feel your boner, I know you want me". I could smell alcohol as she breathed in my direction but I lied still. Carefully she reached around and started to stroke my cock that was bone stiff.

"Dirty, dirty boy", she continued, "you are never gonna live this down" She kept pumping my cock into her soft warm hand and then in a masterful way turned me onto my back for my reward. Lilly pulled the covers back and put my whole cock into her mouth and just kept it there while her tongue licked around it. She then proceeded to move slowly up and down on it. I had dreamed of this moment since that very first bedroom encounter!

"Not so fast", she whispered again as she withdrew, I was so close to cumming in her mouth and Lilly knew that. She stopped and took her hand to me again and kept on pumping my cock while looking me straight in the eye. "You're just a little needle dick", she said as she pumped away. It was so awesome looking at her fully clothed, just wanking me away fast, then slow.

"Jackson, cum you fucker" she said, "I want to see it, cum for me" Her grip was vice like as she stroked me in a very similar vain to the incident in the bathroom months earlier. I caught myself thinking that it was very weird that Lilly was so pissed off with me but now she sat on my bed stroking me like a concubine!

I was close now and to finish me off Lilly spread her legs to show me a peek of her beautifully manicured pussy. In a rush my boyhood squirted all over her beautiful long fingers.

She then wiped her hands on my head exclaiming "dirty fucker" as she left the room.

I lied in bed puzzled, what was that about? Who cares, I thought!

My s****r just had expertly jerked be off, I was 15 and horny, what me worry?!

One thing was for sure this was going to be a great year!
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Nice story
4 years ago
I hope she eventually gives up her pussy to you. You lucky guy.
4 years ago
Hope that big sister Lilly b(r)othered you more ;)P
4 years ago
hope there are more sessions to relate for us to wank off to.
4 years ago
please more
that was fucking GREAT