s****r Lilly and my sexual slumber escapade #3

It had been two weeks since my i****tuous romp with my sl**ping s****r. Every time I saw her round the house I just kept flashing back to that night in the bedroom where I broke every moral code and crossed the boundaries of taboo. Funnily enough that side of it sat well with me and I couldn't wait to try her again.

Lilly had friends sl**p over the last few nights and this just heightened my frustration but tonight was the night, Mom and Dad were out and I was planning some devious activities! This time I wanted to sneak into her room, under the bed and then see what happened. It didn't take long to find out!

I took my chance while Lilly was on the phone to sneak under her bed, it was just a matter of waiting now for her to come in and go to sl**p. It seemed like an hour when she came in still talking on the phone to her friend, the usual typical girly stuff. I listened intently as she took off her clothes. I was getting this mental picture in my mind of her beautiful long hair cascading over her slim body and broad shoulders and finally settling to rest half way down her back! I carefully pulled up the valance to take a peek and I couldn't have been any luckier as I caught a reflection in her mirror.

She was straddling a pillow and rubbing her ass and pussy on it. I had never seen this before so I was even more aroused. I had a fantastic view through 2 inches of cracked cotton! Her breath grew shallow as she got into a rythm and jolted her head back at the same time rubbing with longer strokes. "Ahh" she whimpered, I was amazed at what I was seeing and opened up the sheet a little more while stroking my cock.

It was then that she made an untimely glance at the mirror and saw me under the bed. There was nowhere to hide, I was busted big time. I casually escaped from under the bed and out of the room much to the disgust of Lilly. FUCK, This was a disaster! Was she gonna tell Mom? I decided to hot foot out of the house returning a couple of hours later.

I decided to shower and once there remembered that moment I had seen my s****r masturbating in her room. My dick got hard at the littlest gust of wind so naturally I had a boner again! I was working it when I realised that i had company. "Having a good tug there"? It was Lilly.

"You dirty little fucking slime" She said. "How long have you been watching me"? "What else have you seen"? "Tell me you fucking pencil dick"!

I had never seen her like that before. I was holding my hand over my boner as she paid out on me, looking at me with disdain. For some reason my erection had not subsided which just added to the problems.

"Am I still turning you on now little cock sucker"? She shouted.

With that Lilly pulled the shower screen back and grabbed my cock, HARD.

"Like that now Jackson, you little pervert"? "Do you like it rough"? "Oh yea you do don't you"?

She was grabbing by cock so hard but I kinda dug it and it didn't hurt so I was kinda just frozen there in her hands. She was just grabbing handfulls of cock and balls and clawing them with her hands.

"So you are enjoying that eh, is this what you do under my bed, you little perv, turn off the water....."

With that I turned off the shower and Lilly continued to satisfy me in a mean and demeaning way but I was so turned on by it! She opened her dressing gown and exposed her killer body. I was just staring at her pert little breasts and her well manicured and nubile body. Lilly just kept tugging on my erection with one hand and stroking her body with her other hand. I tried to kiss her but she pushed me away.

"Fuck you little cunt", she said.

"Is this your first time"? she demanded. I muttered something like "yes" as she roughly stroked my cock up and down. It wasn't a loving tender touch that's for sure!

"That"s it you grub" she said as I creamed all over her hand, tummy and legs. "There you go fucker, you fuckin dirty pervert".

Lilly wiped the cum off her hands onto my hair and left the bathroom without another word. I fell into a crumpled heap on the floor.

I was fucked, Lilly will most certainly tell my parents and my short 15 year life might well be over - maybe?

I was both shitting myself and excited about the future.....
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4 years ago
Very interesting
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Good story.
4 years ago
What a sweet sister.
4 years ago
like the stories keep em cumming
4 years ago
yes tell us more
4 years ago
tell us more...