s****r Lilly and my sexual slumber escapade #2

So there I was hiding under the bed in Lilly's room with my heart beating through my mouth, and a throbbing member in my undies listening to every move my Mom made right above me. I was fucked. I was busted for sure! An eternity passed and I just lay still. Luckily, I remained undetected and Mom left the room and went to bed, I was ready to resume!

So I had verified that Lilly slept deeply (pretty much) so really there was nothing that I couldn't do (or try). I had the confidence to try something else! I reached up onto Lilly's bed and flicked off the sheet that stopped me seeing her beautiful body. This was greeted with a bit of a stir from her so I remained cautious. I reached under her cotton panties and re aquainted myself with her ass, carefully at first and then strong enough to dislodge her panties from her crack and peel them back to expose her slit.

I gulped down air at the sight of this groomed magnificence as this was the first time I had ever saw it, wow it was worth the wait! I licked my two fingers and started prodding her beautiful canyon, first with the index finger, which wasn't a problem, then my middle finger joined in her pussy as well. It was slow and sustained only to be occasionally interrupted by Lilly's stirring. It was a stirring that could have been mistaken as enjoyment if she were not asl**p. I was the master now, and I wanted to do more!

My poor cock was getting sore from all my tugging at it and I had still not cum save a little "accident" hours before. It was getting to the stage that I just wanted to get off and my target was the beautiful horizon that I had before me.
I placed one knee on the bed as she was still on her side with her ass facing me. I thought I would rub my cock between her ass cheeks. If I did this without entering it would not disturb her. (hey, what real experience did I have at 15!)

So there I was, hovering over her body on one knee. I placed my cock between her heavenly ass slit and slid between her ass crack with the aid of the cum slime at the end of my cock. I was now rather firmly sliding in and out of Lilly's ass cheeks with a little intrusion into her pussy. I held my breath in anticipation as I rubbed my cock against her. 'Fuck this is dirty' I thought to myself!

I snuck a peek at my position and noticed the arch of her back as I slid in and out of her cheeks, the dim moonlight through the window cast a shadow over one side of her face as I rocked her with my cock. My whole body was now rigid as I took long strokes. It wasn't going to be long now. I placed a hand on the small of her back ever so lightly as I rubbed and rubbed my cock. I didn't know where it exactly was but it felt fantastic! She moaned in her sl**p which only encouraged me some more. "take that" I whispered under my breath......

My rubbing now became shorter and I was sliding just a couple of inches in and out between her beautiful ass. I had one hand on her incredible mound as I drew my last strokes. My head was light as I squirted my boyhood all over the sheets in front of her ass. I hovered for what seemed an eternity while I gained my composure. I took silent, shallow breaths until I had my head again. I wiped the end of my still throbbing member on her pretty ass and dismounted from the bed. I then sat on the floor and contemplated what I had just done.

I was a fucking dirty, demented, deviate and I had just psudo fucked my s****r!

A huge smile came to my face!

At breakfast, I asked Lilly how she slept to which she exclaimed "Like a baby"

This would be the beginning of many more slumber encounters with Lilly.

There is so much more to tell, Stay tuned.....
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2 years ago
love this story!
4 years ago
very very naughty
4 years ago
It is truly amazing what brothers will try to do.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Great story.
4 years ago
I bet she becomes a slut for her brother's cock.
4 years ago
TELL ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago
She slept like a baby, in coma from her brothers cock in her ass - with more coma nights to come?
4 years ago
I want to hear more.
4 years ago