s****r Lilly and my sexual slumber escapade

Well this comes straight from my own experiences, the type of story that you read on these forums only this one is real and it happened to me.

As I grew up through my teens I became somewhat of a sexual deviate, it wasn't unusual for me to jerk off 5 to 7 times in a day! When I turned 15 I became obsessed with my older s****r Lilly. She was two years older but in my relentless pursuit of getting off she became more interesting to me. I wanted to have my first sexual experience and the teen girls I knew were just so frigid! I had no experience but I had a devious mind!

The plan was to go into Lilly's bedroom while she slept and see what I could get away with! Lilly was about 5'7 and had an ample tits and a slim booty, your typical, beautiful, 'I will never have you' girl. My pants swell with anticipation when I recall this story even though it was many years ago!

So here I snuck, past the living room and carefully I opened the door and crawled commando style into her room. Lilly's room was a typical girls room with a pretty white four poster bed and a quilt cover with a flowery pattern on it. It smelled just lovely, a cross between juvenile innocence and womanly scent.

My heart pounded as I crept up to her bed where she lay asl**p. It was a warm night and a lovely breeze fluttered the curtains gently, this only served to make the room less silent, a perfect foil for my entrance! I heard her breathing, in and out, in and out, she was in a deep sl**p and she lay there with a light sheet on her. Lilly was asl**p on her side with her bent legs together and her slim ass pointing straight toward the side on the bed I was on!

It was a few minutes of sitting there below the mattress line just thinking, 'what was I gonna do'? My mouth was dry and my cock hard with anticipation. I slid my quivering hand under the sheet and put it on her petite ass. She stirred......then went back into a deep sl**p. With my heart pounding I kept going until I felt her underwear, just the usual cotton bikini brief worn by girls/women her age. It felt so nice! I continued under her undies ever so slowly inch by inch until I got to her beautiful canyon. The skin under her knickers was so soft and untouched and it was all mine.

At this stage I had to take stock of exactly where I was on Lilly's gorgeous ass, I couldn't believe it! I had one hand on her ass and the other stroked my cock. I was bone hard and my pulse was pounding through my swollen member. As I continued down her crack to feel the tops of her legs, I drew a mental picture, I was right next to her virgin pussy - WOW. This was all I wanted, the anticipation was amazing, I stroked my member with control stopping every few strokes, I was in heaven and I didn't want this to end.

My thought processes were irrational, go for her beautiful slit, put your finger in, yes, no, oh what to do!

My head was full of impure thoughts and I was lost in the moment, I had to explore some more but first I carefully removed my hand from her undies and frantically stroked my member to within an inch of orgasm. I then stopped and had an idea - lubrication? I touched the swollen head of my cock with my index finger and then slid that hand back into the same position I just had it in. She had not moved and even snored louder in her deep slumber!

I then ever so slowly inserted the index finger into her beautifully manicured slit that I had so wanted all this time. Into the entrance at first, my impromptu lube worked a treat as I inched it in slowly, I was up to my first knuckle, the warmth of Lilly's pussy radiated down my arm and into my body, I had to do more! I held my breath as I inched my whole finger into her pussy, I couldn't believe she didnt wake up!

This was heaven, I WAS a deviate, FUCK! I started to slowly withdraw the finger and then slide it back, this happened about 20 times in time with my other hand pumping my cock before I saw the hallway light come on, it was my mom coming in to check Lilly! It was something she always did with all us k**s. Quickly I withdrew my finger and slid under the valance of the bed. I laid there and prayed I would not be discovered.

I would have to stay put and even if it was hours, I would stay there. A pool of cum had dribbled out onto my stomach, this was a night of discovery and I was determined that it wasn't finished yet........
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4 years ago
Brothers are such perverts, LOL
4 years ago
Oh you are a naughty boy.
4 years ago
I hope you got to fuck her.
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
more more please finish i know that this story is not over
4 years ago
Hot story - experienced writer - left us with a cliff hanger ;)
4 years ago
very nice
please tell me there is more