Alicia-The Conclusion

I hadn't really planned on a second part to this tale but since a few asked, here it is.

sl**p seemed to evade me for the most part. I would doze off for twenty or thirty minutes at a time and I must have gotten up to check on Alicia a dozen times or so. I had feared that I would open the door to her room and find her balled up in the corner crying her eyes out over the horrible thing I had allowed her to do but each time she was sound asl**p. Around 5AM I finally fell asl**p only to be awaken two hours later by one of the greatest smells in the world….bacon. I checked Alicia’s room but it was empty. I found her in the kitchen wearing one of my button up shirts.

“Morning Daddy! Your timing is perfect. I was just about to come for you.”

“Smells delicious. What’s the occasion?” I took notice of the way my shirt d****d over her young frame. It hung low but still showed off her legs. Her thighs are smooth, tanned and toned and I couldn’t stop myself from wondering if she was wearing panties underneath. “Nice shirt.” I teased.

“I didn’t think you would mind. I saw it hanging in the laundry room and it just looked really comfy. Is it OK Daddy?” she smiled that smile that she knew I could never say no to. She tried to strike a little pose but the bagginess of the shirt ruined the effect. I sat down at the table and managed to focus my attention on the cup of coffee that was waiting for me, as I looked up at my daughter she still looked like the sweet little girl she was yesterday but there was also something more grown-up about her.

When she sat a plate down in front of me I caught a whiff of her. She smelled amazing, for lack of a better word. Her hair was damp and hung down, framing her beautiful face, and resting just past her shoulders. I managed to wrangle my stare to the food presented to me; real bacon, not that fake turkey based crap she had been forcing onto me for the last year and a big juicy cheese omelet. I was a bit shocked as she had been preaching about me eating better and since she did the cooking I hadn’t eaten like this in over a year.

“I didn’t even know that we had this in the house.” I held up a piece of bacon and savored the taste.

“We didn’t. I was up really early and I kind of borrowed the car and went to the store.” she wasn’t old enough to have a license but the store was only about a mile away and after what she did the previous night I decided to let it slide.

“Let’s just not make it a habit. Of taking the car I mean, you can cook like this anytime you want.” I smiled and dug into the morning feast. I wasn’t sure if things would be odd after allowing her to pose as a prostitute the night before and other than the normally banned foods everything seemed normal.

“So, did you like the way I sucked your cock Daddy?”

“What?” I almost choked.

“I said how do you like your omelet Daddy.”

“Oh, it’s delicious baby. Just perfect.”

We finished eating and engaged in fairly typical conversation. I somehow managed to not think about the way her lips felt when they were wrapped around my cock. Well almost. I mean you simply cannot help but think about the best blow job of your life but I didn’t want to bring it up or the events of the night before. Unfortunately Alicia didn’t share my reluctance.

“So….” there was a long pause. “Have you heard from Mr. Taggert yet?” my stomach knotted and when I looked up to her she was staring down at her plate.

“No. Not yet. I imagine he’s is still asl**p.”

“How does this work? Does he call or do you just have to wait and see?” she looked up and there seemed to be a very minute look of shame. It was a fleeting look that was quickly overcome with what I can only describe as sheer confidence. It was as if she knew she had fucked his brains out.

“Honestly I have no clue. What I do know is that I hope for his sake that you didn’t go through that for nothing.”

“Oh I wouldn’t worry about that Daddy.” she grinned as she slide a fork full of food into those amazing lips. “I kind of have a contingency plan.”

“Such as? You are not doing that again Alicia I can tell you that much right now.” I tried not to sound to authoritive.

“Well do you remember that teddy bear I had with me?” I nodded as I sipped the coffee. This wasn’t decaf, she pulled out all the stops this morning. “That was one of those Nanny-Cams.” she smiled wickedly and placed a USB drive on the table. “If he tries to shut you down you know have something to bargain with.”

“You….you recorded it?”

“Yup.” she beamed with pride. “I started recording just after you left. After I….” I cut her off before she could finish her sentence.

“Yes. Yes I know.” my hand shook as I took the small device. In a small way I had hoped that it contained the visual of my daughter sucking me off but I knew that if it were to be used as blackmail it would be best if I wasn’t in it.

“I just didn’t want him to go back on his word.” she smiled and I didn’t have the heart to remind her that Taggert didn’t promise anything and I was working off of hearsay.

We finished eating and Alicia cleared the table. I poured another cup of coffee and informed her that I was going to go shower and make a few phone calls. She kissed me on the cheek and as I was leaving she stopped me.

“Daddy? Do you think differently of me now? Do you think badly of me?” the question hurt like a punch in the gut. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. I could feel her young sensuous body against mine.

“Of course not baby. There is nothing that would ever make me think badly of you. I would rather have not let you go through it but we found ourselves in an odd situation and you stepped up and handled it. You did what needed to be done and I’m proud of you. No matter what happens with the company the people of this town will never know the sacrifice you made last night but I do. I just want to make sure that you are OK.” I slightly pulled away and looked into her eyes. “Are you OK Alicia?”

“I’m fine Daddy. He didn’t try anything too freaky really and to be completely honest I had a good time.” I felt my cock stir.

“You did?” I knew this conversation was quickly going down a road I that I didn’t want it to but I just couldn’t seem to find the brakes.

“Yeah. It was just sex. I know you’re my Daddy and you’re supposed to tell me that sex is bad and all that but let’s be real here. Sex can be fun. You know it and I know it.” she had already revealed to me that she wasn’t a virgin but up until then I guess I had managed to convince myself that it had been something she had only done once or twice although subconsciously I knew better. My cock was quickly threatening to go from the slightly excited phase to the full on throbbing hard-on condition, one that I wouldn’t be able to hide from her. “We’ve avoided the topic so far but I sucked your cock last night Daddy and I’m pretty sure that you could tell that you weren’t the first guy I went down on.”

“Alicia….I” I didn’t know what to say.

“I told you to close your eyes but you didn’t. You watched me Daddy. You watched me suck your big, hard cock. MMMM you fucked my mouth Daddy.” she moaned and pushed herself up against me and by now my cock was full on hard and nestled between me and my daughter. “I felt like such a shameless slut for getting so wet while sucking my Daddy off but then I came home and found my panties. The ones you came in Daddy.”

“Oh baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” the feel of her hand sliding between our bodies and finding my erection silenced me.

“Don’t be sorry Daddy. It actually made me feel better. While that man was fucking me I couldn’t help but think about you Daddy. I thought about you coming back into that hotel room and doing me. I thought about you fucking me Daddy and I came. I felt so wrong. I thought something was wrong with me but when I found my panties filled with your cum I felt better.” her hand was softly working on my swollen cock. “You know what I did with those panties? I put them on Daddy. I put them on and the thought of having your cum against my little pussy made me so fucking wet. I couldn’t help myself Daddy, I came in them to.” she had moved back away from me and I instantly missed the feel of her skillful hand on my raging cock. “Is that what made you cum Daddy? Did you think about fucking me and cum?” she started to teasingly unbutton the shirt she was wearing.

“Yes baby. I couldn’t help myself. The way your mouth felt, the way you seemed to enjoy sucking my cock.” the shirt fell from her shoulders and landed on the floor and I gawked at her young, firm naked body.

“MMMM I loved sucking your cock Daddy. You are so much bigger than Mr. Taggert.” she once again wrapped her hand around my cock. I thought about pulling it out thankfully Alicia had the same thought. Her hands pushed the waistband of my pajamas down and my hard-on sprang free. “MMMM his cock couldn’t fill my mouth the way my Daddy’s did.” her body slid down mine until the head of my cock was level with her mouth. I was oozing pre-cum at an insane rate and she slid her tongue out and lightly lapped it up from the tip. “Can I Daddy? Can I suck your cock again?” I was speechless so thankfully she didn’t wait for verbal consent. Instead she licked up and down the length and then began to take me between her lips.

“Oh fuck! Alicia! That’s it baby! Suck Daddy’s cock!” unlike the previous night I didn’t feel the need to either hold back or acknowledge the fact that I was her Daddy, that she was my daughter and that she was blowing me. “MMMM no hands baby, just use your mouth. Show Daddy what a naughty little girl you are.” she smiled with my girth between her lips and began to suck and slurp up and down my shaft. One of her hands began to fondle her small, firm tits while the other found her wet, hairless pussy. I brushed her hair from her face but as I pulled my and away she instantly grabbed it and placed it on the back of her head. I took the cue, gripped her hair tightly and began to fuck her throat. I could feel the cum boiling up and I knew I couldn’t keep up this pace without blowing my load and I wasn’t ready for that yet. I pulled out of her mouth and she instantly protested.

“No Daddy, no! I want your cum. I want to swallow my Daddy’s cum again!” she was fingering herself intently but I pulled her up from the floor and lifted her up to the counter.

“Oh you will baby. But there is something I want to do first.” I pushed her legs open wide and got the first look of her bald little 15 year old pussy. The scent of her arousal was intoxicating but the taste of her young cunt was even better.

“MMMM fuck yeah! Eat that pussy Daddy! Eat your daughter’s sweet little cunt!” my mouth found her clit and I gripped it lightly between my teeth as I flicked my tongue across it in rapid succession. Her moaning and groaning was getting louder and louder. “Oh Daddy! I’m going to cum Daddy! I’m going to fucking cum! Put your cock inside me! Please Daddy! I want to cum and I want to cum on my Daddy’s big cock!” I resisted leaving the glorious taste of her young mound but the thought of being inside her won out and I stood up with the head of my dick nudging against her drenched slit.

“You sure about this baby?”

“Oh fuck just do it Daddy! Shove your fat fucking cock up your daughter’s hungry little pussy.” time seemed to slow as we both watched my width slide up inside her. I felt her body tense and heard her gasp as I stretched her tight hole. “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me Daddy! Fucking fuck me now Daddy!” she screamed and I plowed into her completely. The walls of her young cunt was like a vice and when her orgasm hit it was even tighter. I fought the urge to explode as her tiny hole constricted around my dick.

Alicia pulled me to her and held herself against me as she came. “Fuck me now Daddy! Oh my god yes! Your dick feels so good inside me! Fucking pound me Daddy! Fuck me and make me your little fucking whore!” I held onto her small waist and managed to work myself in and out of her tightness, building in intensity and f***e until our bodies were slapping against each other loudly. “Harder Daddy, harder! Fuck my little pussy! Fuck your daughter’s little fucking cunt!”

“Oh fuck! You feel so fucking good Alicia! You Daddy’s little girl?”

“Yes! Yes! Daddy!”

“Daddy’s little slut?”

“Oh god yes Daddy! I’m your little slut! I’m Daddy’s little fucking whore!” I had never heard my daughter utter a curse word any harsher than “damn” or “hell” and now hearing her scream out the filthiest things was pushing all the right buttons. I hammered into her even harder.

“Alicia, I’m going to cum baby! You’re going to make your Daddy cum!”

“Do it Daddy! Do it! Cum for me Daddy! I want it! I want your fucking cum! Cum for your little girl! Cum for your naughty little fuck-toy! Cum inside me Daddy! Cum inside your little girl!” I felt her tighten around me again and I buried myself deep inside her. My body tensed as I exploded. I felt streams of cum erupting from my cock and deeply filling Alicia’s young pussy over and over again. I tried to pull away but she wrapped her arms around me again.

“No Daddy. Stay inside me, I want every last drop.” she moaned. Even as I began to go soft she held onto me tightly. “MMMM carry me to bed Daddy.” she whispered into my ear and that was exactly what I did. I laid her down on my bed and I finally slipped free of her little hole and we both watched my cum drool from her cunt lips.

“My first cream-pie.” she giggled and it suddenly dawned on me.

“I think we need to get you on the pill before we do that again.” I ran a finger through the sloppiness and pushed it into her mouth.

“Well I have other places you can cum in the meantime Daddy.” she rolled onto her stomach and showed me her incredible ass. “You can even be the first man to ever fuck me in the ass Daddy.”

“I think I’d rather be the ONLY man to ever fuck you in the ass.” I winked and gave her ass a spank.

We laid there in bed and discussed our newly defined relationship. She also divulged more of her sexual activity and listening to her talk about it excited me, something that didn’t go unnoticed by Alicia and I again watched my cum dribble from her little pussy as she straddled me and guided her tiny little hole up and down my cock.

By the time Monday rolled around I had in fact taken my daughter up the ass and despite my intensions I had also deposited three more loads of cum inside her pussy. It became increasingly difficult to deny her that when she would beg me. I did meet with Taggert and I didn’t even give him the opportunity to tell me of his decision. Instead I showed him a few choice clips of that night in the hotel. He wasn’t happy at all but in the end he knew that I had him by the balls. Not only would my branch remain open but all others would be judged on their feasibility alone to which he begrudgingly agreed. As he was leaving I stopped him.

“One more thing Taggert. If you EVER extort anyone else for sex I will fucking ruin you.” he called me a son of a bitch and left. Two days later I received an e-mail from corporate informing me that my budget would increase which I managed to parlay into raises for the employees. I went home that night and celebrated with Alicia.
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4 months ago
GREAT follow-up... HOT payoff. Terrific writing. Had me reading FAST.
1 year ago
Oh fuck this is hot! i came so hard pretending i was Alicia ;)
1 year ago
oh so fucking hot
1 year ago
youa fantastic writter I loved your story hope you write the conclusion to your Emily story
1 year ago
outstanding , but does daddy give her a love child
1 year ago
An amazing conclusion to a great story.