Becoming Emily - Part VII

After Megan left I laid in bed, exhausted, and felt the soreness from my escapades fully setting in. A long, hot soak helped alleviate the effects but I didn’t think I could take another 24 hours like that. I sent the rest of the day at home and I found, to my dismay and excitement, that I enjoyed things that I previously would have considered to be typical female behavior. When I got hungry I ate a salad, and I enjoyed it which was huge coming from someone that wouldn’t consider a meal complete without some form of meat. I even got caught up in a movie on Lifetime! By 6PM I was growing a bit bored and realized that I hadn’t checked my work e-mail in a few days. I crossed my fingers that there was nothing that required immediate attention. Thankfully it was all just menial things that I was able to handle with just a few quick replies after which I sat there at the computer trying to find some way of entertaining myself that didn’t involve sex. I failed in that endeavor.

Al it took was a few minutes of watching some random porn star getting pounded and my self imposed sexual embargo was lifted. For the next 30 minutes I watched porn and teased my wet pussy. I felt this unquenchable need to get fucked building up inside me that could never be satisfied with masturbation. I mentally flipped through my list of booty calls.

Megan? I had just spent several hours enjoying my new transsexual neighbor and loved it but when I looked over to her house I saw that her car wasn’t in the drive and the house was dark.

Daddy? He had fucked me just before Megan and I wasn’t sure if he could get away from his wife without much warning.

Sasha? She has been so busy these past few days and could probably use a good fuck. I dialed her number and slid my hand into my panties. She answered on the 4th ring.

“Hello there little s****r.”

“Hey. Um, what you up to tonight?”

“Well actually I have a date tonight. I’m on my way to her place now.”

“Oh.” I think she could hear the disappointment, and probably the horniness, in my voice.

“Awwwww. Is my little s****r lonely tonight?” that teasing tone of voice that both excites and infuriates.


“Well sorry love but I’m already running late. I’ll com fuck you tomorrow though.”

We said our good byes and I continued to tease my clit. I ended up on Craig’s List looking through the various ads but nothing caught my eye, or at least nothing that could satisfy my immediate need, when I saw a one word title. It simply read “Emily”.

I’m not sure if you ever come on here but since I have no way of contacting you I figure it can’t hurt to try this. We met in the park the other day and had a great conversation in my car, one that I would love to repeat. If you are reading this then please respond. Tell me what it is that I do for a living so that I know it is really you.

I knew right away that it was the teacher that fucked me in his car. I composed a response and included the required information to prove it was me. I added my phone number and not 10 minutes later the phone rang.


“Hey! I’ll be back in town tomorrow. How about we get together?” I was expecting the teacher to be on the other end but to my happiness it was Lilly.

“Oh hey! Yeah, for sure. I would love to get together.”

“Great. I’ll call you in the afternoon. Take care sweetie.” I literally swooned as she hung up.

“Can’t wait.” I moaned to absolutely no one. The ring of the phone startled me.

“Forget something?” I giggled.

“Um. Pardon? Is Emily there?” it was a familiar male voice this time.

“This is her. Is this my teacher?” I heard him laugh.

An hour later he was knocking at my front door. I answered it and watched as his jaw dropped. I stood there wearing a sexy, if not cliché, slutty school girl outfit. The red plaid skirt barely covering my round ass, the tight white top doing all it could to withhold my large firm tits. My black bra peeking out seductively as his eyes scanned me from head to toe.

“MMMM damn.” he muttered.

“Oh hi there Mr. Dylan. Come on in.” I lead him into my home office and he sat down.

“ I know that you were supposed to have a meeting with my Daddy about my behavior at school but he won’t be able to be here tonight.”

“Oh and why is that?” he played right along with my little scenario.

“Well because I didn’t tell him about it. Look, I get my driver’s license next month and when I do Daddy said he would buy me a car but only if I didn’t get into any more trouble at school.” I sat crossed legged on the desk.

“I fail to see how that is my problem Emily. I think your father needs to be aware of your behavior.”

“I don’t think Daddy needs to know about how you caught me sucking some guys cock in the parking lot.” my black platform heel sliding along his thigh.

“I think you enjoyed it. I saw that bulge in your pants when you busted me.”

“You’re sorely mistaken Emily. I was disgusted. That man looked older than me.”

“MMMM I know how difficult it must be for you Mr. Dylan. Being around all those young cock teasing bitches all day and not being able to fuck them.” I slithered off of the desk and onto his lap, my ass grinding hard against the throbbing bulge in his pants.

“Oh you have no idea Emily.” his hands rested on my waist as I gyrated against his crotch.

“Well teacher, I’m no tease and if you can keep my little secret I can give you exactly what you need.” I grabbed his hands and placed them on my chest. He slowly pawed at my young tits through my top.

“MMMM such big tits for such a little girl.” he moaned as his grip increased and I pushed myself against his hardening meat.

“You like my big tits Mr. Dylan? I bet you’ve been thinking about them haven’t you? I bet you’ve imagined having this big, hard cock between them.” I pulled away from his hands and slowly unbuttoned my top. He stared at the black lace that encased my young tits as I pushed them together.

“So do we have a deal teacher? You won’t tell my Daddy?” even as I asked I was already sliding off of his lap and kneeling in front of him, my hand deftly working the clasp on his pants. I felt his body convulse slightly as my hand made contact with the warm, hard flesh of his throbbing cock.

“MMMM Mr. Dylan! What a juicy cock you have.” I teased as I slowly slid my hand up and down the shaft. He watched with a sly smirk as my tongue swirled around the head, tasting the pearl of pre-cum that had already started to emerge.

“I should have know that you were a filthy fucking slut the first time you walked into my classroom Emily.” his voice had taken on a rougher tone. It excited me even more.

“I am a filthy fucking whore Mr. Dylan. Such a bad, bad little girl. I need to be punished. I need you to punish me with this hard fucking cock.” the words oozed from my lips as I licked along the length of his shaft. Unlike the first time I fucked him the park Dylan didn’t hold back. Any trepidation or anxiety he had was long gone and he roughly grabbed my hair and pulled my head up so that his cock was pushing against my lips.

“This is what you want isn’t you little whore?” he slapped the swollen head against my face a few time before forcing it into my mouth. I tried to say yes but my voiced was stifled with his throbbing cock pushing deep into my mouth. I greedily sucked and slurped on his dick as he was already fucking my throat.

“That’s it Emily, suck my dick.” he brushed my hair away from my face and watched my red painted lips gliding up and down his veiny cock.

“The way you wear those short fucking skirts and those tight tops with your tits about to pop out and second I know this isn’t the first teacher cock you’ve sucked is it?”

“No Mr. Dylan.” I pulled him out of my mouth and ran his spit soaked cock along my lips then took him down to his balls. I held him deep in my throat before pulling away and gasping for breath as saliva dripped from my lips and down my face.

“MMMM take that fucking bra off. I want to see those young tits I’ve been fantasizing about.” he watched as I slowly peeled my bra from my young firm tits and I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock as he slowly stroked it.

“Are they as good as you imagined Mr. Dylan?” I once again straddled his lap and pushed my now soaked, panty covered pussy against his bare cock. I moaned loudly as he began to suck and bite down on each nipple all the while his hand grabbed my ass.

“Ohhhh yes suck my fucking tits teacher! Oh my god I can feel your cock throbbing! You want to fuck me don’t you Mr. Dylan? You want to shove that fat fucking cock deep into your students tight, wet little cunt, don’t you?”

“There is something else I want to do first.” he moaned into my ear and before I had a chance to ask he lifted me up and laid me onto the big wooden desk. He licked his way down my firm young body and held my legs open….just staring at my needy fuckhole.

“I’ve wanted to taste this little pussy for so long….” his voice trailed off as e peeled my panties aside and began to lick up and down my slit. I gasped at the feel of his tongue lapping against my clit.

“Ohhh fuck yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Eat my fucking cunt! Right there! Right there! Bite my clit! Bite my fucking clit!” the painful pleasure of his teeth lightly gnashing down on my sensitive nub pushed me over the edge. My body started to convulse and I pushed my young gash against him.

“MMMM I was right. You do have a sweet pussy.” he had come up and was kissing me hard and I could feel his aching cock nudging against my pussy lips through my panties. He suddenly became aware of the fabric barrier and slide them down my thighs and dropped them on the floor. I moaned as I felt him drumming the head of his cock against my slit, almost teasing me.

“Ohhhhhh come on teacher do it. Do it you dirty old man! Sink that fat cock deep up my little school girl cunt you fucking perv….put it in me and fuck me! Fuck my little teen pussy!” My back arched as he penetrated and buried his cock ball deep inside my slippery fuckhole.

“Oh fuck you’re so fucking tight! Oh my god Emily….feel….so….fucking….good!” he was slowly pumping into me but building in speed and intensity.

“Fuck me teacher, fuck me! Pound my slutty fucking school girl cunt! Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder you nasty fucking teacher!”

“Dirty..little…fucking slut!” he screamed as he started to plow his fat cock into me with a renewed vigor. I grabbed my tits and he pushed my hands away.

“Oh you like watching them bounce when you fuck me? You like seeing my big, young tits bounce while I take my teachers fucking meat up my cunt?”

“Holy fucking shit! Take it Emily! Take my fucking cock you slutty little bitch!”

“Yes Mr. Dylan! Yes! Use me! Use my young whore body! Use my cunt! Use my fucking cunt!” my body began to shake in intense orgasm nd Mr. Dylan slowed his pace as he enjoyed the feel of my already tight pussy constricting around his dick and the sensation as I flooded it with sweet girly cream. For a second I could almost swear that his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

“MMMM you naughty teacher. You made your little student’s pussy cum all over that big, hard cock. I want to taste it, let me taste my sweet little cunt juice off your dick.” he flashed a weak smile and reluctantly withdrew from my still spasming hole. I moaned as I saw it dripping with cum and eagerly inhaled every inch deep into my mouth.

“Oh you nasty, nasty little fucking girl. You like tasting your own cum?” I nodded in he affirmative with his fleshy pole between my lips.

“Did that feel good Mr. Dylan? Did you like the way it felt when my young little cunt creamed all over this hard dick?” I was standing up close to him, all the while stroking his aching cock.

“So fucking good Emily.” his hand roamed along my curvy ass and I felt a finger tease at the opening.

“Oh you dirty, dirty old pervert. You want to fuck that tight hole to?”

“Yes.” his voice was muffled as he began to kiss me. We made out for and he fingered my ass until I couldn’t take the teasing any longer.

“I want you to bend me over this desk, spread me open and shove this fat fucking teacher cock up my ass. Please teacher, will you do that to me? Will you fuck me like a little anal whore?” I pouted and just moaned then smiled as he spun me around and gently nudged me to bend over until my face was resting against the wooden top. I bit my lip as I felt his hands push my ass cheeks apart and heard him lewdly spit against my puckered hole. I expected to feel the girth of his cock but instead I felt something that was smaller. The feel of stubble against my ass cheeks told me that it was his tongue.

“Oh yes! Oh yes Mr. Dylan! Eat my slutty fucking asshole!” he continued to feast on my ass and rub soaked pussy.

“Oh fuck! Please Mr. Dylan! Please! Do it. Do it now!”

“Do what Emily? Fucking tell me!”

“Fuck my ass teacher! Shove that hard cock up my young teen asshole and fucking do me!” he spit onto my tightest of holes once again and this time I felt what could only be his cock pressing against the opening. My hands gripped the desk as I braced myself for it.

“Oh that’s fucking tight!” he exclaimed as he slowly pushed himself up my ass.

“Oh my god yes! Give it to me! Give me every fucking inch up my whore ass Mr. Dylan! Pound your students ass!” I screamed as he drove up inside me deep and began to thrust in and out. I felt his hand slap hard against my ass cheek while the other roughly grabbed and pulled on my hair.

“Harder teacher harder! Spank my ass! Punish me!” the sting of his hand landing hard against my bare skin coupled with the sensation of his cock spreading my anal hole had me cuming again.

“Ohhhh fuck! I’ve wanted to do this from the first moment I saw you.” his words were permeated with thrusts up into my ass and soon the room was filled with loud grunts and groans as he pounded my ass deeply.

“Oh fuck! I can’t….I’m so fucking close Emily!” I looked back over my sholuder at him as he wildly thrusted himself into me.

“Ohhh fuck yeah teacher! I want it! I want your hot sticky teacher cum all over my whore face.” at hearing that he was quick to pull from my ass and I spun around and dropped to my knees. He was already stroking himself so I pushed his hand away and replaced it with my mouth.

“Such a nasty little girl, sucking that cock after it’s been up your ass.” he remarked as I sucked and slurped with passion. My head bobbed up and down until I felt that he was going to blow and I guess my instincts were spot on because no sooner had I pulled his dick from my mouth he began to erupt.

The first couple of spurts splashed against my lips and I opened my mouth. A few more landed onto my tongue. If he would have stopped cumming right then it would have been an impressive cum shot but he just kept gushing and gushing. By the time he finally milked the last droplet of jizz I had it all over my face and it was starting to drip down onto my neck and my tits.

“MMMM holy shit that was a big load Mr. Dylan.” I moaned as I licked as much cream as I could from my lips. My horny teacher simply collapsed down onto the chair and watched as I pushed more and more of his cum into my mouth before I curled up onto his lap.

“So are we going to keep this our little secret? You won’t tell my Daddy what a naughty little girl I’ve been?”

“Oh I think we may have to have a few more meetings like this to convince me.” he smiled.

I awoke that next morning feeling down right giddy. Not only because Teacher stayed and fucked me again but mainly due to the fact that I would be seeing Lilly. I had intended on keeping myself as “fresh” as possible but couldn’t resist the need to feel my teacher dump a load of cum into my pussy so I drew a hot bath, complete with moisturizing oils, and soaked. As I lay there in the tub I found myself reflecting, for the first time really, about how life would be when I reverted back to my previous male form. I was having a lot of fun being Emily and I wondered if I would miss it. When that old woman returned would I have the choice to remain as a female and if so, would I take it? By the time the bath water started to cool I had decided to just go with the flow so to speak and just enjoy myself to the utmost degree.

I spent the rest of the day pampering myself. I made a trip to the nail salon and picked out something sexy to wear for when Lilly came by. I really wasn’t sure how to dress. I mean I’ve never had someone want to take my picture even if it was basically for a catalog of whores. In the end I decided to wait and hope that she would help me decide.

The next several hours passed by excruciatingly slow. I found myself constantly checking to see if I had missed her call and debating on whether or not I should call her. I was also getting really horny but resisted the urge to masturbate. When Sasha called it was a temptation that almost caused me to cave but I held strong and soon enough the phone rang and Lilly was on the other end.

“Hey girl. I’m on my way. I’m like maybe 10 minutes from your place.”

“Oh OK. Cool. I was just hanging out.” I could only hope that my voice didn’t betray my words and reveal my desperation.

Lilly’s ten minutes turned into twenty but relief calmed my body when I saw a car pull into the drive and she made her way up the walk. I waited a bit after her first knock even though I was standing on the other side of the door. My stomach did back flips when I finally opened the door and saw her standing there.

“Look at you! Don’t you look cute.” her words caused me to blush and I could only hope it wasn’t too obvious.

“Aww you’re so sweet. Thanks. Come on in.”

“Sorry it took so long. It’s been a hectic day.”

“Oh no problem. I wasn’t doing much today anyways.”

“Well I know I said I wanted to get some pictures but to be honest I’m just not feeling it today. Why don’t we just go get a drink instead?”

“Um I’d love that but….I’m not 21. Remember?”

“Oh don’t worry about that. I know a place.”

We drove for about 30 minutes and as we neared the outskirts of town the scenery changed. We were in the Industrial District, nothing but factories and warehouses, and I might have started to get nervous if it weren’t for the fact that my attention was squarely focused on Lilly. I kept stealing long glances at her beautiful face and that amazing body. My eyes locked into the bare section of her creamy thighs between the hem of her skirt and the top of her boots, I was lost I thought that I barely noticed when she pulled into a parking lot and stopped the car.

“We’re here.” she announced.

“Where is here exactly? I thought we were going to get a drink.” we were parked in the lot of what looked like a small 2 story warehouse. The windows on the lower level were dark so either there were no lights on of they were painted.

“Just trust me. OK?” she flashed that heart melting smile and touched my hand. Any nerves or trepidation rushed from my body at that exact moment.

“You’re going to love this place.“ she assured me as we exited the car. As we neared the entrance I spotted what looked to be a card reader and Lilly was searching through her purse and pulled out a shiny red object about the size of a credit card. I realized it was a key card when she swiped it through the reader and the little light went from red to green and I heard the loud ‘click’ of the locking solenoid. She looked at me and arched a single eyebrow then pulled the door open.

I was instantly taken aback at the site before me. The exterior of this normal looking industrial building was a stark contrast to it interior. What I saw as we stepped across the threshold was what appeared to be an upscale bar. The walls were covered in beautifully crafted cherry wood panels that ran from the solid wood floors to the tin and copper coated ceiling. There were lavishly upholstered booths along the perimeter and equally appointed tables dotting the large open space. A very large and very imposing man stopped us almost as soon as we entered. His skin was the color of dark chocolate and his arms were bigger than my head but at seeing Lilly he flashed the warmest smile I had ever seen.

“Lilly! How the hell have you been? I was just talking about you the other night.”

“I hope it was good things.” she laughed and embraced the man.


“Boxer this is my friend Emily. Emily this is Boxer.”

“Pleasure to meet you.” I offered out my hand in greeting and it literally disappeared into his as she shook it.

“Pleasure is all mine little lady. You two go ahead on.” he stepped aside to let us pass and we made our way to the bar. It’s grandeur was fitting to the establishment and looked to as aged.

“What the fuck is this place?” my head swiveled to try to take it all in.

“It’s kind of like a private club.” she offered no further explanation as we took seats at the bar. There was about a dozen or so people s**ttered about the place. Most in couples, sitting in booths.

“And that guy?” I motioned back towards the door. Lilly smiled.

“Oh that’s Boxer.”

“Boxer? I suppose he was a fighter?”

“What? Oh no. He’s almost as wide as he is tall. He’s built like a fucking box.” she laughed again.

“What can I get you ladies? Oh fuck. Lilly? If I had known it was you I wouldn’t have came over here.” the bartended smiled. She was strikingly beautiful and I found myself instantly attracted to her. She was a bit older, I would guess early to mid-thirties but her body must not have been informed of her age. Her hair was dyed a deep bl**d red and it hand long down her back. I stared at her huge tits as they struggled to remain tucked into her tight fitting white top. The short sleeves revealed her heavily tattooed arms.

“Bitch you best get your ass over her and take our order.” Lilly smiled wide and stood up to hug the bartender over the bar.

“Roxy, this is my friend Emily. Emily this is the absolute best bartender in the world.”

“Nice to meet you Emily. I know what this whore wants. What can I get you?”

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

Lilly and I sat and talked for a good long while with Roxy making the occasional appearance in our conversation. One drink turned to two and two turned into three as several other people started pouring in but my attention was focused completely on Lilly.

“You know I kind of thought this might be a little weird. I mean you obviously know what I did the other night.”

“So you fucked a few guys at a party. Big deal. Did you have fun?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Do you regret it?”

“No. Not even a little bit.”

“Then who gives a shit what people think. Any normal woman that says that she has never at least thought about doing it is either lying or a complete fucking prude. I’ll bet that that wasn’t even the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done. Am I right?”

“Well….” my voice trailed off and wicked grin crept across my face.

“Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” I was trying my damndest to be coy.

“Oh bitch please! You’re thinking of something. Tell me. Tell me the dirty little secret your thinking about.” she had moved closer. So close that I swear I could feel the heat from her body and smell the faint whiff of alcohol on her breath.

I wanted to tell her everything. I wanted to reveal to her that one night I went to bed as an almost 40 year old man and woke up as a young teenage girl. That might be a bit much for someone to comprehend. I wasn’t even sure if I had a firm grasp on the situation myself and I was living it. Instead I told her about the teacher.

“Oh that’s nothing! I mean shit he isn’t even your actual teacher! My senior year I had my history teacher AND my trig teacher. Hey Roxy? How many teachers did you fuck when you were in high school?” she asked while Roxy was walking past and it didn’t appear as if any of the other patrons heard.

“Oh damn….Three? Two or three.”

“See? Come on. What else you got?”

“Well there is this one guy….” I proceeded to tell her about the role play situation with “Daddy”. I told her about how we met and why he likes to call me Paige. I spared no detail as the intoxication of being around her was taking control.

“Glory hole huh? Have you ever done that?”

“Um no.” I giggled as I sipped from my drink.

“Would you?”

“Yes!” the reply leapt from my lips before my brain actually had time to process the question.

“I’ll be right back, OK? I have to talk to someone real fast.” she slid off the bar stool and disappeared through the emerging crowd. I scanned around looking for her and eventually saw her talking to rather well dressed man. They were both laughing and smiling and as she walked away from him he checked out her ass.

“OK. Its all set.”

“What? What’s all set?”

“Hey Roxy can we get a bottle of champagne? We’re going to go downstairs.” Roxy just smiled and went to retrieve Lilly’s requested bottle.

“What’s downstairs? I am so confused.”

“Here you go girls. Have fun.“ Roxy had returned with the champagne as well as two glasses.

“Grab those glasses and follow me.” Lilly instructed as she snatched the chilled bottle from the bar and led me towards a door tucked away in a dark corner of the building that led to a staircase.

As the door closed behind us it completely blocked out the noise of the bar room and the only sound was the clicking of our eels as we traversed down the steps. My heart was racing and I tried multiple times to get Lilly to tell me where we were going and each time she just said “trust me”.

By the time we reached the huge wooden door at the bottom of the stairs my head was spinning with curiosity tainted with a bit of fear. A fear that slipped from my body as Lilly stood excruciatingly close to me, so close that my first thought was that she was going to kiss me. That notion excited me but was not to be as she pushed against the door and led me inside.

The Party Room, as she called it, was empty. It was as well appointed as the upstairs though with comfy looking leather chairs situated at about a dozen small round tables and several doors lined it’s perimeter. She led me through the center door.

It was a smaller room, maybe 10X10, but it was obvious that luxury didn’t stop at the threshold. The floor was a well cared for hardwood and the walls were painted a deep emerald green. Two overly cushioned chairs were situated around a small table but unlike the leather ones in the other room these were an imitation leather. I would soon find out why.

“Lilly what the hell is going on?” I was still hopeful that she brought me down here to be alone with me.

“You said you wanted a Glory Hole.” she spread her arms out in a manner that caused my eyes to circle the room and that was when I first noticed the slots. OK they more like ovals and there was about six of them spaced out along opposing walls, three per wall.

“That man I was talking to, he runs the club. I told him that you wanted to do this and at this very minute he is rounding up a group of men to come down.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect this.”

“If you don’t want to do it….”

“Oh no I want to!” again my mouth sounded off before my mind processed things.

“Awesome. You’re going to fucking love this. Just remember that you are in charge. When you’re done you’re done. OK?” I nodded my head and already felt my little cunt getting wet.

“So are you going to join in or….”

“This is all about you sweetie so I think I’m just going to sit here and enjoy the show….at least for now.” she flashed that amazing smile and sank into on of the chairs.

Ever since I had watched the video of Paige I had harbored a deeply seeded fantasy of doing this. There is just something so perversely slutty about it that and yet exciting. Granted this was about a million times nicer than the porn store booth she was sucking off cocks in though. The term classy popped into mind as I surveyed my surroundings. I gentle “ding” caught my immediate attention.

“MMMM that means that they’re ready. You might want to take your top off though. It can get, um….messy.”

My stomach was a haven for butterflies as I slide my shirt off, followed by my bra and knelt down before the first hole. I glanced back at Lilly as she watched intently. She smiled again with that smile that made all my nervousness seem to melt away.

I’ve seen enough Glory Hole videos to know that general workings so I gingerly placed my fingers at the slot before me and not 2 seconds later a very hard, if average length, cock pushed through. The swollen head, with a very slight hint of purple, was already dripping pre-cum and the site was more than enough to entice me. I audibly moaned as I wrapped a hand around the shaft and pressed the head against my lips. I could taste the pearls of pre-cum as I slowly took this strange cock deep into my mouth. I looked over to Lilly and when I saw that she was slowly pawing at her tits I couldn’t help but smile. I returned my attention to the dick that was now working back and forth between my lips ad before long I was loudly slurping and sucking it as if it were my last meal. he wasn’t all that big so I abandoned the use of my hand and instead bobbed my mouth up and down the length of his shaft while at the same time he had started to thrust back and forth matching my tempo. As I sucked up his cock he would pull back and when I went back down on it he would thrust into me. It wasn’t much longer before I heard him knocking on the wall, this I knew to be the universal signal that he was about to cum. I pulled him free of my lips and began to stroke him intensely.

“MMMM you going to cum for me baby?”

“Oh fuck yes! Shit that’s so fucking good!”

“Do it Mister. MMMM I want your fucking load all over my face.” I glanced over at Lilly and found that she now had her shirt opened and had pulled her tits free of her bra and was eyeing me as I worked this unknown man’s cock in my hand. I returned to him and a split second later he started to spurt.

“Ohhh yesssss! Do it you dirty fucker, dump that cream all over me!” I was purring as his dick shot stream after stream against my skin. I could feel it slowly snaking it’s way down as his spent cock retreated through the hole. I turned to show Lilly the effects of my effort and found her with one leg laying over the arm of the chair and her hand gently grinding against her panty covered pussy. Dramatically I used a finger to push all of the cream on my face towards my mouth then moved on to the next slot and after a quick wave of my hand another cock slid through the opening. This one however was bigger. Much bigger. I turned to get Lilly’s reaction and saw that her eyes had spread wide as did her thighs and she was full on finger fucking herself as I toyed with my new customer.

“MMMM what a big fucking cock you baby.” I was slowly stroking it and placed it between my tits. I heard Lilly moan louder and I pushed the soft flesh of my boobs together around this strangers rigid meat. I let a stream of saliva leak from my lip and onto his throbbing head. I wanted nothing more than to reach down and rub my own needy cunt but my hands were preoccupied with holding my tits around his dick as he was pushing back and forth between them.

“MMMM you like fucking those 18 year old tits Mister?” he moaned his approval and truth be told I was actually enjoying it. In fact I probably could have let him get off like that but as I watched that fat, swollen head sliding against the milky smooth flesh of my tits I wanted, no I needed, to feel him inside me.

“MMMM you want to fuck me?” it was a dumb question I know.

“Oh fuck yes baby.” his voice was breathy and I could almost hear the need.

I had seen this before in Glory Hole videos and always thought that wouldn’t be very effective but I soon understood that if the guy had a long enough cock it was in fact possible. Lilly watched intently as I stood and pulled my panties off. I gave her my own wicked little grin as I bent over and guided this man’s cock into my sloppy wet little fuckhole.

“MMMM Mister! Oh my god! You feel so fucking good! Yeah, fuck this little 18 year old pussy!”

“Damn this girl is so fucking tight! Fuck!” I heard him scream from the other side of the wall and much like the man before him did with my mouth this new man and I quickly developed a rhythm and he was driving his thick meat deep into my willing little pussy.

As he pounded away at my cunt I made eye contact with Lilly. She had one hand furiously working on her clit while the other groped at her tits. A few minutes of watching me getting fucked hard and I heard her mutter “fuck this”, stood up and walked to the wall opposite me. My own focus was split between the meat that was deeply invading my body and the site of watching her strip down and wave her hand at one of the slots. As she started to suck the first cock that came through I came. The man continued to plow into my young cunt as I watched Lilly’s head roughly bobbing up and down and then her hand went to the neighboring hole and another cock pushed through. She reached for it and began stroking it even as she was sucking off the first. I felt another orgasm building inside me but just then I heard a knocking. I wasn’t exactly sure if it was for me r for Lilly until I heard the voice behind me.

“I’m going to cum! I’m going to fucking cum!” with a quickness that would make a ninja jealous I pulled away from the slot and positioned myself before the already erupting cock. His seed flew from the twitching head and made several direct hits on my forehead, then the bridge of my nose and finally onto my lips. As soon as the f***e of his orgasm started to fade smaller streams landed onto my tits and I grabbed his convulsing cock and milked it for every last drop. He had started to finally go soft and I scooped him into my mouth and suck him clean just as I heard a knock on the wall on Lilly’s side of the room. I could hear her moaning as well as the man outside the room grunting as he pumped his cream down her throat. I turned to watch just as she was switching her oral attention to the man that she was jerking off.

I leaned against the wall, content to watch her from behind (with a perfect view of her amazing ass mind you) as she gobbled up her latest volunteer. Inadvertently my hand waved past another slot and of course this action was met with the emergence of yet another hard cock and of course I was all too happy to welcome this new stranger into my eager mouth. He was above average but not as big as the one that had just fucked me. I heard another knock and at first thought he was an early comer but when I heard Lilly’s voice I knew it wasn’t for me.

“Oh yeah. You going to cum for me now? MMMM cum on baby, cum. I want that sweet sticky cum all over my tits. Oh yeah that’s it. That’s it!” I could tell from the sound of the guy that he was giving Lilly what she wanted and I had a distinct visual image of her jerking this guy off onto her beautiful tits. A few seconds later the room was silent save for the sounds of me slurping on this unknown man’s cock. A few minutes past and I was steadily blowing him when I suddenly felt hands on my tits.

“MMMM you look so fucking good with a cock in your mouth Emily.” it was Lilly. She had pushed up against my back and was openly cupping my boobs and whispering into my ear. I couldn’t help but smile and moan from the feeling of her skin against mine.

“You’re just a naughty cock sucking little slut aren’t you?” I tried to answer but was unable to do so partially due to the cock between my lips and partially due to the fact that Lilly had moved one hand to the back of my head and was roughly moving it back and forth, forcing me to blow this man harder. It wasn’t longer until the telltale knocking announced his approaching orgasm.

“Cum in her mouth. I want her to swallow your load.” she informed the man that was steadily emptying his balls down my throat as she firmly held my head still. When his torrent of jizz finally subsided and she let go of my hair I could feel small streams of cum dripping from the corners of my lips. Lilly moaned her approval and then gave me that smile.

I moved towards so until we were pushed up against each other. Her tits mashing against mine, the heat from her body causing my pussy to boil over. We stared into each others eyes for a second before she moved her face close to mine. I thought that she was going to kiss me but instead she licked at the lines of cum that by now were running from my chin to the corners of my mouth. I came. I swear I came at the feel of her tongue teasing the edges of my lips and I pulled her tighter against me. It was a small orgasm but not one that went unnoticed.

“MMMM are you cumming?” the words dripped from her mouth like honey and I could only nod. She pressed her lips against mine and at the same time I felt her work her hand between us and against my drooling cunt. That small orgasm suddenly became much bigger.

“Cum for me Emily. Cum on my fingers baby.” she whispered after she broke our kiss. I had my head on her shoulder as she expertly brought my pussy to orgasm. As my body shook all that existed was the two of us. I felt my pussy gasping around her touch and felt my body grinding against hers. Then I heard her gasp.

“Holy shit!” her words brought me out of my orgasmic stupor and I quickly scanned the area to see what could have warranted such an exclamation. Then I saw it.

“Holy shit!” my eyes locked onto the site of Lilly’s hand as it held onto the biggest cock I had seen since Mitchell Ross. In fact this one might have even been bigger!

My hand reached for it and Lilly and I both stroked it up and down. I could feel it throb and twitch at our combined touch. It felt so thick and so heavy and it was steadily leaking that delicious pre-cum that I simply cannot resist and apparently neither can Lilly.

It was a joint effort as we licked up and down the shaft. Our tongues meeting at the engorged head and then slipping back down to his cleanly shaved balls as he pushed them trough the slot as well. Eventually we decided on a divide and conquer tactic with Lilly focusing her attention on that cum filled sack while I worked my way back up to the tip and slowly started to take as much of his monster cock into mouth as I was able to do.

“Damn you are a little fucking slut aren’t you?” she exclaimed as she pulled from his saliva soaked balls and watched as I took inch after inch down my throat. I gagged then pulled back but went back down until I found my absolute limit. The was still about an inch left that I just couldn’t manage without gagging.

“Is that dick bigger than your Daddy’s?” Lilly whispered in a giggling tone as she once against pressed against my back.

“So much bigger.” I managed to withdraw his cock long enough to answer her.

“Tell him.” she teased.

“MMMM damn Mister. You have a huge fucking cock!” my hands worked up and down.

“Yeah? You like that big dick baby?”

“MMMM fuck yes! So much bigger than my Daddy’s.” I purred before once again taking his length down my throat.

“Oh fuck!” he muttered.

“You are such a nasty little whore.” Lilly whispered into my ear and then I felt her pull away from me. I wasn’t able to turn to see where she went or what she was doing but eventually I heard her moan and remark that about the size of another man’s dick.

I was torn. Part of me wanted some time alone with Lilly to further explore each other while another part of me wanted to feel this monster cock plowing deep inside me.

“You want to fuck me?” I heard her ask and a few seconds later I could tell that she was getting her own cunt stuffed with cock. I pulled Mr. Monster cock from my mouth and spit onto his already saliva soaked head.

“MMMM you want to shove this fat fucking cock up my tight little teen cunt Mister?” I heard myself ask.

I stood up and got my first look at Lilly as she stood bent over while some unknown cock slammed into through the hole in the wall. Her tits were hanging down but moving around wildly as the man pounded away at her. I watched for a few seconds while I rubbed Mr. Monster Cock along my wet slit until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“MMMM come on Daddy. Push that fat cock inside me. Fuck me!” I literally screamed as I felt his girth enter me. I bit my lip as he pushed inch after inch into my hungry little hole and then started to slowly but deeply fuck me. He quickly built up in both speed and intensity to the point where I thought he was going to break the wall.

“Damn that is a tight little pussy! Oh fuck!”

“Yeah fuck that tight pussy you big dick motherfucker! Give it to me! Fuck me with that fat fucking cock!” I was in a sexual haze. The site of seeing Lilly getting plowed coupled with the feeling of this man’s huge cock using my little cunt was indescribable.

Lilly’s guy was the first to cum. He pounded on the wall and she all but leapt from his cock to take his load onto her tits. Afterwards there was some words exchanged but I couldn’t hear over the sounds of my own screams of pleasure as I got FUCKED.

Eventually she ended up on the floor, legs spread wide as she watched me getting stuffed hard and deep. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that beautiful pussy and managed to curl my finger in the universal Come-Here motion. To my pleasure she obliged and positioned herself in a way that I was able to pull her even closer and finally get my mouth on that pretty cunt of hers.

The smell of her used sex was intoxicating but the taste of her was down right ambrosia. I felt her entire body tense then release as my tongue lapped against her swollen clit all the while I was getting the hell fucked out of me. My screams were only muffled by her smooth shaven pussy and each time he slammed into me it only drove my face harder against her gash.

“Eat me Emily! Eat my fucking pussy. Do it baby, do it! Make me cum! Make me fucking cum!” I could tell that she was close and so was I….and apparently so was Mr. Monster Cock because he began knocking on the wall almost as hard as he was knocking his cock into me.

“Don’t stop Emily! DON’T FUCKING STOP!”

I hadn’t intended on this man getting off inside me but at the same time Lilly was close to cumming and I wanted so badly to get her off. I made up my mind and kept my fuckhole wrapped around him as I worked my mouth on Lilly’s button. They came almost in unison. I felt him surge in one last time and felt the flood of his cream exploding deep inside me. At the same time Lilly pulled herself tight to my face as her warm, sweet juices flooded my face. It seemed like an eternity until he finally pulled free of my constricting cunt and when he did I almost collapsed between her thighs. I could feel his seed spilling from me as Lilly pulled me up to her and kissed me hard. I heard that same gentle DING and Lilly smiled.

“I guess he was the last one.”

“Good. I don’t think I can fuck another tonight.”

“Awwww. Not even one more?” her hand slid down between my thighs and rested on my cream filled cunt. I rolled onto my back and Lilly laid on top of me, slowly sliding down until her face was looking up at me from between my thighs.

“MMMM I guess I’m going to have to clean you up, you naughty little girl.” I felt her breath against my skin then felt her tongue lapping up the cum spilling from my slit. My back arched as her finger explored first my pussy, then my ass. One finger became two and before long she was finger fucking me up the ass wile she ate my creamy cunt.

“Fuck me Lilly! Fuck me! Fuck me like a dirty whore!’ I was screaming as her fingers flew in and out of my tight ass and her mouth clamped around my clit.

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh fuck meeeee!” I grabbed her head and gyrated my mound against her. The possibility of squirting again never really entered my mind until that very moment and I tried to push her away but she shoved my hands away and continued to work on my now gushing pussy.

Afterwards we laid there, on the floor, catching our respective breaths. Her face literally drenched in my juices and I wasn’t exactly sure how she felt.

“I’m so sorry Lilly.”

“For what? That was fucking awesome!” she leaned in and kissed me again.

We used the facilities showers and made ourselves presentable before heading back upstairs. We both decided that we needed another drink or two before calling it a night. As we sat there I found myself wondering which men were the ones that we sucked and fucked. The uncertainty of not knowing was actually a turn on. Eventually we left ad on the ride home we would start to kiss when we came to a stop light or she would rub my pussy as we went along. When we finally made it back to my house we were both horny and tired. We fingered each other in her car before she left and I went inside to collapse on my bed. I faded off to sl**p with a sore pussy and huge smile on my face.


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cant get enough of this. i want more!
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very hot love it
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fabulous - must read the earlier parts
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Thank you, once more you have excelled yourself.
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fantastic!! Thanks for writing such a great story