Becoming Emily - Part III

Waking up in an 18 year old body is vastly superior to waking up in the body of a thirty-something. I felt amazing. Sure my pussy was a bit sore from the pounding it took last night but even that didn’t stop me from having a go with Sasha’s left behind dildo. It felt good but it wasn’t the same as having someone doing it for me, fuck me with it or the real thing. I called Sasha but she would be busy all day. I tried watching porn but it only made me crave the real thing even more. I scanned the personal ads on Craig’s List but nothing really peaked my interest. Why not post my own ad? Why not indeed.

Young, newly sexually awakened girl searching looking for NSA fun. Tell me what you’re into. What get’s you off? Include pic for response.

I snapped a few pictures of myself in bra and panties, one in lingerie and one completely nude and included them in my submittal. The first twenty minutes passed with no responses at all but within an hour I had well over fifty. Most were either boring or just too damn weird. It was the 35th e-mail that caught my attention.

I saw your ad (and pics) on Craig’s List and all I can say is wow. I’m 42, married and stuck in a loving but sexless marriage. I recently found a clip on an on-line porn site involved my step-daughter at a glory hole. Since then I have been fascinated at the thought of sex with her. I know I could never actually cross that line but the fantasy is one that I would love to play out with someone like yourself. I realize that this is not everyone’s cup o’ tea but if you think you may be into then let me know. I have included a full body pic as well as one of me hard.

P.S. so to prove that everything is legit I have included a link to the scene of her as well as a personal photo of the two of us to show that this is not just some random porn I found on the net.

Judging by his pictures he was a good looking guy. Kept himself in shape and while his dick wasn’t as big as Mr. Ross’ it wasn’t small either. I watched the video he sent and it was legit. The girl in the picture was the girl in the video. She claimed that her name was Paige and that she was 19 and a student at Arizona State. I watched her suck and slurp on eight different cocks, even letting two of them fuck her and all eight men dumped their load on Paige’s face.

After watching the video I responded to his e-mail letting him know that I would love to play his daughter, but only on the condition that he called me by her name and stayed in character the entire time. Before, during and even after. Of course he agreed. The only down side being that he wouldn’t be able to meet me until 8PM. I was bummed because I was already horny and feeling the urge for something hard and wet deep inside me but I agreed and gave him my address. I was anxious for my date with “Daddy” but wanted something in the meantime so I checked some of the latest responses I got to my ad. The newest one was from a guy that worked in the area and he stated that he would love to meet me around noon and see if I could convince him to take the rest of the day off. We made plans to meet up at the park near his office at noon, that gave me an hour to get ready and I would need every bit of it. I wreaked of sex and I was still getting used to doing my make-up. I chose to wear a faded denim skirt and a tight little baby-doll T that had a picture of an eye and that of a bird. I bought it only after I realized that it was a pictographic translation for “I Swallow”. Thankfully it was an unseasonably warm day.

The park was crowded for a Monday afternoon. Lots of people in business attire, a few soccer mom types and a few geriatrics out feeding the ducks. By 1 o’clock the crowd started to thin out and I realized that I had been stood up. Oh well, at least I still my fuck date later that evening I thought as I plopped down on a bench. About 10 minutes had past and I was just about to leave when I heard a voice.

“Mind if I sit?” he looked to be in his early to mid thirties. No remarkable features, just a normal everyday guy really.

“Um, sure.” I shrugged my shoulders.

“I’m Dylan by the way.”

“Emily.” he gave me a fleeting glance as he sipped his coffee.

“Shouldn’t you be in school Emily?” he chuckled a bit as he tossed some bread at a particularly chubby duck.

“Yeah no. I’m not in school. How about you? Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“Nah. Just moved here. I’m a teacher and it’s kind of difficult to find a job this late in the school year. My wife took a job at one of the hospitals so I’m doing the stay at home thing right now. k**s are in school and a man can only watch so much daytime television.” I laughed as the chubby duck got beat around by a smaller duck.

“What do you teach?”

“Math. High School math mainly.”

“Yeah I was supposed to meet someone here but it looks like I got stood up.” I offered in an attempt to draw the focus on myself.

“That sucks.”

“Yeah but what do you expect when you make a date with someone from Craig’s List?” for the first time he took a good long look at me. A sly smirk grew across his face as he realized what my shirt said.

“Nice shirt.”

“Oh. You like it?” I turned my body to face him, arching my back just enough to push my tits in his direction in the ploy of letting him get a better look.

“It’s very um….suggestive.”

“Yeah they were all out of the ones that said “I like it on the face”.” I teased. I suddenly felt a cold wind whip up and the skies started to turn grey really fast.

“I guess that storm they called for isn’t going to hold off.” he scanned the skies and a few rain drops already began to fall.

“Shit! My car is all the way on the other side of the park.”

“Mine’s right here. I’ll give you a lift to your car.”

By the time we made it to his car the skies had opened up and rain fell hard. I hadn’t bothered with wearing a bra and my nipples poked against the thing cotton shirt. I would like to say that it was caused purely by the suddenly cold wind but truth be told I was getting really horny as we sat in his car and chatted for a few minutes watching the rain drop in buckets.

“Wait for it to let up a bit before you get out or you’ll get soaked.” no doubt about it now, he was staring at my hard nipples.

“I really appreciate this. If I had to walk all the way from the pond I would be soaked to the bone.” I really emphasized the word “bone”.

“Don’t mention it. I have some coffee if you want it.” he produced a thermos shook it.

“Love some.”

“How do you take it?”

“MMMM with cream.” again I emphasized the word “cream”.

We sipped coffee while we waited for the rain to let up but instead it only fell harder and harder. The whole time he scanned my body nonchalantly, or so he thought. I could almost feel his eyes moving up from my feet to my calves, onto my smooth exposed thigh and onwards to my tits. His unspoken attention causing my little gash to moisten.

“So Mr. Teacher. I really do appreciate you waiting with me like this and if there is anything I can do repay you just ask.”

“Call me Dylan and what exactly are you talking about Emily?”

“Well I was thinking maybe I can suck your cock” I slid my hand up his thigh and moved closer to him. To my shock he pushed my hand away.

“I don’t think that’s such a great idea Emily. I am married you know.” flashing his wedding ring only made it sexier to me.

“I don’t mind. Besides you’re a teacher, I’ll bet you’ve had fantasies about one student or another over the years. Maybe that one rumored to be slutty. Maybe you’ve peaked up her skirt of down her top during class? Maybe you’ve beat off thinking what it would be like to bend the little slut over your desk and pound on her young teen pussy” my hand moved again to his cock and this time he didn’t try to stop me and he was raging hard.

“Wait. Emily wait. I don’t think you should be doing that here.” I already had his pants open and his cock out. The pre-cum oozing from the head providing more tan enough lube as I stroked him.

“With it raining this hard no one will see. Just sit back Teacher and let me take care of this hard cock.” I slid my tongue along the bottom of his shaft from balls to head and he moaned in approval. I knelt on the passenger seat and leaned over to get better access to his throbbing cock and as I did I felt his hand slide down my back and slide my skirt up over my ass then proceed down to my soaked panties.

“Oh fuck you’re so wet!” I smiled up at him with my mouth stuffed full of his cock and began to push him down into my throat. I was unable to deep throat Mr. Ross but I was intent to do it with this guy and when I felt my nose brush against his pubic hair I felt vindicated. Dylan seemed to appreciate it as well and I I felt him start to pump my throat and at the same time he pushed what felt like two fingers into my hungry little cunt then teased my virgin asshole with his thumb.

“Oh yes! Suck my fucking cock Emily! Damn I almost forgot what this felt like.”

“Awwww wifey doesn’t suck your cock anymore?” I had pulled him from my lips and slapped his cock against my face, smearing wetness along my lips.

“No and my wife has never sucked dick like that.”

“Well then you’re going to love this.” I swallowed his entire length in one long drawn out motion. I thought back to the best blow job I had ever received. Her name was Shelly and she would do this one move that would send little electrical pulses through my entire body and I decided to replicate that now.

I could feel his swollen head nudge into the back of my throat and I gulped to let him in. As he moaned in pleasure I started to contract and release the muscles of my throat, essentially milking the head of his cock. Needless to say it had the desired effect and he was panting and grunting and saliva mixed with pre-cum began to ooze from the corners of my mouth as he tried to f***e his dick in deeper. I moaned with him in my mouth as I slowly slide my mouth back up and off his throbbing dick with a loud pop and immediately began to jerk him off.

“I bet she doesn’t do that either.” I smiled with wetness still smeared across my face.

“Oh my god Emily. Oh shit. You sexy little fucking slut.” almost as soon as he said the word his eyes got big and he began to apologize.

“Emily I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to call you that.”

“Why not? It’s true Teacher. I am a slut. I came to this park to get fucked. Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to slide your had cock into my slutty little 18 year old cunt?” I had slid my thong aside and had started to finger fuck myself as he watched. Speechless he could only nod.

I climbed into the back seat and didn’t have to wait long for him to join me. Thankfully Dylan drove an SUV. One of the older ones that had focused more on leg room than it did on fuel economy. He sat there with his wet cock standing straight up and I couldn’t resist it. I pulled my panties off and straddled him, guiding his swollen tool into my needy pussy.

“Oh fuck Emily!” his hands latched onto my ass as I rode up and down his veiny pole.

“Oh yes! Fuck Emily! Fuck me Teacher! Fuck my slutty little whore cunt!” my ass slapped against his thighs and my tits jiggled in my shirt. It was then that I felt him tug and pull on it as he tried to get it off. In the end I had to help but when he finally saw my young, firm tits it broke down any inhibitions he may have had left.

“Fuck! Ride my fucking cock you dirty little fucking whore! Fuck your teacher’s dick slut!” his hand slapped hard against my ass.

“Oh yes teacher! Spank me! Spank my naughty school girl ass! Punish my little fuckhole!” his and slammed down even harder on my ass and I yelped. I almost came when I felt him f***e his finger up my tight virgin asshole.

“I should have known by the way you were dressed. I tried to just be nice to you but all you wanted some fucking cock!” his finger continued to saw in and out of my ass and I rode his fat cock rougher and harder. I came when he yanked hard on my hair.

“This is all you wanted isn’t slut? You just wanted your teacher’s dick up inside your fucking whore cunt!”

“Oh fuck yes teacher! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh fuuckkkkkk I’m cumming!”

“Fuck yes! Oh you’re so fucking tight! I’m going to cum all over that pretty face of yours.” he was panting and with each word I knew that he was getting closer.

“You think I’m pretty?”


“You going to splatter your load all over my pretty whore face teacher?” I was fucking his dick even harder now and his finger was still buried up my ass.

“I bet you wish you up my tight virgin ass. I bet you would love to feel that 18 year old asshole stretched around your hot cock.” he only nodded and grunted as I ground myself on him.

“Maybe next time I’ll let you. I’ll lube up your fucking prick and let you pound it up my virgin asshole.”

“Emily! Fuck! I’m cumming!” I quickly hoped off of his meat and positioned my face near it. I had thought I would have to suck or give it a few tugs but I was wrong. No soon had I moved in than he began to unload. The first spurt slammed hard into my mouth and I swallowed. The next flew against my lips, my nose, my cheeks and even my forehead. Poor guy must not have cum in days if not weeks.

“I think I have a towel back here.”

“Don’t bother. I’ll just go home like this. Home to my Daddy, with some strange man’s jizz all over my face.” I smiled and then grabbed my stuff and hopped out. I drove home topless and with his cum plastered onto my face. Some would work it’s way down to my mouth and I would greedily slurp it up and swallow.

By the time I got home I still had several hours until my date with “Daddy” and I decided to use those to take a long hot bath followed by a much needed nap. I was going to need my rest for what I had in mind for “Daddy”.

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mmmmmmmmm yummy
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fantastic story made me cum in my panties and than on my dildo
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holy fuck this was amazing
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I want more!!!
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