Although I couldn’t stop from thinking about my daughter having sex, the rest of the day was rather uneventful. We ate dinner together then decided to watch a movie. She let me pick while she went up to her room to change. I settled on something that we both would enjoy and waited. She walked into the living room wearing a long t-shirt that came to about mid-thigh. I could tell that she hadn’t bothered with a bra and when she bent to pick up the remote a got the tiniest of hint at her panties. From what I gathered they were lace and they were purple. Thankfully I guess that I had masturbated enough throughout the day that for the most part I was able to focus on the movie and not on my daughter as she snuggled up next to me, her large firm tits pressing against my arm. I said for the most part because the notion of her being a slut was never far from my thought process. Regardless I made it trough the chosen movie and we had started on another when her ell phone rang. It was Kayla. I could only hear Torrie’s end of the conversation


“Nothing much. Watching a movie with Daddy.”

“Yeah whatever.”

“I’ll come by tomorrow.”

“Shut up. Bye.”

Just hearing the name “Kayla” and that my daughter intended to go see her tomorrow sent shivers of lust throughout my body. I wondered if they would be fucking. I started to re-think the clip I watched of them going at it and suddenly I was no longer able to keep my focus on whatever movie we were watching. My cock was suddenly starting to awaken again.

“OK I think I’m about done baby. I’m going to check a few e-mails then head to bed.”

“OK Daddy.”

“Don’t stay up to late.”

“Don’t you work too hard!”

The word “hard”, as she spoke it, seemed to have a certain connotation to it. I chalked it up to my overly sexed imagination and hurried back up to my office. I fully intended to review the scene with Torrie and Kayla but I was sidetracked as soon as I began to replay her archived videos. Torrie was naked on screen and laying on her bed when it began.

“OK. So I have this one teacher that I have a major girl-hard on for. I’m always flirting with the man and making sure that he gets a real good look at me during class. So today I wore this skirt and I was feeling really horny so I opened my legs a bit to let him get a better look. I started to kind of touch myself and I was getting really, really wet. MMMM so I pulled my panties aside a little to let him see my cunt and how wet I was. I touched my slit and then put my finger to my mouth. You should have seen the look on his face. Thankfully his is my last class of the day because if I had to wait much longer I might have just exploded. After the bell rang I ran to the bathroom, took my wet panties off and went back to his class. He was talking with one of my classmates and I acted like I forgot something. As soon as the other girl left I quickly handed him my balled up panties and ran to catch my bus. I didn’t want to give him the chance to say anything. I want to fuck his dick so bad. I’m about to call him and see if I can get him to get off with me on the phone. I’ll put it on speaker. Wish me luck.”

The phone began to ring as my daughter laid on her bed, pawing at her own tits. The look of lust in her eyes was unmistakable. Her legs opened wide as one hand began to gently tease her slit.


“Hi Mr. Taylor? It’s Torrie. From school? I have a question about class.”

“Oh um, yes Torrie. What can I do for you?” the nervousness in his voice was apparent.

“Well I was just wondering if you enjoyed the little show I gave you this afternoon.” her finger slid up her young snatch as the man on the other end seemed to stumble to find the right words.

“Torrie I have no idea what you’re talking about.” again the tone of his voice confirmed his tentativeness.

“MMMM I’m talking about how you were watching me rub my pussy for you. Did you see how fucking wet I was? Couldn’t you feel my wetness on the panties I gave you?”

“I don’t think that this conversation would be considered appropriate.” for all of his reluctance at my daughter’s line of questions he still didn’t end the call.

“You want to know what I’m doing right now?” her voice was taking on the breathy tone but her teacher didn’t respond to her question.

“MMMM I’m rubbing my wet little pussy again Mr. Taylor. I’m thinking about how hot it would be if you bent me over your desk and fucked the shit out of me.”

“Listen, I really appreciate the attention Torrie but this is exactly the kind of thing that get’s men like me into serious trouble. I could lose my job, go to jail and my wife would leave me.”

“Relax Mr. Taylor. No one would ever know. It would be our little secret. Besides it’s not like I’m asking you to come over to my house and fuck me….at least not yet. But I do want to make you cum Mr. Taylor.” the line was silent but that didn’t deter my daughter. Instead she pulled a dildo from underneath her pillow and was running her tounge along the head.

“You want me to tell you what I’m doing right now?” there was a long pause then he answered.

“Yes” Torrie smiled because she knew she had him.

“MMMM I’m licking one of my dildos. Pretending that it’s your cock. I love sucking cock Mr. Taylor. It makes me so wet.”

“Oh Torrie….” his voice trailed off but you could tell that she was having the desired effect on him.

“Are you getting hard for me?”


“You like that teacher? Do you want me to suck your hard dick?”

“MMMM fuck.”

“MMMM tell me to suck it Mr. Taylor. Tell me to suck this big, hard cock.”

“Torrie, suck my fucking dick.” any resistance he once had was broken.

“Oh yeah be nasty with me Mr. Taylor.” and with that she almost inhaled the fake cock between her lips. Taking all she could before gagging. That sound opened the flood gates for Ben Taylor.

“Oh fuck that’s hot. Suck that fucking cock Torrie. I want you to fucking gag on me.”

“Oh treat me like a whore! Fuck my throat Mr. Taylor!” she began to piston the toy in and out of her mouth loudly. The unmistakable sound of a sloppy blow job dominating the silence between dialog.

“Oh yes suck it you fucking whore! All these months of teasing me, showing me your pussy, letting me see down your shirt. Dressing like a little fucking slut….” he was obviously beating on his cock.

“Oh god yes Mr. Taylor! Tell me you want to fuck me!”

“Oh I want to fuck you Torrie. I’ve wanted to fuck you from the first day you walked into my class wearing that tight shirt. Displaying those big tits for anyone with a cock to see. I should have know then that you’re just a dirty little slut!”

“Yes I am! I’m a nasty little fucking whore! Tell me what to do with my toy!” she pushed the dildo against her hairless mound and then slapped it loudly against her wet skin.

“I want you to shove it up your slutty fuckhole! I want you to imagine it’s me that’s inside you. If I was there I would f***e my entire cock inside you and fuck you like the whore you are!” he must have been furiously jerking off at that point, I know I was.

Torrie let out a scream as she quickly slammed the length of her toy up her snatch and began to fuck herself wildly. Her hand smacking against herself as she roughly pounded her dildo in hard.

“Oh god! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me teacher! Fuck my little cunt!” the wetness between her thighs was spreading and glistening.

“This what you want? My fucking cock inside you?” his voice had a certain urgency about it.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Give it to me Mr. Taylor! Fuck me! Tell me I‘m a nasty fucking whore and fucking do me!” the toy was a blur as she impaled her young cunt fast and hard.

“YES! Fuck my cock you worthless little fucking whore! Fuck! You’re going to make me cum!”

“Yes Mr. Taylor cum for me!”

“I want to cum all over that pretty face!”

“Wait! You still have my panties I gave you?”


“Cum in them for me, I’ll put them on and wear them at school all day. Your crusty cum pressed against my fucking cunt all day!”

“Oh fuck!”

“Do it Mr. Taylor! Cum! Cum with meeeeeee!” the sound of their mixed release rang out as he no doubt dumped his load all over my daughter’s panties all the while Torrie was flooding her toy with her sweet juices. After their mutual orgasms there was silence as both recovered. She was the first to speak.

“MMMM did you cum hard for me Mr. Taylor?”

“Fuck, you have no idea. Are you serious about wearing these at school?”

“Would that turn you on?”

“Very much.”

“Then yes. Maybe we can meet up before school and I can help you shoot a fresh load into them. MMMM your warm, wet cum pressed against my pussy all day.”

“Yeah, I think I’d love that.”

The scene abruptly cut to my daughter sitting in front of the camera.

“If I ever show this to anyone I will probably edit out my teacher’s name, you know, just in case. But I will give a follow up. This morning I met Mr. Taylor before school. We were in his car in a secluded part of the parking lot. I started off my giving him a hand job with my used panties. His cock looked so good I couldn’t help myself and started to suck him off until he came but I made sure that he did it in these panties.” she stood up to show that she was wearing a pair of pink lace panties.

“Today was a half-day at school so I didn’t have his class but when he would see me in the hall he couldn’t stop staring at me. After school he took me to a motel and fucked me. I even let him up my ass. Sorry I couldn’t film that because it was a great fuck. Bye for now.”

To this day I’m still not exactly sure what made me get up and go down stairs. I mean my cock was rock hard and just begging for release but I found myself back in the living room. Torrie had fallen asl**p watching T.V. At some point she had moved to lay on the floor. She was on her tummy and the bottom of that long shirt had ridden up to the bottom swell of her ass. I remembered how hot it had felt for me the previous night when I came on her as she lay sl**ping in her bed and the temptation was too great to resist. I softly pushed her shirt farther up, revealing her panty cloaked ass. She was wearing a pair of what I heard her call “boy-short” panties and, as I had already known, they were purple lace. I stood above her, blatantly stroking my cock as I admired the roundness of her ample ass. Fuck if it isn’t perfect I thought to myself as I watched a small bead of pre-cum that had been threatening to jump finally make it’s decent and land onto the lacey material. I had started to stroke myself a little faster as I thought about all the fucking I had been watching her doing. I absent mindedly began to talk to her.

“Oh that’s it baby-doll. Oh fuck yes. You’re going to make Daddy cum so fucking hard you dirty, dirty little slut.” my eyes were closed as I beat my cock off.

“MMMM do it Daddy, cum all over my ass.” for a second I thought it was just my porn d***k imagination. When I realized that it was actually my daughter talking to me my eyes snapped open. She had both hands on her lace covered ass and her head turned to look over her shoulder at me. That wicked, sexy smile dominating her features as she watched her Daddy pump his cock.


“MMMM don’t stop Daddy. Do it. Cum Daddy. Cum for me.”

Now best course of action probably would have been to stop and have a long hard talk with her. Admit that I found her stash of amateur porn, probably apologize for beating off to her and hope to put it all behind us. But that’s not what I did. I knelt down until my cock was resting against the crack of her ass and I clenched my fist as I started to pump it, pushing against her ass at the same time.

“Oh yes Daddy! You going to cum for me Daddy?”

“Yes Torrie! Yes!.”

“You can cum on my ass Daddy. Cum on my ass and my panties.” her focus was on my throbbing cock as I fucked it faster.

“”Do it Daddy! I know you need to. I want you to cum Daddy!” she arched her back in a manner that pushed her ass up, further grinding it against my cock and I began to unload onto her lace covered ass. I was rather shocked that I had much left after the amount of masturbating I had done but I managed to amass a respectable pool of sperm onto her rear end.

As I watched my cream splayed across her teen ass it was then that I actually felt a tinge of shame and regret. I immediately started to stutter out an apology as I backed away from my daughter.

“Oh baby I am so very sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I hope you can forgive me.”

“It’s OK Daddy. I know you haven’t had sex in a while and well you’re still a man after all.” she slid one finger trough the mess I had just deposited onto her.

“Be that as it may, I’m still your father and this….this is wrong. I shouldn’t have acted.”

“Daddy, seriously. It’s OK. I know you found my vids. I know you’ve been jerking off to them. I admit I thought it was weird at first but I think I’m OK with it. Besides, it’s not like we’re fucking.” she moaned softly and rolled onto her back.

“You know? How? I mean, I thought I was careful.”

“Earlier when you were asl**p up in your office. It reeked of sex when I went in and I saw a puddle of cum on the floor. I was curious about what gets my Daddy off so I looked at your computer. I was a little shocked to be seeing me but at the same time I found it hot that I can even get my own father hard.”

“Oh Torrie, I feel so ashamed for betraying your trust in the first place.”

“Daddy, stop. It’s OK. Really. After watching me doing all that dirty stuff with all of those strange men it would be kind of hypocritical of me to be upset with you.”

“About that….” I had suddenly kicked into lecture mode but my daughter quickly put an end to that when she pulled her t-shirt up over her head.

“How about we talk about that in the morning Daddy. It’s kind of late and I think we should both have some time to think about what we want to say. OK?” my mind which was once full of things to say suddenly went completely blank at the site of my daughter’s tits.


“Oh. Sorry baby-doll.” she smiled that wicked smile when she realized that I was staring at her boobs.

After relenting to her proposal to discuss things in the morning my daughter gave a long hug and a kiss on the cheek and swayed that perfect ass up the stairs, my seed still smeared into the lace.


The next morning I awoke with a surprisingly clear conscience. I think I harbored some deep rooted quilt about watching the exploits of my daughter’s secret sex life and now that she not only knew I had been watching but assured me that she was OK with it I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. I was even anxious to discuss things with Torrie that morning. I could only hope that she shared my feelings. My hopes were confirmed when I walked into the kitchen to find my daughter wearing a thin white tank top that stopped about 6 inches past her ass.

“Morning Daddy!” Torrie seemed bright eyes and bushy tailed as she handed me a cup of coffee.

“Morning Baby-Doll!”

“So I’m still you’re baby-doll even now that you know I’m kind of a….well I guess you can say slut?” she giggled softly. I hugged her strongly.

“Torrie you will always be my Baby-Doll. No matter what.” she nestled in deeper to the hug and I could feel her tits pushing against me.

“And you will always be my Daddy, no matter what I call those other men. No one can replace you.”

We had a long chat about the stuff that I knew about as well as the things I didn’t. She explained her “Daddy Complex” and how it came to be. She told me about how she first came to prefer older men and about how she lost her virginity. By the time she had finished there was no doubt as to what my daughter truly was. A slut. She was OK with it and after listening to her philosophy on the term, so was I. Since we were getting everything out into the open I told her about how I masturbated onto her as she slept and I even I told her about how I knew that she slipped off to fuck the neighbor and about how it made me feel a bit of jealousy which led to me filling her panties with my cum. By the time everything was out in the open I felt even closer to her….not to mention a raging hard-on.

“Well Daddy, I have no intentions of changing my sex life and if you feel the urge to dump your load into your little girl’s panties then I guess I have no problems with that.” there was that sly, wicked smile again.

I found myself completely incapable speech as I stood there eyeing my daughter and blatantly massaging the throbbing cock in my PJ bottoms. This didn’t go unnoticed by Torrie either. She stood there watching her Daddy as my eyes traveled her body. The curve of her large tits threatening to burst through the tight material of her top.

“MMMM see something you like Daddy?” she teased.

“Oh Baby-Doll….”

“You want to see the panties I have on this morning Daddy?” she didn’t wait for any response, instead she seductively pulled the bottom of her shirt up. Slowly it slid up her thighs, past her hips and to her waist. My mouth must have dropped when instead of panties all I saw was my daughter’s bare, hairless little 16 year old pussy.

“Oh fuck me!”

“Oppps. Guess I forgot to wear panties this morning.“ she slightly hiked one leg up just enough to afford me a perfect view of her slit. My mouth literally salivated as she ran a single finger along it and then into her mouth.

“MMM Take your cock out Daddy. I didn’t get to really see it last night but it felt great against my ass.” I had moved to within arm’s reach of my daughter and I swear that I could almost smell the sweet aroma of her teen cunt.

“How about you help Daddy with his PJ’s Baby-Doll.” this time it was my turn to flash a wicked smile.

Torrie moaned and smiled as she crouched down, her hands on either side of my waist as she tugged on the loose pajama pants. I felt myself throbbing as my dick sprung free and almost slapped against my daughter’s face.

“MMMM fuck Daddy! Such a nice thick cock.” she studied it. I had thought, or hoped, that she would take it into her hand or even her mouth but instead she just stared at it. I could resist reaching down and stroking it.

“See how fucking hard you make your Daddy?”

“Daddy, jerk that fucking cock for me Daddy. MMMM I want to see you cum.”

I watched her watching me as my hand slide up and down the length of my cock. With one hand she managed to get her shirt up over her tits all the while the other had started to work it’s magic on her clit. I could see her wetness growing just like she could see the pre-cum starting to boil over and slip from my swollen head.

“Oh fuck yes Daddy! Jerk that big dick off for me! I want to you cum for me Daddy! I want you to cum all over my tits this time!” I had started stroking faster and, in response Torrie was grinding her clit against her fingers.

“Talk dirty to me Daddy, tell me I’m fucking whore!” the f***e of her masterbating making her body move and her tits jiggle slightly.

“Oh you are Torrie. You’re just a dirty, filthy little fucking whore. Wanting your Daddy’s cum all over those big fucking whore tits. Nasty little fucking slut.”

“Oh god yes! You like that Daddy? You like that I’m such a horny little fucking slut?”

“Oh fuck yes Baby-Doll!”

“You liked watching me get fucked didn’t you Daddy! You loved seeing your daughter being such a filthy whore! Knowing your sweet little girl is a cock loving slut!”

“Yes Torrie! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“I bet you were thinking about how fucking good it would feel to have this tight little fuckhole stretched around that big, fat fucking cock. Slamming that thick meat up inside the little cunt you made and fucking pounding me with it!”

“Oh fuck baby! I’m going to cum! Daddy’s going to cum!” She dropped to her knees and presented her large tits for me to finish on. My mind flooded with her dirty talking as well as mental images from her videos.

“Come Daddy, glaze my fucking tits!” with that last word I began to cum. Scratch that, I began to explode all over my daughter’s tits. Stream after stream of hot seed flew from my cock and slammed against the milky skin of her breasts and I continued to stroke as I watched my spunk coating her. Now I had cum a lot in the past few days and was shocked that I had that much to give but by the time I had milked my cock for all it had Torrie’s tits were covered in her Daddy’s cream.

“Damn Daddy! You always cum that much? She asked as she admired the load she managed to get from me. I was still panting and trying to catch my breath as she rubbed my i****tuous load all over her big tits. I was still caught in that mindless stupor that follows a good orgasm as Torrie stood up and hugged me.

“MMMM that was so fucking hot. Thank you Daddy.” she offered a kiss on my cheek and turned as if to leave. Instinct and urge controlled e and I grabbed her wrist.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she seemed a bit shocked and let out a squeal when I pulled her close to me. My cock had already began to recover and was growing as it was trapped between our bodies.

“Oh I hope you don’t think that I’m finished with you Baby-Doll.” I leaned in and kissed her lips. I felt resistance at first that was soon replaced with compliance. My toungue met hers and I heard her moan into my mouth.

We stood there, father and daughter, kissing passionately. I was throbbing against her and when she slid her hand between us and wrapped it around my cock I thought I must be dreaming.

“MMMM fuck Daddy, you’re so big.” she stepped back and enjoyed the site of my dick as it slid in and out of her hand before leaning down and lewdly spitting onto it.

“Oh fuck me that’s so fucking hot Torrie!”

“If you like that Daddy then you’ll fucking love this.” she dropped to her knees and started to trace the head of my cock along her lips. Those beautiful eyes looking up at me as her warm, wet toungue started to lap at the head and then slowly up and down each side of the shaft.

“Does Daddy want his little girl to suck his big cock?”

“Fuck! Suck me baby! Suck your Daddy you nasty little fucking whore!”

I leaned back against the counter for support as I watched my daughter open her mouth and start to slide me in. All the men in her videos comented about how great of a cocksucker she is and I can fully vouch for the fact that they are seriously understating her skills. She took inch after inch until I was buried into her throat and then all the way back up again, my teased head leaving the warm confines of her mouth with a loud POP. I felt her squeeze my shaft in her hand as she slapped the head against her face, precum and saliva leaving little wet patches on her skin.

“Fuck my mouth Daddy!” she almost growled as she said it. I pushed my thickness against her lips and f***ed myself ball deep back into her mouth. I watched as her eyes watered and I wondered if I was too rough but when I saw her hand push down to her pussy my fears subsided. I grabbed her by her hair and started to pump my cock roughly into her throat.

“Nasty little cocksucking whore that’s all you are isn’t it?” each word accentuated with a deep thrust into her throat. My cock pistoning in and out of her mouth was forcing wetness to drip from the corners of her lips and onto her big tits. My daughter took all this and seemed to relish in it. I knew that if I kept up this pace I would cum. I pushed her back off and almost had to hold her back from inhaling my dick. With my hand grasping at her hair I pulled her to her feet and kissed her deeply again.

“You going to fuck me now Daddy? You going to fuck your little girl?” the words fell like honey from her mouth. I couldn’t even begin to talk, instead I guided her to her room and pushed her onto her bed. I watched as she spread her legs, running her finger along her young slit.

“MMMM come on Daddy, I want you inside me. I want to feel that big fucking cock deep inside my slutty little cunt.”

I pulled her back so that her pussy was at the edge of the bed. She watched intently as I slide my swollen head up and down her snatch. The heat from her young hole was making it incredibly difficult not to just ram into her and pound her deep and fast but thankfully my self control held out. Instead I took my throbbing member in hand and slapped it hard against her clit. Torrie squealed and arched her back, loving the teaseing her Daddy was giving.

“Oh fuck yes Daddy, slap my fucking clit! Spank your daugter’s naughty little pussy!” I smacked aginst her once, twice, three times before pushing the head against her. Torrie threw her head back as I penetrated her for the first time. I grabbed her hair and fored her to watch.

“MMMM watch me Baby-Doll. Watch your Daddy fuck you.” I moaned as I started to slowly slide in and out of her tight pussy.

“Oh Daddy! I love it! I love watching your fat dick going inside me! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!” her eyes focused on where our bodies met as I began to fuck into her deeper, harder and faster. In no time her legs were on my shoulders and my hands dug into her thighs, pulling her onto my dick as I rammed my entire length into her.

“Oh shit! Such a tight little pussy for such a shameless little whore!”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Pound my tight little pussy Daddy! Fuck me! Use me! Fucking pound that tight little 16 year old cunt Daddy!”

I watched as her large tits began to bounce wildly from the f***e of me slamming into her. My hands reached to grab one tit and slap the other. The look on her face told me that she loved it.

“Let me ride you Daddy! I want to ride this fat cock!” I gave a few more pumps into her hole then reluctantly pulled out. Torrie made room for e on her bed and quickly straddled me. I cold actually see her wetness dripping from her as she held my pole in her hand and guided herself down onto it.

“MMMM fuck yeah! This is my cock now Daddy, your cock belongs to your Baby-Doll now Daddy. This is Torrie‘s big dick isn‘t it Daddy?”

“Yes Torrie! Yes! It’s all yours!” I felt her cunt like a vise as she bounced up and down on my rigid meat.

“I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! Oh fuck Daddy!” I felt her juices flood over my cock and drench my balls. I held her tightly and kissed her as her orgasm surged through her.

“Do me from behind now Daddy. Bend me over and fuck me like a bitch in heat!” even as she slid off of me I knew I couldn’t get back inside her fast enough. So when she got into position I was already pushing my wet cock back into little fuckhole but I made sure to enjoy the view of that round, luscious ass. My fingers dub into the young, taught flesh of my daughter’s ass as I was steadily feeding my cock into her young pussy. Within minutes I was ramming into her a I pulled her back onto me, forcing my daughter to take me deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“Yes Daddy! Yes! Own my fucking cunt!” she screamed.

“Oh my god Torrie you’re going to make me cum! You’re going to make your Daddy cum!” I shouted out in fair warning.

“MMMM do it Daddy. Cum! Cum for your little girl. Cum in my pussy Daddy.”

I pulled out and quickly flipped her onto her back. I wanted to be able to look my daughter’s pretty face when I fill her up. I held her legs open high and wide as I drove my entire length in deep with on hard thrust. I felt her little cunt spasming.

“Ohhhh Daddy! I’m cumming Daddy! I’m cumming! Cum with me Daddy please!”

Her little cunt was like a vise as it clamped down around me. The sensation of feeling her orgasm and her pleading for me to fill her with my seed pushed every single button I had at the same time. I managed to drive into her a few more times before I knew that I had to release. I pinned her wrists to the bed as I slammed in and held myself deep inside my daughter and began to fill her needy little pussy. I saw the look of sheer pleasure on her face as she felt the first spurt of her father’s cream invading her womb. I grunted and groaned as stream after stream of cum erupted into my little girl’s used fuckhole before I finally collapsed onto the bed next to her. We were both silent for what felt like eternity but in reality it couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds. Torrie was the first to speak when she revealed that I had been the only man to ever actually cum inside her. We both watched as my cum boiled from her sweet little cunt which turned us both on again.

“Think you can go for round 3 Daddy?” Torrie smiled as she slid down and scooped my already hardening cock into her mouth.


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2 years ago
I enjoyed this story from beginning to end. It's great to discover such a talented writer here on xHamster.
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2 years ago
This is skilled writing, great imagination and a gift for putting it down in words, invoking the most unexpected person to enjoy such a taboo subject to the point of dampness
2 years ago
WOW so fucking hot mmmmm thanks
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