I awoke to my daughter gently shaking me. She hadn’t heard fro me in a few hours and tried knocking but got no response. Out of worry she took the spare key, let herself in and was now slightly bent over next to me, I was given a teasing view down her top. I couldn’t help but stare at the tops of her fleshy globes. I felt my dick starting to stir. I bolted upright partially to hid my growing erection but also because I wasn’t sure if I had turned off my computer. I calmed down after seeing the power light on the monitor wasn’t lit.

“I thought you might be getting hungry so I’m making lunch.” she flashed that infectious smile.

“Starving. I’ll be right down.”

As I ate the lunch that my daughter had prepared for me I couldn’t help but flash back upon some of the images I had seen of her on her videos and I found myself mindlessly chewing as I tried not to get caught eye balling her chest. It was cruel and unusual punishment as far as I was concerned to have this beautiful, sexy girl right in front of me and not be able to act upon my a****listic instinct to bend her over and fuck the shit out of her. Fortunately for me Torrie finished her lunch and excused herself. However it was unfortunate for me when she returned wearing shortest pair of denim shorts and the top to one of her bikinis.

“Um Torrie, what are you wearing?”

“Relax Daddy. It’s a bikini top.”

“OK and why are you wearing it?”

“I was going to go out and wash my car. Figured I would get a little sun while I was at it.” she didn’t bother to wait for any type of approval or disproval. Instead she bent down and gave me a peck on the cheek. I felt my cock twitch again when she did, her large tits seemingly trying to escape from their material confines. I watched in awe as that perfect ass of hers swayed back on forth on her way out the door.

It’s a well known fact the male of almost any species will forgo food for sex and I was proving that. I quickly headed back up to my office and watched as my daughter stooped, bent over and just generally twisted herself in various positions as she washed the grime from her beloved car. My cock had already swelled to the point where I had no choice but to give it the attention it so desperately needed. When I saw the neighbor from across the street walking over I knew that I wasn’t the only one that had noticed Torrie’s provocative, if not innocent, movements.

I couldn’t make out any of the conversation they were having except for the occasional laughter from my daughter. I could tell from her body language however that she was in full on flirt mode. She made it a point to arch her back, causing her tits to jut out. She would tease her hair in a way that in the past wouldn’t have gotten a reaction from me but all of a sudden seemed to send small electrical charges of lust through every inch of my cock. At one point she turned her back to him as if to say “Look at my perfect teen ass. Wouldn’t you like to shove your cock so far up it that I could taste it in my mouth?” even though I knew, or hoped, that that wasn’t the case. He had motioned back towards his house and I saw her head nod in approval and with that they retreated into his yard and disappeared behind his front door. To my surprise I wasn’t angry, I was more jealous really, and I was incredibly turned on especially knowing my daughter’s propensity to being an out and out slut. I went back to my desk and started up her archived videos again.

The screen leapt to life and there was my little girl wearing a short grey mini-skirt, black thigh high fishnets, a tight little white blouse that was tied just below her tits and a pair of black platform heels that screamed FUCK ME. She modeled for her camera for a bit before finally speaking.

“OK here is the situation. I woke up this morning horny as fuck and I so wanted to get laid. The problem is that we have some workers over today to put in our new furnace and my Daddy said I have to stay home. There is two of them down there and I’m going to go down and see if I can get them both to come up and fuck me. I’ll leave the camera on though.” she gave that sexy smile of hers and headed out of frame.

I remembered having a new furnace installed last year and the two guys that came to install it. One of them was probably my age if not a few years older and the other was considerably younger. I assumed that he had been an apprentice. I started doing the math in my head. Torrie would have been about 15 at the time. I pulled my cock out in anticipation of seeing her in another double penetration. About 10 minutes lapsed before she came back to her room and addressed the camera.

“OK. Good news, bad news situation. Only one of the guys was here, the other one left. But the good news in that he is going to fuck me. Really though he is the one I wanted most. He is older and obviously married because he has a wedding ring on. If anyone watching this knows anything about me then you would know that I love me some older, married men. Hope you enjoy.”

I heard the door to her room open and she greeted the man. She directed him to a chair and as he sat down I saw that his pants were already off and his cock was standing at full attention. We both watched as my daughter slowly stripped. The skirt was the first to go, when she bent over and slowly pushed it over her round ass and let it drop to the floor. The blouse was next and she stood there softly swaying in her panties, bra, fishnets and FUCK ME heels. I started to slowly stroke myself as the bra was pushed off of her body revealing those perfect tits. She then straddles the man.

“Fuck girl you sure you’re 18?” she giggled and leaned in to whisper something into his ear. He nodded and she retrieved her camera and handed it to him. He focused on his cock and in turn on my daughter’s face as she was now licking up and down the shaft. She smiled for the camera and swallowed his swollen head between her lips.

“Oh fuck you are a dirty little fucking slut aren’t you?” he asked as she deep throated the stranger. I was beating my on dick as I watched my daughter sucking this man’s cock with fervor. Her red painted lips sliding up and down, the soft slurping sounds of wetness as her head bobbed, her big tits bouncing as she got more and more aggressive.

“Shit, you keep doing that little girl and I’ll cum” he announced.

“Not till you fuck me!” she warned. She took the camera from him and set it on her shelf. It must have been something she had done before because it framed the scene beautifully.

“MMMM I want you to bend me over, shove your hard cock up my little pussy and fuck me like a whore.” the dirty talk was more than enough but factor in the tone of her voice when she said it and it was difficult not to pop my load. Torrie pushed her panties down and kicked. them off before bending over with her face right in front of the camera. I watched as the man took position behind her and start to slowly push his cock up into my daughter’s cunt.

“MMMM just shove it all in me! I like it rough!” the look on her face was intense as this strange man grabbed her hips and pushed his cock ball deep up Torrie’s cunt all at once and started to fuck her relentlessly.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s it Mr. fuck me! Fuck my young little cunt! Oh shit yes! You like that little teenage pussy?”

“Fucking tight little pussy for such a nasty fucking whore!” he screamed.

“Oh my god yes give it to me! I bet your wife doesn’t fuck your cock like this huh?”

“Not even close little girl. Fuck your pussy is so fucking good!” he had grabbed her hair by then and was furiously slamming deeper and harder into her.

“Oh yes yes yes! Do it you dirty old man! Fucking use my little teenage cunt!” the net 10 minutes or so passed as this strange man hammered up into my daughter’s 15 year old pussy before he announced that he was going to cum.

“On my face! I want you to shoot it all over my face!” he pulled her around and, I was suddenly relieved to see, pulled a condom from his cock. Torrie dropped to her knees and presented her face for target practice. The worker pumped his worn cock a few strokes and began to unload on my daughter’s pretty face. Some landed in her hair, some splashed against her forehead and cheeks. He was still cumming when she opened her mouth and sucked the last little bit out of him. He collapsed onto the chair.

“Yeah my wife doesn’t fuck like that.”

“MMMM you had to find a horny little teenage slut to fuck your cock right huh Mister?”

“You never did tell me how old you are.”

“Does it matter?” she looked at the camera with a face full of jizz.

“Well I don’t need the law knocking at my door.”

“Don’t worry. Maybe next time I’ll let you put it up my ass.” she winked and handed the guy his pants.

“Get dressed now. You have work to do.” she laughed.

That scene ended with the man leaving her room and Torrie again showing her cum covered face to the camera. She scooped as much as possible and swallowed it down like a true whore.

“MMMM I just love older man cum.”

I paused the playback and checked the window. Torrie was still across the street no doubt getting fucked again. I went to her room and rooted around in the pile of clothes and found the pair of panties that she had been wearing earlier that morning. I knew it was risky to take them but any man will tell you that it’s almost impossible to think rationally when you have a raging hard-on. I went back to my office, check the window again and started watching the next video.

As soon as the video started I could tell that there was something different about this one. The quality was much better, almost professional. This time my daughter wasn’t the camera person, instead she sat on couch in what appeared to be a hotel/motel room.

“Well hello there. Who do have here?” the man’s voice was unexpected and startled me.

“Hi! My name is Torrie.”

“And how old is Torrie? And don’t bother with that I’m 18 bullshit. Truth.”

“I’m 15.” there was that sinful smile again.

“You like sucking cock?”

“I LOVE sucking cock.”

“How old were you when you first had a cock in your mouth Torrie?”

“Um, probably around 13.”

“When was the last time you sucked a dick?”


“Aren’t you supposed to be in school today?”

“Yes. I skipped out to come here.”

“MMMM very nice. So Torrie, we’ve been in contact for the past few weeks so I happen to know that you are one very hot, very naughty little girl. Is that right?”

“I’m very naughty Daddy.”

“Why don’t you stand up and let us get a look at you.”

With that she stood up. She was wearing a short, tight pink halter dress and those sexy black FUCK ME heels. She did a slow turn and bent over, causing the hem of the dress to rid up her the roundness of her young ass. Her camera man took the opportunity to push it up the rest of the way to show off not only her perfect ass but the white thong that covered her pussy. I watched as her hand reached between her thighs and peeled the material away from mound and exposing that beautiful, hairless cunt.

“Oh my, now that is one pretty little 15 year old pussy. And you seem to be wet already?”

“MMMM yeah.”

“What has you so wet little girl?”

“I know I’m about to get fucked.”

She stood back up and turned to face the camera. I slide her panties along my shaft as I watched her pull the top of her dress down to show off those porn star quality tits. The camera focused on them as she lifted each up and licked her own nipples. I heard a different voice moan in approval.

“I think Daddy’s friend approves of those tits baby.” The camera skillfully panned over to film a man from the neck down as he lay on the bed, his thick cock sticking straight up.

“How about you loss the dress and go over there and take care of Mr. Pace. Daddy wants to film you two so just act like I‘m not here.”

Torrie never said a word as she stripped off her dress and climbed onto the bed between Mr. Pace’s legs. The camera watched as her mouth scooped up the head of his swollen cock and slowly disappeared between her lips. She smiled and started to make this wet, gurgling sound, obviously milking the head into her throat. Her hand wrapping around the shaft as she pulled her head back up.

“Oh fuck me that’s good.” Mr. Pace uttered in pleasure.

“You like that Mr. Pace?”

“Keep sucking me little girl.” he pushed her head down his cock and started to pump into it. The camera moved to behind my daughter to show that she was intently rubbing her clit as she sucked this strange man’s dick. Her wetness was obvious through her thong.

“I thought my wife was a great cocksucker, she has nothing on this little slut. How the fuck does a girl your age know how to suck a cock like that?”

“Lots of practice” Torrie mutteed as she pulled his spit soaked member from her talented mouth and moved up to take it between her large tits, stroking him with her fleshy globes.

“Oh fuck!”

“MMMM you like my big tits Mr. Pace?” this man with his cock squeezed between my daughter’s tits obviously couldn’t speak.

“Your cock is big Mr. Pace. I can’t wait to feel you stretching my little pussy with it. You ready to fuck me Mr. Pace? You ready to feel my tight, slutty 15 year old cunt?”

“I was ready the moment you walked in the door.” he almost laughed.

Torrie stood up and slowly pushed her thong down her thighs. She posed briefly for the camera, showing off her increasingly wet pussy. I heard both men moan in appreciation. The camera followed her as she made her back to the bed and bent over.

“Come on Mr. Pace, stick that fat fucking cock up my cunt.” the eagerness in her voice was obvious. She wanted his cock badly and he was quick to comply and I was rewarded with a perfect, almost bird’s eye view of the head of his cock sliding along the crack of her ass and down to her waiting pussy lips. He moaned when he felt the heat from it and slowly pushed the tip of the head inside her.

“OH! MMMMM put it in Mr. Pace! Give me that cock!” he groaned as he pushed deep into her all he while the camera caught every second.

“Holy shit this little whore is tight!” he stuttered.

“Fuck my tiny little girl cunt! Pound me with that big dick!” my daughter screamed.

“This what you little whore like?” his hand slapping loudly against her ass.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Fuck the shit out of me!” there was yearning in her voice.

“Take it you little fucking bitch! Take my fucking cock!” he was steadily pumping into my daughter faster and harder. I could see her ass shaking as he slammed into her and hear his balls smacking against her.

“I love the way your balls hit against my clit like that. Use my little fuckhole!”

Mr. Pace was apparently lost in the heavenly feel of Torries young whole. His hands clamped onto her ass, fingers digging into the flesh as he pushed her back and forth as he rammed his cock in and out. The camera moved to capture the expression on her face as she was getting slammed. My beautiful little girl looked to be loving every second and every inch of the fucking she was receiving. She pushed up onto her elbows and I watched as her hanging tits bounced around recklessly. Her on-screen “Daddy” moved back to show his friend plowing roughly into my bent over daughter.

“Right there! Right there! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” her head flew back and he held her tiht against him as her body convulsed in orgasm.

“FUCK ME THAT FEELS GOOD!” she screamed as her little cunt flooded his meat with her juices. As he climax subsided he quickly withdrew and moved around to push his cock into her mouth.

“Taste it you fucking slut! Taste your hot little cunt on my dick!” she gladly slurped his length clean.

“MMMM Lay down, let me ride this yummy cock.” as she got up he took her place on the bed. The image of her straddling him, reverse cowgirl style, guiding his head into her dripping pussy was so intense I had to stop stroking or I was going to cum. He guy manning the camera moved to show my daughter sliding down every inch and slowly grinding with it buried inside her then slowly building up as she began to bounce up and down it. The look on her face, the site of her tits bouncing and of the cock buried in her gash flashing across the screen.

“You like that Daddy? You like watching me get fucked? You like watching me fuck your big dick friend?” her hand reached out and the camera showed her groping his erection through his pants.

“Oh Daddy! Getting hard watching your little whore?”

“Damn I think the little whore wants another cock!” the man on the bed hypothesized.

“Do you baby? You want Daddy’s cock to?” his cock was now out and in Torrie’s hand.

“Daddy! I want it! I want you both to fuck me! I want your cock up my ass Daddy!” she slowed her fucking down and took her “Daddy” into her mouth.

“Turn around baby. Daddy will give you what you want.” she did as instructed. Her ass facing him as she took Mr. Pace back into her young whole.

“Well I didn’t plan on this but….” his voice trailed off as he pushed his cock up my daughter’s ass. I heard her groan in what can only be described as pleasure with a hint of pain as she had both men buried into her holes. It took a minute but soon they all found a rhythm and she was getting her ass and pussy used in unison.

“OH! OH! OH! OH! That’s it! Fuck me! Fuck my jailbait fuckholes!” she was literally screaming for these two men to bang her and they were all to happy to oblige her.

“You dirty old fuckers! You love fucking this little 15 year old whore don’t you!” they grunted in unanimous confirmation and continued ream her out.

“Daddy” had started to focus more on dicking Torrie’s ass then he was on filming it and the scene started to get a bit fuzzy. He announced that he would have to get the tripod if she wanted to continue like this. True to slut form my daughter begged him to hurry. The view got obstructed as he obviously set up his tripod and got the camera adjusted again. When he was all set to rejoin Torrie was once again riding Mr. Pace reverse cowgirl but this time he was up her ass.

“MMMM come on Daddy, try out my little pussy.”

He wasted no time in getting his cock inside my daughter’s pussy and banging away furiously all the while his friend was feeding his own dick up her asshole. The fucking got to b intense and at one point “Daddy” slapped Torrie’s tits as he fucked her. She seemed to love that.

“Oh yes Daddy! Slap my fucking tits! Oh fuck me Daddy!”

For the next few minutes these two men used my daughter and she loved every second of it. For my part, as I was watching I was stroking my cock with fervor with her used panties. I had to slow down a few time in fear of cumming before seeing the climax (no pun intended). I was relieved when both men pulled out and pushed her off of them. Torrie dropped to her knees as Daddy grabbed his camera and focused in on her as both men stood with stroking their cocks in front of her face.

“MMMM come you filthy fucks give me your cum. I want it all over my face. Please Daddy make me look like the little whore that I am!” Mr. Pace was the first to erupt as a massively thick rope of jizz leapt from the tip of his cock and splatted right between her eyes. The next spurt landed onto her hair followed by another in the same place. By then Daddy had started to shoot his own load. It wasn’t nearly as abundant as his friends but it was respectable. He aimed for her lips and hit his mark over and over again. When both men had finished they wiped there cocks off in her hair. And took turns having her clean them off. I filled her little panties with my cum as I watched her eagerly cleaning every inch of both men.

After my second intense orgasm of the day I was rather tired. I checked the window yet again an like before Torrie was nowhere to be seen but I did notice that the hose and bucket were gone. A few minutes later I heard the shower in her room start up. I cleaned myself up in my own bathroom and by the time I left my office I ran into her in the hallway.

“Did you take another shower?”

“Oh, yeah. I was feeling kind of sticky.” there was that sly smile again.

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1 year ago
great story. made me think of a few naughty girls i know lol
2 years ago
Great job, a very entertaining read. I love the idea of the story being told through the video camera...clever and innovative.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Fucking fabulous man.
2 years ago
Hot hot hot
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Wow so fucking hot ;P what next........
2 years ago
nice...hopefully the next won't be far away :)