Brittany-Part II

On the ride home from the drive-in I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder, both about what had just happened and what might take place back at home. As good of a cocksucker as Brittany is I wanted to fuck her so bad so you can only imagine my disappointment when I saw my wife’s car in the driveway when I pulled up. The three of us headed straight upstairs and as Brittany was going into Jessica’s room he looked back at me and flashed that sexy smile. Maybe I would luck out and my wife would still be awake and I could fuck her and pretend it was Brittany’s smooth, hairless little pussy, but that was not to be. As I opened the door I heard the soft snoring of my sl**ping wife. I stripped down and slid into bed, my mind racing with the thoughts of that little slut bobbing up and down my cock.

It had been about 30 minutes and I was just about to doze off when my bedroom door slowly crept open, the soft light from the hallway peeking through and I cold tell by the silhouette that it was my daughter’s friend. Her soft whisper into my ear sent bolts of lust straight to my cock.

“MMMM you still awake?”

“Yes.” was about all I could manage a this 18 year old who had jut sucked me off in the car while my daughter slept in the back seat was now in standing next to bed that I currently shared with my sl**ping wife.

I felt he hand start to search out my dick yet gain and sprang to attention at the feel of her soft hand. Her lips pressed against mine briefly before they relocated to where that hand was skillfully stroking me. I fumbled around in the darkness for her body, she grabbed my wondering hand and directed between her thighs. The little whore was already wet when I touched against her flesh. My cock was lost in the pleasure that is Brittany’s talented mouth and I gave serious thought to fucking her as my wife lay in the bed. I knew better. I knew that once I got into that little fuckhole that I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I reluctantly pulled her up from my angry cock.

“Let’s go down to the basement.”

“Give me like 5 minutes.” she kissed me hard and retreated.

The basement was “Dad Territory”. The rest of the house belonged to my wife and my daughter but the basement was all mine. Those two rarely ever came down there. It was my Man Cave, my sanctuary.

I was already naked when I heard the basement door open, my stomach doing flips as I heard her soft padding down the stairs and when she turned the corner at the bottom I started to throb. Brittany stood there smiling at me wearing tight little top that stopped just below the bottom of her massive tits, the site of her nipples poking against the stretched thing material telling me that she hadn’t bothered with a bra. My eyes scanned from those luscious mound to the sexy little g-string she had covering that sweet little pussy. It was a shiny black material with sequence that glistened in the light. I quickly closed the distance between us and roughly pulled her to me. Our lips locked tightly together, my hard cock pressing against her….her big tits mashed against me. I roughly grabbed her by the her hair and pulled her mouth from mine.

“I am going to fuck the shit out of you little girl.”

“MMMM prove it.” Brittany let out a shriek as I pushed her down onto the couch and before she knew it I was on top of her, pawing at those massive boobs through her shirt.

“Do you have any sort of attachment to this shirt?”

“No. Why?” I offered no verbal response. Instead I grabbed at it and pulled until it started to tear free from my prize.

“Oh fuck yes! Rip it off!!” the material gave way and I instantly latched onto one of her hardened nipples, then switched to the other. I alternated back and forth, licking, sucking, biting. My hand f***ed its way into her panties and I was about to give them the same treatment when she stopped me.

“No wait. Don’t rip them, they’re Jessica’s.” she stated and almost batted her eyes at me. I cold only smile as I kissed down her perfectly curved body. When I got to her thighs the little whore in her took over and she opened her legs and pushed her panty covered mound to me.

I peeled my daughter’s g-string away and had to take a moment to admire the site before me. This girl has one of the prettiest little pussies I had ever seen in my life. And not a hair in site. I moaned as I tasted her, she moaned even louder as I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth.

“Oh shit yes! Oh fuck eat that fucking cunt! You like that little teenage pussy? Eat my fucking cunt you dirty old man!” her ass lifted up off the couch and I took that opportunity to grab a hold onto her perfect bubble but as I devoured her sweet quim. I was like starving man that was suddenly presented with a Thanksgiving feast.

“Make me cum! Make me cum! Make me cum! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” she was almost screaming as she humped her pussy against my mouth and I was so glad that we came down here. Her pussy was gushing, flooding me with her sweet juices. I was reluctant to pull away when she grabbed my hair and pulled me up to her, our lips again locked tight.

“MMMM you have to fuck me! I want ride that big hard cock.”

We switched places with me now sitting on the couch, slowly stroking my erect cock as I watched her stand. She threw the tattered remains on her top on the floor and teased me by sucking her own tits. She began to slide the g-string off but I stopped her.

“Wait. Leave it on.” I smiled at her.

“MMMM kinky daddy. You going to fuck me in your daughter’s panties?” she straddled me and pulled the thin material aside. My body tensed when I felt the heat from her young cunt contact the head of my cock at we both watched as it parted her pussy lips. In unison we moaned, Brittany from the feel of my dick stretching her little pussy and me from the feel of that same pussy as it held me in it’s warm, wet vise-like grip.

“Oh my god! If I had know your cock felt so good I would have fucked you years ago!” the thought of banging her little jailbait cunt made my cock twitch.

“That’s it Brittany, fuck my cock! Show me what a filthy little fucking whore you really are!” one hand smack hard against her ass and she let out a scream of pleasure.

“Oh harder! I’ve been such a bad little girl! Fuck me! Fuck the shit out of meeeee!” the other hand landed with equal f***e and grabbed onto her bouncing ass. Using both hands I guided her up and down the length of my shaft, her big tits bouncing in my face and that round ass slapping against my thighs. The room reverberated with her verbal encouragement as well as the wet sound of her sloppy little fuckhole being invaded deep and hard.

“This what you needed you fucking slut! This what your little fucking pussy needs!” I was doing a pretty good imitation of being in control but truth be told I was teetering on the edge but I didn’t want her to know it.

“Oh my god yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m cuming! I’m cummmmminnngggggg!” and with that she slammed down on me one last time and stayed there. I felt her young hole tighten as her juices flooded over my throbbing cock. Her body was shaking and it was all I could not to explode.

“Oh my god that was amazing. I think I’ll have to wash these panties before I return them to Jessica though.” she giggled. I tried not to think too much about the fact that she was wearing my daughter’s G-string. I know that that would have sent me over the edge.

“What do you mean was? I’m not through with you yet little girl.” I motioned her onto the floor and watched in amazement as Brittany spread her legs yet again for me and began to rub herself through the panties. She was right though, Jessica’s g-string was soaked. I about tripped over myself getting down onto the floor with her.

“Oh yeah! Shove that fat cock back into my little fuckhole.” her back arched as I slammed in deep, this time I purposely focused onto my Jessica’s panties if even or a minute.

“Ohhhhh yes daddy! Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl like a filthy fucking whore!” this was the first time se really called me “daddy” and I admit, it sent shock waves through my body.

“Tell daddy what you want! Tell daddy what his slutty whore of a daughter wants!”

“Fuck me harder daddy! **** me! Use me! Pound my little fucking cunt daddy!” Brittany grabbed one of my hands and slide it up to her throat. I took the hint and applied just enough pressure as I jack hammered into her young pussy. I heard her gasp and I let up, her little pussy twitching around my shaft.

“Oh daddy! Yes! Yes! Yes! Daddy I’m going to cum daddy!” her pussy was constricting again and I knew that this time I wouldn’t be able to hold back. I was pushed over the edge and I needed to cum.

“Yes baby cum, cum for daddy. Oh fuck you’re going to make me blow my load Brittany!”

“Give it to me daddy! Give me that daddy cum!”

“Oh fuck yes! Where do you want it? Tell daddy where his little whore daughter wants it!”

“Oh cum in my little pussy daddy! Fill my little hole with the cum that made me!” that was more than I could stand. I pounded her for another 30 seconds or so before I pushed in as hard and as deep as I could. I felt my cum erupting from my swollen head and flood deep into Brittany’s well used pussy just as her own orgasm tore through her.

When we had both recovered I finally pulled my softening cock free of Brittany’s amazing cunt. I watched as my cream boiled free of her freshly fucked lips. My head was spinning as she scooped up a finger’s worth of my seed and sucked it clean.

“MMMM I do love the way you taste. You taste almost as good as Jessica.” she gave me sly smile and a wink.

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So very hot!
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OMG this was so wonderful thanks for posting it for us
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Hell yes. More please.