Letters to my mistress...

Sadly i dont have a mistress or master anymore.. i like feeding so if you like what you read.. meassage me or comment.

may it will be a silicone fist, or may a champainbottle that i will ride until you come home. May i will blow up a pump-plug so big i cant hold still cause of the lil pain it creates.
my pussy will be, by the time you come home, pumped up and swollen, big, shiny and wet.. and you just can shove your hand in my asscunt to lead me somewhere. i will crawl, my boobs already touching the ground and my belly jiggling around while i crawl.

i need to sit down on a chair wich have a big plug on it, when i sit down you enlarge it, so i cant get off.. and then you start to feed me. you let me eat huge amounts of food.
when i start to beg to stop, you will take a hand full and shove it in my mouth. you f***e me to eat, until i cant gulp down anythin again, my belly will be huge, hard and round. my pussy wet and swollen, my asscunt streched.
and then you bring me to bed, so i dont move to much and burn calories.
you tie me down. a rope tight around my gut, cutting in my fat and tieing my hands to my back- so only thing i can do is to pull open my asscheeks when you tell me to!
my legs, you spread wide and tie them up high, so i cant close them. now you can use my both dirty fuckholes, fist my lose trainned asscunt, may you fill my ass with liquids or mashmellows something sticky big..
and my cunt you fist, lick and suck, you sit on my face and let my suck your nice clit.. i wish so hard to see u infornt of cam soon...

A cake, mashed potato or ice cream. I will become huge and all soft, with a big belly wich u can stuff until its hard and round.
Huge udders hanging to the ground and grown big nipples you can put clamps on and pull on them.

I will wear the collar day and night until my neck got to fat - u will need to buy me a bigger one

When I reach 200 kg you can use me as fat - soft pillow. Each of my big h/g sized udders will hang down heavy and thick.
My holes will be trained well, that you can reach inside me every time and so.
My pussy will be pumped all day and become huge and thic, sensitive to every touch.

I will lick you every day on both your holes and make them wet until u come.
There will be days when you sit on my face, let me lick u and taste u for hours and rub my swollen belly with oil.

May u sometimes humiliate me - let me stick oily and jiggling my fat in the bathtub were I can get out alone.
You let me wear cloth were my fat belly is exposed, to tight and skinny for my 200+kg.

Cause I don't have to work I will get so nice soft and fat. I will confess my love to you every day with gaining, licking and eating for you.

May you train me so well I wake u up in the morning liking your holes, crawling behind you to breakfast and munchin in the time you eat a regular toast 2 bowls of sticky oats with much sugar.

Just imagin, siting on my face wich is covered in cake and Ice cream, getting licked by my well trained cow toung, sucking on your clit and sliding over your peehole.
My nose rubs your asshole, sticking in sometimes.
While I lick you, your hands run up from my fat pumped cunt wich is sucked in a big glass tube, dark pink and swollen to the size of 2 fists, touching my big soft belly. It's hard an bloated, when you push through the layers of warm fat, you can hear me moan and may accidental trying to fart cause the bloat - but the huge plug in my wide asscunt is holding me sealed and tight bloated.
Your hands run up, pulling on one of my huge udders, lifting it so you can wrap it with both arms and suck on my swollen nipples.
Then you just let go - my udder slapping heavy on my fat swollen belly - I look like I"m pregnant with food.
Again I moan for release, may release an enema you gave me(?) but you only take the second at least 3kg wheights udder.
U have a strong clamp- putting it on my nipple. There is a chain, hanging from the top of the room. My udder get hanged -
It's pulling down but the clamp
Will hold- stretching my nipples.
You release my Pussy. It's pink, wet and sticky and a big ball you pushed in is just popping out. You can grab the pink flesh with one hand, make me moan and beg to fist me with that - but you stay - sit in my dirty face.

100% (4/0)
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