thuck thuck thicky

[quote=KurvyGurl36e][quote=syft09]whats ur fav position to get hard cock n ur ass?[/quote]I'd be so tight for you ;-)[/quote]

i want you to come over my place in someyhing comfy
u know cotton sweats a wife neater and an oveesize crewneck
i dont allow shoes n my place so kick off what ever u have on
come withe as i sit on the futon mount me and feel the near nothing between us
your wiggle makes me smile your still shorter than me
i relax as my hands softly clutch ur waist under ur shirt of course
i squeeze n play with the soft skin n say see i love these love handles
i grip them super tight n roll my hips
u grab my face squishing it in ur boobs
through the shit n sweater i bit a big mouthfull
n say ok enough of you too
i peel u out of them n toss them
the whole moment looks like when u take off a condom
warm pale skin n the cool air, or is it my touch.that brings those grey goose bumps in
we are talkin about who knows u just really want me stretching ur ass
but im just lookin in ur eyes sliding my fingers up n down ur back
u fix your hair n lick ur lips waiting for my attack
a hand goes up ur neck to tbe base of ur skull
fingers rubb the scalp wide the tightly pull
deeper than u expect u have to arch ur back
not from any pain but because it spreads ut chest n i wouldnt have it any other way
i lick between from belly to chin then down again
my other hand grabs a cheek of ur meaty ass n shakes it
on the rough side then a finger n so gentle up to the bottom knuckle
that come hither slither lets u know ur n for some trouble
i say if ur going to kiss me u know the perfect place
i stand us up n u peel my shorts off my waist
there it is allready dripping precum like a shut off beer tap
lick it up polish my head clean bring that shine back
i know u didnt expect me to taste this good
but open that little mouth up im going to teach u how to throat wood
fist things first luv ur gonna choke but ur not gonna die hold ur breath like ur swimming and hold on the back of my thighs
let ur slobber stay n ur throat dont drink it down its what helps u not choke
stick ur tongue out when im at ur toncils yes just go slow...
when u gag dont fight relax see how it just made ur pussy jump
told u its not all that bad breath a bit n repeat...
im soo fucking hard enough its time ur filled with meat
i stand u up n peel down ur sweats lick ur pussy for fun its
allready melted ice wet
u climb on tge futon all fours with ur asshole winking
i say noooo not yet i need to make u moan deep n tgat pussy
i rub ur lips n tap ur clit im gonna take up so much space the warm lips wrap around my head not n yet then a gasp falls out ur face
slow balls deep firsy stroke as i rubb ur cervix u moan
yeah u never wanna get use to this n i call it home
intense but soothing all of my early moves after a wile im trying to get it
bruised since i got it loose
i put a hand on ur throat pulling u up by the hair
i wisper this is how u split a pare
hand still on throat other now on ur clit
i squat on my feet so i can really throw in the dick...
the sound of ur ass flopping n the wobbly waves get me mesmerized
i lost count of ur orgasms somewhere round 8
each time u try to squeeze me out i f***e right back n to place
almost time to drink ur first nut
i pull out covered n the soup of ur pussy i let u jack me off eile u lick my head
now cup that tongue deeply shotting from a good distance
i splash alot on ur face some drips n ur mouth
i wipe the rest up w my cock n let u taste.... im still hard so
suck off ur juices then bend back over
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