My Singapore Sling

I recently traveled to Singapore for business and arrived on a Sunday. After checking into my hotel I was bored but did not wish to look around outside, so I decided to flick through the hotel directory to see if there was anything there to keep me occupied for the rest of the day. The room service menu did nothing for me but I then noticed there was a sauna for males only in the hotel. This immediately piqued my interest as I thought there was a chance to possibly catch a flash of some meat and give me something to think about as I lay in bed that night. So after showering (a requirement of the sauna) I put on some shorts and made my way to the area.

After being given a towel by the attendant I removed my shorts (and underwear, despite instructions to the contrary), placed the towel around my waist and entered the room. The room was empty so I placed a scoop of water over the hot rocks and sat back on a bench. The room was hot but not unbearable. After drifting off into a semi-slumber for a few moments I heard the door open and in walked a European guy. He was of medium height, a bit over weight (just like me) and had short silver hair. He sat down and we made eye contact immediately. I gave him a smile and a nod of the head and he returned the gesture. After a few moments he rose to put water on the coals and as he stood up his towel unraveled and fell to the floor and he too was not wearing under wear. His cock was uncut, about 4" long, and he had thick pubic hair. He seemed embarrassed and quickly covered himself up. I smiled at him and said "don't worry, I quite enjoyed that". I'm not sure if he understood English, but he smiled in a manner that suggested he was relived that I had not taken offense. This was just the thing I was hoping would happen and I started to day dream about having his cock in my mouth.

As I thought more about it I began to harden and soon my towel began to lift. I am not sure whether he noticed this because he did not make a gesture. After a few short seconds I stood up to put more water on the coals, and my hard on poked through the edge of the towel. He definitely noticed it now as he grinned at me, and it was then I realized I had got lucky. But by this time the room was very hot and steamy and I was not able to stand the conditions any further. I picked up my room key, which had the room number on the back and went over to him. I showed him the number and without saying anything I left.

I returned to my room, toweled down, and sat in my room, hoping that he understood the meaning of my gesture with the room card. After about 10 minutes there was a quiet knock on the door, and when I opened it he was standing there dressed in a t-shirt and track suit pants. I invited him in and directed him to a chair. Up till this point he had not spoken to me at all and I still did not know whether he spoke English, but he certainly knew what he wanted because as he sat down he pulled his pants to his knees. He was not wearing under wear and his cock was beginning to harden. I don't need to be asked twice so I knelt in from of him and began to run my tongue of the head that had now poked out. After a few seconds he hardened totally and his cock lengthened to about 6", just the length I like. I took him in my mouth and moved my head up and down in a slow rhythmic motion, gradually taking more and more as I moved up and down. He began to moan quietly and he rubbed my head gently, but he still had not spoken a word. I was really excited by know and had made up my mind to bring him to orgasm with my mouth. I am not a fan of the frantic sucking you tend to see in movies, so I continued to move slowly and regularly up and down, moving my tongue around his shaft at the same time. Unfortunately his hard cock was pointing up at a 45 degree angle and the position I was in made things difficult, so I pulled off and asked him to move to the bed.

When he moved I knelt on the floor to his side and went back to work. This was a far more comfortable position. I moved his legs up so I could get access to his hole and while I was moving my mouth over his cock I started to gently play with his hole. After a short while I pulled my mouth off his cock, put my pointer finger in my mouth to moisten it and then resumed my oral action, while I ever so slowly circled his hole with my wet finger and gently pushed it in: not too far though, just enough to pass into his body and move my finger around in small circles. I could tell he really enjoyed this because he slowly moved his hips in the rhythm of my finger. He was moaning a little louder by now and I could taste the pre-come beginning to ooze from his cock. This really set me off and I had a roaring hard on myself. I was determined to bring him off with my mouth so I lifted my head and began to run my tongue over the tip of his cock. He was moaning louder now and I could tell he was close, so I run my mouth back down his shaft just a little faster than before. He was really close now and I decided to finish him off with my hands, but as I lifted my mouth away he exploded his juice into my face! This was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I immediately closed my eyes, grabbed his shaft and directed the come across my face. Spurt after spurt blasted into my face; it ran over my nose, my eyes, my cheeks and my lips, eventually running down onto the bed cover. He seemed to have an endless supply with spurt after glorious spurt slamming into my face. He was moaning and groaning in complete pleasure, his breath panting and his cock just throbbing and sending out juice everywhere.

Eventually he stopped, and I just dropped my head onto his stomach as I was also totally overcome with ecstasy. This was the first time I had made a guy come with my mouth alone, and I was totally in the moment. After a little while I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. While I was washing up, to my dismay I heard the door of my room close. I went back out and saw he had gone! I was totally dismayed as I was looking forward to a return favour, but alas that was not going to happen. I had no alternative but to jump into the shower and jerk off. It took about 20 seconds for me to come and I shot juice all over the wall like a garden hose. I eventually brought myself off three times before I was empty, and by then I just slumped onto the bed and went to sl**p.

I spent the next two days as I moved around the hotel hoping to meet him again, but I did not meet him again; but it was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget. The memories of his juice spurting into my face time and time again is something that will keep me hard for many years to come.

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