Mature gay men are so hot!

I was sipping coffee at the local cafe recently. It was a Saturday morning and quite busy, so tables were scarce. I was lucky enough to have a table large enough for four, so my newspaper was spread out and I was engrossed in the motoring guide. I was interrupted by a polite request to share the table, and I looked up to see a guy who I guessed to be in his 60's holding a coffee. There was more than enough room so I said sure and kept on reading. He sat down, and a moment later he made a comment about VW's so I looked up and began to chat. I noticed he was good looking, but not classically handsome; not well built but not fat either, with short silver hair and ever so slight stubble. He was wearing a black polo shirt and faded jeans with a crease in the legs you could use as a razor.

We were soon engrossed in our conversation and eventually we began to discuss our personal lives. His name was Francis (not Frank, as he quickly corrected me); he was divorced and living a quiet life in a nearby apartment. I am also divorced, but I share a unit with a friend from work. We spoke about cars, sport, politics and women. We spoke so much that soon we ordered fresh coffee. Eventually, we got sick of coffee and Francis asked if I would like to visit his place and have lunch and a few harder drinks. He was a good conversationalist and I was hungry, so I agreed. He lived only a short walk away, so I left my car and a few moments later I was seated in a very nice apartment sipping on gin and tonic.

Francis was making sandwiches in the kitchen so I moved in and offered to help. We continued to eat, drink, and talk for quite a while and eventually the conversation turned to sex. Well, after a few drinks had loosened my tongue I confessed that my first sexual encounter was with a much older man. He was quite interested in this and so I related the story of how I met this guy and how he gave me my first blow job, but that it went no further. He asked me whether I liked it (which I did) and whether I had done anything similar since (which I had not). All the while the memories of that first encounter began to stir my loins, and to my great embarrassment I got a hard on, which was quite obvious through my jeans. Francis gave me a funny sort of smile, and he nestled up next to me on the lounge. I was like a rabbit caught in a spot light and simply sat there and looked into his eyes. Neither of us said a word, and after short moment, Francis moved his hand to my crotch and unzipped my trousers.

I am not hugely well endowed, but when hard I have nothing to be ashamed of, and my uncircumcised cock sprang out. He gently rubbed the tip and I leaned back into the cushion, closed my eyes and quietly sighed in pleasure. After a short moment I felt his breath and warm mouth slide over my head and gently down my shaft. I did not stop him, but instead gently rubbed his head while he moved slowly up and down on my cock. After a few short moments I knew I was about to shoot so I lifted his head before I made a huge mess. By then I was so horny that I pressed my lips to his and licked my juice from his mouth.

He stood up, took me by the hand, and lead me to the bedroom. He stood me next to the bed, removed my shirt and trousers and gently sat me down. He stood in front of me and removed his clothes. He was circumcised, and his cock was slightly smaller and thinner than mine, and was rock hard. When he was naked he slowly pressed his erect cock towards my mouth. I had never experienced this before and I went at it a little too eagerly. He slowed me down and instructed me in the art of oral pleasure. He taught me to flick my tongue across the head of his cock; how to run my tongue up his shaft in the same way a c***d licks an ice cream; how to place his balls between my lips and gently suck without causing pain; and how to get his entire shaft in my mouth without choking. I don't know how long I was on his cock, but eventually he pulled my head away and kissed me in a way I have never been kissed before.

I had never been so horny, or so completely into a sexual encounter as I was at that moment. We laid on the bed and continued to kiss passionately. He broke away and took a towel and some gel from the bedside drawer. He put some gel on his hand and began to rub my cock again. I guessed the reason for the towel, and soon I was moaning that I was coming. A few seconds later I exploded and he covered my cock with the towel and collected my juices before I made a mess of the sheets.

I was panting like I had never panted before, and without thinking why, I was begging him to go further. I wanted him inside me so badly that it did not occur to me that I was a virgin. He grinned and asked me if I was sure this was what I wanted. I had seen gay video's before and had a bit of an idea what to expect, so I laid back, lifted my legs into the air, and spread my knees. He rubbed some gel on his cock placed my legs over his shoulders and began to slowly try and enter me. My hole was very tight and he was having some difficulty, so he suggested we try it doggie style. When I was in position I felt the tip of his cock slowly spread my cheeks apart. It hurt more than I expected, but I was so horny I did not care. He sensed my difficulty and I could tell he did not enter me fully. When he was in a few inches he simply stopped and allowed me to become used to it. After a short while he slowly rocked back and forth and soon I began to enjoy the motion, despite the pain. After a few moments he pulled out and I collapsed on my face onto the bed.

I knew he had not got off, so in a short while I began to suck him again. My hole hurt like crazy, but I was determined to bring Francis off, so I sucked and licked and flicked for quite a while. Eventually I could tell his breathing was getting harder, and he tried to pull my head away, but I resisted him. Soon he cried he was about to come, and I guess this was my warning, but I did not care. When he first throbbed I gagged slightly and moved my lips to the head of his cock and simply collected his come until my mouth was full. I had to pull away, and it spilled all over my face, his legs, and the bed. But the look on his face said it did not matter. We laid in each others arms, continued to kiss and touch each other, and eventually we dropped off to sl**p.

Some time later I woke and he was between my legs sucking my cock. So, we started again, only this time he insisted I enter him. We spent the rest of the night with each other in the most exciting encounter I have ever experienced.

We still see each other from time to time, and even though I do not consider myself to be truly gay, no one can come close to exciting me the way Francis does. He truly is the hottest thing on two legs.

97% (35/1)
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19 hours ago
I want to find a older man like that
12 months ago
sexy story, well written - well done
1 year ago
great story
1 year ago
1 year ago
love the storie
2 years ago
Very good story. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
excellent, the way it should be
2 years ago
Very erotic story - well told. Tnanks for the hard on!
2 years ago
love your storie more plizzzz
2 years ago
Love it!
2 years ago
Great story and very well written, with separate paragraphs making it a pleasure to read. At last a literate, erotic contribution to this site, rather than the dire norm. I hope there's more to follow...........?
2 years ago
good story