I set up my wife and my friend

U’ve been pressing me 2 tell U about my ex-wife, what happened, what caused her 2 leave me. It’s a subject I dont like 2 dwell on bcause it was totally my fault. But here goes...

I belonged 2 a rugby team. It was r custom, 2 play hard then party hard. R wives or girlfriends wud join us at the tavern. My wife made sure she made the scene, drank and danced late in2 the nite.

It all started going downhill the nite my wife complained that she was chilly and my teammate, Tom, rushed 2 throw his jacket over her shoulders, blatantly brushing her breasts as he did so.

It all added up - the time she spent near Tom at these gatherings, how she laughed at his jokes, how he made sure he got 1 slow dance with her every time we met. I decided 2 test her fidelity.

The 1st thing I did was stop making love. Since r wedding day we had established a comfortable routine, making sweet, gentle, passionate love 3x a week. I bgan 2 make xcuses, work pressure etc.

I kept this up 4 two months. Unless she was jilling herself in private, she had not had an orgasm all that time. It was now high summer, a precious time 4 us in the north. My wife luved to sunbathe.

Made my move on a Saturday when my wife, in the tiniest of bikinis, went 2 the back porch, book and glass of wine in hand, 2 work on her tan. I told her I had 2 run sum errands. Then I called Tom.

Tom had been bugging me 2 borrow my router. I kept 4getting 2 bring it 2 r weekly matches. I told him 2 come over and get it, where it was in the garage in case I wasnt home. Then I got the video cam out.

Tom arrived 20 mins later, hollered out 2 me from the garage. I kept silent but my wife heard him. Come on out back, she sed. Watching from the kitchen window, I cud c them chatting. They cudnt c me.

When I saw Tom pick up her wine glass, I hustled out of the kitchen. He refilled her glass, helped himself 2 a hefty glass of my bourbon. When I got back 2 the window, they were chatting again.

I wished I cud hear what they were saying but cud only guess. Tom picked up his chair, moved it closer 2 my wifes chaise lounge. She was on her back, her tits spilling out the sides of her micro top.

Clearly, they thought they were alone. Dont know who suggested it, but Tom picked up the baby oil. Starting at her shoulders he rubbed the oil in2 her skin down 2 her toes. Then she rolled over.

He massaged the oil in2 her back, taking his sweet time. Her butt cheeks were almost fully exposed, her crack covered by a mere string. He poured oil on them, kneaded it in. I turned the camera on.

Watched as a finger ‘accidently’ slipped under the string, must have touched her anus. She didnt flinch. Thought I saw her sigh. Tom resumed oiling her butt, moving ever closer 2 her crotch.

She parted her legs, giving him room 2 oil the inside of her thighs. He did this in a way that his pinky finger had 2 be rubbing the fabric over her slit, didnt move his hand farther down her legs.

She raised her hips, an obvious invitation. Tom untied the knot of her bikni bottom, the tiny patch dropping away, exposing her pussy. Her bald as a baby pussy. Jesus! She had shaved herself!

My wife undid the string of her top. Tom rolled her over. They mashed their mouths 2gether as my wife tossed her top 2 the floor. Kissing still, he mauled her breasts b4 returning 2 her c*nt.

He jammed 4 fingers in her pussy, sumthing Id never dared 2 do. Worse, they were lengthwise, stretching her 2 a degree I cudnt imagine. Worse yet, her motions betrayed her mounting xcitement.

Suddenly they stood, embraced and started walking in2 the house. I beat a retreat from the kitchen. Now I had sound but no visuals. They were in the kitchen when I heard her say, F*ck me rite here.

Heard them collapse 2 the floor, heard her moan as he entered her, heard the skin 2 skin slaps, the rhythm of his thrusts much faster than my own. I found myself wondering how big his dick was.

She screamed in orgasm, a sound Id never heard. He grunted like an a****l, came. Then silence b4 she sed O Tom, Ive been thinking about this 4 months. Me 2, he sed, but Id better leave. I’ll call.

Heard him dress, heard them kiss goodby, heard the garage door close. As my wife walked 2 the bath, I caught a glimpse of her naked buttocks. I went 2 the den, popped the tape in2 the VCR.

So stupified by what Id witnessed, 4 the 1st time I realized I had a raging hard-on. Yes, I wanked 2 the tape rite there. Then I left the house, announced my return in my best Honey, Im home voice.

Hi honey, she called out. I’ll be down in a minute. She came down in a short robe, was cheerier than Id seen her in months, bubbly almost. She cudnt stop talking. Me, my bl**d was doing a slow boil.

What happened was, rage overtook me. Without thinking things thru, I sed I have sumthing U have 2 c. I walked her 2 the den. The TV was on, showing Tom fingering her, a blissful look on her face.

Im so sorry, she sed, looking at the floor. She left the room, she left the house without taking a single object that she owned. She moved in with Tom that night, is with him 2 this day.

I quit the rugby team, joined another. The only time I see her is when we're matched against my old team. She cheers loudly whenever Tom knocks me 2 the ground.
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If you can't do the time don't do the crime.
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tough story.