Tuesdays in the woods

4 a year, we had experimented a little with bondage. She enjoyed me tying her 2 the bedposts. We added a blindfold to the mix. It was such a turn on 4 her 2 not see me fondle her tits, lick and f*ck her.

As these sessions went on, I began 2 have all kinds of other fantasies. Like she was my sex toy. I figured anyone cud sneak in2 the room, slip their cock in2 her and she wud have no idea it wasnt me!

We like 2 picnic in a park outside town. Theres a secluded lake. Most people go 2 a beach on the other side of the lake but we picnic and read on the grass under the trees. We're almost always alone.

We watched the sun set, drank wine. I began 2 think how exciting it wud be 2 tie her up right there. Suggested it. Knew by her reaction that the notion excited her. The cords on the cooler wud work.

She glanced round, sed Way 2 dangerous. I sed then lets go by those trees. Actually TO the tree.

OMG. She started toward the woods. I grabbed the bungee cords. Ur crazy she sed, excitement in her voice.

I used a napkin as a blindfold, tied her wrists 2 branches overhead. I opened her blouse, undid her bra.I cud feel her heart pounding when I touched her breast. I slid her skirt off. Panties next.

I fingered her as we kissed. As I went faster, she spread her legs.I took 2 bungees, wrapped them round her breasts. They swelled, became engorged. Crazed with lust, I began 2 f*ck her.

I pulled out, shot my sperm up, hit her face, neck, breasts. Thats when I saw the guy watching. We made eye contact. I motioned 4 silence, 4 him 2 approach. He moved 2 touch her tits. I nodded yes.

The guy pulled his cock out, stroked it. He touched her swollen breasts, pulled her nipples. He fingered her roughly. Her knees buckled. We both knew what was next. He slid his cock in2 her.

I put my finger to my lips, pulled him back. I sucked her breast again. He took that as a cue 2 do the same 2 her other breast at the same time. She gasped, realized what was going on. But didnt speak.

He kissed her, slid in2 her again. She moved quickly on his cock, her doing the f*cking. The sight was so exciting I got hard again. He finally looked, asking 2 cum in her. I grinned, nodded yes.

He grabbed her ass, uttered a loud God as he came. She moaned in2 the darkness, gasped in pleasure. I said so she cud hear, Better leave if U want 2 do this again. We'll be here next Tuesday.
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/// cripping watching you dirty wood pigs /// eom