BBW & the Sexiest Man

I met 'Cee' 10 years ago through a friend. We both seemed interested but never hooked up. I'm currently on vacation. So imagine my surprise when we found out we were staying at the same hotel!! I went to see him & we were talking all of a sudden he walks over & passionately kisses me, and says "I've been wanting to do that for a long time". We talked about why we never hooked up and decided to meet up later that night.
I was so nervous because Cee is a very handsome man. He's black, hazel eyes, muscular smooth caramel skin. I am a latina BBW recently gained a bit of weight so I'm not 100% confident about how this will be. I get to his room and he is naked, his gorgeous muscular body there for mme to enjoy. The first thing he says is "I'm going to make you cum and send you on your way." He took my pants off & started to play with my pussy. I removed my jacket & then we began kissing. Quickly he layed me on the bed and went down on me. His tongue exploring my wet pussy. He sucked and licked my pussy so so good! I was enjoying every minute of it. I began to move my hips and he continued to lick me and before too long I came SO hard! But he didn't stop he continued to lick my clit. Finally it was my turn to please him. I began licking the pre cum off his big curved dick. Licking and kissing every inch! Slowly I started sucking the head and swallowing as much as I could, he started moaning so I started sucking faster & harder. It didn't last long because he wanted to be inside me. I laid down and he put my legs on his shoulders and slowly entered my still wet pussy. He was fucking me slow and kissing me so gently. I grabbed his ass and he started fucking me harder! He was sucking on my nipple and fucking me good and hard! Just the way I like it!! He slowed down for a minute then really started pouding it out! I came all over his dick!! Then he turned me over in doggy style. His curved dick was rubbing me the right way but to maximize my pleasure he put a pillow under my belly & slowly went deep! He was right on my g spot so I knew it wouldn't be long ;) He grabbed my big ass & said "Oh I've waited so long for this!" He was giving me every inch and once again I came on his dick. I was so wet that's all you could hear along with my moaning. He came inside me and I could feel him tremble a little. I wanted to suck his dick again but he left the bedroom too quickly. Cee is one of the best lovers I've ever had and I can't wait to have him again :)
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