When I lived in Surabaya my girlfriend Erica worked as a mamasan at a karaoke bar. Erica had wit and charm and was more intelligent that any of my local office staff – but for her life had taken her on a different path.

At 18, she fell in love with a young German boy who took her back to German to marry, but he dumped her as soon as his f****y objected. Back in Surabaya she was now spoiled goods, none wanted her as a bride so she drifted into becoming a prostitute. It was a business that she ultimately adjusted to, and from her accounts, had a rollicking good time for 12 years or so. Now as an “old woman” of 32, she was more a manager of pleasure rather than a direct provider..

We lived in a suite at the Novotel – it was pretty nice accommodation. I worked during the day – sort of nine to five, she worked five nights a week, sort of eight to two. I used to visit the bar most nights, either by myself or with friends – it was an energetic lifestyle and not much sl**p.

One evening we were hanging around what was great bar called Colours. It was an old Dutch colonial mansion converted into a bar and restaurant. It was early evening, around 6.00 - we were mixing between overlapping groups of friends and acquaintances. Just chatting and buying rounds of drinks and enjoying locally grown tobacco substitutes.

Erica leaned over and kissed me in a slightly theatrical way, then whispered,
“There’s a girl here who wants you to fuck her.”
Erica and I had enjoyed a lot of sex together, often with other people. From time to time, Erica would arrange for what I called, “pretty young things” to stay with us for weekends (refer my story Brides School) it was fun, mostly it was young girls.

“What do you mean - she wants me to fuck her?” I asked, of course I knew what fucking someone was about , but Erica’s tone seemed to imply and different scenario.
I wanted to know more “Is she a virgin? Is it her birthday?”
“No none of those things, I don’t think she’s a virgin, she has a boyfriend.” Erica assumed a look of “not so sure”.
“No darling, it’s just that she has seen us together and says that she is jealous of me having a western boyfriend and she wants to know what a westerner’s cock feels like.”
“I see.” I responded “And you decided to volunteer my cock to satisfy her curiosity?”
“Yes. That’s exactly it.”

Let’s face it, a fella could be volunteered into situations a lot worse than this.
“OK, so is she coming over this weekend? What’s the deal?” I asked
“No, she can’t do that. She lives with her f****y and anyway, her boyfriend wouldn’t allow it.”
“OK, so what then?” I pressed on.
“You take her to our room and fuck her and come back here.” Erica said in a tone of “that’s that”.
“What – now?”
“Yes – now.”
“Aren’t you coming as well?” when Erica and I fucked other people, it was always together, that was the deal – we both agreed we are perfectly at liberty to have sex with other people, so long as it was together, it’s a very good formula, it satisfies the desire for sexual adventurism, and solves the jealously issue at the same time.
“No. It’s OK, I don’t mind – this time.” Erica was very particular about our arrangement, but this was a sanctioned one-off case.
“Besides, I think her boyfriend is coming as well.” A classic English as a second language mistake – she meant the boyfriend was going (with us) as well, not coming – certainly not cumming.
Now I finally took notice of the young girl sitting next to Erica. She seemed vitally interested in our conversation – and she holding hands with young long lanky local boy. She was a sweet young girl, probably in the last years of high school – long slim athletic body.
I quickly smiled at her and looked to Eric, “Is this her?”
At that Erica turned and put her arm around the girl, “Yes, this is Mia. And her boyfriend…….aaaah, can’t remember his name.” Erica looked away from him as if her had disappeared – which in her mind, he had in fact done. And then added, “As far as I know you don’t need to fuck the boyfriend as well.”
“Oh good.” I responded with a staged smile.
Mia smiled at me in a demure way and extended her hand to shake hands with me.

As I shifted in my seat to move, I asked Erica “Any special instructions?”
“No, nothing.” Erica replied “Just show her a good time. She wants to work for me, but she doesn’t want to do sex, just talking and singing for customers. I’ll bet she has the sweetest little pussy. Lucky you.”
Erica literally pushed the girl up to her feet “Off you go.” And then looking to me “Don’t forget we’re supposed to be at dinner with your friends at the Regent at 8.00pm – I’m starving so I don’t want to be late.”
“What if she wants me to fuck her twice?” I asked as a tease “Don’t, you haven’t got time.” Erica giggled and ordered herself another Long Island Tea.

In the taxi the girl sat in the middle, boyfriend on one side, foreign fucker on the other. She was quite chatty, wanting to know all about Erica and I, how we met, how often we have sex, will we get married and other silly romances. I would have felt a bit sorry for the boyfriend, but he didn’t seem in the least bit attached to the girl – he just looked out the window.

Once in the room the boyfriend made a beeline for the TV, leaving his girlfriend and me to get on with fucking. I needed something to change the mood.
“Let’s have a shower?” I suggested.
“OK, that’s a good idea.” She said and immediately unbutton her shirt and threw it on the bed. Like so many of these girls her bra was a pointless garment serving no purpose at all. Her little girl breasts would hardly make a bump in a t-shirt let alone a bra. I stepped towards her and reached around her and unhooked the bra and slipped it off. I just love those nubile little tits, soft to touch and soft to taste. She pushed her chest into my hands as I massaged the soft swelling that would one day grow to become breasts, her nipples were small and hard and a nice shade of soft pink.
As I lifted my shirt over my head Mia unbuckled my belt and slipped my jeans to the floor. She rubbed her fingers into the spreading wet patch of pre-cum on my underpants – she certainly wasn’t shy.
By the time I was fully undressed, my cock was fully erect, Mia knelt down and sucked me. Her mouth was warm and soft and she sucked my cock with a nice strong stroking action as her hand massaged my balls. With a noisy slurp she let my cock pop out of her mouth,
“So you shave? I like that.” And resumed sucking my cock.

I stole a glance at the boyfriend – he was absorbed watching a porn video that we had left on the machine. He was sitting in the lounge chair and seemed to be masturbating. It was hard to see, but by the way he masturbating with little short movements, I suspected he wasn’t all that well endowed, but he was young so maybe he’d grow and bigger cock? But I’m told that a young boy has reached his maximum sized cock by the age of 15, so maybe he won’t grow any more?.

Now that Mia was completely naked I could see she had such a lovely fuckable body. Long and slim, not yet with any womanly characteristics. As we walked naked to the bathroom I could see that the only rounded part of her was her tight little buttocks. Mia sat on the toilet, gave me a smiling glance and started to piss. She didn’t look as if she needed my assistance so I turned on the shower – it was one of those tropical downpour shower heads – great for showering with friends.

In the shower she had me stand with my back to her and hands high up on the wall as she soaped my whole body, paying particular attention to my cock and my ass. With the hand held nozzle she washed away the soap and took the same position herself, up against the wall. Standing behind her I massaged my hands down her slim body, starting with her soft little breasts and down her tummy to explore lower and deeper between her legs. My fingers found the deep warm place between her lips – wet, but not from the shower. I had obviously hit the spot, Mia let out a load and satisfied moan and rotated be hips to encourage my fingers into ther clitoris. I pushed her shoulders down lower and looked down to her smiling pussy then started to introduce my cock to her vagina – she spread her legs wider apart and pushed back towards me.

Just as Erica had predicted, she really did have a very sweet but little pussy – and it was little. I could tell whether or not she was a virgin, but she sure was very tight. There was no way that I was going to fit my cock into her while we were standing up.
“Let’s go to the bed.” I suggested
“Yes, that might be easier, I have a very small pussy.” Her comment was redundant in its obviousness.
I put a towel over the bed and Mia lay on her back, smiling up at me – such a cute sight, her long legs pulled up and her knees wide apart. Her arms stretched up over her head emphasized her smooth long body.

Looking down on her she looked so utterly made for sex – her mons venus was quite pronounced, a deep cleft between her thick soft lips, her pubic hair had not started to grow yet. My cock had softened a little when I realized I couldn’t fuck her in the shower, but the sight of her naked body laid out in front of me bought my hardness back to life – bigtime.

Now the boyfriend joined us, he was naked and sporting handsome erection – it was small a small cock, but as is the case with Asia boys, it was very hard. He sat next to Mia on the bed, she held his cock while he lent forward and sucked her tits.
I was thinking “This is an unexpected surprise.”
He stopped sucking her tits, sat back and lay back next to his girlfriend and resumed masturbating, his cock more or less level with Mia’s head. I knelt on the floor and started to suck Mia’s pussy. The shower water was gone, but she was very wet with her own sticky juice, such a sweet taste.

She was so wet, my face was covered in her delicious juices. After about 10 minutes of slurping and drinking from her hairless lips I got up and again introduced my cock to her pussy. First rubbing the head of my penis up and down between her lips and then pushing a bit harder to try and get the head of my cock to open her lips and get a little deeper inside her body.

She was very tight, I looked at the boyfriends cock – if that was biggest she was used to then I could see I was going to have be a bit more pushy. I pushed harder,
“It’s OK.” She whimpered “I really want to feel your cock all the way inside of me.” She smiled and repeated “All the way in. I just want that feeling of being full of cock.”

There was no shortage of wetness, and no shortage of enthusiasm – she was pushing her willing little hips hard up against my thrusts – tiny bit, by tiny bit my cock was getting inside her a little deeper each time. Sliding out was easy, pushing back in was tight .
She looked me straight in the eyes and gripped her boyfriends hand tighter and tighter – it was obvious she was trying too hard – getting tense and locking up.
“Just relax a bit.” I said. “I think you’re trying too hard.” With that I withdrew my cock completely and licked her again – she needed to relax. She let go of her boyfriends hand – the stress flowed away from her face – she smiled.
I started again, this time though we needed to move more quickly – parting her lips and slipped the head of my cock inside her, once my cock was squarely implanted into her vagina I plunged deeper more quickly. I felt the muscles inside her vagina relax and I went in deeper. Her wetness and relaxation made it easier.
I looked down to see the lips of her vagina wrapped tight around my cock each time I drew back, I looked at her face – she was smiling and happy – we started fucking faster and harder. Suddenly my cock slid in and out smoothly – she was still very tight but now she was relaxed – there was juice from her vagina flowing out of her tight lips. Her whole body shook and tiny tits wobbled as I fucked her deeper and deeper – as she lifted into each thrust holding my buttocks and pulling me closer and deeper. She let her head fall back and she laughed her long black hair like a matt on the bed.
To my surprise she came quickly once she relaxed – she seemed to have such a deep orgasm – her eyes to roll back in her head, she was smiling from ear to ear, her body started a jerky convulsing and her hips started to buck and thrust, she grabbed her boyfriends hand again and seemed to go into a trance – it was such a great sight to see my cock now buried deep into her body and she bucked and jumped around. The boyfriend had slid up a bit and was masturbating towards her face. Mia’s orgasm erupted through her young body like a f***e of nature climaxing in just few seconds.

Through this I held her hips and kept my cock buried as deeply inside her as I could. Then my own orgasm built as well, I made no effort to hold it back (I had to be at dinner with my girlfriend in less than an hour).
Mia whispered up to me in hoarse voice, “Fill me up. I want you to fill my vagina with your sperm.” And just in case I missed her meaning “I want you to keep fucking me so that it oozes out onto the bed.”
Mia reached across and pulled her boyfriends cock into her mouth just at the instant he started to ejaculate – my own orgasm flowed into her vagina. While I was fucking her, my cock was crashing up against Mia’s cervix, I could feel my penis bumping into it. When I came it was bit uncomfortable at first, so I withdrew my cock a bit and gave more room for my semen to flow into her vagina, that was better.

Now her vagina was well lubricated and well relaxed – it was much easier to keep fucking her. I looked down to see my cock appear all shiny and wet from that wonderful mixture of semen and vagina, then marveled at the way her body just ate my whole length again. The creamy white mixture of semen and vaginal juices oozed out around her young lips and dribbled down making a spreading wet patch on the towel.

After another 15 minutes of this relaxing post-coital fucking, I withdrew my cock for a final time. We laughed and dressed, we didn’t bother washing, prefer to pull our clothes onto our wet sticky bodies.

At dinner in the fine dining room of the Regent Hotel, Asiatic, I sat next to Erica – I was surrounded by the strong smell of fresh sex.
“Was she nice?” Erica asked.
“Oh yeah, fantastic, I’d love to fuck her again.” I whispered back
“OK, let’s see.” She replied “By the way, what did the boyfriend do, watch soccer?”
“Well, he did for a while but then he joined us a masturbated into her mouth.”
“Mmmm – nice.”

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