This is a very long piece - 16 pages of A4.
It's three stories - fantasies.
The first two are lesbian stories of sensual pleasures rather than full bore sex.
The last one is a re-telling of an ancient sex story about a king who tempts a maid with tasting 3 types of honey.
There is a central character in all three stories - she is young and virginal and she enjoys woman's bodies, hard cock, blndfolding and light bondage.

To the outside eye Nathan seemed to have it all, he was comfortably well off, he and his wife Jane, lived in a large house on the lake – they both worked but in their own businesses, they attended all the right parties and gallery openings and charity functions. Some might even say it was a glamorous life.

The wife Jane had never made any attempt to keep her body in good form. As a young woman she was slim even petite, but never exercised and these days was significantly overweight and really had no chance of recovering her former body shape or even a version of it. She would complain about not loosing weight while she eat creamed cheese and pretty much too much of everything. Nathan was disappointed, and really viewed it as a lack of pride and a weakness of personality.

Nathan was a sportsman by nature – he exercised regularly and remained fit. Battled with carrying weight around his middle, but was generally regarded as a fit and healthy man. It was easy for him, he had played competitive sport since the age of 8 years old so he enjoyed physical exertion and pushing his body to perform.

Their maid Thuy, had been with them for several years – she had come to them having worked with other expat households for most of her working life and now, at 43 she was well accustomed to how Jane and Nathan liked to live. She had never married, in fact from all appearances she didn’t seem to have any romantic involvements. She had a few close friends who tended to be other maids living nearby, but no man in sight. It was surprising in some ways, Thuy was an attractive woman, with naturally honey coloured, smooth skin. Her body was slim and athletic and she carried herself with an elegant dignity.

Around the house she tended to wear a loose fitting version of the traditional Vietnamese woman’s costume, not the Au Dai which was designed in the 1930’s specifically to highlight the slim bodies of Vietnamese women, but instead it was loose cotton pants, usually black or dark brown, and a simple blouse. The blouse was square in shape and worn on the diagonal, halter neck at one corner two corners wrapped around her sides and tied at the back, and last corner hung loose down the front. To go outside to the local market or shops she would wear a normal shirt over the top – she would say to keep the sun off her arms.

When Jane was not at home, Thuy would wear the blouse very loosely tied, her small firm breasts pushed against the gossamer thin fabric moving as she walked about the house. Leaning forward the blouse opened at the side providing a perfect view of her shapely breasts.

Andrew would secretly watch her from behind a book or a newspaper as she went about her cores, his cock obviously swelling - Thuy glimpsed her effect, and secretly smiled to herself, she enjoyed being watched in this clandestine kind of way.

As Nathan sat reading some papers from the office, Thuy she moved around the house doing small cores;
“Sir, would you like some tea?” Thuy asked, Andrew looked up and smiled before he spoke,
“Yes, thank you that would be nice.” He replied. Thuy went off to the kitchen and returned shortly carrying a tray with a traditional tea pot and a small cup and some sweet biscuits.

Thuy managed to take a very long time taking the things off the tray and arranging them on the table then finally pouring the tea and replace the tea pot. She enjoyed Nathan’s eye’s caressing her breasts, she felt an erotic surge and her vagina became warm and moist, she knew her clitoris were swelling with excited expectation. From her position leaning forward Thuy enjoyed the way Nathan made only a vague attempt to hide the swelled of his penis under his pants, the pre-cum from his erection soaked a small wet patch on his pants.

Nathan liked some honey in his green tea – Thuy dipped the spoon into the sweet honey and then let it dribble from the spoon into the cup, she let it drip slowly, delicious, thick and sticky like the last drops of semen dripping into her mouth from his orgasm that she had not experienced, but had often enough imagined as she lay naked on her bed in the sweaty summer heat. There were three types of honey that they habitually used, Nathan had a very good palate and was usually able to distinguish between, Yellow box, Blue Gum and Clover. Clover was the easiest to identify, it has a strong and unique taste and could only be comfortably eaten in small quantities.

In these situations they never looked directly at each other, they never openly acknowledged their secret sexual game, it was a delicious combination of being so obviously sexually aroused and restrained by forbidden pleasures.
“Is there anything else that you would like?” Thuy straighten up and asked with just the slightest smile.
Nathan looked up, he enjoyed the feeling of his penis swelled to its full size,
“No, thank you Thuy – I’ll let you know.”
She turned and walked back towards the kitchen, stopping after a few steps to bent over and pick up some speck from the floor – Nathan knew that with just a small amount of manual stimulation he was very close to releasing a surge of semen in a stress relieving orgasm.

Thuy thought it was such a waste that Jane had given up having sex with him, she knew that Nathan enjoyed looking at women’s bodies, she assumed he missed the sexual aspect of his marriage. But other than their private little game together Nathan and Thuy maintained a respectful separation. On more than one occasion Jane had come home and Thuy was not able to change her clothing, to Thuy’s relief Jane never seemed to even notice that Thuy was so obviously naked under her thin cotton clothes, on one occasion she actually commented,
“That’s a nice outfit Thuy, it’s a beautiful fabric.” Thuy was frozen, for a moment she thought Jane was actually going to touch the hem of her top, but mercifully she didn’t.

On a hot a sl**py Saturday afternoon Jane and Nathan were both sitting reading in the lounge room, each in their separate chair. Thuy came in and explained to Jane that she had received a call from her unmarried s****r had to travel to Saigon for couple of months and was asking if her young daughter could stay with Thuy. She explained that her s****r had tried many options but for various reasons no-one so far has been able to look after the girl. Thuy had her own bedroom and a simple bathroom opening onto a kitchen courtyard – she said that her niece could share with her. It didn’t seem to make any difference to the house so Nathan and Jane consented and offered Thuy a spare fold-out bed for the girl.

The following day the young girl arrived at the gate and Thuy let her in and took her to her room and suggested that she might like to wash and put on some clean clothes before she meets the owners of the house who will be her host for the next couple of months.

Thuy introduced the girl as, Phuong, her niece from her s****r’s former marriage. Phuong was certainly a nubile version of Thuy, probably about 14 or 15 years old, already as tall as Thuy and slim as a reed – she was demure but still engaged the eyes of her hosts in a steady but polite way. Happy to get the introduction over with Phuong return to Thuy’s room to unpack her small backpack and adjust herself to her new surroundings.

The room was small but pleasant, a door opening onto the kitchen courtyard, furnished with a small double bed, a cane 2 seater couch, a table with a television, a small bar fridge under the table and a small wardrobe with a full length mirror. The best aspect of the room was an improvement made by Nathan, by knocking out the end wall and opening the room onto a little courtyard garden, protected by sliding screen doors. The bathroom was accessed separately from the courtyard – simple and traditional in its fitout – but adequate for the environment.

Back in the bedroom she was to share with Thuy, and free from the formal meeting with the owners, Phuong stripped off her jeans and t-shirt and relaxed on the couch wearing just her sheer floral patterned panties and a loose pale green singlet. Thuy stayed in the house to prepare lunch and then left it on the dining table, leaving Jane and Nathan to serve themselves.

Thuy crossed the courtyard to her rooms, despite the fan, the room was hot and Thuy slipped off her pants and blouse and put on a singlet and panties. Although Phuong had know her aunt since she was a little c***d, she was surprised by Thuy’s nakedness.
“Have you unpacked yet?” Thuy asked, as she settled onto the couch and lounged back into the corner.
“Yes thanks, I don’t have much really, it’s summer so I don’t need much, just a few skirts and t-shirts and things. I’ve hung them in the wardrobe.”
They sat together on the couch chatting as the overhead fan kept them a bit cool. Thuy only used the air-conditioned at night.
“would like something to eat?” Thuy asked
“No thank you, I’m not hungry just now.” Phuong replied.
Thuy suggested “Maybe you’re just a bit nervous, being in an unfamiliar house in the city and living with foreigners.” Phuong smiled and looked relieved that her aunt seemed to understand her feelings so quickly and so well,
“Yes, I guess that’s it, I’ll settle in though they seem like nice people. You’ve always said they are nice to you that’s why I was quite happy when my mother said I’d be staying with you.”

Phuong’s mother, Thuy’s younger s****r, had moved back to the f****y rice farm after her husband of just a few months disappeared. There was nothing dramatic, one day he just walked out the door and was never heard of or seen again. Phuong was just a baby then and it was too hard to stay in the city so she moved back to her parent’s house about 50km out of Hanoi. Life there was simple but happy and carefree for a single mother and her baby daughter – there were quite a few others just like her. Now Phuong and her mother lived in their own little house next to her parents. It was a simple rectangular building, divided into three rooms, but it had a high pitched roof, it was cool and breezy in summer, a bit cold in winter - and it had an enclosed courtyard entry. So Thuy’s accommodation was very similar to what she had come from.

They chatted lazily and let the afternoon heat wash over them, Phuong felt sl**py and stretched along the couch laying on her back with her feet up one end of the couch, she lay back between Thuy’s legs and rested her head rest against her hip. They lay like that chatting about f****y things and about life in the city and life in the house, Thuy’s hand was absently stroking Phuong’s stomach and fiddling with the little bow stitched to the top of her panties. Stretched back in this way Phuong’s skinny body looked more like a young boy than a girl. Thuy was absently caressing Phuong’s long torso, lightly drifting from just below her unformed breasts, nothing more than a slight swelling around her soft pink nipples, down to the waistband of her panties, each time expanding the range of her touch. As her fingers casually brushed against Phuong’s nipple, Thuy felt Phuong slightly push up into her touch just before her hand wandered down again. The elastic of Phuong’s panties was loose and each time Thuy’s hand wandered down she pushed the elastic a little further, Phuong shifted herself slightly to keep the panties from rising up. There was a rising air of sexual pleasure and although it was hot and the fan wasn’t really providing enough cool air, neither the woman nor the girl wanted to move and break the spell.

Thuy lay back her fingers lingered across Phuong’s nipples again. Phuong let out an involuntary little gasp, her nipples were erect and hard to Thuy’s touch- she squeezed Phuong’s nipple and rolled it between her fingers – Phuong sighed again.

Thuy fingers wander down and across Phuong’s smooth flat stomach and lifted the waistband of her panties. Phuong has a very prominent mons pubis, it swelled up from her body. She was just starting to show some soft downy hair across her pubic rise,
“What a pretty sight.” Thuy said,
Thuy slipped Phuong’s panties off – the crouch was wet.
Thuy pressed Phuong’s panties to her lips;
“These panties are very wet, you must be very relaxed?” and now Phuong giggled,
Phuong smiled and tenderly stroked Thuy’s face, “This is nice.” She whispered
Thuy let the panties drop and stroked the girl’s mons, letting her fingers wander into the deep cleft, “so you have only just started to grow some pubic hair, it’s lovely and soft at this stage.”
“yes, just over the last couple of months.”
Thuy pushed her fingers a little deeper between the girl’s lips.

“You remind me so much of my mother.” Phuong spoke lazily in a far away voice, “her breasts feel just the same as yours do, but you touch me differently.”
“Really?” Thuy said in mock surprise, “I thought my breasts are better than hers”
“Hers are softer because she has had a baby, and yours are firmer and fuller, but you are both about the same size. With you two as my heritage I’ll never be blessed with big breasts.”
“Oh, I suppose you’re right. What about your friends at school – do they have breasts?”
“Oh yeah, some of them have really great tits, and the boys just love it. One girl has had three boyfriends already.” Phuong’s voice was now more “matter-of-fact” with a hint of envy.
“Three? Really? All at once, or one at a time?” Thuy was curious to know what young girls were getting up to these days.
As Thuy’s hand ventured across Phuong’s pubic rise, Phuong pushed her hips up into the woman’s touch,
“Ahh, mmm” Phuong exhaled luxuriantly before she spoke again,
“Both – she has been with two of the boys for a couple of months each. The other one was much older, 22 or something, she used to have sex with him and some of his friends.” same tone of voice, now Thuy was very curious;
“Was she d***k or something?”
“Oh no, she doesn’t drink – well not alcohol.” Phuong giggled again, at the implication of what her friend did drink.

Thuy’s fingers ventured deeper and deeper, gently parting the soft lips to Phuong’s vagina, as the lips parted Thuy’s fingers gently pressed against Phuong’s virginal hymen, with a little gasp Phuong opened her legs wider.

Thuy was happily bisexual – even though she had never been married, she nevertheless enjoyed the strength of a young man’s body and his firm hard cock filling her vagina. Even so, she also enjoyed the youthful beauty of a young girl’s body – it was irresistible and spiritually satisfying in a way that the physicality of sex with a man was not.
Phuong sucked Thuy’s breast, her tongue flicking back and forth her nipple.

Thuy changed from idyll exploration to obvious masturbation.
“Careful aunty, it feels nice but I’m a virgin and I don’t want to break that until I am married.” Phuong breathed slowly and deeply as she spoke.
Inside the young girl’s vagina, Thuy’s finger were drowned in her warm sticky wetness. Thuy sucked her fingers savoring the delicate sweet taste, she wiped her fingers across Phuong’s mouth to let her taste her own wetness,
“Ohh, that’s so nice.” Phuong sighed “I love my taste.”
As the older woman stroked and masturbated her Phuong was transported to a state of complete sexual bliss.
Thuy asked “Do you have a boyfriend?”
Phuong was indignant “No, and almost none of my friends have not been with a boy yet, it’s just one or two girls who do a lot of sex with a lot of boys, most of us are too scared, or like me, just not ready for sex yet.”
“So this is not sex?” Thuy couldn’t resist the obvious question
“No, this is just friends making each other feel really nice, it’s girls stuff, that’s all.”

It was a long hot afternoon, the woman and the young girl used their fingers and their lips to gently explored every part of each other’s body – they ended up laying naked on top of the bed sheets and slept for and hour – it was now established that the little fold out bed was never going to be used.

By the time they emerged from their state of sexual euphoria the sun was setting and dusk was approaching. The woman and young girl awoke in each others arms. They emerged from the bedroom and walked across the courtyard to the bathroom. Each carried a sarong just held against her chest. Walking behind, Phuong was impressed with the lovely elegant curve of Thuy’s low back leading to her firmly toned buttocks. In the bathroom Thuy turned on the light and they hung their sarongs on a hook, it was a small space and they enjoyed the physicality of brushing against each others naked body. Phuong looked across the courtyard to see Nathan watching them from the kitchen – she reach across and finally closed the door.

Thuy was pleased to let Phuong share some of her household cores that she had been doing alone for so long. Despite her apparently fragile appearance, Phuong was strong and quick. She helped change bed sheets, straighten the lounge room furniture and serving meals and the parade of other little things.

Phuong sensed that Nathan and Thuy had a special “tea ceremony” going on. She had never spied on them, but Thuy would come back into the kitchen with a smirk of secret sexual pleasure that left Phuong in no confusion about what they shared.

Phuong has never had real honey before. Back in her village, honey tended to be a watered down mixture of real honey, and sugar water, but this stuff was completely different. She helping herself to a spoonful of honey one afternoon when Nathan came in,
“Do you like that honey.” He asked,
Nathan was dressed in just a pair of light cotton shorts and a singlet – it was obvious to see that he wasn’t wearing anything under the shorts,
Phuong licked her tongue along the teaspoon, and finally looked at Andrew,
“Yes, it’s nice”
Nathan grinned at Phuong’s coquettish display. “I import it, there are three different types here.”
Looking quizzical, Phuong said. “What do you mean types? Honey is honey isn’t it?”
“No, not when you’re tasting real honey. The bees tend the favour one type of flower at different times of the year, so depending on when the honey is harvested you get difference flavours according to the flowers that the bees visited. I’ll show you.”

Nathan reached over Phuong to the cupboards to collect the other jars of honey. Phuong had been working at the house for about 2 weeks now and neither had mentioned the incident on the first day when Nathan watched the naked Thuy and Phuong walking together to the bathroom. Like the “tea ceremony” it became one of those sexually charged unsaid occurrences. Nathan did remember that the last thing he saw before Phuong closed the door, was Phuong looking straight back at him as she stood completely naked – she smiled, just a little bit, but she smiled to Nathan.

Without any conscious provocation, Nathan felt himself becoming aroused by Phuong’s closeness.
As he placed the jars on the table Phuong stood nearer to Nathan, with her standing close Nathan couldn’t stop his already fat penis, from swelling and becoming erect. One part of his brain wanted to reach out and take hold of Phuong’s slim young body, he could almost feel his hard penis sliding into her wet warm vagina, another part of his brain was saying “no, no – she’s really a guest in your house and she’s only 14 or 15 years old.”

Phuong seemed to have no such contradictions, she watched with increasing pleasure as Nathan’s cock grew under her gaze. She had seen Nathan naked before, not realizing that he tended to wander around naked in his bedroom Phuong went upstairs with some shirts she had ironed and opened the bedroom door without knocking. He had just come from the shower and was standing naked in front of wardrobe, looking for a clean shirt.

Phuong could see nothing else except Nathan’s cock. From what she had seen on the internet Nathan’s cock was biggish. It was circumcised, so it had a nicely defined head – he was shaved and hairless.

Nathan seemed unperturbed by either his nudity or Phuong presence – he even held the shirts for her as she made space in the wardrobe – Phuong was aching to reach down and take a hold of his penis. When she took the last shirt from him she could see that his penis had started to grow bigger – she wondered what it would feel like in her mouth? She had played with girls and enjoyed her friend’s wet vagina, but sucking a man’s penis was a pleasure not yet fulfilled.

Standing near him now in the kitchen she could see that his penis was no longer flaccid and soft.
Nathan got a teaspoon and dipped into one of the honey jars, and offered it to Phuong,
“Here, try this one first, it’s Yellow box honey, it’s a very light honey.” Phuong leant forward and closing her eyes opened her mouth resting her tongue on her bottom lip, as Nathan placed the spoon on her tongue Phuong left her mouth open just a bit longer then closed her mouth over the spoon and sucked the sweet light honey.
“Mmmm, yes it is a light delicate taste, still very sweet. It really different from what I’m used to. That’s nice.” After keeping the honey in her mouth for a little while Phuong swallowed it feeling the sweet sensation sliding down her long throat.
“Yum, let me try the next one?”

And so Phuong closed her eyes and tried each of the three types of honey, one by one.

The air between Nathan and Phuong was charged with enough sexual electricity to light up a house. Nathan thought again of the tantric nature of their situation, Phuong may not have been blindfolded but she was certainly creating a situation of allowing herself to simply flow with the progress of unseen events, allowing herself to experience each action as an unseen surprise.

Later that evening as Thuy and Phuong lay naked in the bed together enjoying the casual pleasures of each others body, Phuong told Thuy about her honey tasting.
“That sound very nice, where was I while all this was happening?” Thuy asked,
“I think you and the misses had gone out shopping?” then as an after thought, she added “Nothing happened, although I did feel really good and I’d love to feel his cock in my hand. Have you ever been with him?” Phuong asked.
From that first afternoon together, Thuy came to realize that this was a sort of sexual awakening for Phuong. Although she had had experience with girls fooling around and exploring each other, that was just girlish curiosity, each happy to see that her body was just the same as her friend, and experimenting with sexual pleasure in a way that was easy to without pressure.
But Thuy sensed in the young girl that away from her f****y home she was ready to take another step.
Sharing a bedroom with her aunt, Phuong was experiencing a whole new dimension of sexual pleasure, until now Phuong and her mother where perfectly comfortable touching each others body’s, but really only as an extension of her baby days. Phuong enjoyed her touching her mother’s body, but it was just for comfort. She never for a moment considered any of this to be lesbian sex, because she knew that she isn’t a lesbian.

There is a lot that a 14 year old girl seems to instinctively understand about sexuality. She knows instinctively that her changing body is appealing to men, she knows that men want to look at her and to touch her, but of course she doesn’t yet understand the all consuming brain explosion of sexual intercourse. Her mother has told her she mustn’t have sexual intercourse until she is married – but based on the evidence of some girls she knows and others she knows about – she isn’t so sure her mothers advise is fully up to date.

Thuy was careful when she parts the lips of Phuong’s vagina and masturbated her that she does not even stretch the small opening in Phuong’s hymen. Thuy is quite comfortable to sit on the couch with one leg drawn up and the other foot resting on the floor, affording a very open view of her own vagina – Phuong takes pleasure from the woman’s natural nudity and openness.
Thuy has also talked a little about the relationship between Nathan and his wife – they never have sex, in fact they don’t even have any intimacy or physical closeness. But Thuy warns Phuong, be aware, Nathan is a man who is completely sexually frustrated – he so obviously enjoys sex and all things related to sexual behaviour that if Phuong lights a flame as a 14 year old girl she will most certainly not be able to control it. Thuy explains that what they are enjoying is a version of a highly erotic for of sex referred to as Tantric Sex – it’s sex of the mind and while it is supposed to climax in physical sexual intercourse, it goes through a lot of non-physical stages before it gets there.
Thuy explains that at its best, Tantric Sex also involves stimulation of all the senses; And for the mind, marijuana gives you a gentle release from reality and ushers in a mental state that allows all the other things to blend into a level of sexual experience that is beyond normal pleasures.

Thuy describes a sexuality that Phuong never imagined – she certainly couldn’t imagine any boy she knew spending time to give her such heightened sexual pleasure.
“In a low key kind of way, that’s what is going on with Nathan. He likes to watch you walking to the bathroom, you like to allow your sarong to slip and expose your body to him, knowing that he isn’t going to rush over and touch you. When you taste the honey you close your eyes because you know that he is getting pleasure from looking at your body.
“Be careful my young friend.” warns Thuy “as innocent as all this looking but not touching may seem Tantric Sex can have a very powerful effect on a person.”

By the time Phuong has been in the house for about 6 weeks it is clear that her mother will be in Saigon for longer than expected, her contract has been extended which is good news since they could certainly do with the extra money. Thuy explains the situation to Jane and she has no objection to Phuong staying on as long as is necessary.

The summer roles on – June turns into July and the long sweaty Hanoi weekends seem to drag on endlessly. From time to time, Phuong has sneaked a small taste of honey from the different jars each time she has remembered the thrill of the first time when Nathan devoured her body with his eyes, it always made her wet and warm and happy to remember that afternoon. She was aware that her self concept had changed a lot since entering the household, she now sees shared nakedness as a simple sexual experience, she enjoyed her sexual experiences with Thuy and she thinks a lot about Thuy’s explanation of Tantric Sex and could see how it could ignite people who had the right imagination to explore it.

One hot a sweaty evening, Thuy was out shopping and Phuong was relaxing in the little bedroom, laying naked and letting the cooling air from the fan caress her body. She had tired her hair up with a small scarf to keep it off her neck, she was thinking about the honey and the pleasure it gave to sample some. Not really knowing where Nathan was in the house, she wrapped a sarong around herself and tip-toed barefoot across the courtyard and into the kitchen. Despite being a bit dark Phuong didn’t bother turning on any lights. From somewhere else in the house Nathan was listen to Arabic guitar music, the sound wafted in to the darkened room.

She was reaching up to sample a bit more of the honey. As she reached up her sarong slipped from her body, at that point Nathan walked into the kitchen. He was wearing just a pair of undershorts, he paused for a while, savouring the sight of Phuong’s slender young naked body stretched upwards – in the quietness and warmth of the darkened room, there was nothing between them and their naked desire. Phuong stopped where she was – not knowing what to do.
“Ah ha, caught you red handed.” he joked “I thought the honey seemed to be disappearing fast than usual” he smiled and stepped close to Phuong to help her reach the jar. He wrapped one hand around her slender waist, as he reached over her to gather the jars of honey. He pressed his nakedness against Phuong’s body, she liked the feeling of his weight on her body. Phuong’s head reeled as if under some d**g. He placed the three jars on the table, it was as if Nathan was unaware of her nakedness – and his own almost nakedness.
Nathan turned to look at Phuong – now his eyes took their time wandering all over her body – she could see his cock swelling inside his shorts, in fact that all she could see.
“So by now you must have some idea of which one is which?” he asked,
Phuong struggled to focus on his words, “Maybe.” She started “ the yellow box and blue gum are close and it is easy to remember the taste of leatherwood honey.”
“Why don’t we do blind test? See if you can identify each one by taste alone?” Phuong’s mind ran to the things Thuy had told her, Nathan’s coolness seemed spooky – and fun.
“Do you mean that you blind fold me and give me each honey and I have to tell which one is which?” Phuong was starting to feel a thrill of anticipation,
“Yes, that’s it exactly.” He pulled one of the chairs out from the table and placed it in the middle of the room,
“Here you are, you can sit here.” Nathan folded her fallen sarong into a little cushion. Phuong sat very straight on the edge of the seat.
“What can we use to cover your eyes?” he looked around and walked across to the drawers, opening each one in turn. From the bottom drawer he produced length of thick black chord – the sort used for curtains, more decorative than functional, and a piece of fabric that looked like a short thin scarf.
“This gives me an idea.” Nathan smiled, and stood behind the chair.
He placed a soft black scarf around the girl’s eyes and tied it at the back. It was very thin fabric and even in the fading evening light Phuong could see through the fabric.
“Is that Ok?” Nathan asked
“Yes, thanks - it’s fine.” She answered to the voice behind her.
“Now for fun, “ Nathan continued “I’m going to tie your hands together.”
Without a word, Phuong placed her hands behind her back – like the blindfold, Nathan tied her hands comfortably.
Now he stepped around to stand in front of her – she could see that, like her, he was now completely naked. His erection was almost in her face. But the game relied on staying calm – so she sat quietly and waited for the next step.
“Are you comfortable?” he asked “”Yes, thank you.” Phuong replied
The fact is she was a long way from comfortable – her body was burning up with sexual expectation – the strange sounds of Arabic guitar music wafted through the steamy night air – it was all so strange, so…..thrilling.

Phuong shifted in her seat, but didn’t want to break the moment with words – regardless of the blindfold Phuong closed her eyes and waited.

Nathan stepped closer, she felt that he was standing directly in front of her - close.
Phuong didn’t say anything, she sat up a little straighter and pushed her unformed breasts a little forward, hoping Nathan might touch her.

Phuong heard the glass honey jar, then Nathan touched her under the chin and she opened her mouth to receive a spoonful of honey. Instead of the cold steel she felt something soft and thick and warm, pushed onto her tongue. She could taste the sweet honey on her lips - she opened her mouth wider and then lent forward and closed her lips over the warmth. With her tongue she explored the new thing in her mouth, it was at the same time soft and hard on the inside. She could taste the honey but her tongue found another taste, a subtle saltiness. Phuong sucked the honey as usual and she sucked the new thing in her mouth – of course she knew what Nathan had put into her mouth, but this was a game and she wanted to keep playing.

After a couple of minutes Nathan touched her on the forehead and she opened her mouth and Nathan withdrew from her mouth.
It was such a nice feeling she wanted to keep it there longer.
“What honey was that?” Nathan asked
“I think that was the Blue Gum.” she smiled and savoured the memory of the feeling in her mouth “but there was also a faint saltiness that I have never tasted before.”
“That’s possible.” Nathan responded “did it taste nice?” “Oh yes, it was nice – I’d like to taste it again.”
“Shal we try another one?” Nathan asked
“Yes, that would be nice.” Again Nathan walked behind Phuong, his hand lightly trailing across her shoulders. She waited with her eyes firmly closed – the humid warmth wrapped around her naked body like a blanket she didn’t want to get rid of.

Again sound of the glass jar, and then he stood in front of her. This time he opened her legs wider so that he could stand closer and then touched her on the cheek and she opened her mouth, again the soft hard smooth object slipped onto her tongue and she closed her lips over it.
Phuong didn’t move, but with the lightest of movement she received Nathan’s cock deeper into her mouth.
With her hands bound behind her back Phuong couldn’t touch anything – she would have loved to have held his cock – to fell that hard soft warm thing in her hands as well as in her mouth.
She sucked him deeper into her mouth, completely by reflex Nathan pushed his penis in and out of Phoung’s mouth, he felt her tongue burrowing into the eye of his penis and then sliding under the head as he went a little deeper into her mouth. It was now becoming hard to control the orgasm that was building inside, and he touched Phuong of the forehead and she sucked him deeper and harder into her mouth.
Too soon he pulled back and an emptiness overtook her mouth.

“And that one?” Nathan enquired.
“I am sure that was the yellow box, this time the saltiness was stronger – it’s a nice mix the sweetness of the honey and salt.” She was determined to not acknowledge that she was sitting naked in the kitchen and sucking honey off the head of Nathan’s penis.
Looking forward to more, Phuong asked, ‘there is one more isn’t there?”
“yes there is, just one more this time.” Phuong couldn’t resist opening her eyes – Nathan was masturbating his cock just in front of her face – she sat stock still and watched his hand sliding up and down his thick shaft – she had never seen a man masturbating – she was fascinated.

Nathan poured some of the potent leatherwood honey onto the head on his penis, cupping his hand under it so as not to spill any on the floor he stood before the naked Phuong, she opened her legs wider to let him stand closer, and again Nathan placed his penis in her willing open mouth. Nathan lingered with just the head of his cock inside the girl’s mouth. She sucked the strong tasting honey. This time she moved her head back and forwards and let his long shaft penetrate her deeper and deeper. Her hands twisted and squirmed in their bondage she kept her eyes firmly shut – that was the game.
The leatherwood honey was a much stronger tasting that the other two. Nathan massaged her pubescent breasts as he moved his cock in and out of her mouth.

The room was suddenly stuffy with heat and sweat – Nathan’s orgasm came quickly. Phuong could feel the convulses of his penis and felt her mouth fill with his sticky semen that mixed with the sweet honey. She left the mixture of semen and honey in her mouth for while, letting it invade her whole mouth – then sucking, as Nathan kept fucking her mouth, Phuong swirled the heady mixture of honey saliva and semen around her mouth one more time and then swallowed it.

It was an unusual combination of tastes, at the same time subtle, but strong, it wasn’t like the subtle sweet taste of her own vagina or that of Thuy’s. The mixture with honey made it more like sweet milk than anything else, the semen was “gamey” something wild and unknown.
Before she could recover Nathan pushed his cock into her mouth again. Phuong wrung her hands free and at last held his penis in her hands and sucked the last few drops of semen, she looked up with blindfolded eyes and smiled,
“That was very nice – I’m sure there was some Leatherwood honey in there.”
Nathan laughed ”Yes, there was but maybe you’ll have to try it a few more times to acquire the taste?”
“Oh no, I like the taste already and I especially like the way you served it, and we should do this more often.”
Phuong stood up, with one holding Nathan’s still erect penis, with the other she slipped the blind fold over her head. They stood that way in the warmth and dark, naked together, Phuong leant forward and whispered into his ear,
“I really liked the last one best of all.”

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