Erica and I lived together at the Novotel Resort in Surabaya for about 9 months during the mid 1990’s.
Erica was a mamasan at a karaoke bar and part owner of a very low rent bordello that catered to local customers special interests.
We have many adventures in sex – here’s one.
I closed the door behind me, getting back to the apartment a bit later from work, than usual.
“Hi honey! You here somewhere?” I called out as I tossed my bag onto the couch.
“It’s been long day, I just want to lay down and take it easy.Are we supposed to be going out tonight?”
“No darling – we’re staying in this evening, come in here and relax.”

I stood leaning against the door frame, Erica was sitting on the little bench seat in front of the make-up table – she loved being naked, it was our natural state at home - it was sexy and fun. Erica also loved being provocative, especially in public. She enjoyed giving people stolen glimpses of her naked body underneath and through her clothing, she almost never wore underwear, it was one of her casual exhibitionistic pleasures. She said she liked thinking that they would get horny getting a glimpse of her breasts or her smiling pussy, and then later at home theyu would masturbate with scenes of her body flooding their brain.

Erica smaled across to me,
“We have a guest for the weekend.” she gave a mischievous smile.
“Yes, so I see.”
Standing behind Erica was a young girl, brushing Erica’s hair.

“Her name is Phia.” Erica spoke towards the mirror.
“Hello Phia.” I said in a friendly way, Phia stopped brushing and bought her hands together in a traditional wai and inclined her head “Hello Sir.” She smiled but in a shy way, avoiding direct eye contact.
“Please, call me Andrew – I don’t like being called sir.”
“Yes sir.” She responded and instantly blushed at her mistake – Erica and I laughed in a good natured kind of way – they wanted the girl to feel relaxed and clearly she wasn’t.

Probably adding to her discomfort was her nakedness. It was impossible to pick her age, probably secondary school age, such a gorgeous ripe peach. She had a long slender body, fair porcelain coloured skin and long rangy limbs. Her breasts were nothing more than a modest swelling under her soft pink nipples. Her flat tummy tapered down to a pleasingly prominent mons venus with just a blush of soft downy hair around the deep cleft that run down between her legs. I could feel my cock instinctively swelling inside his pants.

Not knowing what to do next, the girl started brushing Erica’s hair again.
Erica stood up, turned and faced the girl – the girl was taller than Erica, even though she was probably about twenty years younger than her. Erica kissed the girl on her left nipple, sucking her at the same time, “ How about you go and get some water for us – there are some glasses in the kitchen.”
Obviously pleased to have a task, the girl handed the brush to Erica and walked past me on her way to the kitchen open plan kitchen.

I looked quizzically to Erica, “She’s seems very sweet.”
“Yes, isn’t she. I knew you would like her.” And then added “She’s staying with us for the weekend – or maybe a few days.” Erica was looking at herself in the mirror and massaging her breasts, she lifted one foot onto the bench and swung her leg wider open so she could admire her pussy as well.
“Do you think I look sexy?” the question was addressed to herself in the mirror, but I answered,
“Yes darling, you have a fantastic body – I love seeing you naked like this when I get home.”
“But not as sexy as Phia?” now the question was directed straight at me.
“Darling Phia is a spectacularly stunning body – and I’m sure that we’ll both enjoy having sex with her.” Erica needed regular ego encouragement, especially in the face of such nubile beauty.

This wasn’t a new weekend activity. About twice a month Erica would bring home a pretty young thing for our sexual plesure – usually pretty young girls. I never knew where they came from, they were always attractive and willing participants, the boys tended to be a bit older than the girls.

“So tell me darling - Phia is here for what reason?” I asked
“Darling, it’s complicated. I’m not sure you would understand – it’s one of those cultural things.”
“Really?” I replied in voice full of sarcasm “Try me. After all this time together, nothing much surprises me.”

I watched as Phia returned with a tray and 3 glasses of water – her young slim body seemed to glide into the room. She walked across the room and bent over the to place the tray on a small table. She had such firm rounded buttocks – my cock was swelling some more at the thought of having this young girl staying with us for the weekend.

We both caught ourselves admiring the young body, Erica continued her explanation,
“Phia is to be married soon.”
That took me by surprise, “You’re k**ding? Married to who? She looks like she’s barely out of primary school.”
Erica ignored the questions, and continued her “cultural’ explanation,
“Phia is now, and must remain until she is married – a virgin bride, that’s the deal.”

I was perplexed, “What deal? Besides, if she is to be married soon, why is she here with us?” it really didn’t make sense, “and besides, is she old enough to be married?”
Erica shot her “don’t ask” look and I knew to end that line of questioning.
I had been in Asia long enough to know that traditional families, both city and country folks, arranged marriages as a way of ensuring business between the families – thirteen or f******n year old brides were, if not common, certainly not unusual.

Erica went on,
“It’s the ancient problem – she is a virgin, she has lived her whole life in a countryside village in a very traditional household. But as usual, the Chinese businessmen wants a virgin. Suddenly, the poor girl is expected to be an expert in sex – and of course she isn’t.”
It now dawned on me,
“So, she’s here to learn about sex?” Phia bought me a glass of water, and instinctively bobbed a little curtsy.
“Yes darling – that’s exactly correct. But there are rules that you must promise to stick with them.”
Erica stood in front of me and started undoing the buttons on my shirt, the girl got the hint, and took over undressing me.

Erica lay back on the bed, propped up on one elbow – one leg up, her moist pussy smiling at me,
“She came here this morning, so we’ve had a nice long chat together – she understands what’s expected of her.” I understood Erica’s unspoken implication that she had already initiated the young girl to the delicate pleasures of lesbian sex.
“We spent a lot of time watching instructional videos.” Erica went on as her hand lazily stroked her swollen lips,
Phia slipped my shirt off and placed it on the back of a chair.
“I suppose our videos must have been a bit of an eye opener for her.” Phia’s hands lightly stroked my torso – my cock was straining inside my briefs. Erica watched the girl caressing and arousing me,
“No. not really. Phia may have been living in a country village, but they do have internet and all the k**s have been watching sex films since they were old enough to operate an iPad.”

The emerging wisdom seems to be that sex videos are in fact a very good substitute for the awkward mother-daughter “birds and the bees” conversation. Erica pushed on,
Do you know how hard it is to find a virgin in these places?”
“No, not really, I haven’t given it much thought – I assumed that they’re like k**s everywhere, there’s one or two girls who start early, and all the boys fuck them a lot, and then most of the others don’t start having sex until much later.”
“What you’re forgetting is sex within the f****y – it’s very common. In fact, it’s so common most families don’t even regard that as real sex. Fortunately, young Phia – as delicious as she is, somehow managed to not be fucked by her b*****r, her father or uncle or cousin.”
“Yeah, I had heard stuff along those lines.” And then I remembered, ”Didn’t you tell me that you started having sex when you started high school, with your b*****r or uncle or something?”
“Yes, my uncle was very nice, very patient and kind. My b*****r was a pig.”

Erica smiled admiringly and continued masturbating as the girl unbuckled my belt and slipped my pants down to the floor., Erica was getting wetter as she watched, the lips of her vagina glistened with her lovely sweet wetness.

As I stepped out of my pants, I asked, “So, what are these rules you mentioned?”
Erica sucked her wet fingers, she was only half listening.
“Rule Number One: you must not fuck her – at least not in her vagina. Not with your fingers or your cock or your tongue, her virginity must stay intact.” That seemed obvious enough,
“We can suck her pussy, in fact we really should encourage her cute little clitoris – but you mustn’t penetrate her vagina.” To give emphasis Sophie slid two of her fingers into her own wet pussy “Got it?” she smiled

“Yeah, got it? No pussy penetration” I was still standing at the end of the bed, Phia has slipped her soft hands under the elastic waistband of my briefs. Slipping my briefs downwards over my buttocks, she liberated my fully erect cock, it felt so good to get rid of the last of my clothes.
Phia smiled as my cock bounced back and forth and nearly hitting her in the face.
I lay down on the bed next to Erica,
“OK, what else?” I asked as Phia gently caressed my balls with one hand and wrapped her long slim fingers around my thick shaft with the other.
“That’s enough rules.” Erica was not one for rules at the best of times. She wiped her wet fingers across my mouth, covering my lips and cheeks in her pussy juice.

I lay back and closed his eyes, anticipating the relaxing bliss that was coming. Erica directed Phia to sit across my chest facing away from me. The girl dipped her fingers in a bowl of scented massage oil on the bedside table and then reached forward to start masturbating my stomach, slowly slowly working her confident hands down to my aching cock.
As she lent forward I opened my eyes to see Phia’s vagina spread wide open opening just a few centimeters from my face – I almost came immediately as the young girl wrapped her warm mouth over the head of my cock.

With surprisingly expert skill she combined a head bobbing sucking motion with masturbation. As she drew her mouth back along my cock she sucked harder on the head of my penis just before plunging back down again. I held the girls hips and directed her body back until her vagina was settled over my mouth and started licking along and in between her soft full lips and her hard little clitoris – it was so hard to resist plunging my tongue deeper into her vagina – but rules were rules.

Erica snuggled up to me whispering, “She has such a sweet pussy – don’t you think?”
“Oh yeah, she tastes very………. new.” My mouth was filling with a surprising amount of her warm sticky pre-cum that was flowing from the girl’s vagina, Erica kissed me and licked my mouth and stole some of the sweet juice.”Oh yeah” she moaned “such a sweet tasting young girl.”
Erica could tell that my orgasm was building, she talked to the girl, probably telling her to slow down and let my orgasm cum a bit later.
I love being sucked but, I so much wanted to plunge my cock deep into the young vagina,
Erica kissed me and whispered, “I want you to fuck me. My pussy is getting jealous and she’s feeling very hungry.”
With that Erica rolled onto her back, I moved Phia off my chest and knelt between Erica’s spread open legs, Phia took my cock in her hand a guided me into Erica’s burning hot vagina. It was so nice to feel Erica’s wet lips swallowing my cock, as Phia dipped her fingers into the scented oil and massaged my balls and ran her finger back and gently worked one finger into my ass. It felt so great being finger fucked by this cute young girls while was I was fucking Erica.
We lost any measure of time – lost in a hazy of sexual bliss.

Sometime later I was fucking Erica doggy style, Phia lay on the bed her legs spread wide apart and Erica sucking her pussy, pushing into the girl as I plunged my cock into Erica’s cunt again and again.
From out of nowhere, it seemed, we could hear the girls breathe shorten, suddenly she was bucking and jumping under Erica’s face. Her orgasm caught us by surprise – her face twisted in alternating expressions of stress and pleasure – it was so much fun the three of us started to laugh as the young girl’s slim body jolted and arched, she was so into it, it was pleasure to watch.

Almost instantly Erica’s orgasm charged through her body. I knew from experience, this was going to be the first of many. Eric had an insatiable appetite for sex with young bodies, she always had multiple orgasms when we were fucking with our young weekend guests. It was always fun holding Erica’s hips from behind as her body convulsed from her waves of orgasm – she could keep her mouth ontot he girls pussy any longer – the girl was jumping, Erica was jumping and moaning.

“Darling I’m about to cum” I breathed, to Erica.
“Oh great, hang on a bit” she replied and at the same time shifted forward so that my cock came out of her vagina, and she rolled over onto her back. Then saying to Phia,
“Quick sweetie, Take him in your mouth.”
I lay down next to Erica, the girl nestled between us and started to masturbate my cock,
“No sweetie.” Erica said “I want you to take his cum in your mouth.”
Obediently the girl learnt forward and took my cock in her mouth – she had suck a soft warm mouth, she sucked me about 5 times and a full load of my semen burst forth and filled the girl’s mouth. Erica ws gently giving directions as she sucked to gilrs little nipples.
“That’s it sweetie, just let him cum. I want you to get a mouthful of sperm – don’t swallow it yet.”

My orgasm came in three surging bolts – after the last one Phia sat up smiling, sperm dribbling from the corners of her mouth.
“Now kiss him – don’t swallow it yet.” Erica instructed Phia how to execute a messy Snowball, passing my semen from her mouth to mine and back again, before swallowing whatever was left. Phia turned around was now sitting across my chest facing me, her slim legs spread wide apart across my chest. As she sat up from kissing me, her face was wet and shining, covered with my cum.

Phia sat back, “Yum yum, I love eating cum.” she giggled at her little piece of poetry
Phia swallowed as if she was swallowing a large tablet,
“There - good girl.” Erica encouraged her “was that OK?” she added
Phia smiled and with a delicate motion of her finger tips wiped some cum from the corner of her mouth,
“Yes, it was very nice. I thought it was going to be really salty or bitter, but that was really nice. I suppose I would say that his sperm tastes warm and sort of neutral, just a little bit salty.”
Erica smiled “It’s all a matter of what they eat, never suck a man who is a heavy drinkers or heavy smokers. Smokers are the worst, they have a bitter taste.” Erica’s advise from her lifetime of sucking cocks for a living.

I caressed my hands up along the girls slender long legs, then up across her hips, and finally came to rest on her chest, her beginner breasts where very soft, her nipples as hard as little pebbles, I massaged them – the girl pushed forward into my touch,
“Don’t you just love these cute little buds?” Erica asked as she looked on and masturbated.

Phia stayed with us for four days, on Wednesday I came back to the apartment and she wasn’t there.
“She’s gone?” I asked Erica. “Yes, mission accomplished. She said to say that she really had a good time and wants us to go to her wedding.”
“You’re k**ding?” I replied
“No. not k**ding, we’re going on Saturday.” Erica was unbuttoning my shirt, “And……”
“Yes, and what?”
“She wants to come and visit us whenever her husband is out of town.”
“Oh, sure she can cme and stay anytime – she can stay and cum anytime”
“Best of all darling,” Erica smiled as she unbuckled my belt “She won’t be a virgin anymore.”
Oh yeah – that’s something to look forward to.”

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Thanks. Life with Erica was mad.
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