Thu and Jas and Me


In the late afternoon on Cobblers Beach I lay back as their young daughter masturbated me to a very relaxing orgasm. She kept her hand wrapped around my cock as my cum cascaded down her fingers and her mother sucked the cum from my cock. The daughter sat back and sort of giggled a little and wiped her cummy hands across her nubile breasts, I pulled her closer to me a sucked her tiny nipples tasting my own cum. The father kept massaging my stomach – I lay back, relaxed and thoroughly blessed out. That was so nice – so unexpected of a late afternoon at my favourite nude beach.

We rested for a while then walked down to the water and swam together to wash my cum off our bodies and hands. It was quiet and relaxed – but by now it was getting dark so we said our good byes and I walked back up the bush track, got on my motorbike and rode home.

When I got home I found my wife Thu and our friend Jas, relaxing in the bath together. – it was a very attractive scene to come home to. The surface of the water was covered with red rose petals and the fragrance of rose oil, filled the room.

“Phi has gone off to one of her school friend’s house, so I rang Jas and asked her to come over for an afternoon drink.” Thu explained.

Jas is about the same age as Thu, probably not as pretty, but she does have a lovely, slim, firm body and like us, she enjoys sex for the pleasure and relaxation. They were sitting close to each other, Thu’s arm was around Jas’s waist, while under the water, Jas’s finger’s were gently exploring the full lips of Thu’s labia.
“You girls look happy.” I said as I slipped off my few items of clothing.
“Yes, Jas and I have had a very relaxing afternoon together.” Thu kissed Jas on the cheek, “haven’t we darling?” They smiled to each other in a conspiratorial way.
Thu ran some more warm water into the bath, as walked pst the bath to the toilet, Thu reached out to stroke my swelling cock,
“Well darling, you’re looking pretty happy as well – did you have a nice time at the beach?.” she smiled.
Our bathroom can best be described as “open plan” – it opens onto a small bamboo garden. I stood and pissed into the toilet and then walked past the bath and stood under the courtyard shower to rinse off the remnant salt.
“Yes – the beach today was very……very….what can I say? Different.”

“Oh really?” Thu said “You must tell us all about it, but first of all darling, can you please get us some wine?”
I smiled “Sure honey, red or white?” Thu looked to Jas and then replied “A chilled white would be nice. Something just a little bit sweet – I’ve got a nice sweet taste in y mouth already - I’m sure you know what we like.”
Finished rinsing myself, I stood next to the bath and briefly toweled myself down,
“Oh yes darling – I know what you two girls like.” And for emphasis, Thu delicately held my cock in one hand and kissed the smooth circumcised head.
“Mmmm – time for some more of that.”

I bought back a tray with a bottle of wine, some wine glasses and a bowl of some big fat green olives.
“Thank you darling, what a thoughtful husband you are.” Thu sat up in the bath “I love those olives, I love the feeling of them in my mouth. Just like tha small version of the head of your cock in my mouth – big, fat and smooth, slightly salty and slippery.”

As I stepped over the edge of the bath, Jas reached over and held my already swelling cock, lightly masturbating me with her soapy hand, “Olives are nice, but nothing beats a nice fat cock in my mouth.” With that she leant forward and sucked the pre-cum from the eye of my penis – I got 10 degrees harder, and then lowered myself into the warm water next to Thu, and took a glass of wine.

Both Thu and Jas sat with their knees drawn up and each with one leg d****d over the others leg. Through the water I watched as Jas drift her hand between Thu’s legs and start to masturbate her pussy in a slow gentle way – I looked up and saw that Jas was smiling at me. “Very nice.” I said
Thu kissed my cheek and lightly held my cock, “Now darling what was so different about Cobblers Beach this afternoon that you come home with that lovely erection?”

“Oh yes – Cobblers, I nearly forgot - I met some people at the beach.”
“Well honey, that’s not so different.” Thu said “you seem to have a face that people trust.”

I took my time relating the story of how a Chinese f****y has sat next to me on an almost deserted beach. And how as I walked along the beach with the father and his young daughter, the father would pick up shells off the sand to admire, and hold them next to my cock, so that his daughter couldn’t avoid at least looking at me. How the girl always seemed to accidentally brush her hand against my cock.
“Wow – how old was she?” Jas asked, I took a sip of wine and replied,
“I really don’t know, she was tallish so it’s hard to say. Maybe first or second year of high school.”
Thu kept lightly masturbating me “Did you fuck her?”
“No, I didn’t fuck her” I replied “In fact she is still a virgin.”
“Really, how do you know that?” Jas asked as her fingers gently massaged Thu’s labia, just pushing her fingers a little deeper into Thu’s vagina.
“After we went for a walk along the beach we sat together, the girl sat next to her mother just like you two are now, so I had a perfectly good view of both of their vaginas – trust me darling, she is definitely a virgin.”

Thu said, “Darling could you please pour some more wine?”
“Sure.” Thu let go of my now fully erect penis and I stood up to get the wine bottle and refill our glasses – as Jas fingers explored deeper into Thu’s pussy, Thu turned to her and kissed Jas on the mouth, whispering “That feels sooo nice darling.”

I sat back in the bath , and Thu took hold of my cock again,
“And then what?” she asked in a mock little girl excited voice, then adding,
“If you didn’t fuck the daughter, did you fuck the mother?”
“No honey, I didn’t fuck the mother either. In fact, she was oddly remote from everything – for the time being. She didn’t come for a walk with us and didn’t swim with us. Actually, thinking back – she just watched us. She wasn’t reading a book or anything – she just watched us.”
Thu speculated, “That sounds a bit spooky. Father and young daughter enjoy touchy feely session with a stranger they meet on the beach and she just watches?”
“Well,” I start “she was just watching that part.”
Thu cut in to offer her version of what happened next, “I know. You fucked the father? Or you sucked his cock?” then as an afterthought “Does he have a nice cock?” Then turning to Jas “I’m sure we all appreciate a nice big cock from time to time.”

“No I didn’t fuck or suck his cock. Actually that was something a bit odd. By the time we went for a swim my cock was looking like a baseball bat. The young girl clearly enjoyed touch me and so did the father, in fact he even masturbated me underwater, a bit. But the odd thing was – he never got an erection.”

Thu had enough of the story build up and wanted to jump to the end “So darling, tell us – what was it, that bought you home with such a happy fat cock?” and then added “For Jas and I to enjoy.”

I finished the story “As I lay back admiring the young girl’s virginal vagina, the father started to massage my stomach and the young girl masturbated me to a blissful orgasm and right at the end, the mother sucked my load.”
“Wow.” Thu said when I finished “you lucky boy. Was there anybody else at the beach?”
“I have to admit, I really didn’t notice. I think so, just a few.”
It was true, once the girl started to masturbate me I didn’t notice much else. All through my story, Thu was gently toying with my balls and stroking my cock.

I stood up to get some more wine, my erect penis waving around. Jas sucked me again before I sat down. This time she took the opportunity to give the head of my cock a long suck. I couldn’t resist pushed my cock deeper into Jas’s warm mouth, a sort of shallow mouth fuck. I stood for a while fucking her mouth as Thu massaged my balls from behind, after a few minutes Jas stopped, “Yes, what a really nice cock you have.” I sank back into the water next to Thu – we all laughed together.

As I dipped back into the warm bath, Thu climbed out and sat on the toilet with her legs apart, massaging her tits as she started to piss,
“It must be the wine. It’s like being pregnant again – weeing every few minute.” It was an overstatement but that didn’t matter, “or maybe darling, it’s your sexy story.” Thu pissed an arcing stream into the porcelain. She washed herself with the spray hose and resumed her position back in the bath masturbating me while Jas resume her position masturbating Thu.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” I said to reopen my story “they seemed very keen to meet up with us next time we’re at Cobblers.” Thu lay back against my body with her glass of wine in one hand and my cock in the other, spreading her legs on each side of Jas.
“Ok, sounds like it could be fun.” Thu let out a slow and satisfied moan as Jas pushed her fingers deeper into Thu’s vagina, and pulled them out, and pushed them in again, and again.
“Oh Jas, that’s so nice darling.” Thu held onto my fat cock like it was a handle and pulled herself into Jas’s fingers. Thu lay back with her eyes closed, smiling and moaning, Jas locked eyes with me as she finger fucked my wife.

Thu and Jas are both confirmed lovers of a good cock, but that doesn’t excluded them from enjoying the pleasures lesbian sex. It’s a bi-sexuality is development of Thu that I encouraged. It started when I was traveling a lot, Thu hates to be alone with just our young daughter, so Jas would come to stay with them. Normally I’m away for a week or so, and Jas simply just slips into my side of the bed and they live as a couple for that period of time. It’s not a “big thing”, it’s not some statement – it’s just the way that Thu and I live. I’m happy that Thu is not alone while I’m away, that she has someone to snuggle up to at night. Initially Thu was not sure about it, but I encouraged her to experiment with a physical bi-sexual relationship. We both agreed that her companion would not be a man (I’m the wrong personality to cope with that) and that while I’m away they would “play” with other men – and whoever the woman is, it was nothing more than a pleasant and casual convenience – other people have other arrangement, for us, it’s just the way we live.

After sometime the bath water started to get cool, and the seductive combination of the wine, the heady fragrance of rose oil and our casual mutual masturbation of each other – it was time for bed.

We pulled the sheets off the bed and lay naked together on the bed, Thu lay between Jas and I. Letting our hands wander caressing and exploring each other, finding those places that were wet and willing, someone was masturbating my cock – I was pretty sure my fingers were deep inside Jas’s vagina, since Jas was deep inside Thu’s vagina.

I opened Thu’s legs wider and knelt between them, Jas looked up at me and started to masturbate herself – I sucked Thu wet pussy. I love the feeling of her smooth shaved lips in my mouth and the slightly sweet taste of her vaginal fluids. Jas lay along side of Thu licking and sucking her nipples.

Thu pulled my head up to her face and kissed me, tasting the wetness of her vagina, she whispered to me, “Fuck Jas first – she really loves your cock – but save your cum for me.” And then as an afterthought “Fuck her hard, she loves a bit of rough sex, and I love watching you fucking the living daylights out of her.”

As I knelt up between Jas’s spread open legs ready to enter her, Thu gave my cock a parting suck and then “directed” it into Jas’s wet and willing vagina. I started fucking Jas slowly and rhythmically, deep and slow. Thu sat back and watched as I fucked her friend – I fucked her laying on her back, I fucked her from behind kneeling on all fours as Jas buried her face between Thu’s spread open legs. I crashed into Jas’s body with hard thrusting drives of my hips, her whole body jolted forward, burying her face deeper into Thu’s pussy.

Jas put her head up for some air, but I kept my body crashing into her, between impacts she said, “I love being fucked like this. I love your cock buried deep into my cunt – I can feel it crashing against my cervix – this is soooo much fun.”
Thu raised herself up and held my gaze with a smile “You heard it honey, just keep fucking her.” Thu then rolled to one side and watched and masturbate with one hand while she massaged Jas’s tits with the other. It looked a bit confusing, masturbating herself and still enjoying massaging Jas’s breasts.

After about 20 minutes Jas said she was felling thoroughly beaten up,
“Thu darling, you can have him back – your turn to get fucked.”
I pulled my cock out and Jas hungrily wrapped my mouth around it, sucking all her own vaginal fluids.
Thu stayed where she lay and opened her legs wider, I moved across and inserted my cock between Thu’s lovely fat vaginal lips.
“Fuck me honey.” She hissed, “fuck me good” and I slammed my cock to it’s full depth into her body, “Think about that little girl masturbating you this afternoon, think about her mother sucking the cum off your cock. Think about their father sitting back and masturbating while he watches you fuck his wife and daughter.” My cock grew really hard again “Hmmm – so you like that do you?”
“Yeah, of course I do.”
“Well let’s see what happens when we meet them next week.”

I fucked Thu harder than she usually liked – but this time she seemed to be into it.
I ground my pelvic into her pubic bone stimulating her clitoris harder and harder – Thu’s orgasm ripped through the hot steamy air – she was gulping for breathe as my sperm flowed into her vagina like a hose.

As usual, Thu and I lay as we finished, letting my cock slowly drift out of her body. My cock coming out was like releasing the stopper of a bottle, my semen flowed out. Jas sucked some, I sucked some we both kissed Thu and spread a tasty mixture of my semen and her vaginal wetness across her face and tits. Somewhere in the middle of the commotion Thu and I hadn’t noticed that Jas had masturbated herself to a happy and relaxing orgasm – she was sound asl**p next to Thu.

Thu lay on her side with arm across Jas’s body, I wrapped myself around Thu’s bak and together we fell into a blissful sl**p.

Two weekends later, Thu and our daughter Phi and I we went back to Cobblers, we had arranged with the Chinese f****y to meet. This time they had a colourful beach tent, the adults were relaxing on towels. I could see that Phi was looking apprehensive at the thought of being the only c***d – until she saw their daughter’s feet just inside the beach tent. The other girl turned around and sat up – they said hello, Phi slipped off her clothes and lay next to the other girl in the tent.

Thu and I took off our few items of clothing. We always like to sit close to each other, usually touching each other’s body. We sat facing the other couple, Thu with her legs spread wide open presenting the other man with a fine view of her pussy.

More cumming….

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okay, time for the rest!
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It's been a while since I read this - nice memories.
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beautifully crafted retelling can't wait for the next instalment thanks