First time with a couple.

I Had sex with couple. He for the most part watched us and when we took a break, he played with her.... she was a taller (5'11") blond gal with a great body (hair, face, smile, ass, tits, feet, etc).
We had sex in a totally viewable "tent" at a party... I ate her/fingered her and she squirted the first time. She licked me all over from my knees to my nipples, front and back... had never been messed with "back there"... was a little gunshy at first, but I really enjoyed it. No penetration.. lol ... While she did that, her partner fucked her from behind. Then she got on top of me and rode me til she squirted again. bigger one this time.... soaked us both... then she rolled off of me laying on her belly, and I stuck it in her and done her while she lay there clenching the covers.... then I licked her ass a while to get it "lubed" and then got a couple fingers in there and tried to get my cock in there, I got the head in and that was it. I laid on my back and she spun around and licked me all over again and finished me off and swallowed it all.. He watched for the most part as did several other guests. I had never did that for an audience but REALLY got off on it.
We dressed, gathered ourselves, went back to the table and drank a few and talked about it. Then left and went to a hotel for some more fun. It was more of a squirt-a-thon, to see how many more times I, he, she could get her to squirt. Toys were involved and most of the attention was on her but the remainder was on me from her... she got me off two more times... although the last time i had to do most of the work myself... lol ... but it was an AWESOME experience...
I REALLY pushed my boundaries with that one and learned a lot about myself too. I had been married for a long time in a dead, sexless, go-thru-the-motion marriage. This was a few months after the divorce.... I intended on doing things I had only fantasized about and getting out of my comfort zone and actually enjoying sex/pleasure/giving pleasure.... and I'm VERY glad that I did!!!!!
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2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter.