Uncle James' whore - the next day

Sitting in front of the cage I wait until my new project begins to stir. I notice with pleasure the wet patch in the litter tray and the empty water bowl. It would have been amusing to watch her struggle with both of those but there will be many opportunities in the future.. The bowl is locked to the floor so the only way she would have quenched her thirst was to lap like a dog, my new little pet dog who I will enjoy house training.

I cough and clear my throat and am pleased as she begins to stir. Undoubtedly she would have been exhausted yesterday but I know rising from her sl**p will not bring any pleasure to her. Her skin is bruising nicely and the welts still look hot and swollen even after a good nine hours. She raises her face and looks over at me, her confusion and fear is quite delicious to observe. There’s dried bl**d sticking to her upper lip, and her eye is still swollen, making her have to raise her head to look at me properly.

‘Good morning pet. Glad to see you found it easy to sl**p in your new home. Sometimes a new environment can be a little unsettling.’

A small smile plays across my lips and I’m pleased to see the irony is not lost on her. However this slut learns quick and I watch with satisfaction as she resists the temptation to smart mouth me. A successful submissive needs to be intelligent.

Standing, I decide to reward her with some comfort. Training a sub is not all about fear and pain. It is about building an intense trust and love so they will do anything for you, just to be rewarded with something as small as a smile. Walking to the cage I unlock the door and offer my poor little plaything my hand.

‘Come my pet. Let your Master see his property.’

After a moment’s hesitation I watch as she begins to stretch her aching body and move towards me. She tentatively takes my outstretched hand and once free of the confines of the cage she attempts to stand upright. Wincing and whimpering quietly she is eventually stood before me, naked and clearly terrified.

There’s something in this girl that moves me, I want her so badly, but another part of me knows I’ll have to break her down before she will be willingly mine.

I walk her to the bath stood in the corner of the basement. It’s a beautiful enamel tub on legs and is shaped for two. However today it is just for her. Today I need to tend to her body so it is ready for the day ahead. The water is still steaming and full of aloe and witch hazel to aid her healing. I lift her hand to balance her as she steps in.

‘Now my pet I want you to bathe and soothe your body. Make sure to soak your skin well, it will make you feel so much better. You will learn Jude that I can give pleasure as well as punishment. You do understand that don’t you?’

Sitting in the warm water, the steam helping to moisten my parched mouth I manage to reply ‘Yes Master James I understand’

‘Good girl’

That seems to be what he wants to hear as he passes me a soft sponge and sits on the side of the tub, watching me intently. Washing in front of him makes me want to howl. My body is bruised and marked from the hell he put me through last night and yet now he is here watching me like a lover. The tears fall silently as I attempt to sooth my wrecked body, amazed at the relief the warm water brings. He smiles at me indulgently and strokes the back of his hand across my cheek. I then watch as he sucks my salty tears from his fingers. My head is swimming. Was it only a few hours ago this ogre, this maniac dragged me down here and ****d and abused me? He left me in a cage for god’s sake like an a****l. This monster is my uncle, my own flesh and bl**d and my mother has entrusted me into his care. What the hell is happening to me?

Rising from the tub he walks behind me and softly places his hands on my cheeks, tilting my head back. To my utter amazement I feel water falling across my hair and his fingers begin to massage a beautiful smelling shampoo into my hair. This is too much; I can’t take this and begin to sob. Drawing my knees up to my body the tremors of tears course through my body. His hands continue to work through my hair while he whispers

‘That’s it my pet, let it all out. Clear your mind and your soul so we can begin our journey together. Give yourself to me. You are mine, understand that now. Accept it and we can begin’

On and on, his voice was running through my head, combined with the lack of food and heat from the water it’s almost hypnotic. I felt light headed, lost, dizzy with confusion and it was all I can do not to fade into the comfort of blackness.

Once he is satisfied I am clean he holds out a large white robe for me slip into. With some of the foam still clinging to my soothed body I allow him to envelope me in it. Another spotless towel was used to absorb the wetness from my hair. Why is he being so gentle, so loving? Who is this man?
Leading me back to his chair he motions for me to sit down on my knees with my back to him. He settles himself down and unbelievably begins to run a comb through my hair. His hands so soft, the feelings evoking hazy memories of my c***dhood. I can vaguely remember a man doing this to me when I was small. Combing my hair so much gentler than my mother ever did. Was it him? Could it have been? He then secured my long hair into a high pony tail and sighs in satisfaction.

Turn around pet, let me see how that looks’

Unable to even contemplate ignoring him I move around until I am facing him. Looking up, almost shyly I take in his strong body, his muscled thighs contained in black trousers, strong upper body in a tight black T shirt. Then, almost frightened at what I might see I look up into his face. I’m not sure what I expected, a hideous monster maybe, but instead I was met by just a man, smiling down at me. Dark eyes and hair, freshly shaven, ordinary. But I know this man was far from ordinary and I knew under estimating him would be a huge mistake.

‘Does that feel better my precious? You certainly look better. Would you like some breakfast?’

My stomach almost somersaults as he reaches for a plate from the table, removing the cloth to reveal chunks of delicious fresh fruit. Realising how hungry I am I gratefully reply ‘Yes please Master James’


Dear lord this girl is beautiful. Although an adult now she looks just like she did as a c***d. Long dark hair that falls into soft curls when wet, blue eyes that seem to see into your soul and clear pale skin, just like her mother’s.
Holding out a luscious piece of mango to her, she attempts to take it into her hand.

‘No, no my sweet. No hands for anything today’

I know she doesn’t truly understand what I mean, but she will do soon.
Hunger overcomes her stubbornness and she closes her mouth around the fruit, biting into the ripe flesh. Something so basic, so simple and yet so erotic. This slut makes my body burn.
After feeding her two more pieces of fruit I casually say,

‘Undo your robe for me slut, let me see you.’

She immediately looks up into my face; I know her eyes are searching for the softness that has been there all morning. Her hands grip the tie holding the soft fabric to her body.


She stops short of actually saying no, but still doesn’t loosen the knot. Leaning down I tilt her face to mine.

‘Of course you may choose not to do ask I have asked, but be prepared for the consequences slut. And there are always consequences as you learned last night’

I hold her stare for a moment and watch her face struggle to hide her emotions. Only the welling up of tears gives her away. Sitting back in my chair I select a piece of fruit and eat it slowly waiting for a response.
Head dropped, one stray tear drips down her cheek and lands on the concrete floor as her hands fumble to loosen the robe. She lets the tie fall from her hands and the robe gives me a tantalising glimpse of her pert breasts and beautiful, shapely legs.

Saying nothing I feed her another piece of fruit but place it just beyond her reach. As she rises to place her mouth around it I watch fascinated as the material slips from her shoulders

‘Leave it!!’....the coldness in my voice shocks her and the startled little jump means the robe slips down to her wrists. ‘Let it fall’

The material pooled around her looks like a soft white cloud for my submissive angel whore.

Now you are clean and fed it’s time for some more training. This is a simple task slave, you are to suck my cock until I cum. I’m sure that will be a reasonably familiar task for you. The only rules being that you are not to move from the spot I put you on, nor are you to use your hands, they are to remain behind your back. Is that understood? Do you need anything repeated?’

Looking down I see a little smile creep onto her face. Clearly she believes this simple task is within her capabilities....well we will see.

Trying to keep the smile off my face I reply in the sweet manner he expects. ‘No Master I understand. I am to make you cum using just my mouth. I am to stay where you put me and keep my hands behind my back.’

A blowjob and he calls this training? Well he is about five years too late. OK let’s give the arsehole what he wants and get this over with. Perhaps then he will leave me alone. I need time to think how to get out of here and giving a bit of head won’t be too bad. I’ve certainly sucked off worse looking blokes in my time.

He places a small mat a few feet away from me and I crawl over to him. Sitting back on my heels I watch expectantly as he unzips himself and frees his cock. It’s barely inches from my mouth as he begins to stroke it, the shaft already hard and waiting for me. Not bad actually...this shouldn’t take long.
I open my mouth expectantly and look up at him, making myself as innocent looking and appealing as I can. I lock my hands behind my back and stretch my face towards him. However just as I do, he moves a fraction back, putting him just out of reach.

Get to work whore’ he orders.

Getting my balance again I extend towards him. My tongue just able to reach the tip, so damn close to my lips. I shuffle my knees an inch forward and suddenly feel the flat of his hand slap my face so hard I lose balance, crashing sideward and instinctively saving myself with my hand.
His hand grabs my ponytail and drags me upright.

‘You worthless slut! What did I say? What the fuck did I say’.....the man had gone, the maniac was back. His whole stance, his voice was different and I knew I was in trouble!

Stammering over my words I say, ‘You said don’t move and keep my hands behind my back Master’

‘Exactly...so you simply chose to disobey me did you? After all I have done for you today and this is how you repay me? You think I say these things for fun? Trust me, you will learn I mean every word I say and if you don’t learn quickly you will be very sorry.’

‘I wanted to do it, you were just too far away!’ the words were out before I could stop myself.

I didn’t even see the next backhanded slap coming but it knocked me right off my knees until I landed in a heap on the floor. Before I could recover his hands were in my hair again, dragging and kicking me back into position. He circled round and round me, calling me everything he could lay his tongue to, making me shiver in fear.

Suddenly his belt dangled before my face.
‘Maybe this will help you keep on task.’

I fully expected it to lash down, but instead he walked behind me, grabbing my wrists and strapping the belt around my waist. It was so tight I could feel it digging into my flesh and left me completely incapable of freeing my hands.
Walking back round he flung the remainder of his clothes across the room and stood before me again.

‘Get on with it whore, I’m losing my patience’

His cock seemed even harder if that was possible and I knew that failure was not an option for me if I wanted to come out of this unharmed.
Extending myself again I almost got to him, so close, my lips nearly there.....then gravity took over and I slammed down onto the floor. Managing to save my face my shoulder took most of the impact making me cry out in pain. I swear I heard the bastard laugh.

‘Get up! Get the fuck up! I’m tired of this shit now. Is getting my cock in your mouth so difficult? Can’t you do a bl**dy thing right?’

Looking down I watch as she struggles back onto her knees. I know that must have hurt as she fell so heavily, but she must learn to control her body and to strive to please me whatever the cost to herself.
My cock throbbed for her mouth but tormenting the slut was irresistible.

‘You have one more chance whore....one more chance’

I left the sentence hanging in the air as she prepared to try again. The fury on her face was so exciting, she was well aware this was almost impossible and it was all she could do not to let that sassy mouth run off at me. I loved her spirit so much. I slave with an attitude was so much more challenging.
Her next attempt was no better and as I step to the side she falls forward again, twisting to try and save her face from the concrete.

‘Useless! Useless! Useless! I don’t think you want to please me at all. Is a fucking blow job too much to ask? I bathed you, I fed you and yet you reward me with nothing. I think you want me to punish you. Is that it you piece of meat? You want to be punished? Tell me. I swear you better tell me right now what you want or you will be one sorry slut!’

I know the tone of my voice was scaring her. She was openly crying now. Tears flowing down her beautiful battered face.

‘Help me Master. Please help me. Just please don't move’

The pleading in her voice was a delight. How could I refuse?

‘Of course I’ll help you. You only had to ask. Get back on your knees you bitch’

My words encourage her and once back in place I move that little bit closer. This time her lips connect and we are both satisfied as she begins to administer that wanton mouth to my bulbous cock head. Lord this girl’s mouth is exquisite. Breathing in deeply I let her work her magic for a few moments until, almost imperceptivity I slip back a fraction. Concentrating so hard on her work she barely realises before it’s too late. Only this time I don’t side step, I brace my body and let her fall onto me. The motion jams my cock so deep into her throat I can feel it contracting around the shaft. I don’t need to hold her in place; her own body weight does that. All I need to do it enjoy the sensations of her struggles and listen to her panic as she chokes on me.

Finally, grabbing her hair I pull her back onto her knees and am rewarded by her sobs and gasps. Fine streams of drool drip from her mouth down onto her breasts as she attempts to fill her lungs. I know they must be burning with a lack of oxygen.

‘Again whore’

As she opens her mouth to object I pitch her forward again and am rewarded by the sweet caress of her throat. The gagging is instant and I love the way her whole body arches backwards. Her ribs showing as she tries to suck in some air. With her mouth jammed open and her nose buried into my groin it’s an impossible task but her survival instincts persist. Shaking her head from side to side only manages to cover her whole face with her throat juices.
I continue over and over, taking her to the edge of u*********sness each time before I drag her off for a few sweet gasps of air.

Eventually I ache so much for release I have to cum. I have to feel my juices shoot into her open throat and be rewarded by the gurgling sounds as she fights to survive.

With a huge roar I hold her head and pound my shaft as deep into her throat as I can. The feeling of her face buried into me is amazing. The wetness of drool and tears mixed with the cum she is gagging up is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. She was made to serve my body, and she needs to understand that now.

Finally stated, I pull her back from me. Lifting her I walk her over to the chair and settle her onto my lap. Resting her head on my shoulder and listen with pleasure as she tries to catch her breath, weeping with relief now. Releasing the belt I massage life back into her fragile hands. Stroking her face and wiping away the mess from her body she clings to me like a c***d. I wrap her disguarded robe around us both and rock her gently as the sobs course through her.

Ssssshhhh now my beautiful c***d. You have pleased me today. Do not doubt that I love you my precious, sssshhhh now. You did well’

I close my eyes and enjoy the moment, my darling slut, my little Jude, clinging to me, our hearts beating next to each other....as it should be.

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4 months ago
Brilliant,,again the control and mastery is there,,,please keep writing.
1 year ago
Please do continue the adventure, I'm craving much much more!
2 years ago
thank you for the comments - maybe its time I thought of part 3 of their adventure xx
3 years ago
You made me cry, dear Jude!

Such a moving story of you
halfway between hell
and a hot heaven ;-)
4 years ago
VERY erotic stories...Already in my "favorites".
4 years ago
Another excellent story, you have me hooked...roll on part three.....:o)
4 years ago
Did not disappoint.
4 years ago
I have decided to change my name to "Uncle James" ... hehehee
4 years ago
Very exciting and well-written - thank you and lots more like it, please!

4 years ago
4 years ago
hot hot hot
Hope to read part 3 soon
4 years ago
Again very good! part 3 soon please!
4 years ago
Very hot.
Hope to read more.