Daddy's slut

Glaring at you I flounce up the stairs. You haven't been near me for days and I am fuming about it. I understand that we have f****y to stay, I know we have to be careful but you seem to be taking it to the extreme. And then to ground me because I had come in late last night and a little boozed up was just the icing on the cake. I don't want to go to this stupid f****y party for my 18th, I'd rather just be out with my friends, or better still home alone with you daddy. But f****y are invited and the party is underway, well this guest of honour won't be gracious about it at all. I've tried working on you to cancel it and for us to just spend the weekend alone, but you weren't having any of it.

Banging my bedroom door I slam down on the bed fuming. Joy! A night of relatives I hardly know, no one my age and a daddy who can't or won't come near me. They'll all be arriving soon and I stand in front of my bedroom mirror looking at this stupid outfit I've had bought for me for tonight. Floral patterned skirt and this blouse with a frill...looking more like I was going to a church fete than a party. Well if I do have to go to the party I am going to make sure that someone wants me, even if you don't.

Things are well underway when I hear you call my name up the stairs. I can tell by your tone that you are less than happy with me and I giggle to myself. Taking one last look in the mirror I head down to the party. I see you across the hall way greeting more people at the door so I head in the opposite direction. I see the look on people's faces as I come into the room. The female relatives looking quite shocked, the male ones smiling broadly at me. Greeting my relatives with kisses and hugs I work the room, cuddling in just that moment too long with some of the older men, letting their hands wander down my back, knowing that they'd much prefer to be squeezing my barely covered ass. I know I am causing a bit of a stir, and I love every minute of it, I'll show you! It feels good to have a pair of arms around my body again, even if it is just leering relatives.

The music is playing as I head out to the back garden where a dance floor had been laid for the occasion. I knew that Dave would be out there looking at the ladies and I wasn't wrong. He wasn't strictly a relative but an old f****y friend who was always classed as f****y. Walking up behind him I reach up and plant a kiss on his cheek,

"See anyone you fancy Uncle Dave?"

I giggle as he turns and slowly looks me up and down. His eyes take in every inch of me, from my high heels, and short denim skirt to the white blouse tied under my barely covered breasts, flashing the bare skin from my rib cage to my navel. I stand next to him, close enough that my naked leg is pressed against his, dropping my head to his shoulder, arm slung casually around his neck and sighing. For a few moments we just stand there, I am enjoying knowing that very un-nerving thoughts are running through his head. I take the drink from his hand and slug back a long swig.

"Dave I am so bored. Will you dance with me? I am the birthday girl after all"

"Well, Jude, I don't know, I.."

Pulling at his hands I tug us towards the dance floor making it almost impossible for him to refuse without drawing attention to us. As we stand facing each other I loop my arms around his neck and move in close. I feel his body try and pull back but I am having none of it. I press myself against him as the music slows. My hips sway against his groin and I know that within a few minutes I will feel his hardness pushing back at me. Smiling to myself I press my breasts against his chest. Knowing Dave will feel my nipples through his thin summer shirt I sway a little more so they trace like fingertips across his body. Closing my eyes for a moment I pretend it's you. I want so much to be in your arms, my wonderful daddy, wanting it to be your body next to mine, your hard cock bulging against my groin every time I move instead of Daves. Laying my head against his chest I feel his hands begin to wander up and down my back, brushing against my ass momentarily, forgetting that he is dancing with his best friend's daughter now and fuelled by the booze he begins to push back against me.

"You've certainly grown up honey" his voice is husky and I know I am getting to him.

"Oh I am all grown up now Uncle Dave, grown up in every way"

Moving in even closer I feel the tell tale bulge pulsing against my groin, and smile triumphantly to myself. See daddy, you might not want me but someone does, even if I don't really want him.

Suddenly, without even seeing you I know you are watching. I feel your eyes on me and my whole body begins to tingle. Lifting my head I scan the garden for you and I'm not disappointed. You are in a circle of relatives, trying to maintain the small talk but unable to take your gaze from me. Our eyes lock and I am torn. Part of me wants to rush over and apologise, telling you the only one I want or need is you, but my stubborn streak prevails and I simply blow you a kiss, eyebrow raised dismissively and turn my face the other way, snuggling closer to Dave and turning us so that you will be able to see my short skirt and long legs, having no option but to watch your daughter getting felt up by your best friend.

Suddenly the music stops and I hear you announce that the food is served. I had wondered how you would break us apart without a scene. People begin to wander over to the BBQ and tables laden with a delicious buffet. With the dance floor almost empty I reach up and kiss Dave softly on the lips, thanking him for our dance and breaking away, heading back to the house. I grin to myself, wondering if anyone else will notice the hard-on straining in his pants.

In the empty kitchen I open the fridge and grab a beer, needing to blot out the feelings of Dave's hands crawling over me when all I wanted was you. Suddenly a pair of strong hands grab my shoulders and swing me around slamming me hard into the work top. Your face, only inches from mine I hear you growl

"Just what do you think you are doing you little slut?"

Glaring back at you my temper flares,

"Well I can't get it from you daddy, so anyone will do and we both know he wants to fuck me!"

I don't see the slap coming and it almost knocks me off my feet, only your grip on my shoulder keeps me up-right.

"Get upstairs, NOW"

Running up the stairs as fast as I can I head straight to my room, slamming the door behind me once again. Frustrated and humiliated I fight back the tears as I hear you stamping down the hall way towards my room.

"Just what was that show all about you little whore, and what the fuck are you wearing?"

You are furious and I can see your chest rising and falling rapidly as you fight to keep some control.

"You've never complained before Daddy. As I remember you kinda liked me dressed like this. But if you want me to take it off then that's fine by me!"

I pull off the shirt and throw it at you, my breasts barely contained by a tiny lacy bra.

"Uncle Dave didn't seem to mind. I know he liked it. Did you notice how hard his cock got daddy?"

That was one step to far and I knew it. You were on me before I could stop you. Dragging me across your lap and landing the first stinging slap on the back of my naked thighs. Squirming I feel my tiny skirt hitch up and you immediately grab at my g-string. Pulling it hard, it rides up, pressing deep into my pussy and grazing my already swollen clit.

Slap after slap reigns down on my semi-naked behind and I know that the flesh will be crimson and marked with your hand prints soon.

"When will you SLAP learn Jude? SLAP There's a time SLAP and a place for us SLAP and we have had to be SLAP careful this week SLAP that's all"

Eventually, your temper spent, you pull me up onto your lap. Sniffing and tearful I look at you petulantly.

"But you never touched me daddy, not at all, nothing!"

"Baby cunt how exactly was I supposed to do that with your cousins running around the house and your uncle following me everywhere I went? Don't you think I wanted to, you stupid girl?"

Suddenly hungry with a pent up desire I take you face in my hands and kiss you passionately. I need to confirm you still do want me. Virtually climbing all over you I push you back on my bed. Straddling your body with mine I continue kissing you hard, my tongue probing yours with a need that has been building for days.

Responding instantly your big hands tug at my bra and skirt, freeing them from my body for your touch. Making a fist in my hair you pull me down harder, my lips bruising against yours.

Turning me easily you now grab at the flimsy material of my g-string, soaked in pussy juice and rip it from me, inhaling the sex coated silk deeply. Grinning I look up at you as I pull at your belt and open your pants, watching in delight as they drop to the floor freeing your instantly hard cock.

"Daddy please fuck me...please. I can't bare it any longer its been so long"

Without a moments hesitation you loop your hands under my knees, dragging me to the edge of the bed. Raising them up I rest my ankles against your shoulders and close my eyes as I feel your shaft drive straight into my hungry cunt.

Grunting with the effort of fucking me hard and fast I look up and watch your face.

"Oh god daddy yes! Fuck your baby girl's cunt. Daddy punish my nasty pussy for making me such a bad girl and doubting you"

My words only spur you on, your balls slamming against my tender ass, making me moan in both pain and delight. I love it when you fuck me like this. When you just use my body to pleasure yourself. When I am just your fuck toy.

Leaning forward you penetrate me even deeper than I thought possible, one hand on the bed, the other mauling my sensitive breasts. Your cock head slams hard into the head of my cervix, it feels as if you are trying to invade right into my womb.

"How did I get such a dirty little baby huh? Daddy's little whoring bitch"

Your words aren't meant to hurt but somehow as a compliment that I know we both understand.

" You made me this way daddy. Your cum made me and now I can't be without it!"

Sensing your cock swelling inside me I can almost feel the cum rising from deep in your balls. There's no better feeling than this as it swells through your shaft and suddenly spurts deep into my bruised cunt. Growling like a hurt a****l you fill me over and over, driving hard, your whole body weight pushing into me. Your hot baby juice pours over my thighs as you continue to pound into me. Suddenly my own body jerks in response and I cum...hard and over and over. Your hand clamps over my mouth to stifle my screams from the party guests below.

Both of us sated by this hungry a****l sex your body collapses on mine, both of us struggling to breathe and both of us knowing that this feeling is so right, no matter what others might say.

As you roll to lie beside me we both stare up at the ceiling gathering our breath at last and trying to calm down a little.

"You god damn cock tease Jude! I swore I wasn't going to take any chances while everyone was here and now I am fucking you while I have a house full of people."

With a deep sigh you stand and look down at me, your whore, thighs spread and still covered in our juices, playing with the sticky warm cum seeping from my freshly fucked cunt.

"Right, get dressed in the outfit you were supposed to be wearing and get back down stairs. "

Dressing you head for the door and I stay where I am, just enjoying the moment.

"And Jude..."

"Yes daddy"

"No panties under that skirt you hear?"

"No daddy, no panties"

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8 months ago
I Loved Jacking Off and Spurting Gooey Cum in my Naked Lap just before getting to the end of the very Naughty but captivating Story... All thoughout reading, I kept gettintg Erotic flash backs to some of mine and My Pretty Daughter's fun times together while Mommy watched, Masturbating to Orgasms!
She never wore panties again after being potty trained, at Mommy and Daddy's insistence, at First!
2 years ago
Good story
3 years ago
very good kept me intrested right to the end 7/10
3 years ago
Sexy seduction of her Daddy, forcing him to give
Jude the birthday presented she wanted for her 18th.

If She is in her real life as compelling
and convincing as in her writing,
Jude will always get what she wants! ;-)P
4 years ago
I do love a rebellious daughter.
4 years ago
4 years ago
wish i was daddy
4 years ago
another beautiful story
4 years ago
...... what a dick!
4 years ago
4 years ago
mmmmm......made he wet baby thanks for sharing.....
4 years ago
very nice
4 years ago
good story
reminds me of the truth about kids, they are slow to learn about right time & right place, they want what they want, all the time. ahhh
4 years ago
Sorry author, only meant that I found the daughter/ father relationship disturbing, was a lovely story though! Don't be offended, try some of my stories
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
tusker what subject matter do you enjoy as my stuff is clearly labelled for what it is. You seem to read my stories but never like the subject lol.
4 years ago
OK but I dont like the subject matter!!
4 years ago
okay-ish, but needs a re-draft and more work to be believable.