Strange Addiction...or Fetish?

My fiance is a 40y.o. red head that's about 5'6" and slender with a perfect ass. Her hair goes way past her shoulders. And believe me, when she teases it out I get hard immediately. She is so hot to watch when she is on top of me and is bouncing up and down amd squirming back and forth to grind herself to a powerful orgasm. I always have the need to watch her.

We actually moved our bedroom around so we could see ourselves in 3 different angles with mirrors. That was and is great...but still not enough. She has masturbated herself to violent orgasms for me so i can watch and tease myself.

But that's still not enough. I told her that I wanted to watch her having sex. She could pick any person(s) she wanted and i would be fine with it as long as i was in the room to watch.

She thought about this for a week or 2. Then she told me she had it all set up and this Saturday night I (we) would get our wish. She told me this on Tuesday and the suspense was killing me. Just what would i get to witness? How far would she go? The possibilities were endless.

Saturday morning we were gonna go seperate ways to do errands. She told me to do what i had to do but be back for 5. I did everything i had to do that day and was home for 5. We ate a small dinner and she told me to go take a shower as she already had an hr ago. I almost ran up the stairs and got into the shower. I made sure i was as clean as a whistle.

After i got out of the shower, i shut the fan off. It was real quiet in our room. But when I got in there, I almost had a heart attack. There was my fiance on her back with her legs being pulled back to her chest and being held by a beautiful brunette that was sitting on her face and a pretty good looking guy was slowly sliding in and out of her soaked pussy.

The three of them never made any attempt to acknowledge my presence in the room so i pulled up the rocking chair and sat on my towel nude and watched the show. I could tell she was soaked because as he slid his fat cock in and out of her, I could hear the slurping noises her pussy was making. And she would gasp and her chest would heave with every thrusting motion he made.

The girl on her face would grind her clit onto my fiance's nose and tongue as well as sliding her cute button asshole onto her tongue. She looked like she was in sheer Heaven getting her entire crotch licked and sucked by my fiance's very talented tongue.

After the girl on top came with a twitching orgasm, they broke that position and the guy laid on his back and my fiance climbed on top of that nice cock and it slid right in without a problem. Then the other girl laid on her stomach in back of my fiance and began to lick and tongue fuck her ass. Again I got to witness my fiance squirming to yet another orgasm.

The girl was licking her ass so much I could actually see her salive running down to the guys balls and his ass. That's when the girl turned to me and motioned me over to lick my fiance's ass. I love licking ass so I gladly took her up on this. There was so much saliva my face was soaked. Her saliva tasted so good smeared all over and inside my fiance's ass and hole. I was so turned on by this that I ventured dow a little to lick the edges of her stretched pussy. The brunette moved her face real close to mine and whispered "lick lower". so i went a little lower and was real close to his cock. Again, she whispered "lower". By this time I was starting to lick the shaft of his nice cock. She whispered "lower". I began to lick and suck his balls into my mouth. "Mmmm..." she cooed and once more said "lower". As I went lower she moved in and was alternating between my fiance's ass and his cock. I was now licking his ass.

I managed to let my right hand do some wandering and found her ass and began to play with it. After a few minutes of this, she whispered for me to get on my knees in back of the guy fucking my fiance. she grabbed my cock and guided it to my fiance's filled pussy and rubbed the head up and down his shaft. Boy, were they soaked in her cum. The she took the head and guided it into that filled pussy. I never would have thought it would fit. But with a little patience and some slow, smooth pressure it finally slid in.

It felt wonderful to be in that tight and hot, wet pussy sliding back and forth on that huge cock. My fiance almost sounded like she was choking from being so full. She managed to Gasp out "Oh GOD that feels so good." The brunette got in back of me and licked my ass till it got so soaked with her saliva, that she slide a finger in there. What a sensation.

Next was a finger from the other hand and she was actually dp-ing my ass with 2 different hands. That was about all i could take. I started to pump faster and faster and he felt it and did the same. We both came at about the same time. Within a couple pumps of each other. We filled her with so much hot cum, it started leaking out onto our balls.

The brunette pulled me back and sucked all the cum off my cock and balls but didn't swallow any. She then did the same to the other guy. After holding it in her mouth for a bit she leaned over and kissed my fiance spilling all that cum in her mouth. She then went and licked and sucked all the cum out of my fiance's still throbbing pussy.

She got way more cum from there and kissed me and the other guy. We all laid in an intertwined pile just tingling and cressing anything our hands could touch. The night was not over......
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2 years ago
mmmmm, heaven...
2 years ago
Mmmmmmmmmm loved it
3 years ago
fucking hot story, I would love that to happen to us