She still has no idea

My wife and I have been married 7 and a half years now. We were married 4 years when this took place. I'm sure many guys have thought about this but I actually did it. The most erotic part of this story is the fact that she still , to this day has no idea what really happened. Good thing too.
We have talked about a threesome many times before, but she says she would never have the nerve ( even d***k ) She does like to play games though. We aren't into any crazy shit or any bondage or anything like that. She does like to be blindfolded during sex sometimes when she is pretty d***k. I think it kinda gives her a chance to live out a fantasy of being with another guy , without feeling uncomfortable.
We were at a Christmas party at her job. My wife is 34 years old and is a very hot looking chic for her age. At any age , There are quite a few guys she works with that would love to get with her, I'm pretty sure , by the way they talk to her. She enjoys flirting too. One guy in particular really wanted to fuck her bad, so I had a about 6 beers in me and started to talk to him. The place she works at is a restaurant and it has suites there too. So after we get d***k we can have a room half price to sl**p in so we don't have to drive home plastered.
the party was winding down and my wife was totally shit-faced. Me and "Seth" had to practically carry her back to the suite.
She likes "Seth" too and has mentioned wanting to sl**p with him, but then she always ruins it by saying she thinks it would ruin our marriage ( even tho' i said it was cool ) as long as i got to watch. Well maybe she would but, i think she felt uncomfortable with me there.
Anyway, she said she wanted me to blindfold her so she could pretend I was "Seth" and I was happy to do it for her. Little did she know that "Seth" was already in the room being quiet and naked as a jaybird. He was about 4 inches taller than me, but other than that we were about the same build and pretty much the same size cock too. He was just a tad larger than me , but not by much. it might have been an inch bigger , but thats all. i was sure as d***k as she was ,she wouldn't notice.
The plan was for me to start making out with her and get her nice and wet, which I did. She was blindfolded good and couldn't see a thing. Even if she did , I doubt she would have said anything, as much as she wanted to fuck " Seth"
Well, I went down on her and she was purring like a kitten. I started kissing her all down her legs to her feet, which i always do during foreplay , and she loves it. Except this time when I started my way back up ... "Seth' moved in and took over without skipping a stroke. Let me add that we sprayed a little of my colonge on him for effect. Before long long she was moaning in sheer extasy. He then flipped her over and started fucking her from behind hard. I do mean hard !! ~~~~~ To be continued ~~~

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4 years ago
I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to read more about this awesome encounter... I might have to try a blindfold myself sometime ;)
4 years ago
fun, many of us have done similar, most when the girl is more drunk maybe and not aware of what is happening...
4 years ago
nice and naughty cant wait to hear the rest
4 years ago
good start
4 years ago
Great start!