still too shy

ive known ive been bi for 20 years and had very few cocks because im too shy to approach a guy. case in point, i found a local bi/gay sauna plucked up the courage to go which wasnt easy. inside i was given a locker and a small towel i got changed into just the towel and made polite conversation with the guy id payed. now im no george cloone but i was getting looked at by every guy there it even made me nervous. i got into a hot tub and 2 guys immediately got in with me afte 10 mins of polite conversation i got out and went to find the cinema room, sat and watched some porn and noticed a guy looking at me and he start wanking,i wanted to say shoot your load over me if you like but was too shy he just spunked on the floor and i went to the sauna again 2 guys were in there one kept looking up my towel trying to see my cock i wanted him to leave because the 2nd guy was hot and i wanted to suck his cock but again i was too shy to tell him. ive had 3 visits to this sauna club and still had no cock. im slim, trim, 7" cut cock ,nice tight arse and love cocks but have no idea how to get i the only shy guy who needs help ? id love to walk in and say ok i want cocks all over me NOW but i know i never will.
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4 years ago
Hopefully you'll make friends here on Hamster and then you could visit with someone and share the experience. Enjoy
4 years ago
just take a plunge and go for it. guys will show you when they don't want it - and they usually welcome adventurous types who don't mind to show their longing. gives them more of an ego lift ;-)
have fun, be safe, and have a beer or two to get going, you've got the slut in you already. don't leave it caged...
4 years ago
If you wnat cock you have to go after cock..your pleasure is important to you isn't it?
4 years ago
you just gotta take all the courage you have and just spit it out