First Bi Threesome

I don't know what got me so interested in it, but some time last year I started really loving MMF threesome porn. I watched a lot of it, and actually really liked just pictures of it. After a while, I got really tired of the staged professional porn and started watching amateur MMF threesome stuff. That was what I had been looking for. It was so hot to me that a couple in a real relationship was allowing another guy to join them. I loved this idea, and I decided to just see what was out there online to find couples. I tried craigslist and to my surprise I found exactly what I was looking for and more. I chatted with this group of people, it was one man, his wife, and their much younger girlfriend. They loved groupsex and had just lost their previous boy toy. We talked for a long time, but I was very very nervous. Not only would it be my first time doing anything other than one on one sex, but the male had proposed something new to me. He wanted to suck my dick too. Now, I wasn't completely opposed to this, in the heat of the moment I figured it would be ok. I do have to admit, I had even fantasized about sucking a dick while jacking off to pictures of girls with nice cocks in their mouths. Something about a nice swollen cock head resting on some big beautiful lips is so sexy to me. I look at pictures like that and I just want a cock in my mouth, I was curious about what it would be like. I was still nervous though, and something about him wanting some male on male contact just made it too much of a hurdle to get over. We set up a time to meet up and I just couldn't go through with it. I couldn't make myself get in the car. Understandably, they didn't like someone flaking out and didn't want to feel like they were wasting their time so things sort of fizzled out with them.

Next few months passed and I spent my time looking at MMF porn but not really trying to contact anyone. Things changed though, I thought about it for a long time and said, you know what? this is something I want to do, I don't want to go through life having not tried something I'm so interested in. I started looking again, I tried craigslist and nothing really happened so I started joining free swinger sites and I really found my calling. There were a lot of couples looking for guys to join, but the problem was that most were fairly unattractive. I wasn't going to lower my standards just because they were a couple. I had another problem too, a desire had been growing in the back of my mind since speaking with the first couple. I wanted to try sucking a cock, and more specifically I wanted the woman to tell me to get on my knees and suck her man's cock, then I wanted her to get behind me, hold my head, direct me how to suck it, and shove my head down his shaft until I felt his cock explode in my mouth. I wanted to try other things too. I loved the idea of having my dick sucked while she was getting fucked, I wanted to fuck her while her man sat there and watched, something about having my cock buried deep in another man's woman just gets me going. DP got me going so badly, and I wanted to try double stuffing her pussy..I never thought I would find a couple to fulfill all of these things. I did.

I found a couple on a swinger site, we exchanged pictures, and that very night I decided to go play with them. I knew I couldn't wait and let my nerves get the best of me. Going there that night was the hottest thing I've ever done. I can't wait to get back to school to play with them some more. Here's how it went....

I drove over, they told me in an email that they would be on the back porch. I walked up, and said hello, hoping that I could speak coherently given how hard my heart was beating. Its beating out of my chest just writing this. I walked through the screen door and they were sitting there in the darkness drinking a few beers. We talked for about 20 minutes about nothing and I kept thinking to myself when was this going to start?? How does this work?? Right about then she lifted her legs onto the table. She had been wearing a button down shirt, I assume it was his because it was too large and covered what I assumed were shorts underneath. There were no shorts. She lifted her legs and I saw a perfectly shaved pussy. I couldn't hold back any longer. I told them I had to taste it and I got on my knees between her legs. She had just showered and her pussy tasted amazing. She was shy at first, she was quiet and didn't really get into it. Once she was more comfortable though, and at this point dripping wet, she put her hands behind my head and pulled me in deep into her pussy. I couldn't breath but that was ok, it was so hot to have my head buried in another man's wife while he watched. Right as I ran out of breath she came deep and long, I could feel her pussy squeezing my chin as I stopped licking her clit and switched to slowly, gently sucking. As she relaxed I sat back in my chair, she kept her hand over her pussy and I could see it quivering. As I looked around, I realized he had been stroking his cock and it was rock hard...

This was my chance. If I was ever going to try sucking a cock, I needed to do it now. Something about a woman, especially his woman, being present made me comfortable. I didnt have to make the first move though, she must have seen me looking at his big throbbing cock because she said his cock looked like it needed some attention. I got on my knees again, and she pulled her chair up behind me. She took my head in her hands, holding onto my hair with one hand and his cock with the other. He sat back and just smiled. We hadn't talked about any male on male contact too much so this was very unexpected. She stroked it up and down a few times then pulled it toward my mouth. She rubbed his head on my lips and then gently pushed my head to tell me she wanted it in my mouth. This was the first time I had ever been this close to another man's cock let alone had one in my mouth. I loved it. The taste, the texture, the warm pulsating shaft just felt great. I sucked on it and played with it, licking the tip, licking up from under his head and collecting the precum that was at this point streaming out non-stop. Then she stopped me. She wanted to move into the bedroom, so we followed.

I hadn't sucked his cock for long enough and I wanted more. I told them to get into a position that I had been craving for months. They were situated like they were fucking doggy style, but I was underneath her in a 69 position so I was right under where his cock would be pounding her pussy. He told me to get her ready for him so I spent a while licking and sucking her clit. He pulled one of my hands off of her ass and placed it on his balls. I was hoping he wanted more attention than that for his cock. He did. I told him she was nice and wet and tried to guide his cock into her so I could lick her clit while they fucked. He hesitated though, and obviously tried to push his cock into my mouth instead. I willingly took it. It was a great position to suck his cock, I had her beautiful body on top of me, she was sucking my dick and taking it deep into her mouth, and I had his throbbing cock buried in my throat. I couldn't move up or down too much on his cock so he started to fuck my mouth, he pushed it deep and I guess because of the angle I was able to take a lot more than before. I had to stop her sucking my cock, the whole situation was so fucking kinky that I was about to cum and had she continued I woudln't have been able to hold it at all. He eventually pulled out of my mouth, and pushed into her absolutely soaking pussy. I went back to licking her clit, I love eating a woman out, but it is so hot to know that shes getting fucked at the same time, and feeling amazing as a result. I couldn't count how many times she came, but its safe to say, getting fucked while getting eaten out must be a female favorite. He held it, he didn't want to cum yet, and asked to switch positions with me. I got on top, but instead of getting underneath her he laid back in front of her so she could suck his cock that way. I fucked her, but I was still so close that I didn't last very long, I came and when I came I came more than ever before. Everyone says, yeah I filled her up, but no seriously, I fucking unloaded in her. He loved that, he hopped up and started fucking her after me. He kept talking about how wet and soaking her pussy was and I could hear that he wasn't lying. Because I just came, I sort of was losing my kinky side. I think that happens to a lot of people, I mean I was still into it, glad I did it, but I would have been fine with leaving at this point. That wasn't going to happen.

He came and it was obvious he came as much as I had, he groaned for what seemed like minutes. I started to make my way towards my clothes, but she saw what I was trying to do. She said, no way you're leaving now, get your mouth into this pussy and clean me up. I was taken aback. She had been very quiet this entire time, moaning of course, but very little verbal communication. I love a dominant woman, I love being told what to do in bed, so of course I followed her instructions. I got my head down there and I sucked and licked up every bit of cum that she pushed out of her pussy. It was really fucking hot so my kinky side was brought back out again. I wanted to fuck her again. She got on her side pulled her ass up with one hand and motioned for me get behind her. I slid in beside her, rubbed my cock around her pussy for a second to collect some of the cum that was left, and pushed into her. We had fun for a while, and I realized he had left the room. That was ok with me, I really just wanted to fuck her again so I laid into her. She had a bottle of lube on the side table, and at one point reached over to get it. Her pussy had been absolutely destroyed that night, so I figured it was for her. No. She squeezed some into her hand and started playing with my ass. I love that. Not only is it kinky as shit, but I cum so much harder when I'm in the mood and a woman puts a finger up my ass. She did just that. At one point, her finger slipped out. What went back in felt bigger, I thought she had put more fingers in but I was wrong. She had planned all of this. She was just warming me up. What was bigger was his cock. He had somehow snuck back into the room and had just shoved his cock into my well-lubed ass. I thought about objecting, I hadn't even thought about something like this, but her pussy felt so good and I didn't want to rock the boat. He was gentle, he knew I was very tight so he let me dictate the speed and depth of his cock. What happened was absolutely orgasmic. I realized that as I pushed into her, I was pulling his cock out of my ass, as I pulled out of her I was pushing his cock into my ass. This feeling was fucking incredible. I came in no time. Not as much as before, but there was plenty more cum inside her. I thought he would stop at this point, I mean after coming my ass sort of tightened up and it didnt feel as good as before. I was wrong. She moved so that my head was between her legs again, and told me to clean up the mess I had made inside her. I willingly began eating that pussy for the millionth time that night, and he pounded, literally pounded my ass. It went from uncomfortable to really pleasurable, my mouth literally inside her pussy while he took my ass for the first time, it was awesome. He came, and boy did he come. After this we all got dressed and I eventually made my way to my car, but cum dripped out of my ass the entire way home.
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1 month ago
Very, very hot! Not into men, but would love to suck a cock under these circumstances. I know exactly what you mean after cumming, wish you were somewhere else, at least for a short time, but then the desire always returns. Typical with men! Great story, my hottest fantasy.
6 months ago
And I would be glad to be the third with you!
7 months ago
Amazing story. Would love to re-enact it.
1 year ago
and you went back repeatedly!
1 year ago
Fucking hot ! I like this story and have done this and love doing this .
If you are into this hit me up and add me lets chat
1 year ago
yup, that's on my list of things to do!
1 year ago
i love going home with cum dripping out of my ass this story reminds me of a few of my encounters
1 year ago
you lived what I dream about. sure wish it had been me.
1 year ago
sounds like a fun evening. i would have liked to been there
2 years ago
Loved that!!
2 years ago
Where can we sign up lol
2 years ago