roommate and her boyfriend 2

I took off all my clothes and Jason began oiling up Nikki's hot tits. The oil dripped down her nipples and down to the underside of her breasts. Nikki caressed her nipples and spread the oil over her hot skin. When my clothes were all on the floor, I stepped to her and rubbed my large tits on her's. She put her oily hands on my ass and pulled me in closer to make out again. I could taste my pussy on her lips which was very hot. Jason sat back down on the couch and took out his cock so he could watch us and rub it. We did not leave him disappointed. We giggled and rubbed our bodies together, spreading the oil all over our breasts. I put my palms over her hard nipples and squeezed her hot tits. She moaned and bit my neck, making my pussy tingle. Her leg was bent between my legs and she brought it up so it touched my pussy. I began to rub my wet cunt on her thigh, trailing her saliva and my pussy juices up and down her leg. I put my thigh between her legs and she too began to hump my leg and spread her juices all over. We were pinching each other's nipples and squeezing each other's boobs very hard.
"Fuck yeah," Jason moaned, egging us on.
"Lay on the ground and spread your legs," said Nikki. We intwined our legs so that we could rub our pussies together. Jason kneeled down beside us and started rubbing the head of his cock on my nipples and then rubbed his shaft all over my boobs. While never taking his eyes off our pussies, he straddled my face and put his cock between my tits, squeezing them over his dick. He rubbed his cock in the leftover oil on my tits.
"fuck those titties, honey,"urged Nikki, "I'm gonna cum soon."
Jason told her to cum on my pussy as Nikki began to climax for the first time. She pushed her mound harder and faster onto mine, our pussy juices lubricating our lesbian fun. Jason continued to pump himself on my chest, occasionally taking his dick our and slapping my tits with his cock.
"Nikki, get over. I want to watch you two 69." and within a few moments I was up close and personal with my first pussy. I'd had several girls eat me out and sucked my fair share of tits and definitely squeezed many boobs but never had I licked another girl's pussy. Nikki did not hesitate. she straddled my face, spread my legs, and wrapped her mouth around my soaking wet pussy for the second time that night. She stuck her cunt in my face and I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I found her clit and Nikki moaned and pushed her mound hard onto my mouth. I sucked and tongued her pussy lips and hole as she bucked her hips in my face and moaned, letting me know that my first time eating pussy was a success. Jason was still jacking his dick close to my head, enjoying the lesbian action that was all for his birthday.
After watching us for quite some time, Jason got closer and placed the head of his cock onto Nikki's crack and trailed it down to her clit and then up the crack to her ass. I continued to please her with my mouth and was happy to add his cock into the mix, licking the head of his cock as her rubbed it on her clitoris, tasting his precum and her pussy juice at the same time. He tilted his cock down and for several minutes, pulled it in and out of my mouth. I love sucking cock so I opened further and urged my mouth further down his shaft. Nikki continued to eat and finger my pussy, getting me closer to my first orgasm. I humped her fingers as she pushed them in and out of my soft hole. Jason put his hands on either side of my head, pushing his cock further down my throat. it was so hot and i began to cum, moaning on his cock and bucking my hips. Finally, the wave of pleasure washed over me and i relaxed onto the floor to catch my breath.
"I need some pussy" said Jason and stuck his cock deep into his girlfriend's pussy, catching her by surprise. I stayed under them, still recovering from Nikki's expert mouth and fingers and watched push himself in and out of her cunt. It was great to watch him pick up speed and slam into her and hear her cry out each time his cock went in full f***e. His balls swung with his thrusts and really began to turn me on. I held myself up slightly and once again began licking and sucking her clit, his balls hitting my face with each thrust. They both began moaning like crazy and encouraging me to add to their pleasure. I sucked on his balls and played with her tits. She also went back to eating my pussy and I loved the vibrations that came from her mouth with each moan.
Jason was getting extremely worked up and closer to cumming so he took his cock out of her pussy, saying how he wanted to wait for my ass to cum in. Nikki and I changed positions and I continued to lick her and finger her until she climaxed into a pile. She came so hard and was spent so she crawled onto the couch to enjoy the rest of the show.
Jason had positioned himself behind me while i was eating out his girlfriend and whiel she was cumming, had begun to play with my ass, licking it and sticking his fingers in there. it was really turning me on and i was beginning to beg him to fuck my tight hole. He squirted oil onto my hole and onto the head and shaft of his dick. He was so turned on by getting to fuck my ass that I knew this was going to be a short fuck but was looking forward to it anyway. He placed it at the entrance of my hole. He pushed hard and my hole was not budging. He poked and poked it several times which made my nipples hard. I love those first few moments of a cock getting put into my ass. Finally, he f***ed himself through the barrier and I relished the pain and pleasure that washed over my ass.
"Oh fuck" he breathed, very excited by his entrance. He pushed himself in more and i was so so tight. I moaned and relaxed and pushed my ass back to encourage him to stick more in. god, it felt so fucking good. i wanted him to push me down and fuck me hard. He took my cue and pushed more of himself in.
"You're a fucking slut" He said and smacked my ass.
I giggled and pushed myself onto him again.
"You want me to fuck your ass? Dirty slut." he started to thrust into me faster, pulling out a little and then pushing more of himself into me. it felt amazing, the pain and hot pleasure coming from my ass with every inch of his cock.
my pussy throbbed and i reached down, rubbing my clit. i was close again to orgasm and rubbed harder, knowing at any moment Jason would release his load into my butt.
He got hornier and hornier, shoving more into me but never getting all of it in. I was so tight from not being fucked there for so long. Finally, his a****l let loose and he grabbed my hair, pulling me backwards and grabbed my tit with his other hand. He squeezed and squeezed my tit while I rubbed my cunt.
"Fuck, bitch, I'm gonna cum in your ass." he said as he shoved.
"I'm cumming" I said, spreading my pussy juices all over my clit.
I pushed harder back onto his cock as we both came.
It was so hot.
After that, Nikki fell asl**p but Jason and I took a shower where he fucked my pussy and then again fucked my ass and came in it. The next morning, he woke me up and fucked me again. We fucked a couple of more times after that with and without Nicole and after several months, we had all moved on to other situations but no doubt it was a hot night.
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