Daddy and Daughter fun

Last year, I met a handsome older gentlemen at my friend's Christmas party. We hit it off instantly and spent the whole night flirting and teasing one another. As the night wore on, it was very obvious that both of us wanted to spend the night fucking one another so I invited him back to my place because my roommate was gone for the holidays. As we left and I was saying goodbye to my friend, she whispered that he was her boss which turned me on so much more.

We got back to my house and had an excellent time together. He was dominant and really enjoyed being rough with me, pushing me into all different positions and insisting on his cock being sucked. His greying beard and ponchy tummy really turned me on. I loved being able to feel his his stomach rub on my ass cheeks while he fucked me from behind and feeling his rough whiskers on my pussy lips made me cum several times. He was able to stay all night long and most of the time we spent fucking or fooling around. The next morning, after sl**ping for a short time, we started fooling around again. I woke him up by sucking on his limp dick until it was fully hard and being shoved down my throat. He moaned while his cock rubbed over my tongue and began calling me 'baby girl', telling me how much he loved my slutty mouth. Then he laid me on my back and titty fucked me followed by some long deep thrusts in and out of my pussy doggy style. He began to pick up his pace and my pussy was squeezing his cock, wanting him to explode inside of me again. I was squealing and moaning on his, telling him how good it felt. In the heat of the moment, I called him 'daddy' and thought he was going to explode immidiately. Luckily he didn't but instead began fucking me like he hadn't done all night. Seriously, the man went buck wild on my pussy, shoving me into the mattress, pulling my hair, squeezing my big titties until they turned pink. I absolutely loved it and came very quickly, calling him daddy the whole time. Finally, he pulled his cock out and stood up over me, cumming all over his baby girl.

After that hot night, we saw each other sporadically when he could get away and often met in hotel rooms. Each time, we played our daddy/daughter parts and both of us really got off on the entire situation. We played out all the typical scenes. My favorite was the one where Daddy would frequently use my panties to masturbate and watch me take a shower. One day, he came into the bathroom while I was showering and watched me through the glass shower door soap up my tits and run my hands down to my pussy. He picked up my silky panties from the floor and undid his zipper, taking out his dick. I'd never seen one so big! He starts rubbing my panties on his erection and telling me how pretty I am. I'm nervous and shy and just stand there watching him. finally, he gets into the shower with me and soaps up my body again, placing my soapy hands on his cock and playing with my large tits. His hands eventually go down to my pussy where he easily makes me cum and then tells me it's his turn to feel good. He places me on my knees and guides his cock to my lips telling me to suck it just like i do to my boyfriend. Of course, I obey, he's my daddy! He puts his hands on the back of my head to help me please him better and shows me how to play with his balls like mommy does. mmmmm, he tastse very good and his dick sliding over my tongue makes me very horny.

Once he's ready for something more, he stands me up and we get out of the shower. He dries me off, my front first and then moves to my back. He dries my back off and then bends me over the counter to do my ass and legs. He starts at my feet and his hands go up slowly, finally reaching my ass and pussy where his hands linger. He drops the towel and replaces his fingers at my pussy, rubbing and spreading my juices all over my lips and up my crack. he's telling me how hot I am and how often he thinks of me when his dick is hard. He wants to stick it in me. He wants to please me and show me how a real woman fucks. He's standing up behind me, fingering my pussy. I watch him in the mirror, he's watching my facial expressions, getting off on how much I'm enjoying my daddy's hands in my private areas. "Oh daddy" I moan and push my pussy onto his fingers. He takes his fingers out and I feel something else on the crack of my pussy, rubbing on my pussy lips. I look at daddy in the mirror and his eyes are squinted in pleasure. I realize it's his cock and I get nervous again. "Oh baby," he moans and pushes the head of his cock into my pussy. I grasp the counter in surprise and wait for him to fully enter me. It's so hot and so wrong! Daddy pushes all the way into me, I'm soaking wet and very ready for his cock. It's tight and kind of uncomfortable but after a few times of him going in and then otu of me, I get used to it and it feels amazing. His hands are on my ass, steadying me for his thrusts. He's moaning, I'm moaning, it's so incredibly hot and completely taboo! He finishes inside of me but we have many other hot adventures together.
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6 months ago
Good story. Love to read more of these.
1 year ago
very sexy story:)
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
Very nice and very hot...I have some similar stories, but they are fake. Just a crazy wild fantasy. Keep up the good work
3 years ago
woooo goodie
3 years ago
I have written a couple daddy daughter stories.
it is an unfulfilled fantasy as having a nasty naughty girl let me be her nasty daddy would be a night that would make memories i'd take to my grave
keep me hard even in an ol rocking chair
want to be my nasty girl ?

ps you rock darlin
3 years ago
good story. oh daddy.....
3 years ago
I'm glad you guys liked it! I haven't been able to see this guy in awhile and was wanting some more fun so writing it down and sharing with others is second best to playing with him again.
3 years ago
Great Hottttt Story.
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
This oldie is so horny