College cumming out party!

Aaaaaahhhhhh...where to begin? I guess it all really started in my teens, when I discovered the joy of dressing with one of my close friends. Like many others we started off slow, wearing panties and giving one another hand jobs and feeling at least a little bit like we were doing something we shouldn't be. After a few months of fooling around like this I arrived at his house one summer morning to find him dressed completely from head to toe in his s****rs clothes. Tight, short, sexy little miniskirt barely concealing a tiny pink thong, strappy stilletto sandals, skimpy camisole over a lace bra, his longish hair pulled back in a pony and his lips covered in bright lipstick. Frankly I was shocked, but quickly became excited when he asked if i wanted to dress up too. With little hesitation I replied yes! As I pulled on my first miniskirt and heels, I was overcome by how right it all felt! What else can I say? The rest is history!

Fast forward a few years to college now, as a freshman I was hesitant to much dressing up at first. My roomate was jock type, and as a result was a pretty big partier, constantly having people in the room and such, and on the nights he was going out, often dragging me along with him and his buddies. For the rare moment when I had some time alone in our room, I had a cute little purple thong and a matchin purple babydoll to go with it, and would lay in my bed, dressed in my sexy little outfit, masturbating and fingering my tight little ass, dreaming of having a hot night of dressing, sucking and fucking! It was to my benefit that my roomate would drag me along with him to parties all the time though, because it was at a party one night that I met Mandy and Kelli, who became my friends, confidants, and playmates. It was at a party off campus that I was smoking a j in the backyard that they came up to me and asked if they could puff too. I of course invited them to join me, I mean, here's two hot girls who want to smoke and hang with me and not the all the jocks at the party. After a beer or two each they invited me back to their room for a "better kind of party" and i gratefully joined them for whatever they had in store. We smoked on the way, and when we got to their room they locked the door and kicked on the party lights and some music and we sat around laughing and getting to know each other. After a while Mandy whispered something in kellis' ear, who giggled and nodded. Mandy then sat next to me and asked me in a whisper if I wanted to take e with them. Although I had never before I decided to go for it and she dropped it into my hand and got me some water. Sometime in the middle of my first roll Kelli and I were givin each other massages when mandy came out of the bathroom in just her panties and a camisole. I must have been out of control because out loud I heard myself say "I love those panties, I wish I had a pair like them! The whole room stopped as soon as the sentance rolled off my tounge, but instead of being disgusted, my new friends were interested! It soon transpired that the girls just had to dress me up while we were rolling, and how much fun it would be. FOr the next hour the girls gave me a ecstasy fueled makeover, shaving my legs (the rest of me, including my face is naturally smooth thankfully) painting my toes and fingers, doing my makeup, and dressing me in a skimpy black mesh thong and matching bra, short, tight whit miniskirt, belly baring pink tank top and a pair of silver pumps with 4 inch heels. When they finished they kept telling me how hot I was and how sexy of a girl I had become. I stood up shakily on my heels and giggled, and Kelli said to me, "A girl as cute as you needs a name sweetie" I nodded a little and Mandy said "How bout Sasha?" "I Like it" I replied, And since then I've been Sasha and loving it! LOL I learned a lot from them that night, rolling hard in their dorm room, how to walk in heels with that sexy sway in my butt that drives the boys crazy. that the two of them were lovers, but were into boys too (at least a little bit), how to apply listick and eyeshadow, and that with my long hair and feminine features they both thought I could easily pass for a girl. I spent the early morning watching them going down on each other as I slowly rubbed my throbbing cock through the sheer fabric of my borrowed panties. Eventually, they invited me to join them in bed, where they introduced me to the pleasures of having my tight hole eaten and filled to the brim with a vibrator before they straddled me, mandy riding my cock and Kelli fucking my mouth with her dripping pussy until we all exploded with orgasms and fell into a pile of of sweaty bodies and cum soaked lingerie. I awoke late the next morning unsure of what would happen. My worst fear were quickly dispelled though as Mandy sl**pily smiled at me ad whispered "Don't worry Sasha, you're secret is our secret honey." Kellu woke up too, adding "I hope you're going to come with us to eat Sasha." "Sure" I replied, and stood up, the cum drenched thong sticking to my skin as I did so. I pulled of the panties and somewhat sadly began reaching for my boxer shorts, remembering the pleasure I'd had last night dressing fully for the first time after sooooo long. "Oh you don't need to wear those things sweetie" mandy said from behind me. i turned to see her open a drawer and pull out a little pink thong, "You can wear these today unless you want to wear those boxers" I giggled my thanks to her, to which she replied smiling "Anything for one of my girls!"

That was the start of our friendship, I quickly found myself sl**ping and basically living with Kelli and Mandy, feeling safe and secure and happily living my life as a cute litttle girl with my friends!

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11 months ago
fantastic story what a way to learn the waytodo things right from a pair of sexy ladies
1 year ago
that's a well written amazingly erotic story ... youre very sexy!
2 years ago
wish I knew you three!
2 years ago
Ive cum to this at least a dozen fantasy... ;)
2 years ago
Oh i wish I could've joined, thanx for telling.
2 years ago
very sexy and completely interesting
2 years ago
And so it begins...very nice story. Thx