Surprise Beach Vaction


Master came home today really happy saying He has a big surprise for me. I ask Him what it was but He wouldn’t tell me said I had to wait until Friday to hear. Damn how am I going to wait until then that is two days away. Ughh I hate waiting. Master snickers knowing that about me too. As I go thru the days doing my chores and serving Master I try my best to get Master to tell me. By Thursday night Master was so frustrated with me trying, I got a really bad spanking, 100 smacks on the ass with a thick wooden paddle. That made me shut up quick about it. I went to bed that night whimpering with a sore red ass. Master just smiles and goes to sl**p.
Finally its Friday morning, yes I get to know. I’m so happy I am singing while I cook breakfast. Master smiles at me. W/we are sitting at the breakfast table and Master tells me to pack for traveling for W/we are going to the beach. I excitedly yelp with pleasure and kiss Master’s cheek. I asked Him how did this happen. He smacks my ass softly and tells me to clean up. Which I start doing and He tells me that Master J has private beach property that He is loaning to U/us for one night. Ohh Master that is soo great. I am singing with happiness while I pack O/our bags. Master packs the Dom bag and my sub bag with the toys He wants.
As W/we drive down the road Master has me in the front seat with my legs wide and playing with a vib in my pussy. Master likes watching me masturbate sometimes as He drives. It gets me so embarrassed knowing that people can see me. Master pinches my nipples every once in awhile as I pump the vib in and out of my pussy. Of course I can’t cum yet grrrr!!!!
W/we arrive to the beach house. I scream with excitement its so lovely and so private. I see a 6 feet wall fence around the back. I wonder if that goes down to the shoreline. Master seems to know what I am thinking and tells me it does. As W/we unpack and get the house arranged to see what is there for U/us. Master takes me to the grocery store to stock up for O/our meals. I cringe as I see Master buy ginger root. Oh dear that stuff again I scream in my head. W/we go back to the beach house and Master gets out my cuffs and chains and tells me I will be wearing these the whole time W/we are here. I let out an excited squeal as Master puts them on me. I love wearing my cuffs and chains, and of course I’m naked.
Master tells me to fix O/our lunch. As W/we sit on the patio eating O/our sandwiches Master looks down at the shoreline and grins. “Girl I think W/we will go swimming next”, Master says. “That sounds nice Master”, I reply. After I clean up O/our lunch mess Master puts my leash on my collar and W/we are off to the shoreline. I can hear the birds and my chains rattle as W/we walk down the walkway. Master lays out a blanket and sits down and pats the space next to Him. I sit and enjoy the heat of the sun on my naked body. Master pinches my nipples and lays me down. He inserts the vib in my pussy and tells me to be still and enjoy the sun.
Master then goes for a swim after putting a clothespin on my clit and clover clamps on my nipples. I am laying there in pleasure pain as Master swims. I am wiggling and moaning from the vib and the pain. Master comes back and sees that I’m at the edge of cumming and turns off the vib and removes the clamps. I get my breath calmed down once again. Master tells me to turn over and get on my hands and knees. I turn around and raise my ass high in the air feeling the cool breeze against it. My head is down into the blanket.
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Master gets His new single tail out. “Lets try this new toy girl”, Master says. I yelp when I feel the first sting lands across my ass. Master says, “nice girl this makes a nice mark on your ass and a nice sound from you” Master starts swinging slowly one after the other on my ass. I try my best to get thru the pain and stinging of the single tail. I can feel welts forming as Master swings harder now. I’m yelling now “ow owww ohh Master ooww ooww ohhhh” Master is enjoying Himself then He turns the vib on high and inserts it again. I am moaning now. He takes the clothes pins off my clit, which makes me holler oowww as I feel the bl**d rushing back into my clit. “Oh girl I love it when you scream like that, it’s been too long W/we haven't had total privacy to hear you scream”, Master says.
Master puts in the ass vib on high and makes me wiggle more. Master tells me to lie on my back again. I lay down tenderly with my legs wide and arms above my head. Master lays down next to me and suns Himself. As He lies there He tortures me with moving the vib in my pussy. I’m so wet that I can feel it soaking the blanket. Its mid-day now and W/we go back in the house.
Master ties me to the cross and takes a shower. Damn He forgot to turn off the vibs. Uughhh how am I going to stand this? Ughh I yell out, “Master can I cum please Master can I?” He must not be able to hear me because of the shower. Ohh noo what am I going to do? Ohh dear I cum, I couldn’t keep from doing it. I tried my best. After I finish cumming and get my breath back. I get scared oh noo Master will be so mad. I hear Master turning off the shower and toweling off. I look down I see a puddle of juices on the floor. Damn He will see that. Master walks into the room with a smile on His face and gets a drink from the fridge.
He stops in mid step on His way over to me and looks with an angry smirk on His face. He sees the puddle on the floor. “Girl what did you do while I was in shower?” Master asks me. With an embarrassed and guilty face and frown on my face I answer, ”Master I couldn’t help it I tried yelling for permission I really did but You couldn’t hear me. Master I cum without permission” my head lowers in shame. “Girl You know what this means don’t you?” Master says. I gulp, for I do know. Master gets me off the cross and takes me to the bedroom and ties me to the bed on my tummy with my legs spread and hands above my head. I am chained to the bed frame itself and He takes the vibs out of me.
Master gets out the cane, the punishment cane. Oh I hate that cane. It’s thick and made of bamboo. He says 50 would do for this time. I bite my lip and wait for the first sting. It’s going to hurt more for the shame of letting Master down always makes it hurt more. “whackkkk” comes the first strike across my ass. I yell into the bed. “whack whack whack” I have to count “1, 2, 3, 4 Master” tears forming in my eyes as Master gets to 25 I can feel welts forming on my ass and thighs now. Master gets to 40 and stops until my breathing calms down. Then 10 quick ones damn I hate that. I am crying into the bed. Master releases me from the bed and holds me and cuddles me, rubbing my back letting me cry into His shoulder until I calm down. Master then rubs lotion into my ass making the fire go away. Master says W/we will order pizza delivery since I have too many welts to make dinner. I smile gratefully at Him.

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As W/we eat in the bed and chat and drink soda, Master rubs my clit and pussy. He loves it when I’m open access to Him. As He moves O/our dinner off bed, He moves me on my side and puts one of my legs over His shoulder and fucks my pussy hard and deep. “Ohh yesss Master fuck this pussy ohh Master”, I moan over and over again. As Master cums deep in my pussy He orders me to cum. My body shakes and jerks as I cum hard. Master curls me into His shoulder and lets me play with His chest hair and W/we fall asl**p.
The next morning Master finds me on my side with my ass next to Him. He fucks my ass, which wakes me up. “ohh Master this early ohh myy”, I moan. I love being woken up like this. Master hasn’t done this in a long time. This beach vacation has relaxed Master so much, I love it. After W/we both have cum and showered which Master fucks my pussy after I shower His body. I love that too. Master said this would be O/our last time to enjoy the beach so lets get down there. I clean up breakfast mess and dinner mess from last night, as Master gets into His swimming suit. He carries His flogger with Him saying my ass had enough hard yesterday He will be easy on it today. I smile at Master’s care of this one. But I also see Master take the clamps and the vibs and the candle. He won’t be easy on my boobs I see. I moan.
Master walks me down to the shoreline with my chains rattling as I go. He lays me down on the blanket and puts the vib in my pussy again on high. How am I going to get thru this I already cum twice this morning I’m not used to cumming more then that. Ohh dear I hope I please Master. Master flogs my boobs over and over again until my boobs are nice and red and on fire. He clamps my nipples with the clover clamps. Master fucks my pussy some with the vib. I am wiggling and moaning now.
Master heads to swim, leaving me there to sunbathe. I lay there enjoying the sun, purring in contentment. This mini vacation has done U/us some good. Master comes from swimming finding me half asl**p. Master snickers and then next I know I am awaken from pain on my nipples. Master is putting candle wax on them. “ohh owwoowwwoow Master!!!!!!” I yell as Master covers both nipples with the blue wax. I am groaning in pain and pleasure. Master pinches my clit some. And I’m grinding into the vib now. Master grins at His work; enjoying the display I am giving Him. “Oh girl I love my property, you have pleasured me so well”, Master whispers as He kisses my lips, and He takes out the vib. I smile up at Him as He turns me over on hands and knees and fucks my pussy good and hard. Giving me permission to cum as He cums. W/we orgasm together this time, He fills me so well with His precious seed.
Master then lies next to me and removes the wax from my nipples and takes the clamps off too. He curls me up in His arms and W/we enjoy the sounds and waves of the ocean. As evening comes W/we go back up to the house and prepare to leave. Master takes off my cuffs and chains, which I pout as He does, and He takes the bags to the car. “Little one I will let you nap on the way home for you will have a busy night “, Master sneers into my ear. I smile with pleasure knowing He will be good to His word. W/we get into the car and I put my head on His shoulder and purr as W/we drive home.
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