Airplane Duty


I’m sad for Master will be going on a trip with two of His Friends. I will be going on the plane to Their destination but will be going right back home. Master wants to use me on the way there and have me come back home. It’s a private plane that One of the other Master’s owns Himself. I’m nervous about this for I haven’t met these other Masters before. I know it’s going to be Master B and Master T. I wait nervously in the passenger side of the car as W/we drive to the airport. I will be driving the car back. Master has me in a long skirt, thong, button-down blouse and pigtails. Master has His Dom bag with Him also. W/we arrive to the private airport. There is the plane, I see two Men looking thru the door of the plane at U/us and wave. Master smiles and rubs my cheek, which makes my heart, beat with gladness. “Girl I know you will do just fine, just enjoy yourself and it will go well”, Master says sweetly in my ear. I smile up at Him and kiss His hand.
W/we enter the plane and I am seated at the far wall. I can feel the other Masters looking me over, which makes me blush. Master doesn’t have to introduce me for He has already told the Masters about me. Each Master comes up to me and shakes my hand introducing Themselves as They go to Their seat. W/we all buckle in and the plane take off. As the sign blinks signaling its okay to move about the plane, Master gives me the signal. I unbuckle and get up and walk over to Master’s Dom bag and take off my blouse and skirt leaving me wearing my thong and collar. Master tells me to come here. I go and stand in with my head lowered, my legs spread, my hands at my back, and my back straight in front of Master. He places some cuffs on my wrist and ankles then places chains connecting my wrist to each other and my ankles to each other. The chains are long enough for me to use my hands and walk around.
Master orders me to get drinks for Them. I walk over to the bar and make Their drinks as They tell me what They would like. I put the drinks all on a tray and walk slowly over to Master B and kneel with head lowered and tray rose up to Him. He takes His drink and rubs my cheek and thanks me. I go to Master T and kneel with head lowered and tray raised. He takes His drink and rubs my cheek and thanks me. I kneel in front of Master and take His drink in my hands and kiss the rim and raise the glass with my head lowered. He takes the drink and sips from the side, which I kissed and says how sweet the drink is now that I have sweetened it with my kiss. I blush and grin with happiness. I go put the tray back on the bar and stand at the wall waiting. The Masters chat about work and business as I wait. The pilot asks Master if I would get his drink too. Master orders me to get him a soda, which I do obediently. I kneel beside the pilot and raise the drink with my head down. He takes the drink and smiles at me. I walk back to my wall and stand.
Master tells me that They are in mood for some entertainment and that I should go to the cross in the corner. I gulp hard and walk over to the cross. I hear Master T walk over to me and chain me to the cross with my ass toward Them. Master hands Master T a flogger and says for Him to use it on me. I take a deep breath and the first strike hits my back. Ohh man does He has a heavy hand. Strike after strike they come over my back. I am panting and wiggling now. My back feels like fire as strike after strike falls upon on my back.

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Master B wants more entertainment so He comes forward with a crop and Master T moves away. Master B attacks my ass with that crop. I am moaning and groaning in pain now feeling each strike on my ass, making it more on fire. I am struggling against the chains and trying my best to keep my breathing down. My pussy is getting wetter by the minute. Master B says,”girl you have a nice ass for this, I like it” Master says thanks. Master B keeps striking my ass. Master T comes around the front and rubs and pinches my nipples, which makes me yelp in pain and pleasure now. Master asks Master B to stop for a minute as He puts a vib in each hole on medium speed. I am grinding my hips now and moaning louder. Master T is using a wooden spoon on my nipples and my boobs as Master B is striking my ass with the crop. Damn how much can I take? Ohh yes moannn grooann wigglleee
The plane bounces from an air pocket which makes the Masters stop for a few seconds. I take this moment to calm my breathing and swallow. Master B is satisfied with His work as He starts rubbing my ass. I move my ass into His hand. The coolness feels so good against my hot ass. Master T has made my boobs dark red and marked nicely. He is licking my nipples and sucking hard on them. Master takes me down off the cross and lays me over the coffee table in the middle of the room and ties me to it. My hands are ties to one side where my head is over edge and my knees are tied to the other end. I am kneeling on the floor.
Master T moves to my mouth and presents His cock to me. I open mouth wide and lick the head of the cock. Master B comes behind me and takes out the vib in my pussy after a few hard strokes in my pussy first which makes this one moan loudly. Master T shoves His cock deep in my mouth making me start sucking and slurping and gagging until He moves it some so I can breath. Now I’m sucking and slurping on His cock, which makes Him pleased. Master B starts fucking my pussy slow at first then faster and deeper. Master is stroking His cock He’s pleased seeing His slave being used like this. Master T cums deep in my throat making me swallow. Then as I am licking His cock clean Master B cums in my pussy with a big blast, and a hard smack on my ass. As I clean Master B’s cock Master comes behind me and puts the pussy vib back in and takes out the ass vib.
I know what is coming and I moan with pleasure as Master rubs my red-welted sore ass. Master fucks my ass with a well-lubed rock hard cock. I am straining against the ropes now trying to back my ass into His glorious cock. Master is moaning and groaning which makes me wetter. I start pleading with Master to be allowed to cum. Master orders me to cum when He does. I moan in agony. Master is fucking harder and deeper in my ass. I feel the vib on high deep in my pussy. Master groans out loud and squirts in my ass. I feel the hot precious seed of Master and I cum hard and long. The sign saying to buckle back in O/our seats for plane is landing comes on. I am left tied to the coffee table as the Masters get buckled in Their seats.
I have cum dripping down my legs. The plane lands and the pilot ask permission from Master to get a blowjob. Master smiles and grants it. Master releases me from the coffee table and I walk to the pilot and kneel. I open my mouth wide and the pilot slides his cock in my mouth. I suck and slurp to my best making the pilot shot fast. Master orders me to clean up in the bathroom.
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After I clean up and Master kisses me goodbye and hugs me tightly, the Masters leaves the plane and I take off back home with the pilot. When we arrive back home I give the pilot one last blowjob at Master’s command before He left. I take Master’s Dom bag and drive back home once again and wait with anticipation for Master to come back home.
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nice story
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great story
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