Dressing Room in Mall


Master told me this morning during breakfast that W/we will be doing some clothes shopping. I got all excited. Master told me to wear what He had laid out on the bed. After cleaning up the kitchen from O/our breakfast I head into the bedroom to get dressed. I found laying on the bed a sundress, that laced up in front, with a full skirt on it, but there were no panties or a bra. Oh dear I guess Master will make this an adventure for U/us today I see.
I head into the bathroom and turn on the water in the shower. Master comes into the bedroom and goes into the bathroom. He asked if I like what He picked out which I tell Him I do. I let my see-thru nightgown I was wearing fall to the floor then walk into the shower. Master takes off His clothes and get in the shower with me. I turn around to get the soap and see Him standing there with an evil sneer on His face. I blush and smile. He tells me to clean Him. I soap up the washcloth and start cleaning His body from shoulders down to waist. I then start cleaning from toes to thighs. I reach around Him rubbing my boobs against His lap area as I clean His rear. Master moans as He feels my boobs rub against His cock.
Master calls me a slut for making Him horny. With a cheesy smile on my face I tell Master that is what He gets for getting into my shower. Oh Master didn’t like that one bit. Master bends me over with my hands on the side of the tub and smacks my ass 10 hard ones with the water running over my ass. Then He says for making Him hard He will fuck my pussy but I’m not allowed to cum. As Master fucks my pussy hard and deep I groan in frustration for not being able to cum. After cumming, Master orders me to clean His cock area quickly so He can get dressed. I take the washcloth and clean it good and fast.
Master smacks my ass one more time before getting out and telling me to be quick at my shower. Grrrr!! I answer back at Him as I clean my body and hair. After my shower I dry my hair and do my makeup. I go into the bedroom and start putting on my sundress Master picked for me. I ask Him which pair of shoes, since He didn’t choose any. He said what I want to wear. I go to the closet and pick out a pair of sandals that match the dress and head to the living room for approval. Master looks me over and nods His approval.
Master and I drive down the street to the mall He shows me a bag W/we will be bringing into the mall with U/us. It’s like a purse so I will carry it He said. As W/we arrive and find a parking space Master orders me to put a vib into my pussy and put on the thongs He has in the bag. I open the bag and get the vib out and insert it into my pussy and then grab the thongs and slide them on me. After Master parks the car, W/we head into the mall. He walks me to this sexy clothing store. As W/we enter, I feel the vib go off in me. I make a noise of sucking in air.
Master goes to a rack of teddies and picks out two and then heads for the garter belts and panties. As Master does this, the vib is going low then high inside my pussy. Master looks over at the dress, some leather, some silk and picks out two. Then He walks U/us over to the changing rooms. He tells the lady that He is going in with me as, W/we walk in and pick an empty room. Master puts the things He picked on a hook and sits down in the chair. He orders me to strip and start doing a show for Him.

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I strip off my sundress and leave the thong on. I first put on the dresses one by one putting them on and walking around the dressing room. I know what Master wants me to do. I start doing sexy poses and shake my ass as I walk around for Him in each dress. I can see I’m doing a good job for Master’s lap is getting bigger. I can tell Master loves the leather dress the best, so I hang it on another hook and put the other dress back on the hook Master picked.
I start putting on the teddies now. I can tell Master is getting so hot with me doing this strip tease and changing of clothes for Him. My pussy is getting so soaked now from the vib and my teasing Master, I can’t stand much more. Before I put the first teddy on, Master orders me to bend over in front of Him first. I grab my knees and back my ass toward Him. He slides the thongs down and slides a vib into my ass from the bag He brought with some lube on it. I feel the vib turn on and start vibrating in me as I put the teddy on.
This teddy is green and has an X in front just barely covering my nipples with ruffles and has a snap together crotch. I start moving around shaking my hips and bending over for Master. As I bend over and wiggle my ass, I hear a moan from Master’s lips. I snicker. I take that one off and get the teddy I really like. It’s red leather with holes for my nipples and crotch less. I slide Master’s fingers over my nipples so He can see the convenience of the holes. Master calls me a horny slut and makes me smile. I slide onto His lap and grind my hips over His hard cock and make Him moan more.
Master reaches up then to pinch and twist on my nipples as I get off His lap to put on the garter belts for Him. He tells me to never mind modeling those. I take off the leather teddy and put it with the leather dress, for I know Master will buy these for me. He tells me to put the garter belts with them. Master grabs me and pulls me to His lap.
Master pulls His zipper down and pulls my thong down so quickly I never even felt it. I then feel the vib come out of my pussy and Master’s hard cock enter it slamming hard and deep over and over again. Master whispers into my ear that I was a slut bitch for getting Him so damn horny. I told Him it was my job and hope I pleased Him well. He moaned in answer to this and fucked my pussy harder. I grabbed His knees so not to fall off His lap since my ass was facing Master. Master pulls on my hair to keep me from falling then whispers I can cum this time. I moan in gratefulness.
After Master and I cum hard, He takes out some wipes from the bag and I clean U/us up and the dressing room. Master puts the vib back into my pussy as I slide the thong back on me. Master grabs the leather dress and teddy with the garter belts and heads U/us to the cashier. I can’t wait to get home and model them again for Master. I love it when Master takes me shopping.
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4 years ago
Loved the story now they need pictures to go along with the story
4 years ago
4 years ago
Love your stories!!