me the older guy and .................??

I was on a night out with a few friends dancing drinking having a laugh in the bar with a few friends when i saw this hot guy checking me out, i enjoyed it got a little excited but didn't think nothing off it.

Later on towards the end of the night i was waiting for a taxi when the guy that had been checking me out was walking towards me we locked eyes and we both new something was to happen, after a little chatting and flirting we shared a taxi back to his place for a "coffee"

As i went into his apartment my eyes fixed firm on his tight bum he turned and i could see quite a nice bulge in his jeans, maybe he was already excited for me, we didnt waste any time we kissed softly before it got more passionate more rough he took off my dress as i took his top off his hard abs and chest pressed against my big tits, my nipples hardened as did his cock in his jeans i hd to see it to feel it i wanted to take it deep in my mouth so warm and wet for that big man cock, lay him down taking his pants off to reveal a big shaven 8" dick rock hard and wanting to be taken care off.

I took him deep into my mouth he began moaning so loud my pussy was dripping wet through my knickers i began to play with my clit it was already swollen and needed this cock inside me, as i licked up and down his big shaft taking his balls into my mouth i began to play with his ass he seemed to like this i played a little more before i new he was close to spurting his big load into my mouth, i lifted off pushed him down onto the bed before smoothering his face with my wet pussy and ass i wanted to be tongued deep into me, both my holes, as he was slipping his warm wet tongue into me i heard a noise in the hall way but the pleasure was too much i carried on sucking as he was licking i began to cum on his tongue into his mouth... the nosie again in the hall i stopped and a shadow was stood at the door i could make out the outline of someone holding a cock, and boy was it a big dick.

i asked dave about the shadow he said it would have been his b*****r paul, i called paul into the room his hard cock must have been 10" i wated both cocks my slut pussy needed filling, i took paul in my mouth and began sucking his cock already covered in pre cum, i slid down dave and sat on his hard penis slamming my ass down onto it harder and harder each time i knew he wouldnt last long he shot a big load inside me and it ran all down is hrad cock and shaft i wanted to taste it so had paul shove his big dick deep into my pussy while i sucked his b*****rs cock and tasted his cum so sweet.

now what happened next really did take me by surprise as paul and his massive cock where slamming into my pussy dave slipped under me and began flicking my clit with his pussy, what i didnt know was he was also sucking his b*****rs big dick and paul didnt last long he shot his load into me while dave licked and sucked his b*****rs cum out of my well used pussy, there is a little more but ill save it for another time xx
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2 years ago
dave slipped under me and began flicking my clit with his pussy?????
2 years ago
love it, can we have the rest?
2 years ago
good story
2 years ago
2 years ago
Sounds fun ,,hope you post more of the very hot story
2 years ago