The Quickie

It was a pretty warm day in the City of Las Vegas, the city some called "Sin City". It was around 2 in the afternoon, the temperature close to 98 degrees.
I spent a good deal of time in the shower, trying to cool off my hot glistening body, trying to cool down my swelling clit...which always seems to swell and throb whenever the weather got warmer.

It didn't help my situation, constantly thinking about sex...thinking about how well my lover fucked me...thinking about how well he ate my pussy....thinking about how passionate he kissed me.
I grabbed the shower head, noticing that the shower head dial had four different settings...I tried setting number one, which was a pulsation, it felt really good against my warm skin, so I applied it to my the water pulsated against my body legs began to wobble and felt I turned the dial to setting number was a mist flow...this setting felt amazing against my the misty water hit against my hugh nipples harden up like a piece of rock candy...which caused me to grab my tits to suck and caress my nipples...I then turned to setting number three...this was a massage setting...with the water pulsating like a heartbeat...this setting felt amazingly good against my ass hole...The fourth setting was a "aerated" setting...the water from this setting
felt like a hundred tiny dicks all bound together into one...I use this setting against my pussy...The sensation of the cool water trying to enter my pussy walls...sent a shock wave over my body, I squatted a little so that the water could penetrate my pussy walls and enter into me even deeper...As the cool water bounced off my clit was swelling bigger and bigger, like a water balloon trying to explode....I didn't want to cum because I knew that my lover was due to arrive within the next couple of minutes, but I couldn't help myself...the water cause my body to shiver, cause my legs to get weak, cause my throat to let out a moan, that could be heard over the entire I rock my body back and forth allowing the aerated water flow to wash my cum juices down the drain.
As I laid on the bed, overwhelmed in an orgasmic state. My lover walked in the room...By the expression on my face...He could tell that I somehow had the time of my life...that I somehow had experienced something powerful...he could tell that my body had "released"...but he didn't exactly know how I was able to accomplish this without him...He wondered if I had another lover who escaped through the back door when we heard him entering the front door...He wondered if I had purchased another "sex toy" that pleasured me so much that I couldn't wait until he arrived to try it out. As these thoughts wondered through his mind... I didn't give him a chance to verbalize them.
I grab my lover pulled him on top of me and kissed him passionately...playing hid and seek with our tongues...As our tongues darted in and out of each other lover hands made their way in between my legs to my our tongues darted in and hands made my way to his engorged dick...As I grabbed it for the first time stood at attention for me...we continued kissing passionately while I stroked my lovers dick up and down...until his pre-cum juices started flowing...I rubbed the tip of his dick, as his pre-cum juices covered my hand like lotion...I broke away from our drink all his pre-cum juices...I couldn't allow a drop of it go to waste...I sucked and gulped his cum juices...causing his dick to become rock hard and swell to an enormous size that was not too big to deep I pumped his dick in and out of my mouth...his fingers pumped in and out of my pussy...I allowed his dick to rest for a that I could concentrate on our passionate embrace...I wanted him to taste his own pre-cum juices...I played with his dick with my hand...until it became rock hard he stuck his fingers in my mouth...which were covered in my pussy juices...the taste of my own pussy juices caused me to moan in we laid together...pleasuring each other so well...that we both were close to exploding together in an explosive orgasm...I wondered if he was willing to experience my shower with the amazing settings...He was willing to give it a try...we stepped into the shower.
The "aerated" setting sent more shock waves throughout my body as my lover applied it to my pussy and clit...he moved the shower head back and forth allowing the water to penetrate from my ass hole, to my pussy hole and then to my clit...within a minute my body convulsed with orgasm...I shivered, moaned and body convulsing...all of my pussy juices traveling down the drain again...I kneeled in the shower and pulled his dick into my mouth, as I formed a suction on his dick...He handed me the shower head...which I adjusted the setting to "massage"...I applied the massaging water to my lovers ass hole...which caused a low moan to bellow from deep within his throat...I stroked, sucked and massaged his dick, his asshole, his balls...causing him to fuck my mouth hard and fast...his dick entered my mouth harder and faster, faster and harder...As the warm cum pumped out of his dick hitting the back of my throat...spilling out of my mouth...washing down the drain...
I laugh with pleasure as my lover moaned with pleasure...We left the shower and got dressed..."What time is it babe?" I asked...It's 3pm sweetie he replied.

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2 years ago
WONDERFUL! very descriptive and raunchy.. i would enjoy reading your stories regularly!
2 years ago
AWESOME A quickie would be great right now!