She needsto be fucked"

She'd only been talking to him about a week but they'd talked enough to know she wanted his cock inside her, HIS. She found it so easy to open up to him, to tell him the crazy things going on in her life. He made her feel at ease, relaxed, like things would be okay. They didn't verbally talk for awhile, but when she heard his voice, two pieces of the picture were in place. Now she needed his cock. She had been so stressed out. It had also been 7 months for a woman who was used to having sex twice, sometimes three times a day, 5-7 days a week. She was starving!!!!

She was so hot when she thought about him, her panties wet she found herself getting off at least a few times a day. She always liked pulling at her blonde hair, twirling it in her fingers, her other hand rubbing her tits, pulling at her nipples getting them hard, saying his name, moaning his name. This could never last long because her pussy was pounding his name so loud, she had to start fucking herself. She moved her hand that was on her tits to her aching hole, sliding two fingers, already feeling all her white juices flowing to her also ready to be fucked ass. She slides her two fingers in and out of her pussy while she brings the other hand down to her huge, clit, so erect it could pass for a small cock. She rubs her clit, at first with a few fingers while she adds three fingers to her pussy, saying his name louder now, begging him to please fuck her; she needs a cock, she needs HIS cock. They've talked about what he's going to give her, and what she wants more than anything to give him, her favorite, his cock in her mouth. And as she's thinking about that, she takes her fingers out of her pussy, covered in glistening and white witness, all over her fingers, sticky yet still wet on her fingers. She sucks her fingers like a cock while her other hand is now rubbing her clit, opening the lips, flicking it around.

She has her legs on the wall spread far apart, fucking her clit, fucking her mouth like she's fucking him. She has all her fingers in her mouth, gagging herself, choking herself, imagining his cock deep in her throat. The more she thinks about it the wetter she feels herself getting. She takes her hand, completely full of spit dripping and goes to her already soaked pussy and immediately puts all four fingers in and starts fucking herself crazy, moving her hips in rhythm with her hand, practically screaming for him to make her cum. Her other hand had gone from rubbing and flicking her clit to jacking off that small cock. She is going to explode. She is moving her hips and ass so high off the bed and her feet are spread so far apart on the wall. She has put all of her fingers and thumb inside and are pushing so hard because she wants to feel his cock so bad. Her hand is soaking wet. She feels slight jerks on her clit. She yells to him yes yes make her cum,cum on his cock so she can have it in her mouth. And with that she moans his name in one long, loud moan, all fingers deep inside her moving them slowly, rubbing her clit slowly and she is cunning all over his cock.

She has to come down slowly because she realizes she has squirted for him. The sheets are all wet. She knows she has to have him soon. She lays in bed, wanting to call him but she's exhausted. She can't put herself through all that again.

At least not for a few hours anyway :)
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1 day ago
That is sooo hot!! Where do I apply for the position of mystery man?? ;)
1 month ago
Wow!!!!... there isn't anything more sexy than a woman with a vivid imagination. ..I had to stop and say Awesome work Wonderful
11 months ago
You never cease to amaze me. Your erotic style, irresistible physique, and amazing smile personify perfection. It would be very interesting to witness Pt. 2 through your words, eyes, and touch. Any man who has the opportunity and privilege of sharing such a euphoric experience with you is to be envied. Clearly God was showing off when he made you :)
11 months ago
private message me
1 year ago
very hot
1 year ago
Whoever "he" is "he" is a lucky man. She deserves to be with him as soon as possible.
1 year ago
Oh Sweetiepie....that is fantastic. You write a wonderful story;I can mentally picture those events as they unfold. Talk about leaving me wanting more!! bet I am babe!.
1 year ago
so fucking hot reminds me of a couple friends ;)
1 year ago
Hmmmm i wonder who the inspiration is? ;)
1 year ago
AWESOME Would love to hear more