Survivor: The Outback Orgy (fiction)

***this is just fiction and I don’t mean to disparage Survivor or any of the people in the story in any way***

“I’m bored,” whined Jerri. “Not only is there nothing to eat, but you can’t get a good nights sl**p and all there is to do is fish or play another game of god damned backgammon.

The rest of the recently merged Barramundi just tried to ignore her. True, getting rid of Alicia the week before had been a good idea, but now Jerri was just digging herself deeper and deeper into losing out at Tribal Council. Rodger, the closest person to Jerri, smiled politely at her but rolled his eyes when he turned his head. Elisabeth caught this and began to snicker quietly, which angered Jerri.

“What? What’s so funny? You know I’m right. God, I can’t wait to get back home so I can get a shower and get laid,” Jerri said.

“Here we go again,” Tina thought to herself. “More sex talk, more whining. Nick should go this week but Jerri is hanging by a thread. I’m sure Keith won’t disagree with me,”

The normally quiet and laid back Nick spoke up, and with actual emotion in his voice.

“Jerri, why don’t you just shut the hell up. We all know you are horny, we all know you are bored, but this isn’t supposed to be a god damned vacation, it’s a game. Boredom is a part of the game! And if you want sex that bad, maybe you just need me to come over there and solve THAT problem for you. Jesus,” Nick said disgustedly, crossing his arms on his chest and staring into the slowly burning fire before all of them.

Jerri was taken aback by Nick’s comments and was about to respond loudly to him when a nasty little thought crossed her mind. Deciding to call Nick’s bluff, Jerri stood up.

“Alright Nick, let’s see if you are man enough to handle me. I want you to fuck me right here, right now, in front of the rest of the tribe,” Jerri said proudly, her hands on her hips.

The rest of the tribe was shocked, and they all seemed to let out a collective gasp in surprise. Colby even sprayed the water he was drinking out all over himself. “WHAT? Jerri, you don’t really mean that do you? I mean, come on, we are all adults here,” Colby said, wiping the water from his long ago unshaven face.

Jerri turned her head quickly towards Colby and replied bitterly “What’s the matter Colby? You jealous? Afraid that not EVERYTHING is bigger in Texas?”

Colby jumped up with a start “Now listen Jerri, if you want to get into it right here and now, I’d be more than happy to,” Colby said, taking a menacing step towards Jerri. Keith and Tina quickly jumped up to stop him and hold him back, and he calmed down after struggling for a moment.

“Well, how about it Nick? You gonna try and take what I got?” Jerri said with a smirk towards him. During this whole ordeal, Nick’s face had gone from shock to amusement. But now, he had a grin similar to Jerri’s.

“Sure, let’s go to it. Like you said, there isn’t anything else to do,” Nick said, standing up and removing his shirt. When he began to unbutton his shorts, the rest of the tribe got up to leave – except for Keith.

“I can’t believe they are really going to do this,” Tina said, throwing her arms in the air. “Come on Keith,” Tina said as she pulled on his arm. Keith wasn’t budging.

“You go on Tina. I’m gonna see if they really go through with it,” Keith said, almost in a daze.

Amber and Colby walked away towards the tent and Tina was just a few steps behind them. Rodger & Elisabeth meanwhile headed down towards the river bank. And yet, Keith remained where he was sitting.

Nick meanwhile, was standing very close to Jerri. They were about equal in height, although Jerri was just a little shorter. She looked up into Nick’s deep brown eyes as she ran her hands over his toned stomach muscles. Slowly sliding her hands down to Nick’s fly, she started to unzip his shorts and began to pull them down ever so slowly.

“Now, let’s see if you were as big as my LAST boyfriend,” Jerri whispered to Nick. Nick just smirked in reply, not saying a word. His thoughts (and hands) were too busy kneading Jerri’s ample breasts through that same blue zip up shirt she seemed to wear every day. Nick could feel Jerri’s nipples hardening beneath his touch and heard her moan softly as he caressed her.

Jerri finally slipped Nick’s shorts and boxers off and let them fall to the dusty ground beside the firebed. Reaching her hand down, Jerri was surprised to find such a mammoth hose inside of her palm. Nick grinned at her as he felt her smooth hand run up and down his shaft. “Told ya I had what you need,” Nick said, smiling.

Jerri’s mouth hung open a little in a semi-state of surprise. Her hand stroking began to move faster as Jerri just stared down at Nick’s 10 inch cock. It didn’t take more than a couple of rubs for him to get hard, and then suddenly he was much bigger.

Nick’s hands had found the zipper on Jerri’s shirt and he unzipped it quickly and threw her shirt open. Her breasts were larger than he thought, although certainly not the largest he had seen. Her skin was a pale white shade where she had not been tanned by the sun and her nipples looked like they lacked sunlight as well. Puffy and a rich brown, they were almost as dark as Jerri’s long curly hair. Nick weighed them each in his hand before finally lowering his mouth to one to lick.

When Nick bent over to lick Jerri, Keith was suddenly just a foot or two away from Nick’s black ass and it caught him off guard, enough to shake him from his daze.

“Hey, whoa man. Watch it here, I’m not interested in seeing your ass,” Keith said

Nick lifted his head from Jerri’s breast and turned to look at Keith “Well then why don’t you just move YOUR old ass to somewhere else or just quit bitching,” Nick said.

Keith did just that, scooting down two wooden seats further to see the whole action from the side.

Jerri & Nick paid no attention to this. Nick was now focused on unzipping Jerri’s khaki shorts that she was wearing. To his surprise, as he pulled them down, Nick saw that Jerri was not wearing any panties. She grinned up at him.

“I haven’t worn panties since the tribes merged. Panties would just make me hornier,” Jerri said.

Nick just smiled in response and once again went at Jerri’s breasts. Flinging her hair back over her shoulder, Jerri continued stroking Nick’s cock, which by now had grown to almost 12 inches and at least 5 inches wide. Figuring that he was good and hard, she moved her mouth up to Nick’s and began to kiss him passionately. Nick slipped his own tongue into Jerri’s mouth and returned the kiss. Fondling her breasts with his hands, it was almost impossible for Jerri to break away from him, but she did. Dropping to her knees, she took his rock hard prick in her hands and slowly snaked her tongue out, tasting the head.

“Mmmm…chocolate. I haven’t had chocolate in a LONNNGGGG time,” Jerri said as she moved her whole mouth over his prick head. Her jaw had to stretch a little to get it all the way into her mouth, but she managed, and slowly began to slide it down her throat.

Nick was amazed at how great of a cock sucker Jerri was, and wondered to himself why he had waited so long to go along with her sexual teases. Grabbing her hair in his fists, Nick wrapped it around his hands as he shoved more of his shaft down her throat. Jerri had almost taken him all in, leaving only a few inches out from her mouth. Nick’s musk right by his sack was intoxicating to Jerri and she had trouble keeping her head clear from the dizzying, pleasureable odor of sex. This entire adventure, Jerri had been unbelievably horny, this being the longest time she had gone without sex since her first time at 16. Reaching down to touch her clit, Jerri felt the sopping wet juices trickling out of her and she knew she would orgasm momentarily. As soon as her finger touched the hard nub of her clit in fact, Jerri was rocked by the electric shock of pleasure running through her body. Groaning and moaning with Nick’s cock as far down her throat as possible, Jerri came all over her hand.

Keith had been watching this whole thing taking place before him. He had always been a voyeur, and got off many a time watching couples sneak out behind the dumpster at the restaurant he worked at to have sex. So naturally, he couldn’t resist unzipping his own pants and jerking off. Keith’s cock was skinnier by far than Nick’s, but was a sizeable 7 inches that he was still proud of. Dropping his shorts to the ground beneath him, careful not to get them in the fire or in Nick & Jerri’s way, he silently began to run his hand up and down his already hard shaft.

After regaining her senses from the mindblowing orgasm she had just had, Jerri needed a cock in her and NOW! Pulling her mouth from Nick’s dick, she stood up. Nick groaned in protest but quickly quieted down when Jerri turned around and thrust her ass towards him, offering her dripping wet and highly aroused cunt.

“Come on, stick that b**st in me. I want to feel it sooooo bad!” Jerri said seductively. The sun was setting on Baramundi and the orangeish glow cast a glow over Jerri’s tanned, naked body. Walking up behind her, Nick rubbed his prick head up and down the crack of Jerri’s ass and the cleft of her cunt, lubricating it with her juices. A spot of pre-cum had already formed on Nick’s large, bulbous head, so he didn’t need much more lubrication. Finally, after a minute or two of teasing, Nick began to slide into her slowly.

Jerri held her breath as she felt Nick opening her hole wider and wider with every inch he worked in. Nick couldn’t believe how loose Jerri was, despite not having sex in almost a month. Gliding into her easily, he decided not to give it all to her at once, but instead only put about half of his cock inside of her, pulling all the way out and then sliding back in. This pace was turning Jerri on incredibly and she savored every second of it, especially the feel of Nick’s hard, hot meat sliding into her even hotter box.

Grabbing her by the hips, Nick grinned and then pulled Jerri back hard on his cock, shoving all of his foot long dick into Jerri at once. The moans and cries of surprise could be heard for miles around as Jerri reacted to this painful yet incredibly arousing maneuver by Nick. Jerri had taken in a lot of cock in her life so far, but Nick’s was by far one of the biggest. She could feel him bottoming out every time inside of her when he would thrust inside of her, only to pull all but out a moment later.

Keith was in a world of his own, his eyes closed and his hand moving rapidly up and down his own cock as he listened to the very audible squishing and moaning sounds of Nick & Jerri fucking just a few feet in front of him. Keith was about to come when he suddenly felt another hand on his prick. Opening his eyes, he looked up to see Tina standing there before him. At first he thought she was angry but then he saw that what he thought was anger was really lust. Her tits hung just a few inches from his face and he could see her nipples were already erect and hard.

“Hey there buddy. I see your still here and a little uhh…excited. Mind if I help “calm you down”? Tina said to Keith, smiling. Keith couldn’t even speak, only nod as Tina slowly began to work her hand up and down his shaft, sliding her fingers under his balls on the downstrokes. Keith groaned loudly as he fought to control his orgasm, closing his eyes tight and using all the self control he had to keep from cumming. Opening his eyes again, he watched as Tina slid the straps of her tight fitting bikini top off of her shoulders and down off of her breasts. Even though she was older than the rest of the girls, with all the weight everyone had lost, Tina’s breasts had managed to stay perfectly like they were. Round and heavy with only a slight hint of sag, Keith was amazed at how youthful Tina looked as she stood there before him topless. Reaching his hand out to grab one of her breasts, Tina swatted it away.

“You let me handle everything. Just sit back and relax,” Tina said. Pulling her shorts to one side, Tina moved away her panties as well and exposed her hairy pussy to Keith. Her cunt lips were pink and he could see that she was already aroused just from watching him jack off. Straddling Keith with her long, thin legs, Keith reached up with his hand and held her shorts open wider as Tina slid herself all the way down onto his shaft. They both gasped in pleasure at the same time as Tina leaned her head against Keith’s, pressing her large breasts against Keith’s neck. Leaning down to kiss him on the forehead, she whispered “What we do here, stays here,”

Keith again just nodded and Tina began an up and down motion on his cock, sliding it in and out of deeply as she used her legs for support. Grabbing Tina by the ass, Keith balanced her on his lap as he rocked her back and forth on his shaft. Tina was pretty tight and like he himself, figured that she didn’t get laid enough as she probably wanted to.

Tina grabbed one of Keith’s hands from her ass and moved it to her pussy. Guiding it towards her clit, Keith took her sex in his fingers and began to rub it gently back and forth, applying pressure every now and then, causing Tina to gasp and struggle for breath as she pistoned herself up and down Keith’s shaft. Keith managed to work two fingers inside of Tina’s tight cunt as he fucked her and this caused her pussy to ripple around him as she orgasmed all over his lap.

“UGGHHNNGGGHHHGHGHGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Tina moaned as she bounced up and down on him, spilling her juices all over their legs. Keith knew that a powerful orgasm was coming and managed to control it just long enough until he pulled Tina down hard on to his lap as he exploded his hot cum inside of her.

“God, it’s been a long time since I got off. I must have just shot a gallon of cum into her,” Keith thought to himself. Tina meanwhile was just coming down from her orgasm and slowed her pace down until she finally stopped to catch her breath as she rested her head on Keith’s shoulder.

“That was great. I think we both feel a LOT better,” Tina whispered to him. “You said it,” said Keith. Lifting her up from his cock, it slid out of her quietly, covered in both of their juices. Keith stood up to zip his pants up, but Tina stopped him.

“You are all messy. Here, wipe yourself off on these,” Tina said, sticking her breasts out proudly towards him. Pushing her to her knees, Keith took his softening cock in his hand and smeared their juices all over her breasts, making sure to rub against her erect nipples a fair amount of times. Almost cleaned up, Tina took Keith’s cock into her mouth for a couple of quick sucks to get the last juices off of it.

“There you go, all clean,” Tina said with a smile as she stood up and put her top back on. “Come on, let’s go find everyone else,”


“I can’t believe that Jerri would be so open about sex like that,” Elisabeth said. “Where I come from, sex is only between two people who love and care about each other very much, not just about being horny,”

“I agree with you whole heartedly sweetie,” Rodger said. “But Jerri comes from different values as us, and she just goes about expressing her needs and wants differently than we do. Although you have to admire her honesty towards getting what she wants,”

“Yea, that’s true,” Elisabeth replied, gazing off over the river in front of them. Rodger and her had been going to the river at least a couple of times a day since moving to the new campsite to talk, not only about the game but about life in general.

“And don’t worry Elisabeth, you have way more going for you than Jerri, I just know it in my heart,” Rodger said to her. He had grown to love Elisabeth like a daughter, and knew that she viewed him as a father figure out here in the harsheness of nature and the viciousness of the game, protecting her from harm.

“Thanks Rodger, I appreciate it,” Elisabeth said, leaning her head on his shoulder. There was an awkward pause in the conversation and Elisabeth felt a little uncomfortable. She was trying to read into what his comment meant. Turning her head to look him in the eyes, Elisabeth saw a sweet, gentle man who loved her like a f****y member. Maybe it was the atmosphere around the camp, maybe it was the slowly setting sun, but Elisabeth suddenly felt a surge rush through her body and she leaned forward and gave Rodger a kiss right on the lips. As soon as she did it, she was surprised at her own actions. But it felt so right, so pleasant. His rough beard against her smooth cheek, his lips pressed against her own. “It’s just a kiss,” Elisabeth thought to herself. “He’s just like my dad…right?”. It was then that she realized that she was STILL kissing him, and for how long she had been doing so she wasn’t sure. Forcing herself from his lips, she pulled her head back and looked at him.

Rodger was in a look of shock still, his lips still pursed outwards in the kiss. Closing his mouth and bringing his lips inward, Rodger smiled a nervous smile back at Elisabeth. She was doing the same, and the awkward silence continued.

“Gee, thanks Elisabeth. That was really nice. It’s been so long since I’ve been with my wife and…”

Elisabeth again couldn’t control herself and kissed him again. This time, Rodger responded with just as much passion as she did as he felt her lips opening so that she could slide her tongue into his mouth. Rodger opened his mouth and let it enter, sliding his own out gingerly as it moved across the top of hers into her mouth. He hadn’t kissed a pretty young girl in a long time and couldn’t help but feel himself get a long forgotten rush of sexual energy as his whole body tingled all over. Moving his tongue in and out of her mouth, the pair’s tongues danced with each other as they explored all inside the other’s mouth.

Elisabeth had again been shocked when she kissed him for a SECOND time but now she knew that what she was feeling was genuine love for a man who had been nothing but kind to her. Elisabeth too was now feeling the sexual mantra growing within her, starting first as butterflies in her stomach and then moving on to a warm, satisfied feeling all up and down her legs and arms. This time Rodger broke the kiss.

“Elisabeth, I don’t think we should be doing this. You have Tim and I have my wife and c***dren and…” Rodger said.

“Rodger, I love you,” Elisabeth blurted out, interrupting him. “I know we have others that we love as well but I know you love me too. What’s so wrong with that? This is the perfect type of relationship – one that blossoms from friendship. Like I said earlier, I love and care about you, and I hope that you feel the same way about me. What we are doing can’t be wrong because it feels so right!”

“Elisabeth, I do love and care about you but we can’t just throw away what we have built our whole lives on!” Rodger said pleadingly. He knew in his heart that she was right but he also knew he would feel better if he at least got her to admit to the risks that what they were doing would lead to.

“That doesn’t matter Rodger. We will still love our families just as much as before but they never have to know. This can be our secret. If you take nothing back from this trip, let it be the one intimate moment we might share with each other,” Elisabeth said pleadingly. She now held Rodgers hands in her own and gripped them as she spoke.

“Our little secret…” Rodger mumbled to himself. Elisabeth felt elation all over her body as she knew she had convinced him. Who knows, maybe it wouldn’t lead to sex. But she wanted desperately to have Rodger hold her in her arms.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Elisabeth said. “Now come over here and kiss me you silly old man,” Elisabeth smiled as she held her arms out to him.

Rodger scooted over closer to Elisabeth and wrapped his strong arms around her waist. She was surprised at how strong he was for his age, but knew that all the hard work he had done over his lifetime had made his body toned and fit. The touch of his rough, callused hands was incredible as he moved his hands across her toned and firm tummy where his fingers met from both hands by her hip. Pulling her closer to him, they embraced once more.

Neither knew how long they held each other like that, but at least to Elisabeth, the game, the longing for home and the whole world seemed to stop as she felt incredibly safe in his arms. They broke their kiss once more, but it was Lis who took the lead as she gently laid Rodger down on to the river bank behind them. He rested on the bank as Elisabeth climbed on top of him, laying her head on his chest. Hearing his heart beating softly in her ear was incredibly comforting. Propping herself up on her hands, she looked down into his eyes.

Rodger smiled up at Elisabeth as she leaned down and gave him a few quick pecks on the lips. Running her hands through his greying chest hair, she twirled it a little in her fingers, running across his nipples every now and then. Gliding her hand down his chest, she ran her fingers in little imaginary circles all over his chest and abs and now very thin stomach. Rodger just sat back and smiled at her as she did all this, that same amazingly kind smile that she had seen on the first day and loved ever since.

Sitting up, Elisabeth mouthed “I love you” to Rodger before slowly sliding her bikini tube top off of her small breasts. Like Jerri’s, they were almost totally white underneath, her nipples a rich maroon color that, when contrasted with her golden blond hair, looked like little cherries on top of white mounds of warm, smooth flesh. Her skin was virtually flawless, with no noticeable imperfections anywhere. Elisabeth’s beautiful, cute face smiled back at Rodger as he held her on top of his hips with little trouble. Elisabeth lifted herself off of him for a moment, just long enough to slide her pink bikini shorts down her long, athletic legs and set them to rest in the mud of the river bank. Crawling back on top of Rodger, she laid there for a moment before her curious hand began to slowly slide down to his navy blue swimming shorts. Rodger ran his hand up and down the other arm Elisabeth was supporting herself with while she used the other slowly pull the waistband of his shorts down his hairy thighs.

Getting them off of Rodger’s legs, she saw that his penis was semi-hard and seemed to be getting stiffer every second. Pulling herself even with him, her bare feet and long legs snaked over Rodger’s, Elisabeth moved up and kissed Rodger again. He smiled back at her, feeling his cock reach a hardness he hadn’t felt in a long time. Elisabeth looked down at him and into his eyes. She saw pure love and trust in them and knew that she hadn’t made a mistake by choosing to be with him during the game. Her love channel now spread open from the width of her sprawled out legs, Elisabeth slowly slid herself backwards towards Rodger’s hard pole.


“AHHHH! OOOOHHHHHHHHH YEEEEAAAAAA!!! GIVE IT TO ME NICK!! HARDER! FASTER!!! Jerri moaned. She was bucking her hips back and forth now at Nick, feeling the pounding of his muscular thighs smacking into her ass cheeks. She was amazed at how long he had kept going. She had come at least 5 times, all of them enough to make her body shake and convulse all over in pure ecstacy. But Nick hadn’t come yet, at least that she knew of. She wasn’t one to complain though, and was rocked by yet another orgasm as Nick switched the angle in which he was fucking her so that the thick, long vein in his shaft rubbed hard against her clit creating unbeliveable friction. In her mind, Nick definetely had the “Outlast” portion of the game down pat. Coming on his cock, Jerri had to admit that she was almost a little warn out and knew that she had to speed things up a little.

Turning her head to look at Nick, he had a hard expression on his face as he concentrated on fucking her. Sweat glistened all over his body, especially on his chest, and his eyes were closed tightly shut as he railed away at her soft, wet, sweet pussy. Facing forward again, Jerri caught some movement in the bushes in front of her.

Squinting her eyes, she saw the unmistakeable site of a girl in the bushes, masturbating furiously. It was Amber. Jerri could see through the not-so-thick brush that Amber’s fingers were moving in and out of herself at a lightning fast pace. She wondered just how long Amber had been there watching them. Part of her was angry about it, but then she thought of something that she always wanted to try, a smile crossing her face.

“Amber,” Jerri whispered towards the girl who was frigging herself no more than a few yards away. “AMBER!” Jerri said loudly. It caught her Amber by surprised and she quickly moved to cover herself (though not very well) with some bushes and leaves. Amber’s light blue & white checkered bikini top was down around her waist and her bottoms were pulled to the side, exposing her sparsely covered snatch.

“Oh…my…God! I’m sorry Jerri, I didn’t think that you could see me! I’ll leave you two alone!” Amber said as she started to put her clothes back on.

“No Amber, that’s not what I wanted. Keep your clothes off. I want you to very quietly come over here and give Nick a hand in getting off, if you know what I mean,” Jerri said as Amber moved closer to her, her lithe and beautiful naked body sheened in sweat. Amber smiled devilishly as Jerri whispered to her what she wanted her to do.

Nick was having the time of his life. When he signed up for the game, he had dreamed of something like this happening. His advances on Alicia early on in the game had been rebuffed and before Jerri had asked, Nick was nearing her in a need to have sex and releave some of the desire that had been building up in him. Seeing all of those fine little girls, especially Elisabeth, walking around in so little clothing, was almost enough to drive a man crazy. But now he was sticking it to Jerri hard. He had been told by many a woman of his incredible stamina but since it had been so long, he felt it weakening. This wasn’t going to be one of his marathon 3 hour love making sessions, he would be lucky to make it 45 minutes without cumming. He knew he was close to, so he started to speed up his thrusts. By the time he was done with Jerri, she wouldn’t be begging for sex anymore, at least from him.

With a start, Nick suddenly felt something warm and wet running against the underside of his balls. It was almost as if someone was…licking him. Opening his eyes, he was greeted to an innocent smile by Amber as she lapped at his balls like an ice cream cone. Taking his sac in her left hand, Amber gently pulled it up to her mouth and sucked on one ball and then another. The hairy texture and sweaty/sweet taste of sweat and Jerri’s cum was delicious, Amber thought. She knew that she would get Nick off in no time if she kept this up.

Nick was now even further in heaven. Here he is FUCKING one white girl and another, even hotter one, was sucking on his balls like candy. Life couldn’t get any better. He had slowed down his pace to give Amber better ability to suck him off and her tongue was certainly working it’s magic. Nick could feel his load tightening in his balls so he said to hell with Amber and started fucking Jerri hard again. Amber moved on from Nick over to Jerri, lovingly licking her clit and cunt while Nick was pounding away at her.

“ARRRGGHH!! I’M GONNA CUM!” Nick shouted as he pulled out of Jerri. She quickly got down on her knees besides Amber as the two waited eagerly for Nick’s cum to pour out all over them. And boy did it ever. Nick had more than enough reserves, and as he jerked his cock to orgasm in his hand, he felt the first blast shoot out of him like a rocket. It landed right in the middle of Jerri’s face, running down her nose into her extended and waiting tongue. The next three blasts, Nick distributed evenly between the girls, making sure Amber got a sizeable taste. The fourth and fifth shots Nick aimed towards their breasts and watched with delight as his cum landed between Jerri’s clevage and trickled down her chest slowly, and the other landed on Amber’s right tit before she quickly smeared it into her.

When his orgasm subsided and just a little stream of cum was coming out of Nick’s hole, the two girls were drenched in sticky, white cum. But they were more than happy to be, and eagerly played with Nick’s cum and smeared it all over each other’s bodies before licking the other’s face clean of cum. This had been both girls first time with another woman, and each independantly wondered what else lay in store during the rest of the game.

The giggling and playing was interrupted however by a voice coming from behind them.

“Hey, look who we found out wandering in the Outback” Keith said as he and Tina walked up to where Amber, Jerri and Nick were now sitting.

“Hey Jer, I saw what ya’ll were doing and I want some of that action. What do you say?” said Colby, his face in a wide grin.

“Sure. Get that fine Texas ass over here,” Jerri said seductively, holding some of Nick’s cum up on her finger.


Elisabeth was very inexperienced with sex, even at 23. She had only had sex with two different people before in her lifetime and Rodger would be her third. But she knew this would be different. Maybe because she loved him more than she did the first boy, or maybe because he was more experienced and wiser than Tim, her second. Still, as she slid herself slowly back on to him, Elisabeth knew that she should just give her trust over to Rodger and let him guide her.

Holding onto her narrow hips, Rodger worked his prick into Elisabeth’s very tight pussy. It took a moment to adjust – it had been a long time since he had had sex, and Elisabeth wasn’t exactly the same pussy that his wife had. Grunting a little, he worked his 7 inch member in slowly, getting the head all the way in first.

Hoping to make things easier for him, Elisabeth sat up from his chest and angled herself so that he could work his way into her easier. Rodger’s shaft was now totally inside of her and they both breathed a sigh of contentment. But Rodger knew they didn’t have long before someone would come looking for them, so he began to slowly buck his hips up and down into Elisabeth, his ass making contact each time with the hard ground of the riverbed where they lay.

Elisabeth was slowly squeezing and unsqueezeing her vaginal wall around Rodger’s shaft, a trick that some of her softball teammates had told her about. Moving up and down on top of him, Elisabeth threw her head back in pleasure as she felt at peace with the world. Here she was making love to a man she loved and nothing in the world could stop her. The feel of Rodger’s hands on her ass was incredible, and when he slowly moved a finger up to the crack in her ass, she moaned in bliss.

Rodger’s thumb on his other hand meanwhile was slowly sneaking it’s way up to Elisabeth’s clit and he rubbed it gently and softly at first, just to get her to notice it. But the things she was doing to his cock made him wonder if she was even trying to pleasure herself at all in their love making. His answer came however when she moaned in response to his harder applied pressure. Moving himself in and out of her with more ease now, Rodger wanted to make sure that Elisabeth came when he did.

Elisabeth HAD been only worrying about Rodger but suddenly she was aware of the pleasure she herself could be receiving. It was only recently that Elisabeth had truly had an orgasm that wasn’t self induced. She had thought she had come before when she was having sex, but knew now that all it was were just sexual surges.

Rodger, old and experienced as he was, knew he couldn’t handle Elisabeth much longer. Her bouncing on him at first had been slow and pleasureable, like they could do it all day. But now she was trying to get off as well, so she was really rocking his body hard. Feeling his orgasm coming quickly, he pulled Elisabeth down to his face and told her he was about to come and should he pull out.

Elisabeth pondered for a moment, her cute face lost in thought, until she kissed Rodger back and said “Do it in me. This may be our last time together before Tribal Council and I want to say I had the full experience,”

That was more than enough for Rodger. Slipping a finger deftly inside of her, Elisabeth felt his cockhead grow and then spurt after spurt of cum was emptied inside of her hot, young, tight pussy. Rodger’s fingers had been enough for Elisabeth as well, so she came no more than a second after he did, releasing weeks of pent up energy.

When they had both caught their breath, Elisabeth lay on Rodger’s chest again, her breasts crushed against his pectoral muscles. As Rodger’s dick softened from inside of her and finally slipped out, the two gave each other one more long, passionate kiss and then began to dress. It was dark now and the tribe was probably wondering where they were.

Colby had stripped down naked except for his trusty cowboy hat. His dick was hard as steel as he walked up behind Jerri. Jerri had assumed the same position as she had for Nick and offered her ass to Colby. Glancing down, Colby saw a stream of Nick’s fresh cum trickling down past Jerri’s knee.

“Ok Colby, give it to me. I want to feel your 9 inches of Texas steel inside of me! My pussy is nice and wet and ready for you!” Jerri said loudly, making sure everyone else, including the just arriving Rodger & Elisabeth, could hear. Jerri loved to flaunt her sexuality, especially out here.

“Alright Jerri, here ya go. You wanted it, you GOT IT!” Colby said as he thrust into her. But he didn’t slide into her pussy like she wanted. No, this was Colby’s time to call the shots and to do what he wanted, and Colby wanted Jerri’s ass.

Jerri groaned in pain as she felt Colby’s cock slip up her ass. She hadn’t been fucked there in years and was not accustomed to the feel of it.

“Colby please, no…in my pussy…please,” Jerri whined. Colby just ignored her and continued to slowly work more and more of his shaft inside of her, building up speed as he pulled in and out of her ass. Jerri’s ass was tight and firm, just the way Colby liked them. Most women wouldn’t let him fuck them in the ass, but he knew Jerri wanted him so badly, she would do anything.

“Stop Colby please! That feels so b-b-b-b-b-b-a-a-a-d-d-g-g-g-g-g-g-ooooooddd! Oh yea, that’s it. Stick it to me up the ass! Give it to me! I want more, now!” Jerri screamed, first from pain and whimpering but now she was enjoying the ass fucking that Colby was giving her.

Colby looked around the camp at everyone watching them in the firelight. Keith & Tina had their hands down each others pants while Rodger and Nick stood side by side, laughing and pointing out things about what they were doing. Elisabeth & Amber meanwhile were standing very, very close to one another and right before Colby’s eyes, began to make out like two star crossed lovers, running their hands all over each other’s bodies.

Jerri was now bucking harder than any horse Colby had ridden and her legs were wobbling like crazy as she bent and twisted and leaned to give Colby everything she had.

Distracted by the site of Elisabeth & Amber, Colby was extremely turned on by watching those two little vixens go at it with each other. He started to slap Jerri’s ass a little as he fucked her, hoping to get her to slow down so that he could last longer.

But it did the opposite. Jerri seemed to really like it. In fact, she started talking even dirtier things to Colby, most of which were lost in a constant and incoherent moan.

“Fuck me Colby, slap my ass! I’ve been a naughty little cowgirl and I need you to stick me right up the ass with your big, long, hard shaft! Give it to me Colby, I’ve cum 6 times already, let’s make it a magical 7. Do it Colby, make me cum,” Jerri moaned.

Colby was on the edge of cumming and Jerri’s dirty talk wasn’t helping.

“I’m about to come Jerri so just shut up!” Colby said.

Again, Jerri didn’t listen to him. “Yea Colby, I’ll shut up right after you come in my ass. Come on, shoot your hot wad right up my nice tight ass. You know you want to do it, want to fill me up and watch your cum leak from my asshole. So shoot it! Fill me up! CUM IN ME NOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” Jerri squealed as she orgasmed harder than even her first one with Nick. Her knees buckled a little bit and she had to support herself with the wood bench in front of her to keep from falling over.

With a cry like a victorious warrior, Colby exploded his hot seed up Jerri’s ass, just like she asked. Flooding her bowels with it, Colby’s under-sexed balls let everything loose, filling up Jerri’s ass not enough to trickle out, but damn close.

Colby pulled out of Jerri’s ass with a *plop* noise and he went to sit down and get dressed. Jerri meanwhile, gathered up her clothes and headed towards the river.

“I’m going for a swim. Anyone care to join me?” Jerri said as she walked off naked, her body glistening with sweat and Nick’s cum.

Everyone followed Jerri down to the river and the party continued on there well into the night, ending just another day in the Outback.

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Would have enjoyed Amber Elisabeth and Jerri lezzing out with each other. Actually throw Sugar into the mix and it would be a happy lezfest!