Let's Get Ready To Rumble (fiction)

Missy woke up to the alarm clock screeching in her ear. The last thing she wanted was to have to get up at nearly six a.m. to go to the gym but she wasn't giving up on her New Year's resolution the very first day! She had vowed to work out daily so she was gonna do it! She pulled her wavy blonde hair into a high ponytail and rummaged in the dresser for a pair of underwear, her pert bottom twitching from side to side. She fished out a pair of white cotton thongs and a matching cami. She pulled the cami over her 44F chest and sighed. They weren't the biggest breasts in the world but at least they were perky! She slid into a pair of black skintight yoga pants and slid her feet into her sneakers. After grabbing her gym bag she hustled out the door at a little after six. The normally bustling streets were quiet with very few people roaming round. Most New Yorkers were still snug in their beds sl**ping off the effects of welcoming the new year in. But being single, Missy had drank a cheap glass of wine and went to bed as soon as the ball had dropped. She had moved to New York only recently and still didn't know alot of people. She usually stayed at home reading trashy romance novels, like a normal young woman, and watching professional wrestling on television, like any good tomboy from the south. She had grown up in a household full of b*****rs. Headlocks and drop toe holds were common knowledge to her. Just let a mugger try for her and she would piledrive them, she thought with a laugh. She swung open the gym door and smiled absently at the receptionist. The gym was nearly empty as she walked to the changing rooms. Almost two hours later she was ready to call it a day. Her legs burned from the stair stepper and her butt ached from too much time on the stationary bike. Though she normally avoided the steam room like the plague she decided that since it was probably empty she would try it, just this once. She wrapped her curvy body in a towel and tiptoed in. The steam swirled around her. It was hard to see but she could make out the figure of a man against the far wall. She blushed in the heat."Oh sorry, I thought the room might be empty." She started to turn back to the door but was stopped by a warm chuckle. "Don't leave on my account. I would hate for it to get around that I chased away a beautiful lady just because I was wearing only a towel!" She smiled towards him, thinking to herself that his voice seemed vaguely familiar. She sat near him shyly. Her sore muscles protested as she slumped down onto the bench. She felt a warm muscular hand on her upper arm. "Are you okay, maybe you should rest. All this heat may not be a good idea." Missy sighed,"Probably not but right now I'm too exhausted to care! I swore I would workout more and I'll do it. I just never realized I would feel like I had gotten body slammed by The Giant!" He laughed. "Ah, a wrestling fan. First time off the couch?' She smirked into the fog, "Hardly, just too much too soon I guess." His hand still rested on her arm. " I could rub some of that soreness out, if you like." She knew she should say no but the steam was warming her and his hand sent tingles down her body. That sounds delicious. By the way I'm Missy." His hands kneaded her flesh slowly. " Hi Missy. My name's Jim." She relaxed as Jim's hands rubbed her tender flesh, purring as he did so. With the combination of the steam room and the massage, she felt as if she was on fire. It wasn't as if she was a virgin. She'd been with a couple of guys back home. But maybe it was his strong hands, the fact that he was a stranger, or that she couldn't see his face clearly that was making her horny. Or maybe it was the fact that it had been her own hand late at night for over eight months now. Whatever it was she was starting to feel creamy and wished that he would massage something else. Her hips were grinding into the bench in little circles and her breath was coming in ragged jags. She felt his hands near the edge of the towel wrapped round her breasts and sighed as it fluttered open. His hands massaged her round globes and he twisted the tight nipples gingerly between his fingers, stretching them gently till they were as hard as rocks. She moaned and pressed her back against his body. He was well muscled and well hung. She could feel his hard-on pressing against her. He lowered his head and kissed her neck. She moaned louder as his mouth drifted down to her nipples. Massaging one in his hand still, he captured the other between his lips and sucked softly. Shockwaves rippled through her and she arched her back to meet him. His hand slipped from her breast, past her flat tummy till it found her shaved pussy. He rubbed the mound tenderly, probing with his fingers til he found her clit. She squeeled as he rubbed her. Her body tensed as he probed her pussy. She felt like she was burning and she wanted so bad to come on this stranger's hand. But Jim had other plans. Pulling away he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her onto his lap. She felt her pussy open up as his hard cock pressed in. She bounced on it eagerly, fucking him like a wild woman. Her cries grew louder as she came. Just as she started shuddering she heard Jim growl and felt his sperm splattering inside of her. Thank God for birth control she thought fleatingly. Afterwards she leaned against him breathlessly. "Look Jim, please don't think that I do this all the time. It's just that.." He chuckled, "Shhh, of course not. But I hope that this isn't a one time performance. Maybe later tonight I could have an encore, but this time with a big soft bed?" Missy grinned, " Sure! Maybe you could come over to my place tonight. We could watch wrestling and then retire for a little wrestling of our own?" She wrapped her towel round her and followed him to the door as they talked. When the door sung open she stepped out and turned, eager to see the face of her lover. She stared in shock as pro wrestler The Sandman walked out, smiling at her puzzled face. "Sure," he chuckled, "but maybe after the show?"
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