My First Taste Of Pussy

While I lived at home with my parents they took in an older girl to live with us. She was 5 years older than me. Since we had 3 bedrooms and one was for my b*****r she was to share my bedroom and I only had a double bed.

Sara had an outgoing personality and was full of stories of her past experiences. We became good friends and soon started doing everything together. We would stay up all night telling each other our fantasies and sharing our secrets as girls often do.

One night we were talking and she told me about her experiences living on her own. She told me how her friends and her would talk about sex and masturbate in a group. I laughed and thought to myself I could never bring myself to indulge in pleasuring myself with a group of my friends. I listened to her with eager ears though. I could feel my juices dripping from pussy as she talked. I went to the bathroom that night and my hands went for my clit and exploded as soon I touched myself.

A few nights after we went out to a local hangout and had a coke then came home and watched tv. It got late and all I could think about was how gorgeous Sherry looked that night. We put on out nightgowns and went to our bedroom for the night.

As I was laying there wanting to masturbate Sherry started to talk about sex. I finally worked up the courage to ask if I could touch her. Sherry replied "I thought you would never ask." My hands were shaking so much I almost couldn't do it.

Sherry sensed my apprehension, she then leaned over and kissed me. We explored each others mouth over and over. I loved how her tongue intertwined with mine. She would suck and swirl her tongue around my mouth. I felt her hand on my breasts. I shuddered as my nipples hardened. OMG I never felt like this I thought to myself.

I finally got the nerve and fondled her breasts and lowered my head to lick her nipples. She moaned "More I need more" I licked suck and even bit into her breasts loving how they felt in my mouth.

As she moaned I took my hand lower and rubbed her curls. I left my fingers delve into her wetness and glide over her folds. I loved the slick stickiness on my fingers. I rubbed her clit in little circles until she writhing with desire.

I didn't know what it was like to posess this power I now seem to have over her. I could smell her musky fragrance and wanted to taste her. I have tasted myself after pleasuring myself and liked it. I wanted to see if it tasted the same.

I kept my fingers on her as kissed my way lower and lower. Kissing every spot on my journey. I took my fingers and spread her lips apart and licked her. I started at clit and licked her length. Her taste was wonderful but all I could think of was pleasing her. I let her juices fill my mouth as licked and sucked her. I paid special attention to her clit, sucking the litle bud until moaned loudly. She started bucking and grabbed my head whispering to me "I'm cumming" I continued to suck her clit as I let two fingers slid deep inside her.

We finally went to sl**p that night. The next morning at the breakfast table my b*****r told my mother "You better keep a closer watch on s*s and Sherry." He had heard everything that had taken place.
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Loved it xx
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very good
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hot story here
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Great sweetie
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That was beautiful.