At Grandmas Part 2

Grandma came in to get us awake and we were naked. I got awake a little and seen her staring at us. She had a strange look on her face. I tried to reach for the blanket to cover up, and she reached down and smiled. She sat on the edge of the bed and touched my hair. She reached over and got Kathy and Johnny awake.

We were all still naked and scared to death because of being caught. Grandma just looked at us and laughed. She said if I knew what was going on in here last night I would have come in then. Don't you think a Grandma gets horny too?

We looked at her and all said we didn't know. She said I haven't had sex in over 5 years and I think between the three of you you could satisfy this old woman. We all agreed we would like to try. She told us not to get dressed and wait on her.

She left and came back and she was naked as well. She said she went and locked the doors so we would not be disturbed.

She took a look at Johnnys cock and started stroking it and taking the head inside her mouth and sucking. He started moaning and telling her how good it felt. Kathy and I started to rub her pussy with our hands then we decided that Kathy would suck her tits and I would rub her pussy. Grandma had huge tits and Kathy was enjoying the sucking. Kathy sucked grandma and rubbed her pussy and I could reach Kathy with my mouth so I sucked her clit...

John was groaning he was going to cum and he did In Grandmas mouth...she swallowed every drop. Her legs started quivering like her pussy as she started squirting in my hands. She shifted and said she wanted to feel Johnnys cock in her pussy so he readily agreed and starting fucking her.. I climbed on Grndmas face and she ate me while I ate Kathy all three of came at the same time.

Grandma told us not to tell our parents about this that is was our secret and we never did, We spent a lot of nights at grandmas after that. We always slept in her bed nestled to her breast and sometimes with Johnnys face in her pussy.
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3 months ago
very cool!
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Grandma getting her cookies
1 year ago
very good , but needs more details